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^^A-. >;'<#. 

:v"i V >!.■•..• ^f'v^- 



f ;i', 




'".<.. A 


Vlv* ■ 



J *ll 





tp: //www. lehiqh. edu/ epi tome . html 

t's Neui ? 

UJhat's Cool ? 


Net Search 





Vear in Reuieiu 

B 1 8 






8 2 


2 94 


Lehigh Uniuersity WUiW Seruer 

lo od^ 

p: . wv'--v l eh;qh . edij epi to:ni? opening . hHinl 

r»NB)u?l IttlhBl'iCoalTl Deilinationt N«t Saarth People Safliuarc 


Volume 121 

LEfflGH University 

Bethlehem^ Pennsylvania 


Anna Pezik 


The lUeb lUe'ue UJouen 

The Internet is not the only place 
luhere links and connections haue been 
made. LiJe'ue been zooming douin ouroLun 
information highuiay the past four years, 
creating our oujn uieb here at Lehigh. 

LlJe'ue deueloped intellectually and 
socially ujhile pursuing our goals. It is 
nouj time to maruel at our accomplish- 
ments as uje uieuj the uarious uignettes 
recalling our transformation from amk- 
Luard freshmen to seniors preparing for 
the closing of our undergraduate years. 
UJe did not need computer screens, 

hard driues or mo- 
dems; nor did we 
haue to be literate 
in high-tech com- 
puter jargon to es- 
tablish these con- 
nections. Duruoices 
mere our modems, 
our minds our hard 
driues and our 
faces our screens. 
LiJe are each a 
link leading to 
greater knoml- 
edge. fls a commu- 
nity of passionate, 
motiuated leaders, 
uje'ue helped open 
doors for each 
other. Our dedica- 
tion to learning is 
responsible for 
our success. lUe 
breathe knouil- 

UJe'ue become 
a strongly mouen 




Top: Wlm designed nil these steps anyway'? 
Bottom: "My, what big eyes and beak you have." Little Red said. 


emie Stabinski: "When you're cool, the sun shines on you 24 hours a day." 

Opening [illt 


our minds. 

Each of our pages linked together 
unites us. Be it through sports , music or 
academics we all share at least one link, 
one story, that is Lehigh. 

Click on any one of our names to uisit 
the places uje'ue been and the tj uitjes 
uje'ue shared. UJe'ue made memories, es- 
tablished friend- 
ships, acquired 
knowledge and 
learned from our 
mistakes uihile tri- 
umphing ouer our 

Open this mem- 
oir and explore our 
hearts and minds. 
Trauel the roads on 
ujhich uje'ue driuen 
and the maters into 
uihich we doue. 
Uieuj the horizons 
uje'ue striuen to 
reach ujhile trans- 
forming our dreams 
into realities. 

Journey back 
through the past 
four years of 
Lehigh history, our 
history, ujhere each 
of our links make 
up the ujeb uje'ue 
ujouen at Lehigh. 



uieb of ideas and aspirations ujhich haue 
been spinning in motion since uje began 
liuing at Lehigh. 

Each day we've added links to our 
pages, links that tell of our college 
years. LUe'ue added color to our palettes 
and our designs are laced uiith intricate 
feati"'p<^. There is uibrant mouement in 

Top: The lengths Lehigh studenis go to escape classes. 
Bottom: Smiling because I'm me. 



Have fun storming the castle.' 

Opening [^ 


The dating scene ai 

Lehigh. Kind of 

like stici^ing your 

tongue to a flag 

pole in winter, yel 

somehow ditt'erenl. 

Top: "You're right Ray, no human could ever stack 

rocks this way." 
Bottom: "The principle of Gothic architecture is in- 
finity made imaginable." Samuel Coleridge, 1835 

Dean Schulhof is sooo happy he was left alone in charge of the U.C. main desk 

Opening EOIIF^ 

SaraZuckermaii finds a quiet place in Fairchild Martindale l,ibrary to study a map. I 
she plans carefully, she can make all four cocktail parties on Friday night 

■7-5^T?— -T-"! 

.\ - 


embers of the Lehigh yodeling team. 

Opening DlDJt 

Gumby evidenth 

has not read the 

Surgeon General's 

warning about 

the dangers of 


Top: The new and improved Tickle Me Elmo. 
Bottom: Some fancy footwork. 


Opening Ml^ 


Your standard student-reading-paper-outside-on-beautiful-day college yearbook picture. 

The descending days of 
November lead into the 
northerly gales of December. 

spiring to quiescence of the mind. 

Opening Mff^ 

Four Lehigh stu- 
dents about to be 
eaten by Yeti. the 
snowman. How 
cahn they appear. 

Top: King Kong telling a really, really big fish story. 
Bottom: "I walked abroad in a snowy day, 1 asked 
the soft sncnv with me to play. She played and she 

melted in all her prime, and winter call'd it a dreadful 


;rime."' William Blake. 


"Shall 1 compare thee to a summer's day. thou art more lovely and more temperate 


Clara Kent daNdreams. If Louis at The Brown and While kne' 
who she really was. maybe then he would go to her formal 

Anne Banas 
takes a break 
from studying at 
Oxford to visit 
Warwick Castle 
in Warwickshire, 

"So then he 
said like, 
"No," and I 
said like, 
'I'm not talk- 
ing to you 
and stuff."" 


icy Tumminello. O - happy days in the journalism department. 


L e n I g n u n i uersi 

:tp: //www. ear-in-review.html 

ats Neiu ? Illhat's Cool ? Destinations Net Search 





running for the 

gold in Atlanta. 

Top: The Clintons at inauguration. 
Bottom: The first performance at the Zoellner 

Arts Center. 


UIUJIU Seruer 





Vear in Reuieuj 

llJhen we look back and remem- 
ber the year we graduated from 
Lehigh, luhich particular links ujill 
me remember? 

For the uiorld, it was a year of 
miKed emotions, lile matched the 
Olympics mith Joy, undeterred by 
terrorism. LUe mondered about the 
preparations being made for the 
future: Hong Kong under China, a 
European common market. 

It mas also a year of elections. 
Russia elected Veltsin, Israel 
elected Netanyahu and the U.S. re- 
elected Bill Clinton. 

It mas a year of great strides. 
Madeleine RIbright became the first 
female Secretary of State of the USR. 
Users flocked to the Net, forcing 
gouernments to establish legislation 
tailored for the nem medium. Scien- 
tists cloned the first mammal. 

The Uaue Matthems Band, the 
Fugees and Jemel brought a nem cali- 
ber of creatiuity to the music forum. 
The film industry seemed to reach 
back into old genres and create nem 
masterpieces mith The English Patient, 
Euita and the resurrection of the Star 
Wars trilogy. 

lile at Lehigh sam the face of our 
campus change mith the opening of the 
Zoellner Hrts Center, the addition of a 
fountain in front of Packard Lab, a ter- 
race added to the U.C, and a plethora 
of nem parking meters. ..painted 
flourescent green? 

Most importantly, it's the year 
me graduated from Lehigh. 

Vear in Reuieiu EMll 

World Nem 


The past year has been a period of sweeping changes. While some 
areas of the world have made great strides toward peace, other sections 
continue to struggle. Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu, continuing the 
work of Yitzak Rabin, has worked with Palestinian leader Yassar Aratat in 
developing a peace accord between their people. Other countries in the 
world, however, are still mired in conflict, including war-torn Yugoslavia, 
where a lasting settlement has yet to be reached. 

In the summer of 1997, Great Britain's 99 year lease of Hong 
Kong expired. Hong Kong became an administrative region ot The 
Peoples Republic of China. The rest of the world is waiting to see how 
the change in government will aflect Hong Kong's economy and the 
rights of its citizens. 

In the summer of 1 996, Adanta hosted the Centennial Olympiad. 
Athletes from around the world represented their countries and some were 
able to bring home medals. Michael Johnson (pictured on previous page) 
took home gold medals in the 200 and 400 meter dashes. The women's 
gymnastics team won the overall competition. The festivities and goodwill 
of the games were unexpectedly interrupted when a bomb exploded in 
Centenniiil Park, killing two people and injuring many others. 

Upper Right: Isracli-Palcslinian Conflict. 

Middle Right: N.Y. Yankees win 1996 World StM-ies. 

Above: Bomb site at the summer Olympics in Atlanta. 

Right: Hong Kong is under China's government as of 

July 1997. 


I Far Left: The Dave Matthews band released "Crash." 

Left: Jewel's debut album. "Pieces of You." went platinum. 
Below: The Fugees gained popularity after releasing their 
best-selling album, "The Score." 

Vliddle Left; Bill Clinton and Al Gore win 2nd term m the November elections. 

Vliddle Right: Kerri Strug after winning the gold medal. 

\bove: Desmond Howard runs away from a Patriot defender in Super Bowl XXXI. 

President Clinton and Vice President 
Al Gore were re-elected in November of 1996, 
defeating the Republican ticket of Bob Dole 
and Jack Kemp. President Clinton promised 
to focus on strengthening the economy and 
lowering the crime rate. Clinton appointed, 
and Congress approved, Madeleine Albright as 
Secretary of State. This is the highest rank ever 
held by a woman in the U.S. Government. 

In the world of sports, the Green Bay 
Packers beat the New England Partriots 35-21 
to win Super Bowl XXXI. The New York Yan- 
kees were successful in winning their 23rd over- 
all World Series championship by defeating the 
Atlanta Braves in six games. 

VearinReuieuj IJlBil 


Lehigh Netus^ 

Upper Right: Paul Salcini, Paul Chiui and Cannon Peltoii pcrl'ormcd at the fust concert in Baker Hall ni the Zciellner Arts Center. 
Lower Left: Dr. Lafrancis Rodgens-Rose. President of the International Black Woman's Congress stressed the importance tor African 

American students to learn about their ancestors and Riots. 
Lower Right: Candace Gingrich visited Lehigh to discuss her new book and the issue of gay rights. 


Communiversity Day 

This year, Lehigh attempted to create its own version of 
Woodstock— academia style. Students from all groups were dis- 
missed from classes to participate in "community-building" ac- 
tivities. Music, language, food and people flooded the lawn of 
the UC and basked in the warmth of the autumn day. The high- 
light of the event came as students and faculty gathered to hear 
the acclaimed writer, Alice Walker, speak on her work, as well as 
on human relationships. 




^^^^^■. <J^ 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^bI 4i^^^^^l 


^^^^^^^■^■VIl ^i^^^H 


'" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 

Lower Grace was filled to the rafters with students 
entertained by Steven Wright's deadpan delivery. 

VearinReuiem HIHil . 

Lehigh Uniuersj 

:p: //www. 

s Neil) ? 

lilhat s Cool ? 


Net Search 



The passion. 

The enthusiasm. 

The spirit. What 

is this bird on? 

lop: Some of us like to scream. Others like to get 

rowdy. This student just acts cool because he 

knows which team is the best. LEHIGH! 

Bottom: Two mimes just clowning around on 

Halloween night. 



LUUJUI Seruer 



Features-the euents we w\\\ re- 
member, the memories lue share 
together, the links formed among us. 

In the fall lue enter Lehigh luith 
enthusiasm for classes and hope for 
ujhat's to come. Freshman moue-in 
almags sgmbolizes a big step for 
the neuj class. Morning tailgates 
shouj the spirit and excitement me 
share for our uniuersity, as early 
risers enjoy food and festiuities be- 
fore the game. 

fls the semester continues, 
formals, Hallomeen parties and 
weekend getaways fill our gaps of 
time from Friday to Sunday. Tomard 
the middle of Nouember Lehigh- 
Lafayette comes and faithful Lehigh 
fans flock to The game in the freez- 
ing winter weather in hopes of an- 
other uictory. The semester ends 
with finals and the beginning of the 
holiday season. The decorations are 
hard to enjoy until the last exami- 
nation ends, but they are a beauti- 
ful sight as we leaue for home. 

The spring semester starts with 
a longing for warm weather. Trips 
to the tropics for Spring Break are 
always popular. Hfter break, Greek 
LDeek begins as new fraternity and 
sorority pledges become full- 
fledged members. 

These euents are features of our 
Lehigh life. Years from now we will 
remember the good times shared 
outside of class with friends, broth- 
ers, sisters, faculty and parents. 


Features JQISI 

Freshmen w ith a 

particularly light load 

move into McClintic- 

Marshall. Maybe 

they're just sleeping 


HresK^n^^A ]\AoVB.-0'n 

nticipatioii al- 
ways runs high 
at the freshman 
move-in. This first step 
into college life brings 
new experiences and 
new triends. Gryphons, 
Greeks, faculty and staff 
are always around to lend 
a hand with all the lug- 
gage and to make life a 
little bit easier. Orienta- 
tion is a uniqtie time to be- 
come more acquintanted 
with Lehigh life and to 
also gain a feel for the 

Gryphon Graham Bailer, 
welcomes a freshman to the 
McClintic-Marshall House. 

Dean Weisman of the 
Engineering College 
gladly assists freshmen at 
the Richards House 
parking lot. 

Students receive their 
room keys at a desk 
manned by Lower Cents 

Features 13^11 

/n 1970 Lehigh was an entirely different world. 
Freshmen were required to wear beanies all year 
long. Jackets and ties were required at dinner. 
The Mountaintop Campus, Fair-Mart, Rauch Business 
Center and the Arts Center did not exist. There were 
very few women's bathrooms on campus, mainly because 
there weren't any women undergraduates at Lehigh. 

In 1971, Lehigh was still a very different world. 
Gone were the beanies. Gone were the dress require- 
ments at the dining halls. There weren't as many build- 
ings on campus as there are now, and there was still a 
lack of women's bathrooms on campus. 

On September 7, 1971, 169 women enrolled as 
Lehigh undergraduates, and the University has never 
been the same. 

Patricia Chase, '74, was a member of this first class 
of women. She recalled that she didn't like being reminded 
that women were just an experiment during the first few 
years of co-education, but she was never the type to give 
in to the victim mentality. She felt that having men as 
classmates and friends was a positive experience. 

A few years later, after she had graduated from 
Lehigh with degrees in Fine Arts and French and was 
working for Facilities Planning and Renovation, an of- 
fice of which she is now the director, she was introduced 
to a trustee whose only comment to her was, "I voted 
against you." She replied simply, "You lost." 

Twenty-five years later, we are glad women broke 
down the barriers of gender at Lehigh and began broad- 
ening and diversifying the quality of education. Few un- 
dergraduates today could even begin to fathom the idea 
of Lehigh without women. Our lives would lack diver- 
sity. Our conversations would lack perspective. And we 
would all still be wearing jackets, ties and beanies. 


A Look Back to 1971 

Upper Left: Some of the first 

undergraduate women at Lehigh in front 

of the flagpole in 1 97 L 

Upper Middle: An undergrad entertains 

friends with her music. 

Upper Right: Performing tests in the lab. 

Lower Left: The first field hockey team 

was established soon after the 

introduction of co-eds. 

Lower Right: The first class posed for 

numerous pictures lilce this one during the 

first few weeks of the year. 

Features fiffilCl 

New Additions 

rhis year many 
new structures 
were added to 
the face of the Lehigh 
University Campus. 
New plazas were con- 
structed in front oi 
Packard Lab and the 
Alumni Memorial build- 
ing. Antique lighting 
was added throughout 
the campus bringing a 
beautiful appearance 
each nightfall. 

The Zoellner Arts 
Center reached comple- 
tion in January as the first 
concert echoed in Baker 
theatre for the beginning 
of the preview season. 
Zoellner symbolizes 
Lehigh's commitment to 
expanding music and 
theatre programs. As die 
doors to ZAC opened, 
the theatre department 
said goodbye to their old 
home, the Wilbur Drama 
btiilding. The music de- 
partment moved out of 
Lamberton opening the 
possibilities for Le- 
high to develop plans 
for a Lehigh Pub. 

An addition began 
on the back of Taylor 
Gym at the same time 
the Hall of Fame reached 


The Sports Hall of fame holds sports 
artifacts from Lehigh-Lafayette games 
of old and the trophies of triumphant 
seasons in Lehigh history. 

The new fountain donated to Lehigh 
University adds a sense of culture to the 
Engineering department's Packard Lab. 

he Changing Face of Lehigh 

The new slab 
walkway and 
antique lights add 
dimension to the 
front of Alumni 
Memorial Build- 



Below; Jamie Hurd and Jul 

DeMoyer use Pacing Break to esea| 

to the excitement of Mardi Gras 

New Orleaii 


magine this: 
you have two 
tests next week, 
a paper and a presen- 
tation. It seems hke 
everything is getting 
out of control and 
the stress level has 
just shot through the 
roof. Professors are 
giving you night- 
mares, you can't 
sleep, and the sight 
of a classroom has 
you ready to ex- 
plode. It's time for a 
getaway. It really 
doesn't even matter 
where. Going to 
Great Adventure at 
the Jersey Shore, es- 
caping to Mardi 
Gras in New Orleans 
over Pacing Break, 
making a trip to 
New York City to see 
a concert on a Satur- 
day night, or simply 
going to the Lehigh 
Valley Mall to shop. 
To get away from lile 
and reality for just a 
moment makes lite 
seem that much bet- 
ter. All that work re- 
ally isn't that bad, 

Brendan McAndrew. Eri 
McAndrew. .Sarah Corne 
Karen Smith. Jamie Hur 
and Jeff Zoleta cool off 
snowtuhinsz in Maine. 


il p Jennifer Brown ai 

and Natalie 
Alexander spend some time 
on the rides and with a 
special skunky friend at 
Great Adventure. 

Below: Cara Hourican, 
Karen Dekeukelaere and 
Amy Schlagter at Mardi 
Gras during pacing break. 



John and Ponch fro: 

CHIPS lose their job 

Guess what, they're the ne 

Lehigh Brownie 


he dark forest 
grimaced on 
each side o\ 
the Fraternity houses. 
The trees were dressed 
in orange, red, yellow 
and brown as they 
danced to the sound of 
wind, or seemed to, in 
the fading floodlights. 
An eerie sense of silence 
lurked somewhere over 
the scene. The Hill it- 
self was a rave, exciting, 
without peace, so 
manic and hot that the 
spirit of it was more 
than even that of hap- 
piness. Maybe even ju- 

Clowns, ghouls, 
ghosts, super heros and 
some odd creations pro- 
duced this dionysian 
chaos. There were no 
students here, just their 
shadows. Every clown 
clowned around, every 
ghoul spooked, every 
ghost haunted, every 
odd creation did some- 
thing odd and every 
super hero saved the 
night - Halloween at 


The secret is finally revealed that 

Michelle Cochran and Heather 

Jacene are really members of the 


It's Honey Nut 

Wow, look at the 
funky color. Is 
this George 
CHnton or what? 

Lower Middle; Kevin 
Calabrese experiments with 
cheaper nose piercing 
techniques sporting the new 
bone through the nose. 

Features HlltlP! 



emember your first 
parents' weekend? Fri- 
da\- night, \'OU went 
out planning to take it easy, 
come home early, set your 
alarm for 8 a.m., and be ready 
for Mom and Dad by 9 a.m. 
Next morning, you hear an all- 
too-familiar voice on the 
otherside of your dorm room 
door. Did you set your alarm?!? 
Your eyes btilge open, dry and 
painfully. The clock reads 8:59 
a.m. Anxiety! The voice calls to 
\'ou again, followed by repeated 
knocks on the door that echo 
in your now aching head. 

"Honey? Hello? Are you 
in there? Wake-tip." 

Quick! You survey the 
room. Clothing is spread out 

everywhere, the bed is unmade, 
cmd you're staring at your bed- 
head face in the mirror. 

"One minute Ma," you say 
straining with slight dehydration. 

You grab a pair ol jeans 
off the floor, throw a sweat- 
shirt on and place your trust)' 
baseball cap on your bed-head, 
which stinks of cigarettes; re- 
alizing this, you grab your 
roommates cologne and spray 
vour head. Perfect! You pull the 
comforter over the bed and pat 
it hard, until it resembles 
made. With one or two sweeps 
of your foot, the clothes on the 
floor find their way under your 
bed. Clean! 

The clock reads 9:0 1 a.m. 
You're readv to face the 'rents. 


Parents' Weekend, probably one of 

the only times you will see parents 

hanging around and seeing what 

collece life is like nowadass. 


A'ndrea Fleming and 
her parents enjoy a 
i'ootball game at 
Goodman Stadium, just 
one of the many 
activities that parents 
and students can share. 

Justin Kuck and his mother 
wait outside Packer Chapel 
for services to start. 

Features lOEffl 




I though we 
are ever a 
part Q>\ 

Lehigh's woven web, 
some of us choose to 
form links on other 
continents. We leave 
the comfort and con- 
ventionality of our 
home page to explore 
other worlds and our- 

Whether it is for 
the summer, a semester 
or even an entire year, 
the adventures of 
studying abroad, with 
all the various fears and 
anecdotes, will remain 
etched in our memo- 
ries as part of the 
Lehigh experience. 

,/4 i^ff^^ 


Above: Anna Pezik 
relaxes in front of the 
Eiffel Tower in Paris. 

Keri Leo, Michelle Manos, 

and Wendy Yuengling 

touring Munich, Germany. 



A country that 
through its beauty 
seems to invoke all 
the qualities of 
good, in energy and 
emotions, repre- 
sented aesthetically 
through theTulieries 
at twilight, Monet's 
garden, Montmartre, 
Notre Dame, the Arc 
de Triomphe, the 
Louvre. And Paris at 
the heart of it all, a 
sensual city fdled 
with metaphors of 
freedom, love, pride, 
grace, charm and 

Randi Fleishman taking in the 
beauty of Italy in front of the 
Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

' ' ^ ^ A A ^ '-*-..'■ 


whether you're tucked away up 
north in the Midlands or down among 
the intellectual ghosts of Oxford, En- 
gland will make its imprint. The fog on 
some mornings is so thick it's as if you're 
walking through dry ice. 

Samantha Hunt and 
friends on the Grand 
Canal in Venice, Italy. 

Candace Lombardi 
locked away in the 
Tower of London. 

Features Uf^Ui 




An this quiet town 
of Bethlehem, it's 
_. no secret we in- 
vent our own private society 

in which to bask and glow. 
And what more glamorotis an 
event can you think of to in- 
dulge in than a formal? 

Whether the look is 
long or short that year, 
double-breasted or single, it 
seems that preparation plays 
a large part when it comes to 
yet another Lehigh tradition. 
Heels and ties are borrowed, 
shoes shined and dresses 
steamed. Once at the grand 
event, the feelings of antici- 
pation subside and we are 
fiHed with energy ol friends 
sharing tlie night. Even ab- 
sorbed in the music and con- 
versation, one stops to take- 
mental snapshots to store in 

Think back and re- 
member laughing with 
friends over an accident with 
food, a horrible date, a cheesy 
song or memorable dance. Or 
perhaps you had a tender mo- 
ment when, after swaying to 
a slow song, you looked into 
a pair of caring eyes. 

Brian Marks, Dan 
Pietrzak, Michelle 
Cochran, Seth Baerson, 
John Franchini and 
Matt Morgan at the 
Delts Formal, '96. 

Dan Evans and his 
girlfriend. Heather 
Braun, attending the 
Sigma Chi formal. 

Features MM 


Below: Jonathan Verdi am 

Adam Kramer enjoy th( 

Hillel Chanukah celebration 

^^ — . y ecember is 
X J known for 

■^ — its holiday 
spirit in the Lehigh 
Valley. Tourists 
flock to Bethlehem 
to see the Moravian 
buildings with 
wreathes on the 
doors and candles 
burning in the win- 
dows. Christmas 
trees shine on light 
poles off-campus 
and advent candles 
sit on the tops of 

On Lehigh 
campus Packer 
Chapel is decorated 
with wreaths on the 
front doors, and the 
entrance to campus 
is marked with a 
large shining tree in 
front of the flagpoles. 

The Hillel 
Society holds a holi- 
day celebration dur- 
ing Chanukah com- 
memorating the fes- 
tival of lights. 


Bethlehem is decorated 

every year, transforming 

into the Christmas City. 


Professor Milet leads the 
Chanukah celebration at the 
Hillel House. 

Holly glistens, 
covered in new 
fallen snow just in 
lime for Christmas. 

Packer Chapel is decorated 
n preparation for holiday 

Features filEIJll 

r^ ailgates are a 
I welcome break 
from the stresses 
of class and life we all 
put ourselves through 
at Lehigh. They are an 
excuse to travel to the 
other side of the South 
Mountain, leaving be- 
hind books, academic 
buildings, concrete 
and worries, enjoying 
instead the grassy 
fields underfoot, the 
clouds overhead, the 
burgers cooking on the 
grills and the sound of 
music blaring over 

They are also a 
setting tor the unex- 
pected and the un- 
usual. Just when you 
think youVe seen ev- 
erything that can pos- 
sibly happen, someone 
will jump off the top of 
a van into the crowd 
below, or a band will 
start playing, letting 
people dance to music 
a little different from 
the same ten CD's that 
always seem to find 
their wav into Lehigh 
CD players. 

Some houses de- 
cide that nothing beats 
throwing down a plas- 
tic sheet and flinging 
themselves through 
beer suds and mud in 
order to get excited for 
the games. Other 
people prefer to simply 
walk the dog and take 
ii all in. 


Sherri Biiistock. Christina 
Lotito. Keri Leo. Jen Daily, 
Dawn Lotito and Jen Fernicola 
hang out at the tailgates outside 
Goodman Staditnn. 

Katie Wich and Erin Wilson 
share the fun of Lehigh tailgates 
with visiting friends. 

Lehigh students sharing a 
tender moment during pre- 
game festivities. 

However tail- 
gates are celebrated, 
the reasons behind 
the celebration are 
the same. Students 
can enjoy life for a 
while. They can ex- 
perience the out- 
doors, other than 
when stumbling 
down the mountain 
on the way to a 
7:55. They can do 
something a little 
different. Even talk- 
ing to friends about 
something other 
than calculus, fi- 
nance, or all the 
reading you have 
left to do for the big 
report, is a welcome 

Tailgates are an 
escape from Lehigh 
and an escape from 
life. They keep us 

What gorgeous smiles 
on such a cold day in 

Features ^SM 

G^ one torever are 
•J the days of un- 
bridled mirth 
surrounding Lehigh- 
Lafayetre. The parties 
and the games still re- 
main, but the aura sur- 
rounding the game is 
somewhat diminished. 
Freshmen are 
told story after story of 
how things were done in 
the old days, of the great 
deeds performed in the 
past. Pieces oi goalposts 
trom games past are 
pointed to as they hang 
on the walls of fraterni- 
ties. Pictures of the 
chaos surrounding the 
game are run in The 
Brown and White. The 
"History of the Game" 
is hawked at the book- 
store and the mobile 
bookstore at Goodman 
Stadium. But gone is 
the fervor. Gone is the 
boisterous and unre- 
strained school spirit. 
What are we left 




We are left with 
a football team that goes 
to great lengths to keep 
their fans on the edge ol 
their seats as the game 
draws to a close, some- 
how always managing to 
pull a brilliant victory 
out of the jaws of defeat. 
We are left with stu- 
dents screaming for 
their team, jumping up 
and pounding each 
other on the back when- 
ever we score. We are 
left with our alumni, vi- 
sions of what we will be 
in 20 years. 

Lehigh vs. 

The cheerleaders 

excite the crowd and 

give encouragement 

to our team. 

Lehigh fans cheer the 
football team on, hoping 
for another touchdown. 

Features [lEIiil 


ne-act plays was 
the theme oi the 
Theatre De- 
partment for the fall semes- 
ter. "Black Comedy", 
"'dentity Crisis" and 
"Dutchman" were the last 
productions in Wilbur be- 
fore the theatre department 
made its move to Zoellner 
at the end of the semester. 

Wilbur Drama 
Workshop was the home of 
theatre since nineteen sev- 
enty-four. Lehigh University 
will now have expanded ca- 
pabilities for future perfor- 
mances in the new thirty- 
three million dollar arts cen- 
ter constructed next to the 
Rauch Business Center on 
the old location of Taylor 
Stadium. The center holds 
the Baker theatre which can 
seat over one thousand 
people and the Diamond 
theatre which can hold ap- 
proximately three hundred 

The arts center also 
has modern classrooms, a 
black box theatre, numerous 
practice rooms and the de- 
partment office. There are 
facilities for set construction 
and a modern reception area 
for intermission where bev- 
erages and food can be 
served. With these new op- 
portunities and space, 
Lehigh has more options for 
future performances. 

"Black Comedy" 

featured actors David 
Tull as Brindsley, 
Melissa Caspary as 
Carol. Donna 
Cennamano as Miss 
Fumival. Derek Boru 
Moore as Colonel 
Melkett, Billy 
Pieiragallo as Harold, 
Vanessa Smith as Clea, 
Gregory Mihalik as 
Schuppanzigh and 
Graham Stanford as 

Behind the scenes 

shot before the dress 

rehearsal of 

""dentity Crisis." 


featured actors Egan 

Davson as Clay, Karry 

White as Lula, Joe 

Hanrahan, Sarah 

Disque. Travis Jackson, 

Dan Marangola and 

Daphnie Sicre as riders 

of the train, Rayland 

Van Blake as young 

black male, and 

Andrew Foster as 




"'dentitiy Crisis" 

featured actors Farah 

Miller as Jane, Lisa 


'■^'-1 , 

Regalia as Edith, 


Soren Scott as Robert, 



James Mooney as 


Summers, and Heather 



1^ ^ 

Kordish as Woman. 

^ ^ 

.^ . % 


V y 

^- # 






y 3. 1 




■ ^ 'H( 

f ' 


%r M 


till* •' 

: -^ 



" 1 

Features OlEffil 

Greek Week 

r~ r^\ hough the 
I weather ma\' 

J have been 

run nine; unseasonabh' 
hot and cold, Greek 
Week fundraising, 
hiughter, music and 
parties continued in 
style. Vibrant colors 
and old traditions were 
mixed with new ideas. 
Sammy's bed races were 
held in the sororit\ 
parking lot, while Phi 
Sig invented their own 
Grand Prix. Of course, 
there were still some old 
stand-by events to be 
enjoyed. Once again 
Greeks participated in 
Opening Ceremonies, 
Beta's Greekers and Al- 
pha Gam's "Singled 
Out." This year's cham- 
pions were AGO (Al- 
pha Omicron Pi) and 
AO (Delta Phi). But 
most would agree the 
ultimate goal was cama- 
raderie and hin. All in 
all, everyone came our 
on top, as the Greeks 
laised thousands of dol- 
lars tor their national 


Alpha Gam sisters raee 

U) llie finish hue in the 

Sammy Bed Raee. 

The Fiji natives made their 
annual appearance at the 
opening ceremonies with 
spears in hand. 

It's Like No Other 

Lambda Chi loses a 
member of its team in the 
traffic delays resulting 
from massive pile-ups in 
the Upper Centennial 
parking lot. 

Features EMQI 

Sundaze: (sun'daz) 1. A 

time for Lehigh students to 

come together and enjoy 

bands and festivities. 

2. Lehigh"s own music 

festival. 3. The last chance 

to relax with friends 

before finals. 

Greek Week 


A time to count on friends lending a 
helping hand when it's needed most. 


A time when you can sec students 
participating in weird eating rituals. 

llSSZlgrf ''••"-'•••if . s 

it til" 
«« «((t 

Although it isn't cool to 
get dunked, getting a 
little wet during Greek 
Week can be a lot of fun. 

Below: The week might 
even inspire you to take 
on the world one punch 
at a time. 

Left: Hey, it's even a 
chance to revert back to 
childhood and once again 
enjoy a ride on a tricycle. 
Whoever thought you 
could catch a college 
student doing this? 

Features 13331 





/' prinj 

J pring, that 
time of year 
when the 
snow melts, the flow- 
ers bloom and Lehigh 
students migrate 
south in search oi 
warm weather, sun- 
tans and a break from 
the everyday stress ol 
life at Lehigh. 

After all, how 
can waking up to icy 
roads and early morn- 
ing tests compare to 
warm breezes and 
lun-filled days spent 
with friends? How 
can late nights spent 
studying Calculus in 
the library compare to 
late nights partying 
with friends in far 
away places? 

Spring Break 
is one oi the few times 
we have to spend with 
our friends outside of 
classes and without 
the ever-present stress 
of tests, due dates and 
studying. It is some- 
thing planned out 
months in advance, 
looked forward to 
with intense anticipa- 
tion, enjoyed to the 
fullest and remem- 
bered forever. 

Alpha Chi Omega sisters took a 

cruise over break. Look at theii 

cool safety vests, what a fashion 


.Sarah .Stewart, Jo> Cooper. 
Ardis Septimpheiter, Sharon 
Bucko. Lauri Kjar and Megan 
Saunders hide out in balmy 
Key West while the weather in 
Bethlehem remains in the 40s. 


Steph Abrams and Carol Malin 
enjoy the afternoon while 
basking in a hot tub with a 
seaside view. "Tis the life!' 

'^cst ^hA '^U^bc^thn 

Left and above: The 
Philharmonic, the Wind 
Ensemble and the Jazz 
Band spent Spring 
Break in Florida. 
Several concert 
performances were on 
the agenda, as was 
having fun at Disney 
World and basking in 
the sun. 

Features fOHSf 

rvfemafioiaal Bcxz^cxc^v^ 

xploring our 
world, its di- 
'versityand the 
beautiful cultures it 
offers is the theme of 
the International Ba- 
zaar. Culture flows 
from our friends and 
peers daily, but it is 
officially recognized 
every year at the spring 
celebration at Lehigh. 
With the support of 
the Study Abroad De- 
partment, students 
from many interna- 
tional groups partici- 
pate to make this oc- 
casion special. Festive 
dances, international 
fashion, ancient leg- 
ends, food, music and 
wedding ceremonies 
arc just some of the 
offerings found in the 
Maginnes Plaza. The 
Bazaar gives the Le- 
high community the 
chance to come to- 
gether to remember 
our cultures and to 
celebrate the diverse 
population Lehigh has 
to offer. 

Below: Ceieiiionies 
like this Iiaditional 
Malaysian Wedding 
Ceremony were piirt of 
the international 

The macarena dance appeared once 

again this year, this time at Lehigh. 

Everyone who attended the bazaar had 

the opportunity to participate in many 

cultural activities. 


Below: Students dressed in 
colorful outfits enthusiastically 
perform a Traditional Indian 
dance called the Bhanora. 



t's a side of everyone's 
social and academic life 
that many people don't 
see. Many groups at Lehigh 
participate in community 
service activities. The best 
known of these fundraisers 
occur during Greek Week 
when fraternities and sorori- 
ties raise money for their 
charitable organizations. But 
there is also the Good 
Scholar Election and 
fundraisers of other groups. 
These groups and 
others, including the Alpha 
Phi Omega service frater- 
nity and the Lehigh Chris- 
tian fellowship, help the 
community in ways other 
than by simply providing fi- 
nancial support. They clean 
up litter around Bethlehem, 
help out local shelters and 
lend a helping hand when 
possible. The S.T.A.R. pro- 
gram pairs Lehigh students 
with local middle and grade 
school children, providing 
mentors and big brothers 
and sisters to these youth. 

Lehigh students give 
of their time to say thank you 
for all they have and to give 
something back to others. 







(^ 1 













Above: The Lehigh Christian Fellowship 

cleans up Bethlehem at the Community 

Interaction Day held by Alpha Phi Omega. 

Right: Barb Kelly, a Lehigh graduate student 

and Alpha Phi Omega member, lends a 

painting hand at the Boys" and Girls" Club of 



Helping others isn't 
always a glamorous 
task, but it is one that is 
appreciated and well 
worth doing. 

Helping Othere 

Alpha Gams mock the 
Singled Out game show 
while fundraising for 
charity. This is just one of 
the community service 
activities Greeks run every 

Features 13001 





//www. .html 

■ y 

L^iii ? UJhat's Cool ? Destinatrons Net Search 



Need help writing a paper? Visit Drowns 

writing center. Located on the main floor of 

the building, any student needing guidance 

can schedule an appointment. 

Top: Wait for me! This stretch of sidewalk is 

familiar to anyone who has gotten out of 

chemistry lah jusl in time to miss the bus. 

Bottom: What equation should we use? Amy 

Lewis and her lab partner complete calculations 

for their Physics 14 laboratory report. 



Liie came to Lehigh as unsure 
freshmen, not knoming what the 
future held for us, but confident in 
our abilitg to meet uihateuer de- 
mands the ujorld might place upon 

UJe shared a common initiation 
in Freshman English, a course re- 
quired of all. Some entered mith 
trepidation, fearing the realm of 
the ujritten ujord when their 
strengths lay in numbers. Others 
entered embracing the opportunity 
to learn more about life and hu- 

From this beginning, our paths 
branched. Some students felt the 
call of the biology lab, and hauen't 
left LUilliams since. Others decided 
the future lay in business, and noiu 
knouj the kiosk managers on the 
first floor of Rauch by name. Still 
others decided that there is noth- 
ing in the ujorld quite so exciting 
as early morning Engineering 
classes; uje feel sorry for you. 

Ulhereuer our paths may haue 
taken us, uie know they will lead 
to a bright future. Howeuer, by 
looking behind us at the ground al- 
ready couered we see the works 
of our past years, and in them, the 
formation of the people we've be- 
come. Our work has shaped and 
molded our minds, forming us into 
the capable people we are today. 
This is Lehigh's legacg to us. 

Rmy Karpf & Jennifer 

Hcademics OlHIl 

A ^TKeuac^ ^^fUMi ^Ifawi 'P%cUcte4it» 

Lehigh University 

Peter Likiiii 

•1 //'^* 

Aliiimii Memorial Building 

27 Meuional Drive West 

Bethlehem, Pennsylvama 1S015-30S9 

telephone (610) 758-3155 

fax (610) 75S-3154 

Epitome: President's IVIessage 

There will come a time when the Class of '97 will seem as ancient as that 
other Class of '97 (1897) seems today. As soon as we cross the line in three 
years to the next century, we will turn the pages of history to a new chapter, and 
we will look back with nostalgia to the vanished twentieth century. 

As this class approaches graduation in June, thoughts of an exciting but 
uncertain future mingle with memories of the Lehigh years— mostly fond 
memories, but also memories of the pain that often accompanies learning. As 
the years go by these memories will soften, and Lehigh will be credited with the 
achievements of the Class of '97. If history is any guide, those achievements will 
be very substantial. 

If you members of the Class of '97 preserve the traditions of this university, 
you will always feel the tug of loyalty to Lehigh, and do your part to be sure that 
the next generation of Lehigh students has the same experiences that made your 
college years memorable. We're counting on you to keep our traditions healthy, 
and help us meet the new challenges of the approaching century as well. 


^e^ns t^ ^ Ammlstmthn 

Mark Erickson 

Dean of Students 



This building is niucli too pretty 
to be on the main campus, where 
ever can we find it? For those of 
you who have ever had to park on 
the Mountaintop Campus, you 
know this building all too well. 
Named lacocca Hall and located 
next to the commuter parking lots 
on the other campus, not many 
people get to experience the true 
beauty of this structure. 

Michael Bolton 

Vice Preshkiil nl development 

Gary DeLeo 

Associate Dean of College 


Arts & Sciences 


.J^^K 1 



^^^^^k «.-.'^H 


Rhonda Gross 

Vice President for Fniance & Adniinistratum 

\-orr\a Hunter 

Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid 

Jolly Janson 

Greek Affairs Coordinator 

Suzanne Preet-on 

Asst. Dean of Students 

Hcademics IO0SI 

^C4HS f^ ^Amiyustmtlon 

Deborah Sacarakis 

Cultural Afl.nis ( omdinator 

James Schmotter 

Dean ol College of Business & Hconon 

Yes Freshmen, more than just 
the Dining Facilities are housed 
in the building fondly dubbed 
the 'U-C In addition to the 
Epitome Office, The Brown and 
White Office and the Radio 
Station, many deans and 
dignitaries may also be found 
roaming throughout the building. 
Renovations were finished this 
year, giving the University Center 
a fresh ncu look for the "90s. 

Jill Sherman 

Assislanl Viee President for Development 

John S>rY\eaX,on 

Vice Provost for Student of .Aflairs 

Harvey Stenger 

Dean of College of Enginecnng & Applied Sci 


Jennifer Volchko 

Associate Dean of Students 


R.ick Weisman 

Asst. Dean of College of Engineering & 
Applied Sciences 

■i Why does the ivy choose to grow up the walls of the Alumni Memorial > 
/M Building? To get closer to the honored and revered Provost's offices. Why else' 

Howard Whit-comb 

Associate Dean of College of 
Arts & Sciences 

C)r\r'\&t-op)r\er Zacharda 

Greek Affairs Coordinatoi 

flcademics HinHtJ 

College o-F Arts & Sciences 

The College of Arts and Sciences contains 18 departments 
that offer a diversity of majors. Students can take advantage of a 
world of opportunities to enhance the learning experience across 
a wide range of disciplines at many academic levels. Lehigh has 
several fine laboratories that are balanced by the newly built 
Zoellner Arts Center. Immersion in these studies results in expe- 
riential learning, such as the Study Abroad Program. 

The college stresses writing, communication and critical think- 
ing, and urges students to become engaged in their studies as 
soon as possible. Freshmen must take a class that requires meet- 
ing with their advisors once a week and a seminar class involving 
interactive learning. This helps them develop an ownership of 
their learning, which they should carry throughout their lives. 


What is Coppee Hall used for these days? That happens to be the question ol 
the hour. We waited patiently for a student to walk in or out of the building so 
that we could ask, "Why are YOU going to Coppee?" But we saw no one. If 
anyone knows please get back to us. 

For all of you tragically unhip students looking for the next new place to 
study please pay attention. Rachel DeLoach is a trendsetter without e\ en 
trying to be one. She is well aware that the Ulrich Center is the place to study, 
especially when you are scared to walk into Fairchild-Martindale by yourself. 

vf" ^^..-1- 

"MMMM... You know 
what I could really go for 
right about now, 
Chocolate Pudding. " No 

one really knows what this 
fine young man is 
pondering, perhaps his 
navel. We do know, 
however, that he is doing 
something most students 
do whenever they get the 
chance. He is enjoying one 
of the rare days that the 
north side of the mountain 
is blessed with, a near 
perfect weather day. 

What is Fairchild- 
Martindale? It is much 
more than a mere library. 
It is where any 
upperclassman who is 
anyone meets study 
groups, procrastinates 
with friends, or just tries 
to hunt down someone to 
copy lecture notes from. 
Other pluses of the 
famous Fair-Mart are the 
computers that are all 
always in use, the vending 
machines in the basement, 
and the fact that it is a 
hop, skip and a jump 
away from Wawa: 
munchie heaven. 


/4tt cutd /4nc^Uectufte 

Left to Right: B. Boothe, B. Thomas. L. 
Gans. A. Viscardi, T. Peters, R. Viera. 

Back Row: C. Cook. M.S. Armstrong, 
J. O'Brien. L. Wolfgang; 3rd Row: A. 
Prieto. M.H. Chabul. A. Waldenrath; 
2nd Row: S. Matlock. L. Lefkowitz; 
Front Row: M. Nicholas. D. Pankenier 

'7H<^den4t ^9n,ec^ ^OH^ucife 

Samual Butler, a British 
writer, once said that "Every 
mans work, whether it be 
literature or music or pictures 
or architecture or anvthins; else 
is always a portrait of himself." 
An interpretation of this 
statement is that in order to 
spend your life doing one 
thing you must be part of the 
activity, becoming in-tune 
with the purpose for which 
you are working. 

The departments of Art 
and Architecture, Journalism 
and Communication, English, 
Music, Theatre and Modern 
Foreign Languages, although 
spread throughout campus, are 
connected by many aspects in 
their curricula. Everyone 
involved in these departments, 
whether they are building, 
writing, reading, composing, 
acting or translating, has his or 
her heart and soul invested 
into sharing a love of their 
respective fields with students. 

The presence and 
activity of these departments 
on campus add something that 
Lehigh has often been criti- 
cized for lacking: culture. 
These students cultivate their 
natural talents by dedicating 
free time and energy to their 
current endeavor. 

Back Row: P Beidler, S. Gordon. A. 
Dotv. E. Lotto. J. DeBellis: Third Row: 
V. Steele. R. Mundhenk. E. Eiter. A. 
Bross; Second Row: J. Erakes. D. 
Hawkes. K. Silvestri. P. Ingham. B. 
Pavlock; Front Row: J. Fergus. C. 
Laub. B. Traister. E. Gallasher 

Back Row: S. Friedman. J. Lule. D. 
Dymek. L. Lipko. D. Wills Front Row 
C. Gornev. W. Trimble 

Top: P. Salerni; Bottom: S. Sametz, N. 
>ine, P. Chou 

Hey ladies, it 

doesn't loolv like 

you are getting 

mucli worit 

done! Jennifer 

Gorman and her 

sisters have found 

one of the least 

effective ways to 

study, but sitting 

on the lawn with 

a bag of chips is a 

great way to get 

fresh air. For 

good luck these 


students could 

participate in the 

Lehigh tradition 

of "turning the 

rings" to receive 

good grades on 


Back Row: P. Pepper, A. Hall-Karambe, D. Francis, E. 
Hoelscher, N. Verbonitz, J. Milet; Front Row: A. Ripa, J. 

"Aren't these the stairs?" Lehigh, known for its horrible stairs, 
has caused some people to take alternate routes to get where they 
want to go. This student takes the hard way up to Drown, hope 
he isn't late for freshman English or something. 

Rcademics E][3E] 


Buck Row. A. Streater, R. Folk, J. 
Gunton, D. Ou-Yang: Middle Row: G. 
Watkins, M. Stavola. W.B. Fowler, S. 
Radin, W. Smith, A.R Hickma; Front 
Row: D. Hong, A. Kanofsky, Y. Kim, 
A. Kritz. G. Bateman, R.Shaffer: 
Missing: G. Borse, I. Huennekens, M. 
Malcuit, B. Benson, G. Deleo 

Back Row: A. Ayme-Southgate, J. 
Schneider, L. Cassimeris; Middle Row: 
J. Nyby, B. Bean, M. Itzkowitz, J. 
Sands, J. Abel, L. Lowe-Krentz, J. Swan; 
Front Row: J. Campanella, N. Simon, S. 
Krawiec, M. Behc Missing: M. Kuchka, 
V. Ware, D. Cundall 

The philosophers 
Democritus (Sixth century 
B.C.) and Rene Descartes 
(1596-1650) have both taught 
that the way to knowledge is 
by separating things into their 
component parts. This theory 
was revived in the nineteenth 
century by the entire philo- 
sophical community in order 
to discuss the interrelatedness 
of all of the sciences. The 
departments of Physics, 
Chemistry, Biology, Earth and 
Environmental Sciences, 
Mathematics and Psychology 
are related by this Theory of 

Earth and Environ- 
mental Sciences observe eco- 
systems and the impact of the 
ever-changing atmosphere. 
Psychologists study minds and 
brains, their development and 
how they help people interact. 
Brain experiments involve 
exploring various fields of 
biology. An organism's compo- 
sition and functioning de- 
pends on chemical interac- 
tions, the molecules of which 
follow laws defined by physics. 
Mathematics uses quantitative 
methods to analyze these areas 
of study. 

The Theory of Reduc- 
tionism specifically addresses 
how all of these fields are 
related to one another because 
they indirectly define the 
basics ot life. Information 
from one of these ciepartments 
invariably depends on what 
the other departments study. 

These departments 
encourage students to learn 
how and why things work and 
to investigate application of 
the theories. Laboratory 
experiments and field work 
strengthen and broaden stu- 
dents' education through 
hands-on experience. 

Back Row: B. Malt. D. Bickhard. D. 
Hyland, M. Richler, S. Barret: Front 
Row: J. Jackson, S.L. Williams, 
R O'Seaghdha 

Back Row: G. Issak, D. Johnson, 
M.Schecter. B. Eisenberg. D. Davis: 
Middle Row: H. Fegan. E. Pitcher, J. 
King, G. Stengle: Front Row: W. Dobri 
T Napier, W. Huang 



• <" .jf T"* 

Why do I always see Biology majors coming out of this building all 
hours of the day? Survey says: They have probably just checked on their 
fruit flies, or perhaps they have just gotten out of a very enjoyable Earth 
and Environmental Science computer simulation. You can't tell from this 
picture, but Williams Hall is the only building on campus that is fully 
equipped with a greenhouse, which is used to maintain various types of 
plants and animals. 

S^tntA' & Sttu<^t^*tweH€at Sccencoi 

Back Row. C. Moses, G. Bebout, E. Evenson, D. Anastasio 
Front Row. S. Fritz, B. Carson, P. Zeitler 

Left to Right: M. Messmer, M. Freund, N. Heindel, J. 
Benbow, K. Schray, G. Simmons, H. Haug, C. Kraihanzel, S. 
Regen, J. Roberts, D. Zeroka. 

10. Computer Simulations 
9. Making a dog out of the 

Molecular Model Kit 
8. Measuring Brain Waves 
7. Bio Luminescence/ PCR 
6. Chromatography 
5. Circuits - Which type is the 

Black Box ? 
4. Mixing Organic Dye 
3. Using the Spectrophotometer 
2. Dissecting Anything 
1. Breeding Fruit Flies 

Rcademics HlJini 

PUctiMt Science 

Left to Riiilil: D. Barry. F. Davis, L. 
Katz-01s(Mi. R. Matthews 



Back Row: M. Bickhard, M. 
Mendelson, A. Levine; Front Row. S. 
Goldman. S. Beam. R. Weiss. 


Through the investiga- 
tion and study of topics in the 
departments oi Philosophy, 
History, PoHtical Science, 
International Relations, Soci- 
ology and Anthropology and 
Religion, the diversity and 
interdependence of the world 
become apparent. 

When our symbiotic 
nature is recognized and 
appreciated, barriers built by 
ignorance are lowered. When 
the cultural and political facets 
oi a nation are better under- 
stood, positive and construc- 
tive interaction can take place 
between people and their 

Some students study 
the philosophical clashes 
between Destutt de Tracy's 
ideology and Napoleon 
Bonaparte's authoritariansim, 
concluding that these differ- 
ences had costly political, 
social and economic effects. 
They gain insight into the 
inter-subjectivity of language 
and life. 

Other students examine 
the differences of their own 
ctiltures and religions at such 
events as Communiversity Day 
and Tao Day. They gain a 
common ground between them. 

Ihe Humanities are 
about what makes us human. 
Thev bring us together. 

Back Row: C.R. Phillips. M. Baylor, J. 
Pettegrew, P. Turner, W. Shade. J. 
Soderlund; Front Row: R. Simon, J. 
Smith. J. Saeaer. J. Walters. S. Cutcliff 


Bctck Row: L. Silberstein. L. Steffen. 
C. Weissler. B. Wright. M. Gaumer; 
Front Row: K. Kraft. T Cahilh 
Mlssiuii: N. Girardot. M Raposa 


This building can't be found on Lehigh's main 
campus? Isn't it way too modern looking? 

Maginnes Hall is home to the Deans of the 
College of Arts and Science and many 
departments. In the basement you will find the 
University Bookstore, a place often visited by 
parents and relatives of Lehigh students. 

Back Row: E. Green Jr., J. Mcintosh, D. 
Small, N. Tiinnenbaum, J.Gatewood; 
Front Row: D. Seybold, D. Adams, E. 
Nastasi, M. Washington, B. Frankel 

Back Row: O. Smolansky, C. Kaufman, H. Barkey; Front 
Row: R. Wylie, B. Moon; Missing: R. Menon, 

^Ht&uuitiKMal ^elatioHa^ 

The Game Room has stress-relieving 
opportunities as this student has 
discovered. Although many students 
hold group meetings or study 
individually at Ulrich, the student center 
does provide distractions. 

RcademJcs HliJI^ 

College o-P &u3ine33 
& B>conomic& 

Many current societal problems involve decision-making, con- 
flict resolution, and efficient management of human, financial and 
physical resources. Studying business and economics provides a 
strong basis for understanding and developing solutions to these 

Students develop analytical and communication skills to posi- 
tively manage decision-making. The in-depth study of business pro- 
cesses, such as accounting information systems, financial flow^s and 
markets, management processes, and their impact on business and 
social issues prepares students for the increasingly complex and glo- 
bally competitive environment of the 21st century. 


Fairchlld Martindale is soooo popular these days that these two 
students couldn't find a seat anywhere but here! It must be a Sunday 
night or sometime during Four O'Cioeks. Never fear, tiiis minor 
setback did not prevent them from getting their work done. 

Whether you are a business major or not. you have probably been 
in Rauch. Recitations for most classes are held in the basement. On 
your way to these productive sessions be sure to pick up a coffee to 
keep you awake. Rauch is one of the buildings that holds classes and is 
also lucky enough to have an eatery too. 

Where did my 
spreadsheet go? All 

Business majors must 
complete tons of 
projects and group 
presentations, and 
most of them require 
knowledge of 
computers. Perhaps 
this is why there are 
several computer labs 
in the bottom of 
Ranch. You can feel 
free to whine till your 
heart is content 
because when you do 
get into trouble there 
is often no one else 
around to help, or to 
hear you scream. 

Where can you 
find business 
students at 
Lehigh? You can 

find all business 
majors at their 
home away from 
home: the Rauch 
Business Center. 
Although it is no 
longer the newest 
building on campus, 
because Zoeilner 
has taken its place 
as the baby of 
campus buildings, 
Rauch is not 
forgotten. It also 
houses the Deans of 
the College of 
Business and 

flcademics lOlflSl 

Sugar, sugar, I need more sugar, now. Derek Sager tries to stay awake during a finals cram session 
with his caffeinaled carbonated sugar-laden can of Mountain Dew. As an accounting major. Derek 
needs to effectively manace his time. 

Back Row: J. Schmotter. B. Smackey, J. Hall. B. Litt. J. Stevens, M. 
Kolchin. S. Buell, J. Maskulka. T. Schlie. S. Thode: Front Row: J. Largy, 
M. Greenstein, P. Poole, D.R. Bainbridge, S. Sherer. P. Saunders. K. 

The Deparrmenr of 
Business offers majors in 
finance, management, ac- 
counting and marketing. 
Finance involves investing and 
helping companies efficiently 
allocate money. Management 
involves organizing, leading 
and motivating groups of 
people to achieve a common 
goal. Accountants provide 
accurate record keeping of a 
business' daily transactions. 
Marketing, which requires 
creativit}' and the ability to 
position products in order to 
sell them, is crucial to world 

A new major in the 
Business Department is being 
offered to freshmen this year 
in information management 
systems. This is a more com- 
puter-oriented program for 
information technology and 
teaching people to manage and 
organize their resources. The 
addition of this major portrays 
Lehigh's flexibility in respond- 
ing to emplover demands. 

Economics is the study 
of principles that govern the 
efficient allocation of re- 
sources. The dual nature of 
economics, technical and 
humanistic, is reflected b)' the 
fact that Lehigh offers an 
economics degree in the 
College of Arts and Sciences 
and the College of Business 
and Economics. 


Back Row: J. Innes. T. Hyclak, D. Chisholm. V. Munley, T. Watkins 
Front Row. M. Deily, J. McDonald, R. Aionson, C. Callahan, F. Gunter 

Where in the world is Carmen San 
Diego? Well, we looked and looked 
and our last hope was these benches 
found right outside the Ranch 
Business Center, but there is no one 
here. It is winter in South Bethlehem 
and this has forced nature lovers 
indoors to protect themselves from 
the harsh winter winds. When spring 
arrives, however, this courtyard will 
be packed to the gills with students 
and possibly Carmen San Diego, too, 
in hopes of enjoying the lovely 
weather. This courtyard is so popular 
because business majors must not 
travel far away from Ranch, except 
when taking advantage of the 
Business school's International Study 
Abroad Program. 

No, this is not just a random hallway! These tables are THE place to 
sit and wait out the time between classes, just ask any business major 
because oh yeah, the hallway is in Ranch. If he wanted to take his mind 
off his work he could stroll over and pick up the latest copy of The 
Brown anil White to find out what is going around campus in the 
coming days. 

flcademics MM 

College of Engineering 
& Applied Sciences 

Majoring in engineering requires devoting time to the practi- 
cal application of math and science. What does the definition 
mean? The "engineer," one of the nicknames of our Alma Mater, 
is not a "glorified road crewman" who spends hours every day 
improving the technology in our world. Engineering encompasses 
a wide variety of fields including: civil, mechanical, electrical, 
chemical, material systems and industrial engineering. 

Lehigh has been proud to be called the Engineers. Its gradu- 
ates now work in companies all over the U.S. and some also work 
for the famous Bethlehem Steel. The university is proud of its 
quality programs in all fields of engineering, which uphold its 
impeccable reputation. 


Am I late for Class? Lehigh's course load has gotten the better of this 
student. He doesn't even have the energy to elimh up the hills to get to his 
room! I think he probably stayed up past his bedtime to make sure that he 
finished his programming assignment on time. 

Have I ever seen this building before? I don't think it can possibly be on 
campus! Ding Ding Ding we have a winner. Mohler Lab. which houses the 
Department of Industrial Engineering, is technically located just off campus. 
Its official address is 200 W. Packer Avenue but if you are looking for it. it is 
located adjacent to Birkel Avenue. 

I think I can, I think 
1 can. Dave Eckroth. 
a chemical 
engineering major, 
struggles and 
succeeds with his 
studies. Lehigh has a 
reputation for its high 
academic standards 
and is famous for the 
quality engineering 
graduates it produces. 
Students will be 
proud of themselves 
for completing all of 
the work required for 
their degrees at such 
a prestigious 

Packard really is a 
perky place, promise! 

Even though 
engineering classes are 
held in this building it is 
still safe to venture into 
the foreign land called 
Packard Lab. Ail the talk 
of additions to campus 
this year have been 
centered around 
Zoellner, but the 
fountain in front of this 
happy place is an 
addition that everyone 
noticed and enjoyed. 
Day and night you can 
observe engineers, with 
big smiles on their faces, 
anywhere in this 
building, their home 
away from home. 

Academics OflEl 

(^4e^«*'<j<!t^ S*i'fC'*t'e'en.itt^ 

Back Row: P. Blythe, W. Schiesser, F. 
Stein, J. Chew, A. Klein; 3nl Row: H. 
Caram, K. Tiizla. C. Silebi. M. 
Chaudhury: 2nd Row: J. Hsu, J. Phillips, 
M. El-Aaser, C. Georgakis; Front Row: 
L. Sperling, M. Santore, M. Charles, I. 

Back Row: C. Lyman, M. Harmer, R. 
Pearson, H. Jain; Middle Row: J. 
Rickman, S. Tarby; Frofit Row: L. 
Sperling, D. Williams, K. Barmak; 
Missing: H. Chan, R. Hertzberg, A. 
Marder, M. Notis 

'TKat&Uai ScccHCc 

Civil engineers are 
often known as the "bridge 
builders," who spend time 
working with the crusher 
and hydraulic tank in Fritz 
Lab. They are highly in- 
volved with structural safety, 
contamination and soil and 
water movement. 

Mechanical engineer- 
ing, one of the broadest 
engineering fields, dciils with 
systems for energy conversion, 
mater iiil transport and the 
control of motion and forces. 
Mechanical systems are used 
by the health care and trans- 
portation industries. 

Electrical engineers 
spend their time working 
with computers and other 
electrical machines that are 
among the new inventions 
of the 20th century. By 
looking at circuit designs 
they try to find new ways to 
improve communication. 

Chemical engineering 
requires students to spend 
many days in the facilities 
on Mountaintop campus. 
They produce physical or 
chemical changes in fluids 
for industrial purposes 
including pollution manage- 
ment, energy resource devel- 
opment and the national 
defense programs. 

Materials systems 
engineers study the basic 
building blocks of everything 
we use daily. They seek to 
determine the strongest and 
most reliable materials by 
using tests based on conduc- 
tivity and deformation. 

Finally, the industrial 
engineers incorporate busi- 
ness to supervise job func- 
tions performed by indus- 
tries. They look for the most 
efficient way to perform a 
job or lay out machines, 
which will save the indus- 
tries tons of time and 

'TfCecA^uUccil Sti^ctteeniH^ 

Back Row: F. Brown, R. Hartranft, S. 
Johnson, T. Ozsoy, T. Delph, E. Varle> 
J. Kazakia, D. G. Harlow, M.S. Chew. 
H. Nied: ird Row: J. Ochs . R. Lucas, 
F. Erdogan. A. Voloshin. R. Roberts; 
2nd Row: N.D. Perreira, A. Kalnins, C 
Smith. R. Wei; Front Row: A. Oztekir 
S. Neti, A.Liakopoulos 

Back Row: M. Schulte. M. White, G. 
Blank, D. Christodoulides, S. Gulden; 
Fifth Row: D. Brzakovic. B. Fritchmar 
D. Frcy; Foiirtli Row: A. McAulay, R. 
Wallace; Third Row: S. Corbesero, F. 
Hielscher; Second Row: D. Hiilman, P 
Decker; Front Row: R. Blum. T. Boult 

& (}<Mifiuten^ Science 

Back Row: R. Sause, R. Weisman, 
S. Pessiki, J. Wilson, R MeuUer, 
W. Zhang; Front Row: C. Kostem, L. Lu, 
S. PamukcLi, S. Raschke, A. Sengupta; 
Missing: J. Fisher, G. Lennon, R. 
Sorensen, B.T. Yen, K. Kasai, J. Picles, 
H. Moo- Young. 

What makes this 
building so special? 

Lewis Lab, formerly 
called the Physics 
Building, is the only 
structure on campus 
to have its name 
changed while still 
keeping its original 
purpose. As is 
apparent from its 
previous name, Lewis 
Lab is home of the 
Physics department. 
It does, however, 
serve another very 
important function on 
campus. Physics 
requirements for 
engineering majors 
are the only reason 
any of them can be 
found outside of 
Packard Lab during 
class hours. 

Doesn't this look like fun? Sophomore Matthew Orlowski collects 
data from the oscilloscope. Next, he will have to analyze this 
information to write his engineering physics lab report. 

Back Row: S.D. Wu, G. Tonkay, J. Hartman, L. Plebani, 
R. Sorter, G. Sathyanarayanan; Middle Row: K. Gardiner, 
E. Zimmers, J. Adams; Front Row: N. Odrey, L. Martin- 
Vega, L.I. Burke, M. Groover 

Rcademics flgHH 

.._!-- - 

.. ^ .. . ^ .. „...^w. 





ittp: / /wvm . leh 

igh. edu/epitome/activities .html 

Jitat's Neiu ? 

What's Cool ? 


Net Searcii 



Students are involved in 

activities that are incorporated 

witii tire Betlilehem community. 

Here, one such student paints the 

faces of local children. 

Top: WLVR, 91.3 FM, the campus radio station 
Bottom: James Campbell sinks the winning shot 


J www ieruer 




Hoiu do students spend their 
free time at Lehigh? There is a ste- 
reotypical ansLiier to this ques- 
tion-they all party. But like all 
stereotypes, this ansujer substi- 
tutes prejudice for truth. The fact 
Is students at Lehigh spend lots of 
time in clubs and associations:The 
Broujn and LLJhite's press nights, 
the early morning Creuj ujorkouts, 
the productions of Mustard and 
Cheese, the chilly slopes the ski 
team bears and the late night mu- 
sic of LULUR are euidence of the 
Lehigh students' dedication. 

Being actiue in something 
outside of classes brings stu- 
dents a sense of enjoyment and 
fullerliues. LUhether it is the run- 
and-smash of Rugby, or the 
graceful pirouette in Dance, or 
the helping at the soup kitchens 
in SRIU, students all gain experi- 
ences of triumph and delight not 
soon forgotten. 

Other students find a sense 
of community in one of Lehigh's 
many social and religious groups. 
The Jewish Student Center, the 
Korean Students Rssociation, the 
Gryphon Society and Alpha Phi 
Omega all prouide a supportiue at- 
mosphere for the participating 

There are many opportunities 
at Lehigh to pursue different in- 
terests. The experiences reaped 
from them are unforgettable. 

Robert Griffith & Lusia S. Vi 

Rctiuities ^s|01gi 





^ M&M Stoney Acres Programming Taylor ^ 

"I am one person. What can one person do??" 


During training, the idea of the power of one was instilled 

within each and every one of us. As the year progressed, it became ^J 

,^^ more and more obvious what one person's efforts can do. Through ^;^ 

^^ programming, duty and every day interaction we were able to >^ 

(Vv make a difference this year. '^ 

(^ As the 30th anniversary of the Gryphon Society ap- CO 

preaches, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of ^ 

the gryphons of the 1996-1997 academic year. Your hard work w^ 

^ and dedication not only to your halls but to the Lehigh commu- S 

,^ nity does not go unnoticed and unappreciated. Thanks for an- 'ff 

^ other year of commitment and service. 

^ The 1 996- 1 997 Grvphon Executive Board q 

^ ;^ 

Trembley Keepers of the Gold Brodhead Lower Cents 

"SiCAtnjiVEfifl " 

f4>;| "fl 


OSritplunt ^luirtg 

SL-'tiaSEtn'E SKANCNKHOSLA OAWWE SlCSt '""«AVt 0E5A! '"' "" JULre:'^E6TME'*v"aN 

ICrliiuli llniiiniittji 




■OMJi^f.-JEO" ai."'iN'F0O>«*Al." AMiRKWE' fi'v53E.- 6-«(VT6P"Ffi VCOrj ERMKEEN ' "'MFfiftViBRAfciS """ "SJlii.. (iCfiOOW JiWNiV'*!* <?f"6A»i MiOaFl "SrCKX'ON ^ i<aTt WOfelMSCTJ ' r,L?NOA 'tBi;rjiL"Ld"""" MWF GLOvER SRiC jaNSOfT" 



'fl'jL ijsting ttijwt' ramanjimiK 

.■-_'j»i-a«^i(K AXrArMV 

flctiuities ^aa 

The Mustard and Cheese 
Drama Society, founded in 
1884 by Richard Harding 
Davis, is the second oldest 
collegiate drama society in 
the country. This year's club 
activities included participa- 
tion in the Cedar Crest Col- 
lege One-Act Festival, trips to 
area theatres, and a day with 
alumni and friends to cel- 
ebrate the Wilbur Drama 
Workshop as basis of partici- 
pation in productions. This 
year's executive officers were. 
President, Patrick Campbell; 
Vice President, David 
Tull; Secretary, Donna 
Cennamano; Treasurer, Brian 
Slocum and Historian, Angle 

Clockwise from top left: P. Campbell. J. Milet, J. Klocek, D. Tull. L. Regalia, E. Kins, M. Pedersen, 
M. Mushrush, A. Dolan, R Pepper. A. Ripa. F. Loquasto. A. Butler, C. Messina, D. Cennamano, 
S. Disque. K. White. D. Sicre. E. Davis, N. Verbonitz, S. Davis, B. Slocum 




Dancin is in its 17th year at 
Lehigh. They hold classes in 
beginner and advanced jazz, 
tap and modern dance. Their 
annual show held in April fea- 
tured dances taught in classes 
as well as student choreo- 
graphed routines. In addition, 
they have participated in lo- 
cal college dance perfor- 
mances and in charity benefit 

Front: Wendy Cower. Jamie Birnbaum, Cathy Mclntyre, Kate i'ifko: Middle: Cheryl Padula, Lisa 
Strahl, Sarah Hite. Amanda Murphy; Back: Kira Roilburg, Kristine Cozza, Tina Ponce, Jaime 
Liebman, Nervin Lawcndy. 

Back: Father Schlert; Middle: Allison Pirie. Jennifer Wade; Front: Kristina Theiss, Danielle Okas, 
Michael Dynan. 

The Newman Council pro- 
vides religious, service and so- 
cial activities for the Catholic 
students at Lehigh University. 
The past year, the Council has 
sponsored dance lessons for stu- 
dents and faculty, Study Breaks 
during 4 o' clocks, open houses 
during parents' weekend and 
for freshmen, and an end of the 
year picnic. At Christmas time, 
they sponsor a giving tree 
where people can donate gifts 
to be given to local non-profit 
agencies. Each month, mem- 
bers of the Council cook at a 
local homeless shelter. During 
Lent, the Newman Center 
sponsors Lenten Fellowship 
dinners where a speaker dis- 
cusses issues relevant to the 



,1, ^, A '^Jk.-^.* . 

Back Row: Seth Gollin. Chris Story. Brett Joines, Mike Tornichia, Dan Braddick, Kevin Kloske, 
Chap Gage. Chris Brezski. Fasten McAllister, Dave Appiegate, Nino Tasca, Donny Ruskewich, 
Pat Guidera, Tom Sennett, Sean Haggerty, ,Iini Kelly: Front Row: Matt McCormick. Key Song, 
Chris Mansuy, Todd Carlson, Chad Miller, Andy Nied, Dave Pakiila. Steve Trusa. 

Where is Yonkers, eh... 
Boxway... Yonker's lineouts... 
Chad loves Loops... Who's the 
big Chinese kid... Gollin's Dedi- 
carion. . . Intermittent Hulk. . . Tet 
Offensive - in the closet drink- 
ing warm gin... Get some blood 
flow before you Zulu... Ramapo 
Man competing in Spoons... 
The Lift:... Donny: B to A in one 
hit... Make the Hurt Feel 
Good... Brownies taste good 
Followed by Doritoes... Crazy 
Eddies's 24 hour Fireworks... 
North a Route 10... Peppa Jack 
Combo Go Large... Mardi Gras 
1996... Mitch IS Naked... We 
Were Slow, But We Were Weak. 

flctiuities ^aa 

Association of Computing 
Machinery at Lehigh belongs 
to both tho local and national 
chapters. This year they 
hosted the Annual Intercolle- 
giate Programming Competi- 
tion on the regional level. In 
past years, Lehigh's chapter 
has placed among the top 
schools, this year taking 7th 
out of 103. 

The group also sponsors vis- 
iting lecturers oi the comput- 
ing industry, such as Bjarne 
Stroustrup, the creator of 
C++. ACM's goal is to pro- 
mote student interaction in 
the computing field and to 
encourage individuals with 
computer related goals. 

Left to Right: Jeff Nass, Joe Schwendt. Elan Freydenson. Ross J. Micheals, Professor Blank 



WLVR is Lehigh University's 
student operated campus ra- 
dio station which broadcasts 
news, public affairs programs, 
as well as a variety ol music 
at the frequency of 91.3 FM. 
Members of the executive 
board are elected to the re- 
sponsibility of managing a 
kiUy operational radio sta- 

Top: Kiran Hemgay, Rob Newman, Peter Kirby. Aimee Von Haase. Karen Feller: Bottom: Rieh 
Genshika. Justin Frankel, Jeremy Colello. 

Top to Bottom: A. Mahone, D. Gevry, J. Enama. B. Alexander. S. Rittler, B. McEnerney, A. Stone, J. 
Aschenbach. B. ShallCross, M. Hendrix, S. Treacy. M. Roseman, S. Claves. A. Salerni, J. Hernandez. 
D. Guzas. C. Noon. T. Graber, D. Hyrb, A. Duque, K. Dombrowski, E. Knite, J. Andrews, R. Laughlin. 
D. Stow, B, Reilly. J. LaPadula. A. Hersh, A. Fecho, R. Walko. K. Pifko. K. Kryzanek. 

Kappa Kappa Psi is an honor- 
ary fraternity for college band 
members. The fraternity's pur- 
pose is to serve and promote 
the welfare of the university 
bands. The Kappa Gamma 
chapter was chartered at Le- 
high on January 28, 1995. 




Front: Allison Pirie, Jen Gorman, Kim Quinn; Back: Stephanie Waite, Jackie Schmelkin, Jaclyn 

SAIV, Students Active in 
Volunteerism, is an organi- 
zation dedicated to commu- 
nity service. In the past year, 
SAIV has organized both 
one-day service projects and 
fund raisers for non-profit or- 
ganizations. Service projects 
run by SAIV this year in- 
clude: helping move a home- 
less shelter, organizing a giv- 
ing tree for needy organiza- 
tions and facilitating a Mini 
Day of Caring. The members 
of SAIV are dedicated to 
helping others through 

Rctiuities EM^ 





The Senior Class Officers have 
worked hard this past year to unite 
the Class of 1997. We would like 
to take this time to thank all the 
members ol the senior class for 
their support. We wish you all the 
best in your future endeavors. May 
your memories of Lehigh and the 
class oi 1997 grow londer with 
each passing day. 

From rii-lit tii left: 

President: John Franchini 

Vice-President: Stephanie Smith 

Treasurer: Christine Mabry 

Secretary: Lopa Patel 



Alpha \H}i (Oimnia 




ICrhiuh lluiitrriiitii 


E«r_ _£':60W 



Timothy smctmever 



rhe Alpha Psi chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega National Service 
"raternity recently celebrated its 61st anniversary at Lehigh Uni- 
versity. The brothers of the chapter are dedicated to service and 
lave helped with countless service projects over the past year. 
5ome oi the projects include moving a homeless shelter, running 
1 blood drive, volunteering at the local chapter of the American 
Red Cross, participating at a Mini Day of: Caring and volunteer- 
ng at Community Interaction Day. 

rhe fraternity has continued to grow over the years and cur- 
rently has over 40 members. They have continued to uphold the 
tradition of leadership, friendship and service at Lehigh 

University, in the Lehigh Valley and in the nation by 
performing over 1000 volunteer hours per year. 

T^^'memfjcf nJjon.-. J-'L JK' ! !^ Muci/xy //ic s/iel/cr\ />ic/ Qlnnei/tnc/. 
(' oerijon^ nellinc^ iiiel al the J<'er/ C iz-uss. O/- /^o6e/is stnm/jint^ >/a\/i. I la 
^inalh, inLVl •'^alh^ '.•, rS/cne, J/ie mon.^ler pled<je cJas^f es ), /ill //jc 
conlerences, 2uote of me meelma, i-lJial Joes l/ie /jistor/an do aaain?'f /. 
Are me eoer ifoinq to qel a /iig/iwai^.\ J/ie 'lO's parity, J/je i^iin'na Jjuffe/, 
ZJ/ie 3'ood Oriue, jUhanu. j/ie formal. J/ie stfroet^ parli^. irtvial 
J-'iirsuH... Jii/ae /las ^'enus 3, J/je food 6anA\ . - m/lo and / ijrr/iA-:r: />/e. 

C 7/1 

Rctjuities W^SM 


The 1996-1997 season saw the men's "A" Team 
take second place overall in the New Jersey 
Collegiate Ski Conference. The women's team, 
composed of freshmen and sophomores, fin- 
ished a solid fourth place overall. Junior Jim 
Shea placed second overall in 
the conference with Steve 
Schmidt following in third. 
Both teams went on to the 
USCSA Middle-Adantic Re- 
gional Championships where 
sophomore Porter Stowell fin- 
ished an impressive second 
place in the Giant Slalom. 
With no graduating seniors, 
both teams look forward to 
being a strong force on the 
slopes next year. A very spe- 
cial thank you to the best ad- 
visor in the world, Pat Potack. 
The team would not be com- 
plete without her. 


Top: The men's and women's teams at Regional Championships- Back Raw: Bryan 
Nesteriak. Jim Shea, Nate Gardner, Brett Howell. Elizabeth Maloney, Agnes 
Przeslowska; From Row: Rob Wehbe, Steve Schmidt. Sarah Wiliett. Shawna 
Jackman. Maureen Johnson. 

Middle: Brett gives Agnes and Maureen some advice 
at the I'niish line. 

Lett: Jim Shea demonstrates that the 
fastest man does not alvvavs win. 



Lehigh Crew Mission Statement: "To pro- 
vide an open opportunity for Lehigh Uni- 
versity students to participate in intercolle- 
giate rowing that offers competition and 
social rewards while challenging the student 
athletes to exceed their perceived mental and 
physical limits." 

Top: Lightweight women 
preparing for their race 
against Lafayette. 

Top Row; Andrew Kochy, Patti Crowley, Erin Wilson, 
Ashley Goodwin, Jamie Weir; 4th Row; Frances 
Leighton, Dan Rhoads, Kate Ball, Lauren Voce, 
Christina Hunt, Dave Hochauser, Tom Fair, Greg 
Monison; Third Row; Melissa Scotti, Lisa Bernstein, 
Shauntil Black, Chris Economou, Stephanie Laski, 
Kristian Pascoli, Siri Steinberg, Jim Stauder; 2nd 
Row; Aaron Hayson, Mike Burke, Laura Moore, 
Sasha Sopic, Sue Bamak, Mike Zentko, Craig Tracy, 
Kenny Settar; Bottom Row; Robin Greenbaum, 
Lindsay Wood, Kaien Rotach, Sue Gibb, Bryan 
Capobianco, Jaycee Culhane, Ryan Abel. 

Executive Board 

President; Tom Farr; Vice-president; Lindsay Wood; 
Treasurer; Karen Rotach; Secretary; Greg Morrison; 
Equipment manager: Craig Tracy & Ryan Abel 

1996 Fall Captains 
Men; Craig Tracy 

Women: Leah Stevenson & Christina Hunt 

1997 Spring Captains 

Men: Craig Tracy & John Culhane 
Women: Sue Gibb & Christina Hunt 

Above; Lightweight men out for a practice row. 

women after a 
successful race at 
the Head of the 

Rctiuities mSM 




KSA is not only a culaird society, but a family 
to its members. Comprised of many inter- 
national students, KSA has become the 
"home away from home" where many stu- 
dents can share similar backgrounds, values 
and culttires. For other members in the com- 
munity, KSA has introduced various aspects 
of Korean culture. By sharing each others 
joys and sorrows, especially through the up- 
perclassmen, "big brothers and big sisters," 
we are always looking after the younger 
members. KSA has built a network of close 
friendship and family. 

Lusia Yi - Treasurer 

1996-1997 KSA Members: top to bottom (left to 

right) J. Lee, D. Kim, S. Han, Y. Sung. H. Ra. S. Han. 

S. Park. C. Yi. K. Yim, L. Yi. E. Lui, S. Oh, J. Byun. 

Top: Not exactly, smiling 

for the picture, are we? 

Lusia Yi.YooJin Juii, 

Hwang Yong Jae, HyeYuii 

Shin at 1996 KSA Winter 

Semi-Formal in New 

York City. 

Camera, where? After presenting the 
award for the best dancers, Kyle Kim 
poses for the camera. "Okay, buddy!" 

Circle of friends and network of family. 


Posing for unique and individualistic styles. Kimchee! 1996 Fall Picnic 

Left to Right: Lauren Weiss, Claudine Colon. Katie Diamond, Joleen Codner. 
Missing: Tricia Rice, Carol Malin, Christine Spodnick, Amanda Fraser. 


The Lehigh Gymnastics Club 
has progressed in the past rwo 
years into the competitive en- 
vironment. Without a coach 
nor our own equipment, we 
were still able to host our first 
invitational on March 23, 1 997. 
We are proud of our current ac- 
complishments, however it will 
not end there. This gymnastics 
club will continue to strive in 
longing for some recognidon. 
As president of the gymnastics 
club, I could not be more 
pleased with the dedication 
these women have expressed. I 
know the growth of this club 
will continue throughout the 
years and I am gratefial to have 
had the opportunity to head 
such an organization. 

Claudine Colon-President 


First row: Heidi Wachs. Dan Braude, Ken Schwartz, Athena Shapiro, Jeffrey Nass; Second row: 
Elan Freydenson, Jessica Hoffman, Adam Kramer, Maura Kugehnan - director, Shari Abrams; 
Third row: Ben Oksman, Joanna Katzman, Jackie Oring, Siri Steinberg, Jay Rosenfeld, Alexis 

The Hillel Society is an orga- 
nization that provides pro- 
grams and services for the Jew- 
ish student population at Le- 
high. Hillel hosts Friday Night 
Sabba dinners and popular 
Coffee Talks featuring a vari- 
ety of topics. 

flctiuities WK^M 


Obviously, we are the people who put Lehigh's 
yearbook together. You are experiencing the prod- 
uct of our organization as you read and glance 
through the memories. The Epitome offers stu- 
dents hands-on experience in business, produc- 
tion, photography, editing, graphics and organi- 
zational skills. We have business managers, sec- 
tion editors, photographers, copy-editors, two 

managing editors, an editor-at-large and, ot Above: Copy editor Dan Evans contemplates sarcastic remarks for a picture's caption, 
course, our editor-in-chief Below: Living editors Travis Beebe and Samantlia Hunt discuss their section's layout. 

Much work was accom- 
plished this year, and we 
wont soon forget the late 
night brainstorming sessions 
leading to tangents on exis- 
tentialism, campus happen- 
ings, love, shoes, Paris, in- 
ternships and fashion. 

Copy editor Jet't'Stoli and managing 
editor Eric Kolasa conferring on text 
ideas for the book. 

Editor-at-large/copy editor Candace Lombardi and 

photo editor Jeff Nass being harassed by Anna > 

w ith Jeff's camera. 

lEditor-in-chief Anna Pe/ik at a vveekK' editor,' meeting 


Left to Right: Keith Schray (Advisor), Darlene Dreyer (Librarian), William McKed (President), 
Jason Benkoski (Vice President). 

Lehigh for Life is a nonde- 
nominationah service-ori- 
ented organization whose 
main purpose is to educate the 
university community on pro- 
Hfe issues. The group hopes to 
promote respect and concern 
for the dignity of human Ufe 
and increase awareness of ex- 
isting and proposed violations 
to the fundamental right to 




Front Row: Margaret Wilson, Amy Wynne, Michelle Cochran, Kristin O'Brien, Siirah Weidmann; 
Middle Row: Missy Turner, Carolyn Klimas, Melissa D" Agostino, Kaitlin Witte, Dawn Fuchs, Monica 
Devine, Courtney Wright; Back Row: Sarah Cornell, Lise Dahl, Liz Vermeil, Ammy LeFevre, Lauren 
Allu, Laura Davis, Jen Abraham, Coaches Susan and Karen: Missing: Caryn Aulenbach. 

There's no biting in rugby... 
Kutztown disaster and subzero 
Lafayette... did we really play 
the Spring of '96??!... keg prac- 
tice and bat races... we 
NEVER play hungover!... 
Rookies make good slaves... 
forwards as backs???... Tough 
monkeys... leaving people at 
home... King oi the chair... 
swapping jerseys - Villanova 
boys!! cups... the cabin... 
Champagne bottles - 3rd place 
team / 1st place partiers!!!... 
Breaking the table... dance 
party at Swarthmore... driving 
people on the hood... Thanks 
Susan and Chap, we're now 
prepared for boot camp. 

flctiuities Oiaa 


University Productions strives to provide the 
student body with a diverse selection of qual- 
ity entertainment emphasizing intergroup 
sponsorship to support campus integration. 

A sampling of our events in 96-97 includes: 
Bill Maher, Steven Wright, Sundaze '96 and 
'97, A Tribe Called Quest, Michael Winslow, 
Kevin Nealon, several hypnotists, the 
Coffehouse series, comedy shows in Ulrich, 
crab racing, and sponsored trips to Sunset 
Blvd. and Smokey Joe's cafe on Broadway. 

Top: Christine Spodnick waves hello 
with a big smile. 

Group Photo: (top to bottom) D. Kapf'erer, C. 
Spodnick, C. Mclntyre. R. Dubinsky, B. Scales, J. 
Desmarais, G. Grifoni, S. Bartram, J. Haenick. M. 
Haefele. K. Uhl. C. Beloff, A. Jost. 
Missing: T. Tumminello, B. Golm. 

Hypnotist brings out the 
best in Lehigh students. 

University Productions 

whats going on. 




The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the 
chief legislative body of students in the residence 
halls. We provide a governmental forum to fos- 
ter communication between students, factdty, 
and staft to better the quality of residence hall 
living. RHA also provides a wide range of so- 
cial, recreational and educational services to meet 
the needs and interests of residence hall students. 
RHA is comprised of an executive board and 
house presidents who together comprise the 
Cotincil of House Presidents. 

ick Row: Chris Wyble, Ryan Mueller. Gregg Schuster, Brian Palmer. Sean Henry, Christina 
impbell, Jason Clemens; Front Row: Kelley McDade, Lauren Weber, Cindy Alunni, Miesha Biodsky. 

Winterfest 1997 included skiing and skating 
at Lehigh Valley Ice Arena. 

flctiuities mM 


Editors: Fall 1996 - Spring 1997 

Jeremy Aikey, Toby Bonagura, 
Shari Budman, Molly 
Burckhardt, Emily Busch, 
Kristen Chanley, Michelle 
DeMooy, Patrick Doherty, Matt 
Donnelly, Jennifer Everett, Chris 
Faile, Ben Freed, Dan Norton, 
Alicia Friel, T.J. Furman, Toni 
Giorgio, Giselle Gutierrez, Kim- 
berly Haas, Isadore Havenick, 
Lisa Jones, Adam Katzen, Matt 
Leedy, Chelsea Meeks, Alex 
Olbrecht, Anna Pezik, Jennifer 
Ranch, Kirsten Rokita, Gabriela 
Schneider, Daphnie Sicre, Peter 
Sorkin, Lisa Spitz, Tracy 
Tumminello, Heidi Wachs, 
Mike Weiss, Brian Wesolowski, 
Sarah Zabrenski, Dennis 

Chris Faile, Michael Weiss and Brian 



Mtf' J 

>r *■ 

Group Photo First Row: Mike Weiss. Lisa Spit/. Lisa Jones. Sarah Willett, Toni Giorgio. Second Row: 
Toby Bonagura. Tracy Tumminello, Umut Bitlisli, Molly Burckhardt, Eli Connor Third Row: T.J. 
Furman. Kim Haas. Jennifer Everett. Anna Pezik. Fourth Row: Adam Katzen. David Butler Fifth Row: 
Peter Sorkin, Brian Wesolowski, Isadore Havenick, Dennis Zehner, Patrick Doherty. Chris Faile. Alex 

Top: Tracy Tumminello. Can it really be that much fun? 


Left: Lisa Spitz and David Butler take a break and strike a pose. 
Bottom Left: Computers... The Brown ami White's best friend. 

Managing editor, Jennifer Everett and assistant news editor, Lisa 
Jones admire a finislned product. 

Lifestyle editor. Toby Bonagura and assistant lifestyle editor, 
Toni Giorgio work intently on the next issue. 

Rctiujties OOUI 


The lacocca Scholars Pro- 
gram, conducted by the 
lacocca histitute, offers out- 
standing students, in all dis- 
ciplines, an extraordinary op- 
portunity to enrich their edu- 
cation and leadership experi- 
ence, lacocca Scholars en- 
hance their leadership and 
teamwork skills through 
group activities and custom- 
tailored internships with busi- 
ness and industr}', government 
or nonprofit organizations. 
Scholars meet about twice a 
month for dinner, discussions, 
field trips and interaction with 
visiting executives. They also 
work on creative projects with 
faculty mentors, developing 
close working relationships. 

^MBHraif ImP 

lacocca Scholars 1995-1997 

Adrienne Appello. David Bellows, Jason Benkoski. Toby 
Bonagura, Ronnie Brandes, Natalie Bresler, Patrick Brickley. 
Donna Cennamano. Lysa Chizniadia. Gerard DarN'ille, Tracy 
Doyle. Patrick Fischer, Carly Forgham, Ankur Gosalia. Wiley 
Hall, Andrea Hirst, Stacy Imler, Kathleen Kerrigan. Alex 
Kinnier. John Lee. Joshua Lippiner, Vineet Mehan. Megann 
Polaha. Jennifer Puleo. Anjali Taneja, Deborah Zajac, Daniel 

Top: laccoca Scholars at their yearly 


Bottom: Dance anyone? 


l.chigh Liiiversiiy 



Right: Deborah Zajac 

and Dan ZaiilH, 

graduating members of 

the lacocca Scholars. 

Remember the: 

Black Tie Affair, seminars, Open Houses, football game, 
dinner meetings, Holiday parry, summer internships, 
planning of the Global Village for Future Leaders. 

Remember the trips: 

New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia 

Remember meeting: 

Lee lacocca - Retired CEO of Chrysler Corp., 
James Sims - Cambridge Technology Partners, 
Norm Augustine - CEO Lockheed Martin, 
Jeff Ellis - Ernst & Young 


Creating the 

'Tor me the scholar program is the key that 
unlocked my dream to live and work in Japan." 

"Being in the program enhanced my education 
beyond what I thought possible." 

"We were like a family. When we were all to- 
gether I felt as though I was at home." 

"I now feel as though I am a leader, someone 
destined to help others succeed." 

"The program has shaped my leadership and 
organizational skills." 

flctiuities n^H 

http: //www. .html 

Uihats Sew ? 

IJJhat s Cool ? 


Net Search 



Patriot League ehampioiis' 

The women's basketball team 

celebrate their title clinching 

win o\'er Lafayette. 

Top: Co-captain. Chris Ayres locks up his 

Bottom: Freshman quarterback, Phil Stambaugh 

aims downfield. 





Lehigh athletics has a lot to be 
proud of this year. Many teams 
ouercame aduersity to triumph. 
Others shouied the promise and 
groujing pains of young players. 

The ujomen's basketball team 
ujon the Patriot League Champion- 
ship. Many young players, guided by 
senior leadership, luere uital to the 
team's success. Congratulations! 

The field hockey team, under 
first year coach Michelle Finegan, 
and the men's suiimming and diu- 
ing team both finished second in 
the Patriot League. 

LUrestling, luith an 11-9 
record, finished second in the EILDR 
tournament. This feat is impressiue 
considering the relatiue youth of 
this year's team. 

The men's soccer team (9-6- 
2) and the football team, mho beat 
Lafayette, both preuailed ouer in- 
juries and had strong seasons to 
shoiu for it. The soccer team has 
been improuing steadily ouer the 
last tujo years, and the football 
team is returning many starters 
ne»t year. So match out! 

Lehigh's other teams are all 
young and talented. The women's 
sujimming and diuing team finished 
3rd in the Patriot League. The men's 
cross country team mon many 
close meets. The momen's soccer 
team mas led by tmo Junior cap- 
tains. The momen's cross country 
team stayed competitiue euen mith 
many nem faces, and the uolley- 
ball team looks formard to improu- 
ing neKt season. 

Melissa D' 



sports n^M 


Saab returns a volley as she 

approaches the net; Junior. Elizabeth 

Burnhani preparing for a shot on 

goal; Senior co-captain. Heather 

Hohmann challenging an opponent at 

midfield; Running Back, Brian Baker 

splits the seam in the Bison defense; 

Junior, Jen Middlcton battling with an 

Army runner during a race at 

Goodman Field. 



Alix Charles clears the ball from 
Lehigh's defensive area; Sophomore, 
Drew Poppleton and senior, Mark 
Miller shut down Bucknell's running 
attack; Freshman, Tim Haggerty 
endures an exhausting cross country 
race; Senior, Danna Gombocz spikes 
the ball. 

Sports WMk 





W 20-14 


L 20-34 


L 14-21 


W 20-14 

N. Hampshire 

L 27-42 


W 28-24 



Holy Cross 

W 20-10 


L 30-23 


W 23-19 


THIS PAGE. CLOCKWISE: Senior tackle, 

David Sunderland and safety, captain Mark 

Miller, stop the advance of a Delaware back 

in the season opener; Sophomore. Deron 

Braswell challenges his Delaware defender 

to a race toward the goal line; Senior, Jason 

Streeter dives for the completion and first 

down in the home game against Bucknel 






r- iM 








"I think the game was a 
summation of the season. 
We fought through inju- 
ries and adversity and 
never quit. I think it's a 
tribute to our 14 seniors 
and the character of this 
team."— Head Coach 
Kevin Higgins, following 
the Lafayette game. 

LEFT: Sophomore tailback, 
Brian Baker evades the 
Delaware defense with the 
help of Lehigh blockers, 
freshman fullback, Brett 
Snyder (39), and senior tackle, 
Brian Bartelle (77). 

, he 1 996 team faced adversity, then bounced back 
with a vengeance in its won over Lafayette in the 
season finale. The win spoiled any Lafayette hopes 

of a share in the Patriot League tide and showed 
j^enigh fans just how much guts and determination the play- 
ers in the program have. As this year's senior class looks back, 
they can be proud of two Patriot League Championships and 
three Lafeyette wins. The season opener versus Delaware left 
the team with several injuries, adding new faces to the offense 
for the remainder of the season. Despite these changes, the 
players adapted and excelled in their new positions. Quad-cap- 


2ND ROW: D. Braswell, K. Morion, N. 

Martucci, D. Meurer, M.Emory, E. Johnson, A. 

Badurina. R. Hundley, M. Taluskie, M. 

Grainger. L. Pankey. J. Stanley, B. Wolovich. 

3RD ROW: R. Pohlke, D. Menifield, J. Wiley. J. 

Regina, R. Sullivan, B. Kline, B. Bartelle, M. 

Kadow, M. King, R Amanatidis. B. Peltzer, K. 

Fedorcha. R.J. Ryan. N. Watson. 4TH ROW: T. 

Oropeza, M. Ludwig, C. Moyer, D. Yates, R. 

Bodnar, J. Veil, R. Boyle, R Anderson, W. 

Niederauer. J. Stiegler. G. Puente. D. 

Sunderland. R Roddy. 5TH ROW: D. Poppleton. 

M. Henry, A. Ferrante, M. Somerville, J. Gnall, 

T. Haley. D. Gibhs. S. Kuss. D. Guzevich. L. 

Eckenrode. R. Fox, A. Clift, K. Kelly. 6TH 

ROW: J. Podraza. S. Brinley, I. Vanscyoc, C. 

Buchanan. A. Bayaid, T. Rivers, T. Person, C. 
-shby. B. Snyder. N. Kniieciak. I. Eason. D. Rink. 7r// ROW: A. Brown. R Stiimbaugh, J. Kun-e, S. Budge. S. Davison. J. Shaw, R. 
:an, D. Martin, E. Paige Maxilom, M. Miller, B. Baker. R. Abdullali. J. Weiss, M. Kondyra. FRONT: B. Tidbott. J. Capan-o, S. 
ylsworth. B. Hill. J. Phillips. J. SU'eeter. M. Devine, C. May, K. Joseph, J. FaLzone, M. Swartz, S. Edwards, S. Ludwig, G. Purcell. 




: !f«i«I*nr*«ffa[fT{5F«*FM 


tain, Mark Miller, one of the most 
respeaed and hardest hitters in the 
league, joined with fellow captain 
and linebacker, Lance Eckenrode, to 
lead a defense that added a new di- 
mension to the traditionally pass-ori- 
ented Lehigh teams. Senior Ail- 
American punter, Ben Talbott fin- 
ished his career with a 43-yd average 
and completed the season ranked 
2nd in I-AA in the nation. Doug 
Yates and Brian Bartelle earned All- 
League 1st Team honors, as did 
Sunderland, Miller and Talbott. 













St. Peter's 






Holy Cross 




















defender, Courtney Black passes the ball to 
approaching teammate, Tracie Saucier; 
Junior Co-Captain and midfielder/forward, 
Elizabeth Burnham, dribbles with determi- 
nation toward the opponent's goal; Sopho- 
more dcfenseman, Tracie Saucier focuses on 
the ball, preparing to attack the nearing 
Na\'v offender. 



omen s 



TOP: Vicki Ureniovich, 
Jessica Glomb, Lisa Menill, 
Kari Herzog, Caitlin Gibbons. 
Sacha Dumont, Megan Stout 
MIDDLE: Danielle Collins, 
Natalie Ciampa, Deborah 
Damelio. Elizabeth Bumham, 
Kathleen Nickels, Stephanie 
Cesario FRONT: Laura 
Wolkowitz, Audrey Aloi, 
Courtney Black, Tracie 
Saucier, Kathryn Chrnelich, 
Erica Heiman. 

LEFT: Senior defenseman. 
Kari Herzog, beats her 
Midshipmen opponents to the 
ball. INSET: Junior 
defenseman and team co- 
captain. Deborah Damelio, 
uses all her strength to throw 
the ball into play. 

^ he 1996 Lehigh Women's Soccer 

Team experienced a tough season, 

finishing with a 4-12-1 record. 

One of the season's highlights was a 4-1 victory 

over St. Francis in a midseason home game. The 

team's leading scorers were sophomore forward, 

Katie Chrnelich and junior 

midfielder Liz Burnham. Junior 

Goalkeeper Vicki Uremovich 

finished the season with a suc- 
cessful saves percentage. This 
young team promises winning 
seasons in the years to come. 





Seton Hall 





W 3-2 OT 

New Hampshire T 0-0 






T 0-0 OT 








W 5-3 OT 




W 2-1 OT 




W 2-0 OT 




Charles pressures the opposing player; 

Sophomore. Andrew Mittendorf battles in 

the midtleld for the ball: Junior, Jon Hunt 

penetrates the eenter of the defense. 


* » 

LEFT: Junior Mark Swartz 
attempts to dribble past the 
oncoming defender. INSET: 
Junior Goalkeeper, Nick 

r he 1996 Lehigh men's soccer team 
ended the season with a wining 
record of 9-6-2. The seasons high- 

Ughts include several overtime wins over such 
teams as Bucknell, Fairfield, Drexel, lona and 
Navy. The team's leading scorers were senior for- 

TOP: Coach Dean Koski. 
Assistant Coach Michael Benn, 
Mike Adams, Nate Laver, Mario 
Monfardini, Alix Charles, Jon 
Hunt. Alkm Ckirles, Mark 
Swartz, Brian Gleason, Dan 
Ochs, Matt Senkowski, Dan 
Martin, Will Orben, Nick 
DiCello, Assistant Phil Sclar, 
Assistant Coach Mike 
O'Connell. Volunteer Coach 
Bob Wolfenden. FROW: Jason 
Kislin, Rob Rivera, Nikhil Bott, 
Andrew Mittendoif, Gus 
Ziuigrilii. Kevin Jackson, Brady 
Ryan. Spencer Gerberding, Rich 
Brandimaite, Greg Strong, 
Jeffrey Correll. 

ward Mario Monfardini and se- 
nior Middlefielder, Will Orben. 
Goaltender, Nick DiCello fin- 
ished with a high percentage of 
saves. With few seniors lost to 
graduation, the men's soccer 
team looks forward to a success- 
ful 1 997 season. 

Sports MBM 













L1-2 0T 








L1-2 0T 


W 2-1 OT 


L 0-1 OT 

West Chester 












captain, Krisla Wisniewski fires the ball at 
the opponent's goal; Senior. Cheryl Dede. 
steals the ball away from her opponent to the 
encouraging cheers of the Lehigh team; 
Sophomore midfielder/forward, Trisha Clark, 
engages in a head-to-head battle for the ball. 



TOP: Assisant coach, Valerie 
Coyle. Carly Lynch, Jennifer 
Ludlow, Stephanie Henry, 
Kristy Kulick, Courtney 
Thomson, Megan Calhoun, 
Abigail Moore, Kellyann 
Harkins, Mary Heitzman, Head 
Coach Michelle Finegan. 
MIDDLE: Christine Metz. Cara 
Chamberlain, Kimberly Walker, 
Kathleen Byrne. Jodi Renner, 
Anita Ketty, Trisha Clark, 
Katherine Hopping, Victoria 
Griffmg FRONT: Dawn 
Sharvin, Brandi Baith, Krista 
Wisniewski, Heather Hohmann, 
Cheryl Dede. 

LEFT: Senior forward and co- 
captain. Heather Hohmann 
attacks her opponent in an 
attempt to retrieve the ball. 
INSET: Senior midfielder, 
Brandi Barth struggles to push 
the ball past several defenders. 

he Lehigh field hockey team struggled 
to clinch victories throughout the sea- 
son and finished up with a 9-9 record 
under first year coach Michelle 
— Finegan. The Engineers forced seven 

of their eighteen opponents into overtime and suf- 
fered all nine losses by one goal each time. After a 
strong League finish, the Engineers entered the Pa- 
triot League Tournament seeded second. Lehigh de- 
feated Bucknell to advance to the championship 
game versus Colgate, for the League title. After a fierce 
battle, Colgate defeated Lehigh. 

Many athletes received hon- 
ors for their outstanding perfor- 
mances. Co-captain Heather 
Hohmann was selected to the Pa- 
triot League first team and the 
Mid-East second team. Co-captain 
Krista Wisniewski received All-Pa- 
triot League second team honors. 
Cheryl Dede was also named to the 
All-Patriot League second team. 
Goal-keeper, Carly Lynch received 
second team honors as well and was 
the 10th ranked keeper in the 

Sports nng 



Wl 28-29 


W 1944 

Penn State Inv. 



L 38-20 




W 19-42 

Towson St 

W 16-47 

St. FrancisfPAJ 

L 28-27 

Patriot League 

Championships 5th 

NCAA District I 




THIS PAGE. CLOCKWISE: Senior captain. 

Matt Rosetti starts to pull away from his 

Lafayette rival: Sophomore, Chris Peppier, in 

the midst of a grueling meet; Members of the 

men's cross country team at the beginning of 

a league race. 


en s 






FRONT: Graduate Assistant 
Jeanne Ciullo, Stacy Imler, Alicia 
Stanfill. Kori Shafer-Krzesicki, 
Stephanie Nelson, Lisa Jones, 
Heather Blaci<bum, Assistant 
Coach Bridget O'Connell. 2ND 
ROW: Assistant Coach Todd 
Lippin. Ellen Cogswell, Rachel 
Stewart, Abigail Hawkens, Jen 
Middleton, Kelly Lyons, Head 
Coach Fred La Piante. 3RD 
ROW: Chris Voce, Tendi Remy, 
Dave Welsh, Steve Gourley, Rich 
Haas, Nate Harkins, Bill 
Hartnett. TOP: Alan Jackson, Pat 
Hickey, Tim Haggerty, Chris 
Peppier, Bryan Drew, Tyler 
Runner, Matt Rosetti. 

LEFT: Senior Tendi Remy 
sprints across Goodman field. 
INSET: Alan Jackson pushes 
for his last ounce of energy 
toward the end of the race. 

' he Lehigh men's cross-country team 
ended the 1 996 season with a winning 
record. The team was led by only two 
seniors, Matt Rosetti and Tendi Remy. Despite this 
lack of experience, the Engineers were able to excel. 
Some of the seasons highlights were the 19-44 win 
over Colgate and a competitive meet versus Rider 
College, in which the Engineers 
won by only one point in a home 
meet. Other exciting home meets 
were gainst Richmond, Towson 
State and St. Francis. Lehigh beat 

Richmond 19-42 and Towson State 
16-47. The addition of several tal- 
ented freshmen aided the team's suc- 
cess and suggests a bright future. 

Sports ffllil 



W 15-45 


W 25-30 

Penn State Inv. 



L 33-23 




W 20-41 

Towson State 

W 15-49 

St. FrancisfPAJ 

L 26-29 

Patriot League 



NCAA District 1 





heads tor the tlnish hne; Kori Shafer- 

Krzesicki pushes on: Senior captain. Stacy 

Imler forges ahead of her Holy Cross 




omen s 






^^ IHr 


LEFT: Heather Blackburn 
challenges her Leopard 
opposition in a race toward 
the finish. mSET: Senior, 
Alicia Stantlll heads for the 
finish line. 

FRONT: Graduate Assistant 
Jeanne Ciullo, Stacy Iinler. 
Alicia Stanfill, Kori Shafer- 
Krzesicki, Stephanie Nelson, 
Lisa Jones, Heather Blackburn. 
Assistant Coach Bridget 
O'Connell. 2A'£)/?0W.- 
Assistant Coach Todd Lippin, 
Ellen Cogswell, Rachel 
Stewart, Abigail Hawkens. Jen 
Middleton, Kelly Lyons. Head 
Coach Fred La Plante. iRD 
ROW: Chris Voce, Tendi Remy. 
Dave Welsh, Steve Gourley, 
Rich Haas, Nate Harkins. Bill 
Haitnett. TOP: Alan Jackson, 
Pat Hickey, Tim Haggerty, 
Chris Peppier, Bryan Drew, 
Tyler Runner, Matt Rosetti. 

^ n a strong start with a home victory 
against Patriot League rival Colgate and 
Rider College, Lehigh swept the top two 
places led by sophomore Ellen Cogswell 
and junior co-captain Stacy Imler. They followed this 
run with another strong performance at the Penn State 
Invitational where the Engineer team placed third. Le- 
high stru^ed in its annual dual meet against Lafayette 
and ag^in at the Paul Short Invitational held on Lehigh's 
Goodman Campus. However, a few individuals in- 
cluding Kori Shafer-Krzesicki, Jen- 
nifer Middleton and Lisa Jones 
showed some promise. Lehigh was 
viaorious in a home four-way meet, 
defeating Towson State, University 
of Richmond and St. Francis Col- 
lege, despite deplorable conditions. 
TTie season culminated in a 5th place 
finish in the Patriot League Cham- 
pionships. It was a disappointing end 
to an inconsistent season, but with 
many juniors on the squad, there will 
be a strong focus to succeed in the 
1997 season. 

Sports QQQ 





St. Peter's 
















Seton Hall 





Farleifih Dickinson 


Holy Cross 



St. Peter's 


Long Island 






East Carolina 








St. Francis 



THIS PAGE, CLOCKWISE: Senior outside 
hitter and co-captain. Danna Gomboc/ 
prepares to receive the opponent's serve; On 
the court, the players 
encourage each other 
while intimidating 
their opponents with 
hich-fives all around. 



TOP: Assistant Coach 
Roseann Corsi. 
Danielle Puceta, Caryn 
Aulenbach, Jessica 
McCarthy. Heather 
Lloyd, Sandra Bonner, 
Head Coach John 
Gump. MIDDLE: 
Veronica Ret, Marta 
Mielcarz, Ana-Lucia 
Silveira. Kimberly 
Freedinan, Elisabeth 
Andrews, Debra 
Chadwick, Jennifer 
Arton. FRONT: Danna 
Gombocz, Patty 

LEFT: Sophomore setter and 
co-captain, Patty Watson 
jump-sets the ball to sopho- 
more middle hitter, Debra 
Chadwick. INSET: Sophomore 
hitter, Marta Mielcarz .spikes 
the ball at her opposition as 
sophomore teammate. Kim 
Freedman, prepares for the 

, his was a rebuilding season as the team 
lost a setter to graduation and their best 
all-around player to transfer. The Engi- 
neers also played under a new coach, 
John Gump. Being a young and unex- 
perienced team, they experienced a roller coaster sea- 
son. Some highlights were the competitive matches 
against UPenn, Harvard and Drexel. A home match 
versus Bucknell, which resulted in a five game Lehigh 
victory, drew a large crowd. Despite a four game loss 
to Seton Hall at home, the Engineers played extremely 
well. The team stru^ed all year to "get 
over the hump" and puU out the big win 
as opposed to the tough loss, but the late 
season loss of starting middle hitter, Kim 
Freedman, and the lack of team chemistry 
prevented them firom reaching their goals. 
Graduation brings the loss of Ana- 
Lucia Silveira, a strong blocker and hitter, 
as well as an emotional leader. With a year 
of experience under their belts and prom- 
ising fireshmen, however, the fiiture looks 
bright. Co-captain, Danna Gombocz was 
2nd team All League and co-defensive 
player of the year. Several remrning play- 
ers were in the top five in the league in 
offensive and defensive categories. 

Sports nan 




Holy Cross 
























captain, Samantha Mason lunges to reach a 
volley; Sophomore. Alison Tweedie returns a 
serve with a look of determination: 
Freshman, Catherine Spain fires the ball at 
her opponent across the net. 





o 172 en s 


LEFT: Sophomore, Katrina 
Schmakel concentrates on the 
ball during her serve. INSET: 
Junior co-captain, Corinne 
Casacio takes a break from 
practice to cool down. 

he 1996 Lehigh women's ten- 
nis team experienced a com- 
petitive season, finishing with 
500 record. The team was comprised of only 

who all contributed to its sue- 

TOP: Christine Galli, Agnes 
Saab, Catherine Spain. 
Samantha Mason, Coach 
Joann Ochse. BOTTOM: 
Alison Tweedie, Rachel 
Mason, Melissa Katz, 
Corinne Casacio, Katrina 
Schmakel. Not pictured: 
Martina Reale. 

cess. The season's highlights 
include a 9-0 win over 
Westchester University and a 9- 
defeat of LaSalle University. 
With the young talent on this 

team, the women's tennis program 
expects success in the future. 

Sports iiga 




Sports OaS 

man defender, Maureen Trigo 
watches her opponent's every move; 
Junior, Mike Sferra manipulates his 
opponent into position; Head coach. 
Chris Marshall shouts instructions to 
his swimmers; Jen Middleton 
contemplates the next race; The 
1996-1997 Lehigh swim team during 
winter break. 



Sophomore guard, Brett Eppehimer 
follows through with his free 
throw; Lehigh wrestlers intimidate 
their opponents with an ominous 
line-up; Sophomore. Marat 
Vigdorchik anticipates his match; 
Freshman, Brandi Gilmore focuses 
on her next obstacle. 

uDin/ei^ c5 



Sports QgQ 


Mat Town Tourn 

7th of 13 


20-1 7.W 

Sheridan Tourn 

4th of 16 

C Oklahoma 

28-1 5.U/ 





Cal. St. Bakersfd 


Northern Iowa 

23-1 6,W 

Oregon State 





24-1 3,W 






23-1 7X 

Lock Haven 

20-1 9X 


27-1 7.W 


20-1 7X 




22-1 5.W 

Penn State 

24-1 OX 




20-1 7X 

EIWA Tourn 


NCAA Tourn 


of Defeat: Lehigh sinks Navy; Sophomore. 
Marat Vigdorchik wraps up a Navy wres- 
tler: Junior. Mike Sferra slams an opponent 

to the mat. 




TOP: Seasonal Coach Joel Shanatt, 
John Leonardis, Glauco Lxilli- 
Ghetti, Vito Mazzarino, Samir 
Mahmoud. Bill Closson. Todd 
Palmisano. John Van Doren, Eiik 
Drange, Bronson Plocus, Mark 
Dufresne, Assistant Coach Pat 
Santoro. Head Coach Greg Strobel; 
2ND ROW: Dave Mayland, Travis 
Doto. Andrew Frangella, Troy 
Laudenslager, Jeff Neale, Ryan 
Beauregard, Dave Hood, Sloan 
Copeland, Mmiit Vigdorchik, Chris 
Ayres; FRONT: Marc Lombardy, 
Dennis Benfante, Alan Rush, Tony 
Piazza, James Hanifeldt, Mike 
Sfen-a, Mark Keller, Shawn 
Mulrooney, Dave Esposito. 

LEFT: Travis Doto wraps up 
another impressive victory. 
INSFT: Lehigh wrestler 
planning his attack during a 
tough match. 

, he 1 996-7 wrestling team experienced 
a wining season ending with a record 
of 1 1-9. Notable matches included a 
35-3 win over Drexel, a 36-6 defeat of 
Columbia and a 33-6 triumph over Duquesne. 
Captains, junior Bill Closson (Hwt) and sophomore 
Chris Ayres (142), had particularly good seasons, 
finding success at the Mat Town Invitational, the 
Sheridan Tournament and the 
EIWA Championships. With the 
help of these skilled leaders and a 
team fioll of talented wresders, Le- 
high placed 2nd at the EIWATour- 
nament. One of the seasons high- 
lights was the final home match 
versus UPenn, in which a 25th 
ranked Lehigh upset #11 UPenn , 
22- 1 5 . With no graduating seniors, 
the 1997-8 wresding team at Le- 
high should be better than ever. 

sports naa 


Holy Cross 





93-1 37X 


1 23-11 8.W 











P.L Champs 

2nd Place 

ECAC Champs 11th Place 






Moore leads his race in the fly; Sophomore, 

Chris Scheier leads the cheers for his 

teammates; Sophomore Brian Merritt glides 

to the Willi 


en s 




d2 £)ioiiia^ 

ra/'; Head Coach Chris 

M;u-shall. Assistant JefFCline, 
Assistiint Ken Johns, Assistant 
Coach Kevin Remaley, Assistant 
Coach Susie Hummers. ll^D: 
Adam Ritchie, Drew Lontai, Joe 
Monteforte, Eric Jackson, Kevin 
Westei+ioff. Neil Mastellone, Kyle 
Rotthoff, Brian Kmlik, Hector 
Altaniirano, Chris List. 3RD: 
Ryan Bergmann, Mike Lipka, 
Briiin Keane, Brian Menitt. Ron 
Lipka, Jason Fox, CPiris Scheier 
4TH: Jeff Fegley, Jon Tator, Joel 
Gilbert, Alex Croutliamel, Jarrad 
Evans, Ryan Sakson, Matt Cole, 
Ara Sobek. FRONT: Matt Davis. 
Derek Moore, Dan Rodenhaver 

LEFT: A Lehigh Diver 
perfecting his skills during 
practice. INSET: Stretching for 
the water, a Lehigh swimmer 
tries to increase his team's 

Z he men's swim team had a notewor- 
thy season. Loaded with freestyle 
and backstroke events, the men 
completed one of their best seasons 
ever. The sprint and butterfly events were led by 
senior co-captain, Dan Rodenhaver, junior Matt 
Cole and senior Derek Moore. In the distance 
events, sophomores Chris Scheier, Brian Merritt, 
Jason Fox and freshman Joe Monteforte all ex- 
celled. The top backstrokers in- 
cluded freshmen Drew Lontai, 
Adam Ritchie and Ryan 
Bergmann. The all around 
swimmers of the group included 

junior, Jon Tator, plus freshmen, 
Mike Lipka and Eric Jackson. 
Juniors Alex Crouthamel and 
Joel Gilbert also performed well 
in the butterfly events. The men 
placed 2nd at the Patriot League 
Championships and 1 0th at the 
ECAC Championships. 

Sports nsa 


Holy Cross 



132-1 n.w 











St. Peter's 






P.L Champs 

3rd Place 

ECAC Champs 

8th Place 


Massiello swims freestyle during a meet at 

Lehigh: Sophomore. Tanya Barone cheers 

her teammates on to victory; Sophomore 

Michelle Pealer dives in for the anchor leg of 

a Lehieh reJav. 


onnen s 




£ Z). 

• • 


TOP: Head Coach Chris 
Marshall, Assistant 
Coaches Jeff Kline, Ken 
Johns, Kevin Remaley, 
Susie Hmnmers; 2ND 
ROW: Freshmen swim- 
mers; i/?D /?01V.- Allison 
Jiirey, Autumn Massiello, 
Jamie Forbeck, Jen 
Polaski, Beth Matonak, 
Michelle Pealer, Megan 
Potter, Shannon 
Henderson, Taryn Filo. 
Tanya Barone, Heather 
Hansz; FRONT: Casey 
Bahrenburg, Cheryl Dede 
Amy Lebeda. 

LEFT: Sophomore, Taryn Filo 
concentrates on a dive. 
INSET: Senior co-captain, 
Casey Bahrenburg prepares to 
enter the pool. 

7" heLehighwomen'sswimteamhadavery 
successful season, with an impressive 
record. Lehigh had only lost two point- 
scorers from last year's team, so with the 
help of a great incoming freshman class and extremely 
talented upperclassmen, the team was quite strong. The 
top scorers this season were senior co-captain, sprint 
freestyler, Casey Bahrenburg, along widi freshman 
backstroker, Jess Weathers. Other high scorers included 
senior co-captain, Cheryl Dede, sophomores, Michelle 
Pealer, Tanya Barone, Allison Jurey, Heather Hansz and 
Beth Matonak. Freshmen, Traci 
Rickert, Jana Clark, Lynne Fuller, 
Meredith Hughes and Julie Paulsen 
were also very successfrd in their first 
season. The women placed third at 
the Patriot League Championships 
and 8th at the ECAC Champion- 
ships. With the experience and lead- 
ership of the group, Lehigh expected 
a big season, and that is what they 
got. Head Coach Chris Marshall 
said, "This particular team is the best 
group I have ever coached at Lehigh, 
and they are going to only get better 
in the years to come." 

Sports I1B0 



L 69-68 


L 63-58 


L 74-69 


L 103-51 


L 82-72 


L 100-82 


L 73-42 


L 92-73 

Florida Atlantic 

L 96-72 


L 68-32 


L 75-51 


L 86-66 


L 90-87 20T 


L 75-53 


L 70-64 


W 79-75 


L 81-74 


L 84-78 


L 74-58 


L 80-70 


L 80-65 


L 109-73 

Holy Cross 

L 88-73 


L 79-76 


. L 87-78 

^ t^ f^^^^^" 


L 81-53 
L 84-54 


guard, Brett Eppehimer frees himself for a 

shot; Freshman. Jared Hess searches for an 

opening from a triple threat position: 

Sophomore forward, Jon Dean shadows his 

Midshipmen opponent. 


en ^s ^J^asAe/odii 

LEFT: Freshman guard. Steve 
Aylsworth stares down his 
defender. INSET: Head coach, 
Sal Mentesana argues with an 
official as he paces the 

he 1996-7 Lehigh men's basketball 

team had a tough season this year, 

finishing with a less than stellar 

record. The team was inexperienced with the 

arrival of several freshman starters. The new ar- 

rivals also included a new head 

STANDING: Trainer Steve 
Chouinard, Al Keglovits, 
Jared Hess, B.J. Hargadon, 
Dan Handerhan, Bryce 
Fort, Damien McGill, Pete 
Delea, Fidelin Willybiro, 
Vinnie McCaffrey. Chris 
Patackis. Phil Schlar. 
SEATED: Alan Ferguson, 
David Clark. Steve 
Aylsworth. Head Coach 
Sal Mentesana. Brett 
Eppehimer. Michael Fry, 
Jon Dean. 

coach, Sal Mentesana. One of 
the season's highlights for 
Mentesana and his players was 
the home victory over Holy 
Cross. With so many young 
starters, the future of the men's 
basketball program looks bright. 

Sports UBS 



71-71 L 


44-72 L 


70-53 W 


1 06-68 L 


88-83 W OT 


76-60 L 

St. Francis 

59-58 W 


55-53 L 


86-56 L 


55-49 L 


77-60 W 


62-56 L 


77-66 W 


84-49 L 


75-58 L 


78-52 W 


73-63 W 


90-76 W 


64-54 L 


56-55 W 


74-52 W 


80-78 W OT 

Holy Cross 

65-62 L 


76-64 W 


62-56 L 


60-53 L 


73-63 W 


70-62 W 


65-63 W OT 


103-35 L 


Maureen Trigo drives past her defender 

Freshman guard. Danielle Baldwin scans the 

floor for an open teammate; Senior, Kelly 

Madden defends against a Lady Red Raider 






•^ • 

««fe — =■ 


-~ I 

UBii ^:\i ' 




• «• 

lQ)oi22&n ^s !^cis^e/^ciff 

TOP ROW: Head Coach Sue 
Troyan. Assistant Coach Fran 
Troyan, Kate Donohue, Jen 
Hendrix, Moira Deakin, 
Alexis Bevington, Christina 
Henry, Amy Thomson, 
Maureen Trigo, Assistant 
Coach Sue Wilhams, Seasonal 
Coach Bridget Eripret. 
SEATED: Allison Sims, 
Christi Hanis, Maureen 
Holland, Kari Herzog, Kelly 
Madden. Kelly Collins, 
Danielle Baldwin. 

LEFT: Senior Moira Deakin 
anticipates the free throw 
attempt. INSET: Sophomore 
Christi Harris and Senior 
Kelly Madden congratulate 
each other on the sidelines. 

o Believe You Can is Everything- 
To believe you can win a Patriot 
League Championship after being 
picked 6th in the pre-season polls; to believe you 
can take on the number one team in the nation 
in the NCAA Tournament. This was a team that 
came together and believed they could do all of 

those things and more, a team 

that lived by this motto. 

The 1996-97 women's 
basketball team will go down in 
history as the first ever NCAA 
women's qualifying team. They 
did this by capturing the 1997 
Patriot League Championship 
and believing in their dreams. 

sports asg 




West Point Inv. 


Lafayette Dual 


Colgate Inv. 


Patriot League 





West Point Inv. 


Lafayette Dual 


Colgate Inv. 


Patriot League 





pole vaulter. catapults himself over the bar; 

Sophomore hurdler. Charlie Tier works hard 

to win the lead; Thrower, Barry Thumm, 

winds up. 


Synaooi^ il/i^czcA 

LEFT: Sophomore sprinter, 
Erika Smith explodes from 
the blocks with determina- 
tion. INSET: Sophomore 
hurdler. Cecelia Hall 
successfully clears her last 

I oth the men's and women's indoor 
I track teams excelled this year, with 
high scores coming from the fresh- 
men, sophomores and juniors, as well as seniors. 
The season's highlights included the John Co- 
vert Classic at Lehigh, in which the women 

stretcher, Mike 
takes time at a 
meet to prepare 
mentally and 
physically for 
his next event. 

placed first and the men second out of 

the nine teams who participated. With 
such talent among the underclassmen, 
the men's and women's indoor track 
teams anticipate successful seasons in the 
years to come despite the loss of valu- 
able seniors. 

Sports UESil 


Lehigh golfer watches, pleased with 

his drive; Lehigh sprints ahead ot the 

competition; A long jumper leaps lor 

first place; Sophomore second 

baseman, Dan Spisak, turns the 

double play; Jill Lewis tries to make 

the out at first base. 





\i * % 
ilHi * I*, 
itii «Mii 

I Hi- 
ll |||1 

LEFT: Goalie, Todd Schreiner awaits the offense. 

BELOW: Coacii Shook has some advice for his doubles team. 



FAR LEFT: Freshman pitcher, Phil 
Stambaugh, warms up in the bullpen. 
LEFT: Freshman attack, Danielle 
Landers, charges past her defender. 




Sports nHB 


Mar 9Wafiner 


9 Wagner 


10 Delaware St. 


1 1 Long Island 

L 14-20 





1 3 Florida Tech 


14 at C.Florida 


18 Long Island 


19 at Temple 


22 Ithaca 


22 Ithaca 


23 St. Peter's 


23 St. Peter's 


25 LaSalle 


28 Bucknell 


28 Bucknell 


29 Bucknell 


29 Bucknell 


Apr 4TowsonSt. 


5 at Holy Cross W8-1 

5 at Holy Cross L4-11 

6 at Holy Cross W 11-6 

6 at Holy Cross W94 

8 at Drexel 


8 at Drexel 


1 3 Navy 


13 Navy 


14 Navy 


14 Navy 


15 at Moravian 




20 at Lafayette 


20 at Lafayette 

W 16-10 

20 at Lafayette 


22 at UPENN 

L 10-11 

23 Lemoyne 


23 Lemoyne 


26 Army 


26 Army 


27 Army 


27 Army 


' 4 

ABOVE: Freshman pitcher, Christopher Frey, 

focuses on the cathers mitt; RIGHT: Junior 

short-stt)p, Pat McElwee. makes the out as 

sophomore second baseman. Dan Spisak 

supports his teammate. 


J^cis eo all 

TOP ROW: Assistant Coach 
Jerry Mack, Pitching Coach 
Craig Anderson. Charhe 
Meyer. Dan Kulp, Ben Talbott, 
Chris Frey. Ben Willard, 
Jeremy Schmalze. Phil 
Stambaugh, Joe Eschleman, 
Coach Andy Pitsilos. Head 
Coach Sean Leai^. MIDDLE: 
Matt Gehil, Chad Kusko, Mike 
DaMato. Jim Phihps. Jim 
Marshall, Jared Gordon. Kevin 
Post. Chris Masucci. Mason 
Goldberg. FRONT ROW: Dan 
Spisak. Mike Fisher, Adam 
Millsom, Patrick McElwee. 
Keith Treonze, Charles 
McAteer. Liaison Phil Solar. 

LEFT: Senior third-baseman, 
Ben Talbott waits for his pitch. 
INSET: Sophomore outfielder, 
Keith Treonze. returns the ball 
to the infield. 

ookie head coach, Sean Leary com- 
pleted his first season at the helm 
■^ of the Lehigh squad as the team 
finished with an 18-24-1 mark. Stressing defense, 
Lehigh also finished 15 th in the entire nation in 
fielding percentage with a .963 team mark. 
Sophomore, Keith Treonze and senior, Ben 
Talbott led the team throughout 
I the season. Talbott led the team 

with a .394 mark and a school 
record of 45 walks, while 
Treonze led the team in hits with 
59 and finished second on the 
squad with a .383 average. 

sports 1100 

SCORE cmo 

Spring Tourny 

Radford Tourny 













Holy Cross 

Holy Cross 











PL Champs 



LEFT: A Lehigh player keeps 
her eyes on the ball. INSET: 
The girls receive advice from 
coach Fran Troyan. 

he Lehigh softball team finished the 
1997 season with a winning record 
of 20 -16. The team was led by captains Karen 
Schaefer, Jen VigUetta and Amanda Wessner and 
composed of a successful combination of expe- 
rienced upperclassmen and tal- 

TOP ROW: Pitching Coach 
Nina Rems. Assistant Coach 
Kathy Katula, Kelly Lyons, 
Joanne Strout, Joelle Dawson, 
Shannon Bracken, Head 
Coach Fran Troyan, Graduate 
Assistant Karen Kascinski. 
MIDDLE: Karen Schaefer, 
Amanda Wessner. Jill Lewis, 
Maureen Trigo, Stephanie 
Rapel, Cindy Seiverian. 
FRONT ROW: Sarah Pusey, 
Patty Godwin, Jen Viglietta. 
Tara Stine, Jessica Roche. 

ented freshmen. A particularly 
exciting moment occurred with 
the team's 14-13 win over 
Lafayette. With only three se- 
niors lost to graduation, the 
1998 team looks forward to a 

successful season. 

Sports IKia 


Loyola 10th of 20 

Navy 12th of 26 

Rutgers 10th of 19 

Lehigh Uall. Tmnt 1st of 4 

Princeton 12th of 20 

Scotty Duncan 14th of 16 


LEFT: A Lehigh golfer 
surveys the competition. 
INSET: Crouched on the 
green, a Lehigh golfer lines up 
his putt. 

-^ ehigh's 1997 golf team experienced 

' a competitive season. The team was 

comprised of an even mixture of freshmen, 

sophomores, juniors and seniors, providing a 

measure of experience in addition to aspirations 

for successful seasons to come. 

BACK ROW: Joe Guterl, 
Ryan Morris, Graham 
Collins, Phil Auerbach, Tim 
Johnson, Scot Pasquale, Kyle 
Smith, Henry D' Alberto, 
Head Coach Kelly Gutshall. 
FRONT ROW: John Horutz, 
Jack Kodesh, Trent Fisher, 
Craig Burmeister. 

One of the year's high points was 
the Lehigh Valley Tournament, 
hosted by Muhlenburg, where 
Lehigh took first place. 

Sports naH 


North Carolina 












Penn State 








Holy Cross 









midfielder, Elizabeth Brodbeck evades her 

defender; Junior middlefielder. Heather 

Towner, prepares to score; Junior attack, 

Antonette Giorgio clears the ball from the 

Lehigh goal with the help of junior 

defenseman, Lynda Lastowka and junior 

goalie. Carly Lynch. 



omen s 


f^\ V 


LEFT: Freshman attack, 
Stephanie Henry, fights 
Lafayette senior, Rachel 
Stanziola for a ground ball. 
INSET: Sophomore 
defenseman, Molly 
Burckhardt, reaches to 
intercept the goalie's pass. 

f^ I 

- -. he 1997 women's lacrosse team 
Gompleted a competitive season 
with a .500 record this year. 
Led by senior captain, Brandi Barth, the rela- 
tively young, talented team experienced an ex- 
citing 8-7 victory over Holy 


9^ ^ 


TOP ROW: Head Coach Jackie 
Keeley, Lora Rice. Leslie 
Utzinger, Elizabeth Brodbeck, 
Antonette Giorgio. Jill 
Jefferson, Ashley Sage. Carly 
Lynch, Autumn Massiello, 
Brandi Barth, Assistant Coach 
Jackie Mascher, MIDDLE 
ROW: Lynda Lastowka. Patrice 
McNichol, Brianne Vincent, 
Joyce Hohenstein, Christina 
Eberhiirt, Jodi Renner, Molly 
Burckhardt, Megan Calhoun. 
FRONT ROW: Jessica Schmidt. 
Heather Towner. Bethanne 
Houck, Danielle Landers, 
Stephanie Henry. Tory Grifflng. 

Cross this season. With high 

scorers Elizabeth Brodbeck, 
Patrice McNichol and Heather 
Towner returning next year, the 
team has a positive outlook for 
the 1 998 season. 

Sports nHEl 





W 15-11 

Stoney Brook 

W 13-12 

St. Joseph's 






Holy Cross 



LI 1-23 




L 10-14 






W 16-13 


W 18-11 


/A» * 

eT2 S 


LEFT: Senior, Louis Fletcher, 
takes his defenseman to the 
goal one-on-one. INSET: 
Sophomore defenseman, Brian 
Kelly, clears the ball. 

^ he men's lacrosse team had its best 
season in recent years. Their final 
record was eleven wins and four 
losses, including an amazing one goal victory 
over top ranked Georgetown. This triumph 
vaulted the Engineers into the top twenty na- 
tionally ranked schools. The team has high aspi- 

TOP ROW: Assistant Coach Tony 
Souza, Trainer Wendy Flynn, Head 
Coach John McCloskey, Brad Baker. 
Matt Donnelly, Vincent Geppi, 
David Lyons, Chris Wehri, Louis 
Fletcher, Doug Mylowe, Bryan 
Houle, R.J. Ippoldo, Mai'k Duncan, 
John Seidel, Evan McKems, Brian 
Crawford, Assistant Coach Shrieve. 
Assistant Coach Jenkins. 2ND ROW: 
Randolph Habeck, Ian MacGilvray, 
Travis Jackson, Craig Brown, David 
Prossner, John Fowler, Geoff Clauss, 
Brian Killea, Brian Kelly, Scott 
Kamin, Jared Harrison. FRONT: 
Paul Afrooz, Ethan Marsh, Daman 
( uzmanes. Kevin O'Neill, Todd 
Schreiner, Frank McDermott, Nick 
.Scala, Scott Reynolds, Heman 
Zapata, Doug McKems. 

rations for the future. With lim- 
ited losses to graduation, the 
Engineers will return many key 
players. Fueled by a tremendous 
season and the return of an ex- 
tremely strong squad, the men's 
lacrosse team looks forward to a 
very promising 1998. 

Sports asa 


Mar 15-16 



Monmouth Inv. 

Apr 4 





Lafayette Inv. 


Penn Relays 


Blue/Grey Inv. 


Patriot League 





29-6/1 NCAA 


THIS PAGE. CLOCKWISE: A jumper from 

the women's team clears the bar; Lehigh 

leaves the competition in the dust; A perfect 

start sets this runner's sights on the finish. 







ZJi^cic^ dZ L^iefcf 

LEFT: A Lehigh jumper 
reaches for distance. INSET: 
Sopheimore hurdler, Amanda 
Fraser concentrates on the 
next obstacle. 

he 1997 men's and women's track 
and field teams experienced com- 
petitive seaons, finishing with records of 1-0 and 
0-1, respectively. Despite the loss of eight se- 
niors who participated in various events, the 
future of the large men's team 
I looks promising with the return 

The 1997 Men's and Women's 
Track and Field Team. 


of many freshmen. The 
women's track and field team 
will also be graduating several 
valuable seniors and hopes to 
fill their shoes with talented un- 
derclassmen as well. 

tH*» m%^=. 

Sports flS0 
















Seton Hall 










Holy Cross 










r///5 PAGE. CLOCKWISE: Sophomore, 

Paul El Deiry backhands a volley over the 

net; Sophomore, Cameron Taylor, sends 

the ball back to his adversary; Sophomore, 

Scott Ackerman prepares to receive his 

opponent's serve. 



-■•*-*. i 









LEFT: A Lehigh player 
follows his serve. INSET: 
Sophomore. Jayson Jacobs, 
contemplates the up-coming 

he 1997 Lehigh men's tennis team 
fared well this season, finishing with 
a record of eight wins and eight losses. The small 
group formed a young team, comprised of fresh- 
men and sophomores, led by sophomore cap- 
^^ tains, Scott Ackerman and Jason 

TOP ROW: Cameron Taylor, 
Scott Ackerman, Paul El 
Deiry, Jason Jacobs, Coach 
David Shook. FRONT ROW: 
Peter Berko, Josh Kritzler. 
Jeff Sternberg. 

Jacobs. One of the season's high- 
lights was Lehigh's 7-0 defeat of 
West Chester in an exciting 
home match. Because the team 
is graduating no seniors, the 
men's tennis team looks forward 
to a successful future. 

Sports assB 

THIS PAGE. CLOCKWISE: Quaterback. Aaron Brown, gives instructions 

for the next play; An Engineer rejoices at her teammate's success; Track 

and field teammates share a dry moment; The women's lacrosse team 

congratulates their opponents on a game well played. 






"* — i\ 


THIS PAGE. CLOCKWISE: The triumphant women's basketball team 
members display their trophy with pride; A Lehigh golfer advances to the 
next hole; The runner is met at home plate with high fives; Wrestling 
coach, Greg Strobel, shares a winning moment with his wrestlers. 

sports QSfl 





http: //www. 

What's Neuj ? 

lUhat s Cool ? 


Net Search 







Liuing. It's Luhat lue all do. Re- 
gardless of inhere we come from or 
Luhat our majors are, lue all Hue to- 
gether. Each of us can think back and 
remember the first time uje referred 
to Lehigh as "home." RIthough our 
mothers didn't like it, me knem that 
Lehigh had become our home away 
from home, a place where lue could 
grouj and mature like no other place 
before. R place where we all belong. 

There are many different places 
to hue at Lehigh, including residence 
halls, fraternities, sororities, apart- 
ments and houses. Liihile these places 
are all different, they are also the 
same in that we Hue in them with our 
friends. LiJe share duties, chores and 
bills. LUe haue common memories of 
things we haue done and people we 
haue seen. 

Eueryone can remember walking 
up and down the hill freshman year 
to classes, the squirrels that seem to 
be euery where, getting locked out of 
our rooms, 4 o'clocks and realizing 
that oursummersauings wouldn't go 
as far as we thought they would. 
Ulhat we remember most, though, is 
our friends. Rfter all of the tests are 
graded and the papers are turned in, 
after all of the cramming and stress- 
ful euenings are done, the most im- 
portant thing we will remember 
about our home here at Lehigh is 
laughing, crying and liuing with our 

Liuing. It's what we all do. 

Samantha H. Hunt &Trauis U. 




Liuing nSEl 

We're Sober?! 
(Mariela Obregon, Dan Pietrzak, Seth Baerson. Megann Polaha and Jennifer Daily) 

(left to right) Ayana Hipps, Tracy 
Tumininello, Amida Castagne. Allyson 
Hernandez. Ayinke Hipps and (front) 
Roxanne Hughes all dressed up and 
ready to have some fun. 

Eleni & Frank getting to really "know" 
each other. 

Birkel is not only the home of unusual people 
but of unusual pets. 

Michelle's friends said they would always support her! 

Jen Fernicola. Libby Keller and Dawn Lotito enjoying 
themselves at their formal. 

'e Trusa. Brad Ketcher and Billy Jordon are working hard on their fraternity 
imunity service project. 

A day in the hfe of AHcia StanfiU and Jen 

another crazy night out at Lehigh! 

; Rubel, Anthony Tumminello, Carrie Hubbell. Alexis 

^ Ryan Linthicmn and Michael Riiccio) 

Hey, you know who all the babes flock to.. .Scott Silverman! 
(with Jennifer Fernicola and Christina Lotito) 

a few Lehigh students trying out for the cheerleading squad.'re cut! 

Senior ME"s "at home" in Packard 502. 

(Scott Gordon. Krista Wisniewski and Tim McAnulty) 


^^*_ ••"1-Vji«ii 



On-Campu^ Candid& 

at are you thinking about Jen? 









f ^"'•"' 

6 Vf 


... ~v« 




Laura Moore, Lisa Bernstein, 
Sue Bamak, Chrissy Hunt 
and Liz Bickford pose for the 

If you think this is neat, you should 
see my closet. (Mac Langlois) 

Study hard girls! 

LJuing liaB 

A picture 
tells a 

Students enjoy the new front patio of the Uni\ersit\ Center. 

^^^^^^^^^^^F lO ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 









Smile Dana, it 

can't be that 

Studying in 
Paradise? Or 
is it Packard'.' 


Home is where you 
hang your hat. ..and 
anything else that 
needs hanuiuii. 



'Yeah, you're clear.' 


photo editor, 

Jeff Nass , 



self while 


lens cap. 

Liuing |M3S 

This calculus is driving me crazy 


We"re not sure what these Brodhead residents are up to, but 
it can't be good. 

Jenn Puleo, you're having too much fun! What could possibly be so funny? 

This college thing is pretty easy! 


Dravo B-4- 

Douglas Taylor 
Jared Wiener 
■Michael Fisher 
Kevin Wehler 
:Alok Saksena 
■ion Strauss 
:Marc Cohen 
Jim Marshall 
Mark Martinelli 






"Sleepy, Mivelli. Lucifer" 

Can you find the new 
one? Robert Latham, 
Michael Carlisle, Jim 
Marshall, Jay Smith, 
James Hamfeldt, Mark 
Martinelli, Michael 
Cressler, Troy Hendry, 
Gregg Hiizer, Jared 
Weiner and Jon Strauss 

"A day in the life..." 

Mark Martinelli and 

Jim Marshall 



Doctors in the 
house... Jay 
Smith, James 
Hamfeldt and 



B-4 men 




Damn, Bomb has a big smile! (Pat Russo) 

The old Rob... 
Rob Latham 

408=Robert Latham 
Jeremy Smith 
409=Adam Simon 
41 l=James Hamfeldt 
412=Troy Hendry 
413=Michael Cressler 

Patrick Russo 
4I4=Steven Doyle 
Gregg Hiizer 




"Big Guy" 

"Mr. Intensity" 

"Troy the Badboy" 

"Eyeballs, Eyz" 


"Dqyle. Nadmonkey" 


Bump Bump Slide... Liuing OHH 

Dravo C1 

Top Row: Tony Piazza, John Darab. Eric Sugalski. Mike Ruth, Bryan Boyer, John Podraza, Dan Gibbs 
Bottom Row: Eric Jackson, Rob Rokotf, Dave Maynard. Mike Gera, Fred Mason, Matt Crall 
Not Pictured: David Rink, Mike Devine 

Vs/arren Sc^uara 
Sci-Tech House 

Front Row: Evan Tsung, Matt Reiss, Janice Tessier, Bart Liguori. 
Back Row: Michelle Ng, Lynn Perry, Laura Roos, Adam Kramer. Dave 
Leeds, Jim Kulenguskey, Allison Pirie. 

Front Row: Michelle Ng, Adam Kramer. Dave Leeds, Joe Weaver, Lynn 
Back Row: Evan Tsung, Steve Goldberg, Janice Tessier. Matt Reiss. 

Drinker 33 

Left to Right from Top: Alan Fomwalt, Craig Blizard, Greg Kuklinski. Rick 
Cavalla, Jason Styer, Andy Bentley, Jeff Hain. Brian Fronapfel, Eric Kolasa, 
Heather Krey 

Left: Deha Beta Alpha Pi's members 

Lower Left: The seniors: Jeff, Craig and Rick 

Below: Just another momino on Drinker B3. 

Remember When.. .Delta Beta Alpha Pi, Doh, Foo 
Chicken, Wall of Cans, Sheep, Wiggly, Jiggly, Dimples, 
RBI, Warcraft, Dr. Mario, one-five, Alan vs. Andy sleep 
off, IM's, Andy and Butch roomies, Alan Walan, Where's 
Pam?, Dravo takeover. Bowling, Eeyore, B322 toaster 
oven /TV /microwave. Full of more sh*t than a Christ- 
mas Turkey, B3 Game, "Is this worth points?" Lehigh 
Pizza, Football pool. Jets vs. Eagles, Quotebook, Jeff - the 
Unibomber, Craig's Philles Team, Football games. 
Basketball games, Greek Week Plan, Nitwit, Birthday 
Bash, B3 Ocean, Pliilly Trips, Taco nights, Yatzee, 
Wallpipe, lEEEE, Horn Movies, "Is Greg on the 
phone?". Good Deal, S.G.Q.Y., Moxie, Kuk, Dinner with 
Noon, The Underground, Rafting, B.A. vs. the 'Bro, 
Skippy, Gel, Sprinkles vs. Jimmies, Project Dixie Cup 

"These are the 
times to remember J||f 
cause they will nol " 
!" last forever..." -^'"^"''''' 


Taylor College 

1996/1997 residents of Taylor . . . most of them, anyway. 

A Showca 

Alex Weimer is a picture of pure determination. 

Joe Enama 
his cheek 

Anne Beavers 
plays a tune. 

Liuing non 




Mark, where are you taking Eleni? 

Heather Hoag and 

her housemates 

getting ready for 


Liuing nOS 


Sue Mahoney and 
Melissa Conti smile for 
the camera. 

aGalinsky and Emily Busch spending their 

ter break in L.A. 

There are so many 

great places to study 

and just hang out at 


The Pope, (hand piclured only), reaches out to bless Alyson 
Bloomfield, Amy Lederer and Melissa Conti. 

Travis and Butfy. (Tim "The Toolman" Taylor and the new Blue M&M), celebrate 

Bill Scales talks things over with Jason. 


Gabe Gritoni and Ben Light 

posing as Forrest Gump and 

William Wallace at Ben's 

annual Halloween Bash. 

4-3S & 4-4-0 Birkal 

438: Katharine Imbro, Suzanne O'Connell, Shanelle Tritle, Christe Warakomski, Andrea Zinna 
440: Courtney Albert, Heather Hoag, Amy MeragUa, Lindsay Vaughan, Courtney Wright 
adopted members: Kathy Kerrigan, Dawn Sharvin 








^^^^^^^V^ *' 



"Some people 
come into our 
lives and quickly 
go. Others stay 
for a while and 
leave footprints 
on our hearts, 
and we are never 
quite the same." 
-Rudyard Kipling 

II I could I wouldjbut I don't know how Someone s missing Irom the 

party... Cassid\- shit under the couch AGAIN... The phone's ringing 
again. NOT 11. Jeopardy s on - family drinking time' Normal Day - Strauss 
m the house on the couch Turning 11 means having a stripper-^ Kats was 
cute. Gms was nasty... Wine and Cheese 97 was a blast, tailgates The Ho- 
our home away Irom home Spin the Bottle Bar-B-Qs Captain Morgan at 
Leon s... Ihe F&F I. i&V enough said Muppet Movie an\lime Big Bird is 
like really BIG. we picked up a weirdo. I M HOPPING MAU. Kraternit> 
Formal experiences as a whole will leave all to the imagination .Late night 
cooking in random kitchens on the hill thanks lor the grub, running to laco 
Bell at midnight but not returning till 6 am NO lb Throwing Bottles at 
IRACS will cause a run in with the cops ending in an almost arrest, as will 
falling over the human speed bump running home from cocktails I hanks for 
the HU s porn star, cool head. MR. Blank. OSM. IF. R. Na\y Boys. Cha-Cha- 
Cha Chia. Club Boca. MB. BB. LF. JF. Pnck. Sylvester Do you want a HOI 
UAWG or a CHAWCALI I BAR> Uo you want to go back to Warren 
Square .1 promise we II be back by 12:30 lime is what you make of 
It Make it last a little longer. . 

GOOD Lll( K ( l.ASS OK '97 


4-52 Birkel 

A-5& Birkel 

Jen Basciano, Heather Bryce, Carol Malin, Amy McKeever, Pam Stubbs, Kate Wannemacher 

you in a house? We live off campus. Whatever happened to Liz? Called it, not taking care of Narc tonight! Heather, it's a boy! Did you have a 
pover party last night? Who finished my OJ? Velcro. Melrose Mondays. Finish it yourself! Spring Break Olympics. Locked out:Cancun '96, Absolut 
■ 50 points. He's my zero. I've hit my quota. Kleptomaniacs. I thought you were rich. Missing check-out time. He's my destiny! We have so much in 
imon! Have you called the hotline lately? There's nowhere to park! Van to Boca. Anyone or SG? I love him! No you don't. Carol is a liar. Hearts on 
nill. Friends that kiss. Sober Karaoke. Brandon survived! Where's David Chockachi? Is this Cvong? How did you know? Balance is key. There's a 
n my pasta. Kate's 1 &1/2 into the kiddie pool.. Flush the toilet, you're not in Europe anymore. Fat Tuesday regulars. Charge it, it's free. Narc. can 
pick us up at Spring Valley? I hate chicken McNuggets! Who stole Pam's snake? You are a bad friend. Obsessions are a good thing. Carol & Kate- 
am Girls '94, Sully, we want our vaccuum back! We're all going to hell, who's bringing the keg? -,■_., , 

Liuing USM 

A-7A- 3irke\ 

Melissa Villani, Jen Fleischer, Cara Toothaker, Christine Zingone, Janey Yoo 

"Send Me On My Way" 

Melissa's pinning party. 

Living it up in Cancun. 

A Christmas t'ornial. 


They're All Gonna Laugh at You!... 1-2-3! BEB.. . Denny s... Flog.. .Alio.. .CHINESE FOOD DOWN- 
STAIRS... Three's Co... Sun Duck... I WANT TO BEAN ALCOHOLIC!... Cancun... Sunflower posse... 
Cheesy movie day. I am not recycled.. Porchmonkeys.. 459.. Who brought the cool guy?.. "None of your 
business... infamous beirut board... Chili's... Williams 3... DENY, DENY!... S.O.C.S... Dabee... Dawwy... 
Zamboni... EEE... Penis Candle... Tuesday Wings... Cruisin... D.W.O.N.T.. "Hi, Who's This?". ..Tailgates... 
Broken Table... WHAT-EVER... Zima... "Hey Rob Gould"... The HO... Christine, Don't Flush It!... Spacy 
Stacie... PHISH, D.M.B... Cups... Broccoli Hedd... China Rider... "No Soup for You!"... Fleischer drives 
down the stairs... "Did I do That?"... nice, nice... Move It Move It... B-day... Pinata... The Good Shower... "I 
did 21 Shots!" JOCKO... Bell Bottoms... FB... The Good Bagel Store... No Pants... BG... Moon Boot... 
Rubberbandhead... "The Machine"... Phone Pranks... "What does the Noseboy Want?"... Media... Jelloshots. 
151... Fro-yo Cruises to SAM. ..Fire!... Sunday movie day... Jonesin... "NO Love Seed for You!"... I LOVE 


4-52 Carl-ton 

Mat^t K^cGoey, 
Chad Gardner, 

Mike Greeley 
Good Luck -to 
•the c\si&e> of 

4-54- Carl-ton 

Jaines Byrnes, Jason Conwell, John Conwell, Jason 
Guest, Shawn Justice, John Kadubec, Jason 
Kan-tola, Bill Simmler 

Liuing nmoi 

559 Carl-ton 




XC camp. Mice, squirrels and rats! Whose dishes are these? 
T.J. when are you going to empty your trash? Michelle loves 
running! ! Queen Ellen rules. Ben do you have a lot of work? 
Roof leaks. Charlie, your ceiling just fell. We love the hill. 
Lafayette Sucks! Morning Practices. Ben, did you check the 
oil?.. Are you sure we're not out? Late nights at The Brown and 
White. James Bond movies. Heather, who's your idol? Chili's. 
Whose turn to call Greenleaf? T.J. did you put on some weight'' 
Pizza Hut Buffet. Ellen broke another record. Charlie's jokes! 
Want to come down for some lunch meat and coffee? Car 
accidents, call 911! Domino's. Hi Ellen, how are you? 
AWESOME!! That's so stupid!! 



513 Filmore Stree-t 


X / 

215 East Fifth 

?'Ang, Kristin, Alex, Mei, Oeni&e and Vieki 

hat the. wrong with you? 
30 Baby...Yes, Yes, Yes! 
ei, do you want to play secret card? 
ho is the big breasted blond? 

If it annoys you, throw it out! 

The walls are paper thin you know. 

I have an appointment with the p... inspector. 

Oh its broken, call Rich. 

Alex's dad is looking pretty buff. 

Uh, I don't think I have my wallet on me. 

Anyone want a raisin? 

A.D., K.R., A.S., N.W., D.I., V.M. 

It's been a great year, 


Liuing OOlgl 

210 Eas-t Fifth 

Darlane, Aria, Jessica R., Jessica E., Kristen 


21S Eae-t Fifth 

Beth Lowell, Nora Down, Marybeth Koines, Kerri Schoene, Katie Kullman & Mekin 

y day is a sloth day. Quiet down snaggles, mixer with Pi Nu. post office parties. B and B, Who's not here?. Graffiti wall. Did you shave the cat 

'?. "the neighbors"", ugly. fat. hairy stripper. Robyn"s destiny - Solid Gold Dancer, pulled pork, who does Nora talk to everyday?, 

ib Exotic, Rock Star Johnny Bravo, Kerri"s dance partner - the vacuum cleaner, Who"s in Rah-Rah phase tonight?, MELVIN! ! ! Liuing llRli*! 

219 Eas-t Fifth 

Saitn, Br, Ke & Yuk 


These are the times to remember... Trembley 48 & 7, "You Shook Me All Night Long," Sammi's 
freshman hang-overs, Getting Puked on, Erin the "OGG," Six Pack, Terry, Computer Stalker, Prince, Ma- 
donna look-a-like. The Veranda, "Hordeuvers," Keira's timeliness, Rite AID trips, Yuka- "Wawas," "The 
Jo(h)ns," hot dogs, Keira's dining habits, smashed glass-pizza-fruit in the kitchen, Erin's mighty mood swings, 
MD20/20, Gerald- "What's goin' on up there," "Can't go wrong at Christmas," "Are you 18?," "Oh — 
mornings," "Can I just tell you," Hair dye, "Ca-daver," stairmaster, "Days," Thursday nights. The Ant 
Invasion, Erin's "Family Matters" obbsession, Atlantic City, Corona w/ a lime, "Runaway Train," psycho 
outbreaks, Jack Creeks, Sam and Yuka's calc. class, frosh hermits, tap dancing upstairs, the butt dance, 
swamp water, stolen CD's from Delts, false alarms, "yeah, right," peach-fuzz hairband, crackbaby, vacummed 
hair, butts, Taekwando, "Saturday Night," M&M 210-freshman flood.. .More Memories To Come!!! 

223 Eae-t Fifth 



THE CRACKHOUSE, UBB'S, Death is not an option, Porch 
people, Empire Records, hematomas tumors, Alternate prayers to 
the porcelain god, Steph's pinning party, Socrates.. .Beaks. ..Sammy, 
chin blisters, "Rockstar," "Whatever," "I don't care," Shockers, 
Walploian crew, "Your mother is a hampster and your father smells 
of elder berries," "Swoosh," stuffed and cuffed, hallucination party. 
Brad in his daisy dukes, Parent's shotgunning contest, The PEGS, 
Matching undies, stealing composites, practical jokes, putting ideas 
in each others heads, morning after stories, P, smoking cigars, "Liar, 
Liar, Pants," Lynched teddy bears. Bagel Company, tailgates, Thurs- 
day night line-up, "Mabry-you're not J.H., "Rocket Ass," "Do they 
drink?" A.D., G-love, Snake Roberts, Wanna have a butt. ..can I 
bum a butt, Latenight Catch phrase, Leigh's run in with the 
vacuum, Kate the exhibitionist, rugburns, Embryo, "Can I borrow 
your Cyndi Lauper tape?" Mac-n-cheese, Wasted lazy days, Mabry 
the couch potato, fridge pictures, lOam-let's get a case, prank phone 
calls to QC, Deny, Deny, Deny, Shan's meditation sessions, broken 
glass on the sidewalk, THE MESSAGE BOARD, late night trough 
sessions, "I wouldn't kick him out of my bed," Baldy, those aren't my 
dishes in the sink, Formals, falling down stairs. Getting Trinkled on, 
30 Pacs, Sugar High, Nagy's missing bikinis and the sheep. Pain In 
The Ass, grass skirts, double digits, "It's all about visibility" 

Blappy Lives!!!!!! 



W <9 






LJuing mSi 

229 Eas-t Fifth 

Always Remember.. .Moving in 

- street party.. .Spring Valley Inn 
enough said.. .Post Tailgate part\ 

- never-ending keg... 
Armadillos... Sterling or Ho.'- 
Sterling...Denny"s late night 
...Natahe LVl aiiport 4a. m. - 
Hov\ was the flight?.. .Casey 1/2 
dog. 1/2 human... Vespers... 
AOPi's designated party house... 
229 Sunrise tails... Jay's tracks 
van-busted window... Lopa's 
LSAT celebration... Great 
Adventure, Nat & Jay - how do 
we get back to LU?... Lopa's 
21st (see video)... The FirnVThe 
Step.. .Leon's (Rainbow girls 
and RuPauD... Lehigh 
Lafayette... Chuck E. Cheese... 
Cami\al - Spring Break '97 
(table)... Jamaica - visibility... 
Chores-What chores?... 
Yesterday or two weeks ago? 

EUie. Lopa. Katy 
Weekend '96 


Dinner at Chuck E. Cheese 

Ellie Kling 

Kunibaya... Bottled air... Car 
sL-at... Piclionary... Where in the 
world is Natalie Lundy?... 
Bonnie & Clyde... Phone bill... 
Natalie we hear you!... Sticky 
Sweet - rings on the sink... 
fiicndiy's - grilled'.' cheese... 
Piunpkin patch/pumpkin fight/ 
{)li\e Garden... King of Prussia 
U2 concert... Jack Creek - 
Saturday tradition... Ellie's DA 
shots... Life changing skirmish 
Foot in mouth... Jay (Dad?)... 
Katy & Ellie's 3rd floor 
apartment... Wanna-be 
Supremes... Nat's infamous 
frozen drinks... Katy's birthda\ 
n started out well!... 1st seniesi 
practical jokes... Katy's hat 
dance.. Jay our 2nd semester 
boarder... Lopa & Katy's class 
lebiel, Katy Spencer, Natalie Lundy, Lopa Fa-te\ the Ho - Nat DD... Final month 

at Lehish. ..':'■:'■:' Our futures'^'':'':' 

fl^ W '^i 

^^<-'r A 

The Good old days! 

Back to Lehigh - Aug. '96 

Our ow n politii 

Tailgates '96 - What a trip! 
HanL'inL' out on the porch of 229. 

Nat & Katv 229 Sunrise Tails 

Katy on Spring 
Break '97 

just han'jiu' in there. 


The Muppet Twins 

Lopa & Katy at 
Fells Point. '94 

Ellie on Spring 
Break cruise '97 

Katy & Ellie at 
Fall Tailiiales '96 

Just the 4 of us. 

313 & 315 East Fifth 

Maureen O'Keefe, Tara Murphy, Michelle Manos, Mara Conzo, Sharon Hayden, Cheryl Dede, 
Heather Hohmann, Laura Davis, Carolyn Bgan, Kristine Thorndike, Lisa D\Dar\o, Jessica Young 

To smile at the memories of our college days, 

We all have changed together in a plethora of ways. 
College days will live forever engraved within our hearts. 

We cling onto our friendships as a new life is to start. 
Our someday now has met us as graduation winks good-bye, 

The journey now continues as our goals will meet the sky. 
As we now reach new horizons never before been seen. 

Experience of life have turned to memories that gleam. 
Throughout the maturation of our bonding times. 

We learned to change the "I" to "We" forever in our minds. 
We met freshman year wishing to belong. 

To a group to call our own, friendships to grow strong. 
The blossoms of our friendships will bloom throughout our lives. 

Even in the years to come the petals will survive. 
What we must remember, though, as way will lead to way. 

The gift of friends lies in the root of every shining day. 
We gave light to each one's darkness and found love within our hearts, 

No mountain, sea, nor ocean could ever tear the love we share apart. 
No longer strangers to ourselves, we embark upon our path, 

Remember every story, tear, and smile that has made us laugh. 
To find warmth and strength through the memories of our college days. 

We have all changed together, blossoming in a plethora of ways. 

Liuing nOlEl 

519, 521 & 


A friend is a person you 
can trust, who will not 
turn away from you. 

A friend will be there 
when you need someone, 
and will come to you 
when they need help. 

A friend will listen to you 
even when they do not 
understand or agree with 
your feelings. 

• Jamie • Sara • Alison • Sloane • Corie • Beth • 


523 E. Fifth St. 

A friend will never try to 
change you, but will 
appreciate you for who 
you are. 

A friend is someone you 
can share your dreams, 
hopes and feelings with. 

A friend always remembers 
the little things you've done, 
the times you've shared, 
and the talks you've had. 

A friend is one of life 's 
most beautiful gifts! 







y ,;'^ 

> % 


Jenn • Heather • Angela • Taryn • Anna • Alex 

LJuing noil 





"^ i^l 

4.* * 

<■</<■ _.^ 



-' - 


^ 1 






"Thank You, For A Real 
Good Time!" 







314- Eas-t Fifth S-treet 

Sharon Haag, S-tephanie \&aace>, Alyesa Small and Niclole VaWe-tt-i 

e West Fourt-h, A-7& & 

4-92 Birkel 

Tim McAnulty, Seimannt^hei Hurrt, ^co-t-t Gordon, 

Krista Wianiewskl, 

Liuing nasi 

& Was-t Fourth, Apt. A 

Ca-therine <3ray, Panielle Carp'ino, Anne Weiderholz 

//W^ Couldn't Laugh, We Would All Go Insane!'' -jimmy Buffi 

Hey, it's my Friday night girl. ..There's no 
need.. .No shirt Burt!...Urgh, what time is if.'... 
Hey Danielle, as long as you're up. ..No Kon 
Tiki. ..Spring Break '97. It's raining men... 
BULLSH*@...Cat, is that parking ticket on your 
car?. ..She's on amphetamines!. ..Bake any 
brownies lately?. ..1 hate that sound!. ..Oh my 
God!... Bee Gees forever!... Hey Anne -There's 
a dance contest! 

"There's just too much to see waiting 
in front of me and I know that I just 
can't go wrong!" .ji^my Buffet 

54-7 Hilleide 

Jen Pally, Heather Foster, Mariela Obregon, 
Megann Polaha & Amy Sobotkin 

We're not bitches, we're seniors... House Party 5?. ..Thursday nights. ..Inquisition 
Chair...AXO... Potential roommates.. .You know you know him. ..You're going to make 
some guy very happy someday... Who's taking us grocery shopping?... the hole in the 
bathroom. ..dinner with wine.. .the ever-reliable Odie...Mariela's couch. ..Let's play the 
"What-if" game.. .Where has the time gone? More importantly, where is the time 
going? No need to say good-bye yet. 

Love, the Poverty House 

54-1 Hillside 

Melissa Conti, Monica Devine, Kim Haas, Amy Lederer, Susan Mahoney 

iotel Hillside; Stevie Jr. and the sticky floor test; barbecues; Melis falling in the pool; Amy falling on the dance floor; B.L.O.C.H.; 
nian; the statue; Halloween; Susie's closet; the ninja; Sure, you can sleep on the couch; Cool It Now; Down by the Old Mill Stream; The 
= That I Want; Soap on a rope; Tootsie Roll; stapler; Yoo-Boo; Eddie and Herman Munster; Tommy 3-flngers; Rogaine; G-rated; OK, 
V get out!; You can do anything you want, but I'm not reciprocating!; Circle of Friends; I'm a good girl; nine months and counting- 
V; Fine, then I'm going home; I don't get it; thongs; I won!; daiquiries in the freezer; twinkletoes; Amy's assprint on the couch; the 
riing Star; Beirut Tournaments; Amy the Wolf; popsicle people; procrastination; dinner parties; meaty; I rahn; telephone voices; ee-ee- 
staring; rotating roommates; Monica's bed problems; Great Adventure bets; sense of direction; optional days; torches; Purple Jesus; 
dies & wine; library slut; Pilsbury; Amy's dreams; West Virginia; foa-seven-foa-oh-eight-oh foa; Lick It; New York & Philly trips; 
esesteaks; cheesecake; HAZMAT; deer in the headlights; Kim & Monica-the best orientation leaders ever; small bedroom fires; Rusted 
)t; Fl; we're just watching TV; Monica's spelling; onstage performances; he hit his head on the couch; Thompson; Maaastro; e-mail 
lances; I brought them flowers, so they owe us a keg; the adult bookstore; Taco Bell; TCBY; China Buffet; Confetti Cafe; morning-after 
akfasts; lights off in the shower; All of a sudden, I looked down and it was in my hand and I don't know how it got there!; Just here fori 
pudding, boys?; 2%; popcorn; Monica getting kidnapped by TRACS; party bag; for external use only; lemon chicken; growing out nail 
ish; the hit list; English man; Detective Bob; just add water; Jenga; back room of 48 hours; No Fear; flrst night in Cancun; wet T-shirt 
test; Boston; evolution; Elmo; pouches; bananas; 42 minutes; monigasm; chicken fingers; Baby, you're racked!; Susie's a B, Melissa's a 
vhen the parents are away, the children will play; scavenger hunts; Chug-It; He asked me to!; Meryl Streep and Helen Hunt; Pack your 
s and wait out on the driveway!; Bye-Bye; Amy's sexy feet; the Monica Dance; "I know what I want and I want it now; Is there sup- 
ed to be someone on your couch?; running over the keg; Suzie, where's your hammer?; I'm gonna make...; Trudy; Ooh, what do we 
e here?; Chips; butt plug; Lady in Red; bust a nut; caall mee; Monica's Olive Garden boyfriend; Monica's rock; exploding peeps; 22 

55a Hillside 

Missy, Margaret, Michelle and Heather 

Dick's Chicks, "You are the WEENIE." "1 aim to please," 
"Hot tonight, cute tomorrow," "I go to Lehigh." "What can 
you do. you are powerless?" "You can't hang w/the BIG 
LEAGUES." "Hi Rick, this is Kurt." I'm going to get Marge." 
Who does this look like'.'" "Quiero lu cuerpo." "Time out, yo, 
yo, yo, outta here," "I'm not naked. I'm in the band." "So-co, 
no. no. I'll cover you." under the lights at Lambda Chi. 
stealing backboards, near fatal sledding accident, bungee 
jumping off the loft. AM/BF at ML- 1st weekend, All- 
Americans. lounges, bowling shoes, Halloween '94, climbing 
in windows, condoms galore, H2S04-the Lehfayette People, 
Fri. after spring break-Tim's hats, Westpoint-discovery of 
Bodyman. green stall, puking at Friendly's. green peas, 
lobster intimidation, the tall guy, the short guy, the guys we 
hooked up with and the other guy, wrestling on A2, making 
bets, disorderly house, rugby. The Fab 4. ties that bind-fabs 
1&3. Ace-antisocial, pick-up sticks. Carlito's Way. New 
Year's Resolutions. Lombardy's 12th b-day (Applebees). 
Moira on tape. TRADITION, bullmoose. the log. free hoagie 
from WaWa. creamy PB, shotgunning. Koosa could Kill BBB, 
Jeopardy, energy circle, low rider, popcorn prank, Missy after 
cocktails, denied, HMD, Drunk brownies, beating DU, We 
didn't start the tire, MT's H20 world, Villanova boys, Mardi 
Gras, tube socks, the feel good tape, the bowls. ..and always 
remember, "We were here and so were you!" 

54-9 Hillside 

Carey Williams, Nervin Lawendy, 

Libby Keller, 
Carly Forghain 

The Phantoms, POTS, borrowing fleeces, it's all about free drinks 
and having fun. The Fun Ship. Texaco Frozen Yogurt. What would 
you do for a Klondike Bar, Late night WaWa, Missouri boys. Big 
boxes of Cereal and ****. the guest room. The case of the missing 
Apple .lacks and milk, frozen food, the spice rack, peanut butter, 
fingerpaints. Emeril. dinner & movie. The Simpsons, everything is 
slow, settle down girls. Ken's messages, orange skittles. LeSeur 
peas, the Thursday line up. other people's mail, pretzels and ranch 
dip. Red Lobster, The Lido deck, parking tickets, toilet paper, 
squeaky toys. The Wall Street .lournal, our favorite appliance-the 
microwave. Firemen. Old Bethlehem walks. Little Mermaid, food 
fmht. big ******frosty drinks, the countdown! 


55A- Hillside 














G - MAN 











































- u-nt r _ Fr,-M 

Liuing fliia 

4-39 Morrtclair 

Heather Ciuryla, Dawn Fuchs, Lindsay Wood, 
Beth Keiper, Tina Pioppi, Rona Faust 

Always remember Point, Repeat. PT making rounds. I never, public 

drunkeness. Beth and iier Absolut. "You never called me!" smelly feet, the Bulls, 
braids. Heather hiccupping at dinner, Rona and Mr. K, Hot Rod. Monty & 
Claire. pets, midnight runs to Food Lane - raspbeiry danish twist, "Is 
anyone awake in there". .."Goodnight Tina!" You keep on knocking but you 
can't come in. Heather's KA poison ivy. hairy balls. Rona's friend Dickie, 
Heather's b-day gift, grape Crush, sharing a bartender, the GK club. New Year's 
at Doug's and NYC, skidz, "How long since you've gone Keiper?" 7-11- 
doubles, 15. drinking Jenga. caps. Hottie. Triple B. "Heather, you can't swim 
there" "Houston we have a problem." jumping wire fences, Dawn's yellow 
tieece boy - "you've lost that loving feeling," "But he was cute," freshman 
welcoming committee. The Futon, green bananas. South Padre Island-'97, 
roadtrip to Head of the Charles, white zin, 21st b-days and blowjob shots, our 
clean house-bats, mice, squirrels, "Tomorrow back to being friends," getting 
flowers. ..almost, going to the Ho - every night. Friendly's on 2/14, Danville 
boys. Psycho, Heather and Dawn walking to J.P.'s, Beth on crutches, "Just leave 
Dawn on this car," the crawl. Tommy from Rutgers, passed out on the 
toilet.. ."put on your robe," Boones-Snow Creek Berry, Dawn after rugby parties 
"Dawn, your leg is bleeding and all of crew is here," wet VCR's - bad dog, Nic 
fits, Beth and her Wonderbra, "pick till you're sick," Spicegirls, My darling 
Nikki, backrubs, "Beth, phone.'s a boy!" "Where's our couch?" confessions 
the morning after, Lindsay says:"MB, I could have given you a ride" whisper "I 
want to f@#* him," maintain and sustain, Beth says... "To get out of a DUI I'd 
put anything in my mouth," Leighving. "Heather, no, you can't kiss Beth." 
sneaking him out the back door, conserve water.. shower with him, "How did 
SHE get him?" stealing green porch furniture, the dirty bed, Tina getting 
acclimated to 3 14 W. Packer Ave., booty calls for others, pimp and prostitute 
party, "Heather you have no concept of the game", Beth and her 15 layers of 
clothing to keep warm in the house. And as we move on in life, may we never 
forget... Sleepy, Pisser, Roid. Whore, Nic. and Gastro. 


109A East Morton & 
31S East Fifth 

Keri Leo 

Pawn Lo'ti'to 

Ky ra 3chur 

Jenny Tzeses 
Libby Keller 

Christina Lotito 
Jen Fernicola 

Sherri linstock 
Michelle Katz 

K ira Roitburg 

Amy S-tracensky 

Marni Schwartz 

"You have nice BIG eyebrow", Spring Break sale, "How much for an order of ribs?", Sherman is having 
relations. Dawn has been "Cancuned", C's Shower "Fresh" Feeling, Mich caught on tape, Keri's infamous bed 
buddy- Will we ever know?, Sherri's bus surprise, Jenny's taxi trip after blind date, ditched dates, penal implants, 
abrev's, menage-twin?!?, New Year's in NYC, Marni & Jenny's double team, blue jelly beans, Doug's bust-in, 
watching stars on the roof. Dawn's fall from the bunk, sing along with Dave, Amy.. .Chris's late night savior, 
screams from the downstairs vent, the bug fryer Chicago, the "Gust", crossovers, the beads, Mich's Mariah Carey, 
sailing, under the sheets, cookie fund raiser (hell), cutting wind, adopting Libby, sleepovers, the cheerleader, D's 
wall marks, C's wine thefts then taxi from the formal, Chris, Lib, Jod, Man favorite veggies," Ho," Dinner & Wine 

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. 
Some stay for a while y leave footprints on our hearts ^ 
and we are never, ever the same^^ 

"Rudyard Kipling 

Sunday morning kitchen chats, "Did ya hook?", fat asses, from curly to straight, reformed cheese, D-C-F 
sHp-n-shde, ticks, D/C-"they re watching us!", Chris never in bed alone, Greece practice-5 o' clock sharp, in a 
word- it "sucked", Katz's imitations, the Born Again Club, oh. ..where the twins video has been!, Libby-the 
obsessive running hyporchondriac, BITCH, "oh, Richie", Rock on Pedro, cruise hook-ups, Keri's 1st experi- 
ence hugging the bowl, Playgid & Buzz, "Is Hav's knee bugging?", D&F speed walk fall, Michelle egged in the 
shower, hooking up with little boys, Dawn's hearing aid boy, Italians & Jews. ..aren't we all the same?, pizza 
bagels, correctol, The Lotito Salon, Ricki Lake, dewey, "Days", C's "Only two-I swear". Scrabble, Schwartz- is 
9 enough?, blind dates & formals, SHOOP, "he's fondling me!", who's that Spartan?, Hey Amy. .what hap- 
pened to the dress?, "do ya wanna do some ticks?", the Navaho blanket walk. 


^iAl. k^ '^^m.. j^ ^.'rX -lEL. 

W^ Ia 



^ L 


The Ho-fc S-tepper 

Flying Lotito Twins 




La -tits 







32S & 330 East Morton St. 

Sharon ^ucko 
Joy Cooper 
Louri Kjar 
t\Aegan Saunders 
Ardi© Semptimphelter 
Sarah Stewart 

Laura 3eine 
Megan Pubbs 
Adrienne GaWo 
Lisa Netcher 
Joeeica Ottinger 
Pana Russo 

''Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to 
explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if 
you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you 
really haven't learned anything." -Stacy Buckeii 


Liuing HHia 

337 South New Street 

APT. 301 

Jodi 8c Mandana 

It's 4:25, you're late!. ..Grain Train. ..Wake & Bake. ..Wipe it. Wipe it... I bit who's what?. ..Beirut at Pike. ..road trips. ..Hooding 
KE...nitrus parties. ..piano recitals. ..But Eric, these indians with painted faces.. .Justine. .taking the plunge.. .trips to Philly... Leon's. ..the 
annex.. .Our crushes. ..Just charge it to the FMA...Umm, I failed the drug test...Phish tour... CRASH. ..HBO/Cinemax/Game Show 
Network. .?If it's Ben, I'm not here. ..When is Matthew coming?. ..Meesh, come visit and bring us something to eat. ..Blah, Blah, Blah 
...Midnight runs to AXO... Vegas. ..matching shoes. ..It's a tatoc.Bro, you're my best friend. ..To everyone at the Tilly Ho, Drink Up... 
nniri "^^ '^^'- friends who make us sad to leave. We'll Miss You. Strange Days Have Found Us. What now? 

337 South New Street 

Apt. 302 


50*5 teenybop5.„doe5 anyone listen to 
>ur radio 5how?!?..,"/S/o we oan*t play 
he pet shop boys!" Halloween 
:.o5tume5 ...definitely 80's...90210 and 
»1elro5e...Malibu Shores, Sunset 
Jeach...FUPf>Eft! Price is Right S, The 
•amily Feud...GL vs.GH... 
Juzz vs.5onny..Saved by the Bell on 
he phone...we don*t watch too much 
v! Figure 5kating..parties with 
)iscuits.„Elvis vs.Philippe-the 
howdown.. .the show in f^G-the 
ifa/T>ous swan dance...the Sergei 
y/aWl Edberg vs. Aga55i..jieed I say 
rioro.? Cocktails ...cloves... 
I'm glad I weigh 95 lbs because if I 
\/eighed 9U lbs I would fall into the 

Bruce and the Galapagos 
Islands ..Jawb and the shoulder 
shrugs ...Terry and the dirty underwear 
pile with the comatose roommate... 
studmuffin..5o many choicQ5...5o little 
time! Psycho roommates ...we were 
such good spies! Seriouscontroversial 
debates, mall trips on the bus, walks 
across the bridge, I M sports, EMAIL! 
Trish's fane lub in h&r honor...too 
bad we ate beforehand! Patty does 
wonders ...Always is the best brand... 
I 'm getting it,i have it, it's over ...a 
never ending cycle! FOODCour 
favorite s ubj ect) ...omelettes ..hb q 
chicken at Rathb one. 
shopping...our good intentions! 
Istanbul was Constantinople ..what a 
great place to live...GOOD CHOICE 

4^^3 South New 

Megan Gillette, Jennifer Johnson, Megan Siemsen, Andria Czerny 

"If I held a star for everytime you made me smile, 
Fd hold the Universe in the palm of my hand." 

Cunrctli Cafe employee of the week... Oprah. Ro 
Jeopard\... Jouble .1... You know it's bad when yoi 
look to a wall for comfort... Li.sten to Iman. 
Tequilla. Tequilla... Hearts? Spades?... 
@#*!&... where are all my socks?... No _ for you 
Come on... ghost sightings... 91 1 calls - eggs line 
ups & cops... Pat Benatar before tailgates... Hine] 
wish it were mmey. butt. bull. butt. bull... 1 might 
out but I'm not drinking a lot... I'm quitting... wh 
study... Siemsen or Gillette ^.. Parking Ser\icesa 
BPA sucks... WaWa... AOPi... Claudia... Sluving 
Shwong Shwang and David Goldfield... Psychos 
Ring ring is anyone here? I'm not home... Did yc 
know it takes one nail file to light an entire pack 
matches?... Grocery shopping at AOPi... Valentin 
cocktails... The Love Nook... 2 months of ballooi 
on the ceiling... hand in the mail slot... coming 
home to surprises on the couch... broken chairs... 
Two Moon Junction... Empire Records... 
WALMART!... Monday morning you sure look 
fine... Ooo Vitamen cabinets... stinky cabinets, 
stinky kitchen... dirty apartment... has anyone se( 
my... errand boys... 1 lost it at the party... 100.7... 
ozers... Who'd give me a job 

225 Summi-t 

Kristin Ambrosio, Beth GiedUnski, Megan Perry 
Virginia Repetto, Matt Sneddon, Amy Wynne 


511 East Packer 

Casey Bahrenburg, Jen Callahan, Cristen Furtaw, Carrie Hubbell, 
Sarah Kennedy, Alexis Ohls and Eve Rubel 

SHE. Packer.. ."227",,,Too[ Toot Seven.. .Home of the "Sick Twisted Midgeis",,. Home of the Gauze balls..-The Mone>' Pit,, WantedrMati Calder."Rot in Heir'.-Bedilehem 
Police Dept's, "Home Away From Home"...Rocco's Love Nesi...Home of die Zeia Psi Spring Fest Banner. .It all staned with:"Alngh[, what you're gonna do is wrap it in a non- 
materiaJ [ike a. like a gua2e"...8th rommate=WlLSH=Snow White and die seven gauze balk..FQnaw's 22nd Stripper Party(what a body).. .10 a.m. a"hole parties pre-E'gates...Carl 

. .SHTEIN... Blair,,, Dun.. .Furchow... RICHARD and Rochie..."our baby GOOSE" and I'm Wasted Song.. .Sunday night midnight crawlers m sick outfits from Cai,., 
(loliath & Saxon,,. Alpha SigfiU-in "pledge masters". -Lafayene Boys (CARL!). Gauwze Smiles and the Richmond Boys,. .Mart)' Mink-Bowls.. .'TaraV on die phone... 

Wait, is that the same boy I kissed on my birthday?".. ."Key West has changed my life!"... Iowa State,. .gold chain=2 points,, ,Wawa at 2 a.m, ..-"There's this new bar called die 

Tally HO"..."rm sorry but I'm calling 911",. ."Who is that hot chick from Holland",. .Monday night parties.-. "cheese debghts"... Shaving cream fight with Dunny.-Bewaieof the 
dawg+che owners!.. .100 steps from Leon's.. .the first night of school (candle dancing), ,.bake-ofrs...champagne & wine parties at 2 a.m., -Karen (the cleaning lady) and her dentures 
love KG., soy ton sexy,, -"he did the JBold"...rikki-rikkj-ton, .."jack off and eat it".., egging Ausnns,..the grafetded walls of 227.,, Bloody freakin' Mary's,. .Hill Runs, blasung Enigma 
Chippie & Jim Ward.., Poetry Boy. .Huckleberry's.. -Mad dialing Gorney.,."9Z. not freakin' ninteen!!!".,.The uni-bomber is outside my window.-l could eat about 40.000 tons of 
hot dog meat. ..smokin w/Al-Breaklast in Bed (JVN)-.,from t' gates to spring valley to the ho 4 dinner. .Gary & Sakson (our boyfriends)."P".parkingtix adorning the BEAST... 
PIKES are our new boyfriends... OUR TWO HEROE5: Beth and "Freakin Jack Lule"...Duncbowls...JWross...!'appas... "bullet bot"... "tonight we'll be lovers, tomorrow we'll go 
back to being friends". ..Bockic.Hans... the haunted basement, ..the first floor bathioom(is there one?).. ."we like to drop things for added drama"... "killing me softly with his gauze" 

Kennedy has Phi Delt in her blood, ..bee hive wigs, rasta wig. Howard Stern wig and of course. Joe)''s wig.. .Have you fed the fi^akin' dawg,..Ken-dog..four sick twiste fish 
(48 hours later, there were only three), and a small package from JWross-.,Jimiraquaj,-"I saw your boyfriend; which one?"., -The Spice Girls..."l love you always forever".,. 
Rathbone man at our party.. ."2 words: LICK OFF".,, getting rear in Manhatten and Hoboken... Jimmy P. . ohls" msayin... Chippie's dye job...V-cards and their keepers=ADAMS... 
Stalker Bill (and Chewbacca).. Alexis and the three musketeers, "all they do is kiss me!!!" Is this a trend??., .Furtaw+Pane Vino breath... Kennedys dinners... "your house is pretty 
dirty for a bunch of girls"..,Gep-bowls...Ho-Daddy+R. Dean="underwear is everywhere" exhibit...SEI(yay or bay?)., .The Tally HO cook=coat clepto...UMass boy.-.Cuppie- 

together we make the perfca woman!". ..Callahan from Phi Delt to 51 1 via skateboard. ..Spanish Mike loves hummas., .gamma phi food nins...Bay Head..Avalon..."l want you to 
put your poop in a bag and I'll be by in fifteen minutes to pick it up".. .CORN! CORN! CORN! via giblet parcels,,. Benzak... The Junger... "I smell gas in the kitchen",.. 
Maholeace." Kennedy, do you have a first name?",,,"howdidyou get Chippie?"Lehigh/Laiayene weekend '96,,,Part)'of 5...Furtaw. who's your bo)'friend. today?.. .Pulp Fiction,,, 
Lehigh lax hai=Carl...D. Moore (Coming To Amenca)...5I I needs utility S,..Lex...CH. AO. CF + JC; Spring '96, ftin abroad!... China.. .Pr^ue..J\TO drive-bys-JWalter, die rock 
of Gibraltar.. .digits... "there is a wheat colored rodent on our wall".. .Sunday morning=straight to "the Bage"... Market Street.-.the freakin' Samples are coming.. .Marketing 313... 
Cohen. .-"that's wicked coor'...''BCP's@5 p.m.(don't forget!) I'm feeling sick"., ."that's a huge problem".,."! kind of can't handle that".. ."I'm not talking to you".. ."Are you freakin' 

kidding me"-.. Eve. how many?.. ."I'm so freakin' tired.,, "CASUALLY".., "sick twisted midget, bastard, and/or individuals"..."! did not just wimess thai"..."Rocco called and 
he said.. -"...our kitchen floor(always so clean!). .."It smells down here!"— home improvement.. .."we think that we are so fijnny and everyone else hates us" stealth TP mission... 
"I'm hungry"...Goya beans.. .holes in the wall.. ."we are going to be evicted". ..Dave "the rave" Matthews,, .Dingleberries... "go for the gau2e"...Gua2illa...chambord sours... 
Tyrone Laces.. .Gigamoga Jim.., Le Relais.-.WaIl of shame-. Phantom of the Ohlspra... Dumbo... Mr. B.,,No more swimming=23 days in a row!..A. Ohls + A,, Otto 
(whatever happened?).. Alexander Carrington Batcha-Born Again Funaw-PJ party at the HO.,,TOUGH.,,streaking in the library- Callahan banned from Wawa,,. 
Chippie, "the Phi Kap Mad Bomber",.. Furtaw +Loadie,.. banned from Fiji b/c of the "worm"-.noTP (ever)..."l HATE LIS"...Ohlstein. Cascfield. Fartchow, Carl, EJ. Callafraz, and 
K-Balls. aahhh, the memories.,, however. It's time to stop talking about all of the memoried; let's go out and make some more! 

503 Polk SX^reet. 

And The Theta Xi Class of 1997 

Avi Horev, Matt Donnelly, Grady O'Shaughnessy, Mark Keller, Dominick Souza 
Brian Crawford, James Condela, Jim Glogoza, Justin Psaki, Todd Fletcher, Dave 
Nay or, Brian Flood 

DONNELLY: Nancy, Spud Face, Riding the Bench, Mentally Weak, Milk Mans Kid; O'SHAUGHNESSY: Big i 
Forever, Big Panties, High School Hero College Zero, Bum; KELLER: Sulfur Boy, "Grab Asser", Wibby, Brick Ba 
Napoleon, Candy, Bratworst; SOUZA: 1 /2 Tony, Ponch, Total Stats: 2 and 3, DT, AXQ, Ladies, Straps; 
CRAWFORD: Sir, Fish, Wide Load, Naked with Sameer, Boopers, Crisco; CONDELLA: Silverman, Lurp, Pencil; 
from Behind, Big Balls, Tucan, Sweet Baby Jay; GLOGOZA: Hot Pockets, Down and Away, Mary, Infectious, He 
Ball, AO Skid Marks; PSAKI: Optional, Inflated, Fudge, Milky Pants, Lorino Envy, Fat Boy; HOREV: Cut Throat 
Hebrew Hammer, Knuckle Deep; FLETCHER: Oil Can, Check Off, Big Head, Huge Butt, Soils his Pants; FLOOI 
Marnie, Works, Ack/Ack, Wine+Virginia Slims+AXQ=Dinner Party, Dom!!; NAYOR: Tisha, Owens, Identical 
Colby, Bone Straight, Milky Pants; SMOKEDOG: The Attic, Let's Get Weird, I'm Annihilated. 


512 Taylor 

Erin Wade, Kiersten Dorneman, Scott Wallerstein and Michelle Hagenbach 

514- Taylor 

333 Vine St 

4-19 Webster 

Libby Swanke, Regan Shields, 
Keliy Benham, Christina Langone, 
Lesley Schopp, Page Keith, and 
Sarah Nevin 

"If I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time." 

A-A-^ Webster 

Dean Schulhof, Jay Hohenberger, Vince Geppi and Jon Hum 

Zetes OC- I don't think so; Party at 441 -Maybe some other time; Rose and Lee-Have a warm glass of shut the hell up 

Sorry Gold-One final Tau Kappa Phi; Knock, Knock-Who's there, Jodi, Jodi who; Sketch Beck-Stop breaking into ou 

house; Which is worse-Living in Zetes or a summer in Brussels; Crash, Thanks for the damages; Ocafur called; Dean, 

are naked, Lm leaving; Alpha Phi:Let's be friends forever; Hodaddy:Silverman called again; Zetes formal 1997: Best tii 

Did you get a date yet?; Losers Club president; Hold out till Friday; Pines: Hebrew for free social; Poritsky: Australian 

we have all your food; Kuch: Give us our remotes back; The red Raper, Jew Canoe and Bittermobile; Ride forever; 

Hodaddy+Geppi+martinis=2 vs. 1; 

Monday night fights vs. the rags; TNT's=good time 

Steve: It's not that J. F. didn't like you: You aren't funny 

Chad: Congrads on graduating and job: Miracles do happen 

Darling: You aren't slow: Jtist mentally challenged 

Kuch: Give us our stuff back 

Sisian: There is no Lattimer or Cookie Monster 

Favreau: It's not that Lane doesn't like you: He isn't gay 

Pines: Best friends with all girls: Never kissed any of them 

Lane: Big rope: But still a Plan B free agent 

Baker: It's not that she didn't want to, you couldn't 

Fab-Five, Pong: Done-Ski; You little F-Bombers 

CP- Stomping Necks; Zetes- Townie Rumble 1995 

Chad- Sweet Iceman 

Zetes needs dates cocktails '97; So you are a beer-boy? 

Hunt: Secret phone calls. ..Nice room. ..The Horse.. .Call Cedar Crest... 

Do you ever sleep at 441?... Where's Hunt? In the Pocket. ..Bender-Boy... 

Dean: Naked trips home from Zetes. ..Dean. W I. Tiger Lover.. .Invite us 

to the wedding.. .Honorary sister at Alpha Chi Omega... 

Geppi : Psycho-Thilla...When are you graduating.. .Lax Stud. ..We won't 

tell J-Rod, CP...P.W. Treats. ..Mary called. ..Lehigh Lax. ..Summer School... 

Hodaddy : Silverman's boyfriend; Who's got the parking permit. ..Darling's damaged 

goods. ..Summer trips to D.C.. ..Naked loft jumps. ..Dean's soiled sheets... 

ZETES: Thanks for all the memories 

ZETES OC AT 441 : Smartest Move We Ever Made 


4-55 Webs-ter 







4f 9L^ 


3he kep-t on datncing, she'd dance -till dawn. 
?he'd d^nce till -the people and the lic^uor were gone... 

-3Iues Traveler 

Marnie Nicole Anne Karen 


221 Van Buren St. 

Randi Fleishman, Emily Busch, Nicole Romano, Irina Galinsky 

Don't worry, don't worry. You're only here for a short visit. So be sure to stop and smell the flowers." -Edward B. Halloway 

Liuing Sagl 

http: //www. 

Greek Candida 

Yet more shoes fall victim to the Hill. 

us what happened next Alyssa! 

Liuing sua 

Rob Davies apparently decided lo eonie down the slide 
instead of the conventional way. 

Commanders from the Kappa Alpha Theta unit. 

"Don't look now. but onr picture is being taken." 


Keri Leo, Jenny Tzeses and Kira 
Roitbura . ■ . What a trio. 

ladies of AOPi, dressed to kill at their formal. 

These guys are "all fired up" to be the latest Beta brothers. 

Liuing aOfil 

Alpha Chi Ome^a 

Theta Chi Chapt^er 

Could You Imagine If... 

CARLY-was a stripper, w/o a paintbrush, gave up frozen yogurt; DAWN-wasn't picky about guys, was a selfish psycho bitch, had 
headlights on; CHRISTlNA-sIept alone, admitted her conquests, dated older & mature men: MICHELLE-got over it, told a new story, ate 
own food, got with Mark Keller; MARIELA-without the "pajamas" &: pearls, on a nude beach, repeated a hook-up; MEGAN-worked at a make 
counter, failed a class; EMILY-was insufficient, immature, could hold her liquor, severed all ties with Bucknell; SHERRI-was on time, didn't r 
food labels, knew where her keys were; FERN-had short dark hair, was a cautious driver on the hill; DA\'IS-was in the mood, was still here; RO 
had patience, flat-chested, spoke only English; JENN\'-didn't ask if she looks bodacious, was understood w/o a dictionary, hated the sun; JESSK 
used hairspray, wasn't at the studio; SCHUR-swallowing her thumbs, ordering a big mac with nothing on the side; JODI-didn't bop her head tc 
imaginary beat, was the first to leave, became a taxi driver; AMY-cared about thin walls, was 510", didn't have to get engaged to have a ste 
boyfriend; LIBBY-was mute, didn't talk about her brothers, remembered her own stories; LISA-used real words to speak, didn't go to the g; 
never said "I wanna get shitty"; SCHWARTZ-"craved" chocolate cake, didn't own a credit card, hooked up with less than 10 guys in a nij 
FOSTER-took a serious photo, being single, came to the Ho; DAILY-spoke like a truck driver, was stuck in the '80s, didn't where platforms; KE 
got poked by a stranger, revealed anything, was sober in Brussels; MANDANA-had a car, saw things the way they really are, got a perm. 

'fl;iSi?^-_ '*=«^,j£Si Ssciti£-*^««BB — mp-BT wtftHi^-^ 

AUtha (CM (Omriui 

'f^Ti .>-l CHir ■ 



iCi'liiyh liiiiiirraitii 




MAftHOWlTI fLlI*Bt'l' St^UliS" 

Liuing BOf] 

Alpha GsiYUYua 


Zeta Beta Chapter 

Wine and water bottles! Candace Lombardi, Amy Lebeda, Sue 
Kaczinski and Melissa Maeloose enjoy Greek Week Lehigh 

Some seniors of Alpha Gam stop to pose at the Crystal Gala 
Formal: Jenny. Kristen. Bridgette. Kerri. MaryBeth. Mac. Amy 
and Sam in their linesl fashion. 

The Fab Five!... breaking into Phi Dek... Greek Week '94: Jenny B., eat that pie!..AGD Karaoke strippers-lst place!. .^ 
cockroach... "less than pleasing" ...Whosyadaddy?... Lehigh/Lafayette '95 dancin on the highway.. .do the hustle.. .cool rider...] 

man Who still owes fines?!. ..Jobyn...ttirning 21 at the Ho...Cancun '96...Rathbone lunches. ..Liz's late night AGD re 

hopping.. .the red, buff and green lady.. .Mac-dressing inside out. ..the sin room!. ..chicken Thursdays at AGD. ..the R 
Beagle.. .Big Red... Rush-kitchen breaks, rootbeer floats, pizza bagels., buff, and green jello shots.. .Where are the ' 
things?-Where are our seniors?: doing phone interviews, missing in Montana, drunk, high, having sex, NOT at the fori 
at RiteAid, transferred, moved, graduated, stealing toilet paper, maximizing their pantry fee, "ROAD TRIP!" 

Congratulations to each other!!!.. .and to the rest of the house: BYE ! WE'LL MISS YOU ALL!!! SEE YOU YOU 
ALUMNI WEEKEND!!.. .all our love, the seniors. 

Liuing 0^1] 

Alpha Orr\\cron PI 

Lambda Upsilon Chapter 

Missing: Hematoma, humping craniums, missing dirty dollar bills, Jamaica '97, Cancun and Texas '95, Myrtle Beach '94, he 
tal visits, Andi's pinning party--NOT!, Wendy-you broke Kate's clavicle, tailgates and beer slides, Greek Week '94 & Lehigh/Lafaye 
parking spaces, AOPi-Theta Chi Hallucination Party, shocker, NYC trips, '40s out of brown paper bags, "Goldilocks," keg stand 
litde indians, Spring 'Valley, Jen Spalding Johnson, formals, Avalon, mushroom pizza, THE PEGS, Steph beating Garrett in the\ 
Mabry won the bet, no V's left!!, J. Crew and Victoria Secret poses, B. Lowell crushes, Kullman's collapsing inverted keg stands, 
Walpolian Club, "Toe Pick," the crawl with the C.C, boot and rally, the Green Monster, Big Blue, team Wendy sucks, Catchphi 
the 1st loving cup, sunrise 'tails, "Stop staring at my big, fat mole with the hair coming out of it," "I was a good girlfriend. ..unt: 
found out," "You're the guy I lusted after all last year," "1 can't stop staring at \()ur boobs!", run-ins with the Brownies, the strip 
Mabry's surprise party, Boobalas, Hottie Boobalaties, Lopa's #'s,Tetris and the Gameboy, scaling the wall behind Taylor and Ellies c 
jeans, Katy's gay crush, Sharon's male balancing act, Leigh and the Beastie Boys, A O Pee, Key West '96, and finally.. .Overlaps!!! 

Well girls, it all began with the first loving cup on Carlton Street. Who would've ever thought such a random group of crazy 
would end up as the very best of friends? We leave behind all of the great memories but look forward to making many more. Be 
luck with everything! —The Pledge Class of '94 




Alpha (f)mirrmt JJi 





ICrliiijIi lliiiiirrHttj} 




H f 

H^«C"." rAItra^irtiWUlCi;" tittMJCTVIliLOS'" 

PEl lifiH g'rg'j^^Hiifi 

f. ■>*,«?.( asnsaaiF :.«uss5i-fe6t#f ■■auMsiiigTiSfto^" stoi«««r^5Pr ^:;i!.»-i«*T 



Liuing gga 

Alpha Phi 

Epsllon Psi Chap-ter 

In Ten Years... 

Capri- Petitioning for Merry-Go-Round to go back in business; Elisa- Future farm grower oi exotic Jamaican plants; Lori- F 
President of the Hoover Corporation; Sloane- Still shopping with Myra; jenn- Employed at Disney World dressed up as M 
Mouse; Taryn- Oprah's new personal trainer; Heather- Traveling the world on frequent flyer miles; Alison- In a straight jacke 
looking for Jamie; Jamie- Bain de Soleil's spokesmodel of the year; Corie -Lobbyist representing all the Margate Moms; Ai 
Professional groupie for the hottest new bass player; Alex- Still trapped in the dungeon with Glenn; Beth- Power walking through 
York City promoting a new CK scent; Sara- Married to Gollin with two kids and a dog; Anna- Founder of narcoleptics anonyi 
Emily- Will still be an innocent worker by day, but raging partier by night.. .in her spare time, she will spend afternoons on NYC 
corners listening to passers by and correcting their grammar; Randi- Stressing out and working 1 8 hour days on a campaign to 
any shade of vamp lipstick & nailpolish back into style; Marnie- Brings La Bouche to Stabler; Nicole- Spring Break table d; 
Karen-Victim of a FBI stakeout; Anne- On the road, seducing married farmers. 

Liuing ggEl 

Delta Gamrmi 

Epsilon LsiYTida Chapter 

The final confessions of the Delta Gamma pledge class of 1994... 

1) There was a Phi Delt Brunch. 

2) We got drunk at it. 

3) We lied about it. 

4) We're not sorry. 

Bye Bye Lehigh. 



Limng HHfl 

GsiYUYus^ Phi ^eta 

Delta Kappa Chapter 

Gamma Phi Beta's Pledse Class of 24! 


Carrie Hubbeli; president of SEI, married to Jim Ward, with whom she shares the trophy for the Bay Head Yiicht Club doubles championships. Eve R 
blooming in Los Angeles, married to a tall, dark & handsome actor She is still contemplating whether she should order a tuna fish sandwich or a tuna salad | 
Cristen Furtaw: after finally taking over Bertucci's Restaurant, she married a dentist and together they invented a mouthwash that immediately removes j 
from the breath. Jen Callahan: international surfer/skate boarder extraordinaire:she spends the summers in the Cape and the winters "Down Under will 
"wicked cool" husband who is a sailer as well as a lacrosse player. Alexis Ohls: living in Manhattan & married to a dark, handsome gent who drives a BM^ 
is very happy. However, she still frequently talb, to "Tara". Casey Bahrenburg: married to a tall, lanky, Aussie swimmer. She just recently relocated tc 
Francisco, where she is still dressing up in costumes and still making phony phone calls. Sarah Kennedy: still driving The Beast, she lives a lile on the lam it 
from the Bethlehem Parking Authority. She is also married to an Irish Catholic man who likes non-lint materials. Megan Saunders: famous author of the 
sellers "How to get out of anything, anytime, anywhere, anyplace" and "1,000,000 excuses". Sharon Bucko: trying to convince her husband to take on he 
name, while still tr)'ing to convince everyone her first name is Sharon, lauri Kjar: finalK- won the 33 million dollar lotto, but lost the lotter)' ticket. Dana R 
personal fitness trainer promoting her new exercise tape "How to get abs the Strong Island Way". Megan Dubbs: professional roller-blader searching the wori 
the perfect mate. Jessica Ottinger: on tour debuting her new CD "Potty Mouth" with Adam Sandler. Sarah Stewart: alter moving to Iraq to become Sac 
Hussein's peace coordinator, she spends her free time still pranking people as the "Tequila Man". Lisa Netcher: married to an 80 year old oil tycoon awaitir 
death. ..and her third breast implant surgery. Laura Beinc: still beach tagging & working at Uncle Bill's in quest for the perfect ice cream cone. Ardis Semptimph 
proprieter of the 1st gourmet Italian delite tanning salon on the Southside. Adrienne Gallo: member of the architectural society reconstructuring the Le: 
Tower of Pisa. Joy K. Cooper: due to vocal cord over-usage currently awarded closed-caption woman ol^ the year. 

Skit Night: 
Facts of Life '95 


sophomore year 

Avalon 1996 
Liuing HFJpl 

Kappa Alpha 


Epsilon Rho Chapter 

Top Left: Seniors dressed up for the Jingle Bell Ball. How 

many times was Heater's dress wom? 

Bottom Left: Spring Breal<; in the Bahamas. Sun. Sand. Surf. 

and everyplace got dancin" baby. 

Right: Kit, Court. Merags, Julie, Shanelle, Linzo and Kalh at a 

blind date pre-party. Watch out. we're doing Icaraoke! 

WE ARE NICE, The Violators, V squared, Pina Colada, AWO, Awo are you there?, "Line up, but be discrete 
KAO-1870 "Fd Hke to report a hazing incident". Coed Naked 3-Man, "We drink Uke it's our job!". Walking the Lii 
Clucky Clucky Chicken, Thirsty Thursday: "Pat is great. She makes us chocolate cake.", Phi Delta What?, STA 
DARDS, Hooked On a Feeling, Yale: "You're going the wrong way!!", Princeton is a farce!. Crash Test Woody, 
Makes a Bulge, "THEY'RE COMING BACK", Always a Glamour Girl, "I can't say brekfixt", "What goes on in Myr 
Beach, stays in Myrtle Beach", Road Trip Maryland, "6:30 a.m. we're so psyched!", Busted by the bicycle cop, Bai 
room Beirut, Smoking in the Hallway, Rush Flashback Dance, Shaz: "The formal is in 2 hrs, who should I take 
Rugby Songs, Peanut, Alec, Safari, Myrde Beach: "All 3 cars pulled over together... we display incredible house unit 
LBI, Birkelalians, 666 Birkel, staircase bonding, THE TALLY HO-HO, Wawa, Glow Cups, "Got Milk?", 438's excu 
for drinking, 97 Club: no one escaped the blow urge, CW "but I took my Boones with me", Mardis Gras, $9 
Nachos, BAHAMAS: leaded unleaded, loaded unloaded, v. headaches, hand grenade. Pasties, Crotchless, THE BOV 
What Totem Pole?, GOOD LUCK SENIORS! See Ya, Bye. 

Left: Seniors stay 
close during Lehigh/ 
Lafayette. I wish our 
bodies were as warm 
as our beer. 

Right: Juniors take 

a break from Rock 

La Casa, a concert 

to benefit Theta's 


i ii 

snvn.x-t linrn 

Left: Kelly, Lara, 
and Kathy— better 
smile now, rush 
starts in five 

Right: After 

initiation, sisters put 

on letters for the 

first time. 

Liuing SSa 

Alpha Chi Rho 

Phi Mu Chapter 

Litch, What you do? Oh My Lord! 1 1:00 Round Up, Hengstaboogie, Butter Sandwich, Tool Shed out back, P 
Geppi, How's Zetes?, Beirut God, Gang Bang, TraveHng Beirut Team, Beer athlete of the week, Oswald, Dukes Drink 
game, AXPAERP, "I wanna play Beirut with Jared," Powerlifting Champs, D-man, Frosty the Snowman, Cleaning the P( 
Mons, J-Rod, ARD!!, Nermal, Booya, Rockin'Ron, OH 4:15, OH 4:25, GG, "The Best Lehigh/Lafayette in my 7 y< 
here!", Sketchy, Blow wall, Family Tree Tournament, Lurch, Lame, Bananas on the wall, Sloth, you sleep?, She-Sloth, Whe 
Trepte?, Affliction, I-Farted, "Put Peterson in," Is that Defelice on the Porch??, Boxed Wine, Nermal, where's my Playboy 
Sloppy Wet Mike, Moon Face, You really should do something about your hair. The Funk Lives, Grenade!, Fire alar 
"Lags, did you miss class again?" "Lags, did you miss another exam?" Canadians, Carol's country kitchen, ECW!, Hengstab 
Hengsta...???, Fleming Fleming Fleming, Master Quick, Piss Fights, F*ck Sh*t UP Crawford, you Jerk???, Assume att 
formation, Sloth, I love what you've done with your room, L Pee. D, Jet Wash, Tremblant, Ken Who???, By absoluti 
W.M. Paco Rumpcrapper, She-Paco, RB., Tork, Hey Tony, is it a home or away game tonight??, J.E.T.S., Ugly Squej 



Alalia (Ulit aiiii 






ICrliiijli lliititrraity 



J--j'tSflO<'.*:'Of'f'f BBfCN -iTODDARC K.PiS KOCn "" JAlitfS KLOSVE " MAPC kJjTNi* TCiut PETER^OfJ MaftC ilGAT 


Liuing HJHfl 

Alpha Sigma Phi 

^eta Epsilon Chap'ter 

Andy Van Horn, Stephen Siegel. Derek Moore and Dan Rodenhaver- 

Cancun 1997. 

'Forget Lehigh, we're taking this act on the road." 

Honcho...Lelly... Engine Boys.. .Coke Boy.. .Rat.. .Alpha Sig or Gamma Phi. ..Greek Week "94.. .O" the Habitat for Humanity,. .Asparagus. ..Who 
you?.. .Nappy DG"s...KA"s VW bus (Garbage Pickers). ..Rat-B-Que... Glenn's car hood steamer.. .Russo's MIA Ciir... Black crows or no shows.. .Nal 
boy...Schlitz and Slide.. .Boiler room.. .MY EYEPIECE!.. Veri fme...5()%...Siegers frosh gloves.. .SiegeFs senior muscles...Fned"s confession.. .All import 
stealth missions... "Do 1 smell bad?'". ..The U-Haul Crew... '70s Tailgates. ..Junkin' in the Trunkin"... Nancy Matos+Streaking=Huge Fine...Mello-Mint...E 
Huevos... "We got some Dogs up in here!". ..Gratis. No Compra...No LUV... Alpha Phi Scumming.. .Shooter's Bar Rape... comped @ Oasis. ..SYT 
Camera Maya...CANCUN '95. ..99 bottles of sky.. .Tube.stcak... Andy and Derek do Dallas. ..Kat/ & Frankcl's Parking Lot Bungelow...Derek"s Job... 
Dick Gobbler...$100 an inch. ..Thanks, Uncle Blacky... Arc you tossing (cars)?... Alternative undies... Atlanta VIP's...Koscy'.s window... Leeches... TH 
M.F. HAS PICTURES OF ME!!...Soapa in the shower.. .Psst, got any pornos?..Kickball: Alpha Sig 9, Townies 3. ..The great warehouse in 
sky.. . delivers... often. ..SHOCKA!... Look at Me!...Flavio...Cancun + AXO - Lame. ..Ewok... Joel, you cai's still running. ..Paging John Murphy, your bo: 
has arrived... "I CALL THE BIG ONE BITEY"... I'll trade you a tooth for Uiat pizza... I'm Loagy... Adequate Q... Horbath. Jean Hetrick. W 
Clark.. .Heaven is Teen Night.. .NOT GUILTY!. ..Case O'Jager, Mmni... Barry and Cina. Pinned?.. .First you get the sugar, then you get the power, then ) 
get the woman. ..To all the brothers, best of luck in the future and we hope that your memories will be as great as our have been. 

"Which way to the 

Liuing SB3 

Alpha Tau Ovne^a 

Alpha Rho Chapt'er 

The brothers live il up down in New Orleans 


A Few Closing Remarks from the Tau Club 

C'mon get youted... racing in the Batmobilcthe Graffitti Will. ..That's very interesting. ..Quick, give me a 1000 Pugsly 
nicknames. ...Yo, Vac, what's the hne on Florida state this week?...513 Fillmore.. ..Mardi Gras '96 & '97...Cancun '95...Kahn=Close 
talker... Do n't Guess, Don't Know.. Archives Game... Is it 4:20 yet?.. Senior Week '96... ATO Football Graveyard welcomes Ether Boy. 
Beirut Tourney's, how is Closson's name on the trophy? ... Dazed and Confused... Helmet Winners... Pledge Wars... Page & Plant... 
South Jersey in da House... Tailgates, does anyone go to the games?... The Rat Hole... Lombardy's cranium... Frangella questions, 
huh?... Where are Sarpi & Anderson?... The l^obber... BMcD, 1st Team All World All Nervous... Reid, can I sleep on your couch?... 1 
heard you had A.C.... Who broke a dish?... the Predictor... How bout it, Scotty C... Can anybody control their bowels (JL, CA.JVD) 
Tricky Dick... Doc was the Mountain Hawk?... Who's the Worst Drunk in the House (ACE)?... Wlien's Sferra's next show?... Chinball 
Goomba... Lou D., the professional bowling tour is waiting... You wouldn't want to win, and you wouldn't want to lose... Don't torgei 
to thank Janzcek.. Morin, want a beer?... SETTLE!!... The Green Monster... Purple-People Eater... Mrs. Butterworth... The Glass 
(RIP).. I think it's 4:20. 




Alplta (Sau Ohnriia 









mrliiyb Ihiiurrattij 






Liuing SBQj 

3e-ta The-ta PI 

3e-ta Chi Chapter 


i^ .<it: -^il/iii 




Corky, Package, Bruce, Krusty and Roid Rage discover new tlotation devices. 



Steak, Lt. Dan, Monkey, Bulk Casper, DaleT, Rude Finger, Corky, Butts, Porst, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Q-Das Heed, Bruce, JJ, El Package 

Back to Back IM Champs Going for the ThreePeat....OR's...Beta 500...Dildo Gate.. .The Mad Shitter...Mac get some teeth. ..Let's go Sni| 

Penn State Conclave.. .Miss All American " me sign the Pck*ng banner". ..Phish Shows.. .Butt's reminiscing about Boydell... Brock's gay 
affairs... "Oh Mindy"... Who's Got the Bus Keys?. ..Who's Driving the Bus?...Janick?...]'m not afraid of Fat Chicks.. .Fluff the furry shitter...Mii 
on the ceiling, naked people in the bar.. .Crickets in my bed... "Lovers Leap"....! can't drive without getting a DUl, MM you're next.. .Bui 
WWF...http// Rage.. .RockHead... Dry humping an 80 lb midget... "Let's go Flyers! Ne, Ne, i 
ne"...Horst, ask Amy for your leash back.. .Lehigh Apparrel by Stasen.. ..peanut McVM... Blunts on the buck...Ohhh Choco Tacos...Biz 
Beta...Where is the bubbler?...Three times the pleasure in F&M OJ .ST,BP)... Colgate "We have things to do"... I LOVE YOU GUYS, you are so 
KK"...JJ Tit Man.. .Sam I am rock .star.. .Fireside Beirut.. .Bahahamas... South Padre.. .Charlie's, hey.. .Ocean City Weekends.. .Franky's... Chris W 

"A look back on the past decade ot Beta". 

Left: After 7 years 
at Lehigh, Brother 
Christopher George 
Milne, AKA Steak, 
decided it was time 
to Pin his 
girlfriend. Barb. 

Right: The 

Brothers of Beta 

Theta Pi. 


lU'ta ullji'ta Pi 






ICi^ljiijIt lluiitnaitii 




Left: Package, Dale 
T., Rude Finger and 
Bruce at the house. 

Right: Daniel 

Luroso, LL, Butts, 

Heed and Smelly 

take advantage of 

the open bar. 

Liuing ^SEl 

Chi Phi 

Psi Chapter 

1. ^w > ^H 


itf ' 4 

^BJ^^BIIIv ^b 

Louisiana Drinking Laws: gotta love "em. 

The Brothers enjoy the sunshine during Spring Break in the 
Bahamas. Hey, is that Dr. .hickson checking out the girls? 

Where is Jim?, Moses where's your hat?, Ebinezar Chicken, "Because I deserve it," Leavus, aluminum doesn't count, Crabcake, No nc 
cram, I'm breeding, hey Sabre, where's Steph and Courtney?, Scott's sloppy seconds from Moses, What's up Ang?, hackin', butt me, get me b 
Eeeuuuooooosssschhhhh!!!, HNIC, I don't remember- that's my problem, steamroller, NLSH, put down the ;ax, Chad, paint the key, G 
swallowed a bomb, Joey, what happened to your arm?, Braun what were you doing in my room?, This is the best acid I've had in four or five; 
T-Dog sucks. Davis "You are so hating it," Fearsome threesome, Brown-DDDDrrrrink, 6 footer, Hooka, Solar Circus-the ugliest band Vvt 
seen. It has always been that way, flipper baby, Goldberg NEVER complains, KO toilct-beats-Goldberg, run her through the dishwasher back 
the way she likes it, Viaslov Fetislov, Bankers Club, ma)-be Bcrger owes social and Nish is gay, Kenny Johnsom, who's the bald guy wit 
annoying laugh, Jackson's hot pink meat-hanger, strawberry /.ima, Beachcomber/Club Las\N Perlas/Nassau Beach Hotel, 3 degrees of Katelyn 
Veiner, Allison - Falke(V)-Sam-Hor-Vuch-Murray-Kilgour, Rocky -are you naked? Yeah, Gary and Noah - M.I.A., Ginfest, Laurel, Mississ 
where's Alabama?, What'd Lou Gehrig die of?, How long is Greek Week?, g-g-g-golf, R-R-R-Rocky Velveeta, Horvath, your cat *hit in my i 
Fat Bill, are you graduating yet?, FIJL nice robes, where's your microphone?, YFIBWCVOSTZ, Roland, you're looking a little tall, my bo: 
Jewish carpenter, TNT in Sam's room, Omicron override, show me your chest!!, candlelight beirut, raw egg beirut, MONDO, 24, Cobs- watc 
Icxus, The End - Your inspiration, space invaders -1 .3 windows, Yankees '96, 90 - D - B. 

Left: The chapter 
house is one of the 
most beautiful on 

Right: Erich Falke. 

Dave Work. Pat 

Carey, Mike Moses, 

Jay Coblentz, Matt 

Horvath, Mike 

Bearmore, Ryan 

Monis and Mike 


,t> 'XoRGOfyjtoi 



19 ^^m ar 

iL'rIiiyli lliiiniu-silii 


spe>*:eh BfifiTRaH &fl£oo»o dvowoc 

Left: Mike. Matt and 
Barry battle the heat 
in the baby pool. 

Right: Bill, Matt, 

Dick, Marc, John, 

Jay and Matt 

discover they really 

don't like the taste of 

beer. Someone 

should have told 

them before 


Liuing BOa 

Chi Psi 

Alpha 3e"ta Delta Chsip-ter 

Hloiid: Stop Eating! Touch Yourself, Mr. Giggles, How do you wipe? Torso man. Eric Who?, Street-dog:Drink a Beer, Lay Pipe, No Motorcycles, Strceter & Whit (A Nice Pair). Ku5sy:Lack- 
Fatal Attraction, Nobaaaady, The Great TV. Caper("l Swear that it's not Hot!"), OSU is not for You!!: Millz: Monkey wrench, Put that thing away! Don't F"K with Bruce!, the Milkman. Meat 
High Pocket" Sunderland, "Do I look big to you Christina", "What did you get on that test?. Beef brain, "Stop Cheating!", Yatz: tie the knot.finally cut your hair, Maingc. Live Air Guitar Solos ai 
DuftV. Supplement man, "It's a mass shake guys!", Multiple Suppers. Subways (MY WAY DAMMIT!), Talbo: Captain Shady, the faithful lover?, Talbo+Cantellmi's+FMA=Xma,s?,TA: O for the 90', 
Guru and resident trivia Genius, "The Check for the Truck is in the mail!-Love. Streeier", Rez:Work ethic is in question (pudedic!). Stop sleeping; Lom: 2 shots; Santi: Wlierabouts unknown, the St 
Lebbs: Stop dipping copi, "Don't let the height deceive you!!"; Joyce: The Dog House Episode ("I'm a man, way past 21!), Mr. Abs; Dobbs: Nice Nipple(s); Eli: Thanks!; Brother Jessica-Moun 
gangi. Smoke now and pay later-Parasail, Watcrski, Snorkling, Ganga? Wildcat Steve Ludwig-Open stalls and Poop-Merrvwitch-Pete:Thc Frugal Gourtnet; "Got a pink slip for ya pal!", the soup k 
"Why can't we have Filet Mignon & Lobster every night??"- "Ridoonkulus"- "Shut your teerh!"-F()Otball '9( happened?-The Soiley Diapcr-Dravo '9.^: Beh.ivc or suDer the wrath ot "F 
Thanksgiving Dinner by Robert Lovengood of Wales-Juunxks-Late night Deep Fry Dime- Tip the -tOs to Lom- Hie Brcnd.i Vears-MD 20/20 Dime (Grape)-Whispcring Biich-Mc^M B.3 (Sup 
Destruction)-Wlio? Deez Nutz-Egypt on the Waterfront- "We are impressed with your bug juice making abilities, but we are utterly di.sgusted by your laziness!"-Thc Streeter Dance-Eat orb 
(Caraway Pride!)-Wet Dickey Dickey (Naked Man=Much Play)-Puke Fest '96-Cancun '96 (Sleep...\Vhat Sleepr)-Proskine &: Claudia:lhe S.iga Continues...-Lodge Voyeurism-Jamaica '97:' 
F*&(»#n' remember a thing!"-Masucci:Great Ass!-Kandi:Bad hair day!?-The Evil Scunion-3LC-Petro:Maccdoni.i is Greek. ..NOT!!-Johnny Luckett. Mutherfuckit(Go LU BROWN!)-X-14- "Y. 
Chi Psi Live, Saturday Night" (Swamp Sound)- "Do you hear the Birds Chirping?" "No. because 1 am C:ontemplating!" "Good"-Beware of Hying H20 balloons-Post AM Football running Backst 
"It's just fun to Bitch'-Let's FMA it!-The Jedi Club-Panama City '94 (Blues Mobile & the Big Hurt)-I.odge Drania;C '.an't beat it-Ludwig:Sasquatch, tell mom about Jamaica yet??-Ms. Brown's: 1 ha 
the trip!-Hundley:Big Country.JD Power (Nuthin Runs like a deer!)-.Sodbusters-Fox and Dana:Deny Everything! 'Ready, Ready, Whack! Um, Um, Wow, Um, U m. Wow, Wow"-K. I liggins-Th. 
Pumpkin Caper (Some Records are meant to be broken!)- "I am a new sh.ide of retarded!'-Sncials:Pay or you will be debrotherized! (Yeah right)- "Where the F**k is Santa?- "Man in the Shower, . 
the Shower" -U-t's Whack the Bi's in the .SrdLc- "You gotta Have discipline in your life, son"-K. Higgins- Reilly: Where's Robin-"Next person to throw a dart at Bruce will get a dart thrown at hii 
JOKE!"-Proud to be Amish!-Pats:Thanks for the Commode literature!-The Other Pat's:Thanks for the Gluttonyl-Techno Bowl, Playstation, ctc.-Broadhead Estates: A Deluxe Apt. in the sk) 
Dime-8-News Freshman ycar(pudedic); "I am not driving this time. ..I always drive!!" 

Happy Trails and Grape Bug.. .We out!! 

-The Class of '97 





S3rhi«b llniurrsitii 

EMC jon'r,i:)fi 

"lu- aMmEDfR/LVfK Ml'; HUE L L'JOWIG '(.'H', P.|,Ji:-J •■i.Kjro 


THCWflS f-lJM&N 

,"/ieL C'EviME 


Liuing aE]0 

Delta Chi 

Lehigh Chapter 

OOHFAH!.. .Brother Lorenzo... Taking a personal day.. .feeling stale... "Not feeling too fresh" -T.N....Bez's 4 a.m. Den 
runs... "Mike get me a Hoagie" _m... Crossbow at 3 a.m...Deemer!...Vitt and his, ahem, gaming skills.. .Stokes laughing 
his own jokes... "Sure, we did it all the time." "No Stokes, I did."-M.R.... "Ookie in the middle"-Cancun... "Ta, ta, ta, to 
Junior!"-D.C....Late night Pina Coladas.. . The Jeffersons... Ookie and the shot girl with the Jeffersons... D-Chi learns that 
Squids don't like our mashed potatoes.. .Squids and 91 1 on their speed dial...Barr and his study of small planets.. .Bez and 
illnesses.. ."You'll never guess what I found"-M.F... .House Jester.. .Robinson's need to mark his territory... "The Oasis has 
best bathrooms."-M.R. ... "Silly Puppy!"-A.F. ...F**K'IN SQUIDS.. .Visiting Middle Eastern cities naked on a Wednes 
night.. .Having a camera for the trip... "This is the best game ever"-J.S....Wolczak not being able to hit.. .Stokes still bemg; 
to hit.. .Hoover.. .Otter.. .Kimball. ..Doug and his "Steady girl" being in Animal House.. .Leigh becoming the new r 
chairman. ..Strip Poker on aTuesday night... "There's more people here tonight than last Thursday"-Ook.. .Good Times. ..G 
Friends. ..Tradition. ..Character.. .The Delta Chi Fraternity. 



Drlta (Cljt 

LE'JnH •'HiPTEc 



iCrhiijh lliitiuuiiitif 

:^^ SLOW Michael a.' 


Liuing MM 

Pel-ta Phi 

Nu Chap'ter 

Freshman year, 8-news, line-ups, greekers, ROTC at Creighton's, Malice, Barone's sister, please Patei, "I went to D( 
Phi because of their rush program," thanks for the BK, guys, all night rock watch, Rogers you bastard, shoveling at be; 
blast, NYC - 40's, cigars, and crack addicts, watching TV in central park, Bruce's freshman year haircut, P.T., Jacon 
"Have a good summer, boys." Sledding in our, well, forget it, MAMBRINO SUCKS, Rago "I must have spilt something 
my shoulder, get me a towel," One for St. Elmo, 1 came to Lehigh for the girls, formals at the Lantern = all dressed up i 
nowhere to go, Bar-B-Q's with sororities, Titus "Lm soooooo lonely," A-team a**hole, Scotty, gone but not forgott 
Saturday morning beirut, knuckle deep at Beach Blast, Raps - nice of you to join us, the brawl that started it all, McAleni 
+ 12 beers = wet pants, Olenick = squid, "My date is getting a little too 'touchy-feely , all those sloppy nights, sche( 
schectorum. Keepers of the Night, you won't do it, "Sand trap?, I'm sorry, I thought they were ramps." "I wish these thi^ 
had reverse," Labba, Luscious, Hopper, Raps, Cofifeestain, Brucy, What a good time it was, and DRINK, LONG LIFE 









^ *^>^ 








^Vw' ''it^i^ 

^^.; ^;:;|^»wfc»«r<^ 




38 J. %m ii. 


^^^■^ ' il! ' 

"' fW^ 


> * 

, > 

igj^R' f^ 


' '^ 






->• 1^^ 



Liujng BOQ 

Pelta SfXQYUSi Phi 

Beta Theta Chapter 

Just another 4-5 Friday.. 

Mike Keller and his master. Cleo T. 

Pooper, Eternal Pledge, Old Man, Crazy Nate, Hoser, Ralph, Willie, The Wife, Satan, Special K, Flash, Forrest, Styles, Hulk, Sweats (XXL), Pebble, Sonic, Fat Eric, Shi 
Johnny Cash, Laverne & Shirley, Sgt. Bilko, TKO, Pinky & the Brain, Cyclops. Mighr>' Mouse (Mouth), London Bridge, Slut, Bert, Ernie, Melissa the Ho, Toad, Chewb: 
Crazy Vickies (1 & 2), Snot, Gilbert, Cleo T, Bisexual Gidfriends, Babe, Pork Rind, Jen '96, Mrs. Brownfinger, Smelly & Belly, Katherine on the bar, Brown-eyed girk "Stuf 
as stupid does", "F— you, I'm awesome!", Negative Fun, Colt Vader, S4, Cockblocking, Mustard + Chocolate = "Dob!", Nipple ring. Firebox, Stairwell conversations, "Excuse 
while I blow". Pledge sympathizer Mater Thespian, The nursery. Big sis-lii' sis. Mr Discreet, Bad acting, "Aw, man...", Mr and Mrs. W.T. , Rosie Perez, Eating at the Y, Der Fu 
Blowin' in the bathroom, 40's on the roof, Marisol, Sellout, Breaking In = Gun to Head, Coordination - get some!. Carnival fiasco=resume builder. Slosh, Door Wh 
Boomerang, Muonic Tonic, Madame Aiigeli, African titties, Stupid pledge, Useless Beirut table, "Beauty is but a light switch away", Pi Upsilon Delta, advancements of the sec 
floor tactic, Jenteal, "Piss on your back!", lottery points, Lok, "I don't wanna come back down", steamroller, "I'll eat the Grease Soundtrack!", Goosey Candy, Trembley 10, "A 
do is drink!", Homo-be-gone, "You can get in trouble now or later", "Who's your Daddy?", "The Carnival is going smoothly", Live-in Advisor, It Came from the '80s, "What d 
get on your SAT's?", "1 didn't know it was malt liquor". Rule #1 , U.B.F. . "This ain't no 4-H Club", Fun with lasers, The Fake-Out, The Slaab, The Ho-Hos vs. The Twinkles, 
Marshall Bill, Driving to Wawa, Jill or Jeanine?, International Boy, Small Dick, Going to Church, Ski Patrol, Big B + cousin =In-law, Swamp Ass. Those glasses. Big B, Mad I 
broken phones, "watching " Beth, "My calculator's dead ", guarding the parking lot. The Flood, Fhe Hicky. Best Man, The Ironing Board, Leavitown, The Fiend, Delts' dance f 
"Shabaker in the Midst", Eva Braun, Diane Fossey, Mad bog=stinky van, Underwear in the trash, "Everybody's like me", "This is your only chance", "The Jalapenos, Choc 
syrup, chicken patties and the NT workstation", Raining=Shower, Hoochie Mama, "Where the hell's Rosado?", Student Senate, Tangueray, HC was here, "You got standar 
Sponges in the Mustang, My Little Car, "Damn glad to meet ya!" $12 a shot, "He's a cool guy", "Kenton, where are your pants?" Towson, PSU, Cancun, Virgmia, P. 
Washington D.C., Baltimore, Mever's house, Clubbin' in the Village... 


liT iir 

^ ]^ Q 

iCriiiuli lUiiurniitii 


E! ■■■ '^P^l ■H^H 


Rush Night '96 

&, LlUHLEi WE':i', -!R 


TYLf" "jTRIOK-: 

Meet the Madame and her loyal 

Liuing MM 

Delta Tau Delta 

^eta L3iYY\\?Si Chap'ter 

It hurts to be conscious... What the Faulk. ..Motel Sass...Lay Daddy Kimble. ..the Shockulator...Sac Attack.. .Di( 
Nutz...Morans blanket of red fur.. .hook and send... "I punish you with impotence". ..This is for you!. ..Shocker in Roo 
120. ..TY you up. ..The adventures of Matthews and the pink Fagmobile... Hotel Hammond. ..Open a can of Whoop; 
...Yahtzee... in the Hummer... The Fect-ometer... Another day, another A... "I'm Batman"... Kulp.. .Nimble Kimble ... Hum 
Hairball with eyes. ..Step Brother Step. ..Fire Marshall Post. ..Guy Smiley... Shaggy... Jabba the Goose. ..G.I. Jay...Reverei 
Allen. ..Blue Collar.. .Big M, little organ. ..Frackington... President Zan...gzang...Nico Suave.. .Firebox. ..The All Stars. ..Du 
Guy Howser vs. the Grand Fagoneer...the best Snow Driver this side of Pennsylvania. ..Grab the center pole, smoke ya in c 
teeth. ..Tickle-me Sac. ..Dodge the Discharge Champion of the World. ..Moran and the Candycane...the ten inch great wh 
hope...gluestick...Ziplock...SIug till ya Die...Drink till ya Sleep, Sleep till ya Drink ...DSE ...C.B.ed...ETP, FTA...BJQ Roui 

2. ..Hey, hey, hey you...uppie uppie uppie... horsetrick...Giddie-up... Another chick, she wants my ...My hiei 

Jen. ..fooshnickin... Greek Week-Persona Non Grata.. .Laying pipe. ..Shot at the title...Au Jus.''... G-Junk... It's Automatic. ..Be 
bottle baseball. ..Announcing the new chapter of Lambda Tau Lamba 



Drlta (ilau Drlta 





KrbixUj Ihiiurriittii 

LJuing SBa 

Gamma Phi seniors and friends in Kev West. 

Suzanne Crowley studying for finals. 

This is quite the dating 

pool at Greek Week's 

"Singled Out." 

Together at tailgates. 

Liuing S0g| 

Kappa Alpha 

Fenn&yWan'ia Alpha Chap-ter 

In your @#! It will go: No is not an option. Get drunk, it'll hurt less! FINE: what the heck's wrong with SueBear; what goes on in Cancun, stays in c:ancun;j 
for the sake of rush, cut your hair; Stick, Stick 1 , Stick 2, Stick 3, STICK; Foster want some Skippy? Hey Fonz turn on the miracle ear; Lizzack? MAIOU! De 
on Cups Dan Reuter; RED! RED!! RED!!! Bottom five sucks; Slam Pong, 4:20 Dank, Green Sash, What! Pttty, Have a nice day; F*** you, pay me! Gem 
Teemonz; last chance with Gamma Phi; How hot are you? How good am I? The ARCH, Patriarch; 37 beers in 10 hours = Joe at his best; Dopus Erec 
Returnus; Santa just puked on himself kids; What the hell are you doing, get the hell out of here! Don't park in Fisher's spot; Steve we don't like clams, there It 
him; Patriot League Golf Champion; Beach Volleyball; CNs; ZONK; Red go to sleep; URBS; Lizzack? Tough Ted; Rough Lisa; lake it in the Squared Cir 
Hang out Chair; Pledge Class Motivator; Thanks McKenna; Thanks Katz; Where's Gordo? D'*Bag Seniors; Ted get off of Zundl's front lawn; Jethro; Sprc 
When Stick gets a woody.. Potato Guns; Naked Beer Slides; The grades can go to here if the partying goes to here; Toronto Trip with Joe's @#$; Zundl 
bathroom is down the hall; Alongi I'll meet you at the gym; Henry the cocky golfer; Stewards SVCK. give me the keys; Ask Jim he got a 4.0; Kappa Alpha Gairi 
Delta; BCAK; Dommer you're retaining water; what's with the shaved heads? Guest Checks in the mail; Promissor)' Notes or $&#@ kicking; Iroooooops; 
Double Bubble; Double Pizots; Chug and Blow; The Funk; We Don't drink, we don't smoke; 2-5; See you at the SG; Hie Finis Est. 

Liuing gas 

Kappa Sigma 

Beta lota Chapter 

Jeremy Weiss. Corey Seckular. Mike Casciano 

University of Virginia - Soutii Lawn 

Jeremy Weiss, Mark Hanrahan, Chuck Seyboid 

Dave Garris. Corey Seekular. Brad Ketcher 

Class of 97 evcr)'one unique, one thing in common, all freaks. The rookie, the vvookiec. the drug-dealing pillovv-hiter, the .rlien, the Otter, the dogg, the dork, the observer, Greeni^boro trailer-trash 
left us last year, and the man who gave two pins:Biiggin' Gimping Goldie-locks... Meyer, you're full of shit,., "is she really married?"... "Will my teacher sec this medical report? "...Junior )ear-clean S 
year-saturated!.. .Are you taking die pot?.. .Steward-Dear prof. Likens, I am not a pothead... Prejudice, wrote a song about it, wanna hear it, here it goes..Sneaker Stadium employee ot the month., .ho 
you not drink, not go out, and still fail, lobster boy?.. .The big R.igu... Hammer get out from under the bed.. .Sleeper hold...Chewbacca and the Dork hit light speed.. .Get out ot tlie dr) 
philosopher, Meyer, you liar.. .Break on through, Helena.. .Phi Kap still's all Finkle's fault. ..Anyone seen Weiss? I think he's in the woods with the bumper... "No Slogans". ..Hot Pants.. .Whi 
you going to nail AJS?...Dirt>' Lynda, NC, Honey, DP, TB, psycho, No load in Rice, AB, band-aid nips, Br.tzilian, Tatonka, Congo and Superfly,..WE ALL HATE YOU JANEl!!...If you were a gi 
beat the shit out of you. ..Dogg stop sleeping in the bathroom, with Dylan, naked m the halls.. .Porn amnesty day. .Kent stop stealing the porn.. .Weiss admit it, you're going bald...Zctes wannabe.,, 
call me when you're soba...Bux, congratulations six years and you're a sophomore. ..Poppv-bitch... Chris, it's a test, let me measure it...6'2" 191. ..No more Goldschlagger you crying #'?@'#...Whoi 
in the juniors?...Texas Gold-C^ash advance.. .Corey, why would you let your girlfriend double with Weiss?. ..let your sister get laid. ..She's not your girlfriend even though "I love yoir...DBYS...Strea 
lawn,. .Fore! At East 46.. .What are they doing in the trees?.. .Hanging brains at national. .Wiat week is it?. ..SOS, POP, Birdies, Red wings. Bombers, Pledge Olympics, Naked 100 yard wind sprint i 
the PR-Aprons optional-Mung required. ..You got a haircut during hell week?... Bring back Robeson... "bed-racing freak hits the hay".'re not Neil, you'll nevet hook up with Rus5o(cleavage)...G 
B, from safeties to line-backers, what the ft'&S... Who says eating disorders are bad?... "1 onK did it because it was a good excuse for a party"... Hammer, keys really work in the door... The Senate 
Alien, and the Dogg at Mardi Gras "97, "Show me your..." Me\'er, Harvard Hat or Her, was she wonh it... Hammer, break it down... Garris, the puzzle wrapped in an enigma... V<'ho cares about the 
of corn on spring break... Garris, get a wardrobe... Is it true that Corey was cool freshman year.-- Dammit quit stalking and put away your tape recorder... Larry and the Lapp LXigg... Did kegoni 
- picks really lick heiney?... Chunk, your homework isn't your professor's daughter... "Who's your Daddy?"... Double tanq and tonics+senior class=no morning classes... Junior Year+.Senioritis=! 
GPAs... "Why do the juniors have jobs before the seniors? Because they're Dorks... No game Remorenko... Weiss, payback's a bitch. ..Musicfest tiles are free here... Weiss, stop groping ilie Bio 
girlfriends... No dog-style for the Dogg... Corey and Garris stop wearing sweatpants and shuffling each others cards... Last ol the Old-School... 


Kappa Sigma doing 
community service. 

Marl; Hanrahan. 

Corey Seckular and 

Jeremy Weiss. 

iKcHTpa B>tijma 






ICrhiijh IhtinrristtM 


.^<Jk.^.; :.J:,-U,..,,J. lili! 

■"■"'"j .Feremy Weiss, Corey 
Seckular, Brad 
Ketcher and Mark 

' ^ !j»> . u •• H M M a. 

Jeremy Weiss, 

Mark Hanrahan 

and Chris Meyer. 



H w >'\i ^H 


yP^ .4 









Liuing 3@f| 

V.8iYY\\?d3i Chi 


GsiYY\YY\Si Pel Zeta Chapter 

No more Curvv)' Fwies. Go Home Franny. 2 For Pong. Greek Week Banner. Kev and the Dummy @ MR. Lehigh. F'*k the Cok)nel. See ya M 
Edel F**kin' drop your pants in front of the boy's choir. Linthicumisms: Ronnieee!!!! You're f**ked! Get em on the Gambler. You have just b( 
abducted by AC/DC with a side order of Pantewa. The Bird and the Worm. F**k it I don't care! Yo Boy}7Sss! (BD) Balls Deep. SMF. \\ ow E 
Wow. Who Knew? Oh God my Hips, please don't let me lose this fish. 

The Doctor. Macdaddy. flex for me Dave, you must get all the chics, Nardi and the cinder block. Restraining order from that b'"h. Exits 
boxing eggs at Pi Lame. Pi lame is P'king gone. Jordan's Baaaack! CS and Melissa. Campbell, Dewitt, now Ruccio. 1 kissed the shit out of her. H 
Guy. Let's sleep in the closet. Slobs soils herself The TOOLBOX and his porn music. Thursday Night Lounge. Pong Tournament. Coc and Bl< 
no more. F**king Tods. Missing Clippers, Jav's deep fried goods. Valovic the #1 Chopper. Magic Carpet Ride. Solemente Doug! The Torpe 
Ouggie, ouigiee! Kraydog. Josh... wanna bet. Crating cars. Theta C^hi's door. Hotel parties... RIP Entropy. Air Bello. Chics w/Dics. The Severn 
Couch. I ain't afraid of you Hogenauter. Why Lambda Chi is like the Ocean... Rutt the trigger man. Max— Alpha Phi's favorite dog, Smokin' w 
Brett. Who's cooking this week. The big brother night debacle. S**T... I'm at SAINT LUKE'S!!!!! 



ICambftcX (llji Alpl|a 





# % 


^ t 



Crhiyh llniurrHiti} 

JON McMillan brian Sullivan ryan day michael ruccio 




Liuing QBE] 

Phi Pel-ta Theta 

Pennsylvania Eta Chstpt^er 

Pappas and Harry 

Francis and Doni 

"Las cucurachas entran, 
pero no pueden salir" 

^^^^3| Richard and Ron: 

Steely Dan night "96 

Why Pay More? 

Liuing MSa 

Phi G3iYY\YY\3i Delta 

^eta Chi Chapter 


Ba-Ba-Booey, Stresski/Brewski, Jimmy the Greek, Furious, High 5, Hitman, Big Head, NAMBLA, WOP, Strauby, GT, Willy, Ed Fuss, The Hert, Mental? Physical? S — ! 
doesn't haze, The Pigloo, Chakka, Aargh! I'm a pirate! Ron Scare-a-mek, That's the sound of the men working on the chain gang, Caligula, Steve Buetlein #1 dtaft pick. Oh I 
Farve! 'Why the long face? You shocked Loyal A. Shoudy?! Snackaroos, Yellowman, Fred Hershfield, Cold Dorm Wrestling, Tailgate Fever, Cold Dorm Hockey, From now on 
don't rush any hockey players! Who is hoarding all the smut? Doing the dishes, Losing your cabbage, Nacho-nacho man, Hooray for us... and Psi U! Talking with James, F 
cookie general, I lost on Jeopardy How did you do on the front nine at Fiji golf? There is only one rule, Fun-frat-old school-ftm club, Shahidi the pu,ssycat got sh'tcup 
Hoboken, I wish I could be a very bad individual someday in the near future too, Billy Missed-A- Tcst-Agallo, GB do you like poppers? Worms Sleep in the Girt, Get out ol 
water or you'll get electrocuted! Bed race champs, Lee Gold 1 want it old school. Get in the pit! Who let in all the Mcatheads? Farley showdowns, Hoppy sighting. Why did Sti 
pinch Rod's hand? November 23rd boys. You know what to do if my husband answers the phone, Hooters, Glenn Tolken, Did you see the size of that kid's melon... pass the y, 
Naked Elf, Naked Reindeer, Naked Santa passed out in the snow. Why is that keg/grill/chair/bike/propane tank/intlatable sex toy in your tree? Hitman's goin' to a t'tty bar, wl 
Passed our on the toilet at the Boxcar, Miss Naked PA, Beat Gamma Phi, Will the real Tim High please step forw.ird, Movado for me, Joy Boy, J.T. chugs - yeah Big H 
Showboating and Teabagging in CDR, Me-Tead, Moscow Girls like getting tickled, Oazy Horse, Sophomore year camping trip - Is that the Brownies, NO, It's the Penns>-lv 
State Police, Mardi Gras, Rugby Parties, Story's Cabin, Ski Camps, Tolchin almost died in Jamaica, Naked Dukakis, Over the bridge... and into the ghetto. The swampshack is i 
than Fred's house. Slower Delaware is better than South Jersey, Pittsburgh is a third rate cit)', Santa can't read. Naked beirut at Cornell, Straub is autistic, Why is it so hard to 
good powder. One footers. Three footers. Six footers, Fourteen footers, Oh my! Sugar cubes are better, Light is real. Brown bottled beer. Reward Yourself, Two men enter... one 
leaves, Foget-about-it! 



h n 

i I 

Liuing BBS 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

GsimYY\Si V.3ixr\\?d3i Chapter 

Well boys, it's been an interesting year. What the hell happened? Did we get an award for grades? Eh, how do you say... good GPA? The year was very successftil. We pledged a 
guys (huh?).... and we parried like hell (that's true - a hotel party, a cocktail parry and a palette of beer gone in a week) then I guess this year is like the last. 

MC Pool Balls and the Funk)' Booda tearing it up at Dream Girl, Hey can somebody give me a jump my jeep won't start, Stoning the G., 222 E. Fifth. The Jersey bedwetter 
the orange sweatshirt, Fashion Joe, 'WTien I grow up I want to go to Bovine Universir\', Fast- Loud - Proud, The International Smelly Limey, Watt World (in fiill effect). New Je 
Bastard,Ehhowsay...ehhhhHallo!Fire-eatingpsychomonke\ boy, Fooseball Tournament, California Love, Does .myone have a cigarette for the house dwarf JADDB, West Virg 

Sketch Factor 10, Jigamoga Jack Light Moved Away, Sketchmobile road trips, Captain Bu/.zkill, Just put it in my Box, Al IHHH Finebergersteinowitz, BJQ, The second floor lac 
intolerant couch tosser, Yer darn tooting, Hercules! Raisin' the roof, Maureen, Cheese loving kid on the couch, 1 bent m\- vvookie, Blumpkin Boy, Yo 1 should have m\' ov\n pari 
space and like you guys should pay to live and part)- with me, Simpsons, Jeopardy, Seinfeld, No you're a weenie, no YOU'RE a weenie, Sensai says Fish Tits and Fish Sticks she 
move to Alpha Gam, I sleep in a drawer. Hey yo that's cool don't worry about it just put in some Jamiroquoi, Pike Softball M'VP, Hey Truffle Shuffle wants a blumpkin tot 

Pollick, there was something definitely different about the house without you and nobody really liked it. We wished you were here with us to share in 
ever)'thing. Remember that you're always with us. John J. Pollick '98 You're the man. 


Pike wishes the class of "97 the best of luck. You boys will be missed and we know you'll come back with tons of cash so we can put a hot tub on the top ot the extension. Ann 
mod luck bovs and remeinber 'Brothers For Lite.' 



Pi iKappa Alplja 


ICrbtJijb Mniurrfittii 



iON C 



Liuing M3Ei 

Phi Kappa Theta 


Pennsylvania Alpha Chap-ter 

Crazy Alien 





Stick Man 

Spin Drifter 

You can't gape down! 




Da Boyz 



Gravity is working in our flivor tonight 

"Dawgs were chasing me" 

I got fungus on my tot- 
Are you girls dancing or what? 
You know I'm going home with you 
Don't let the door hit you on the way out 
Captain Shetty 

Here's to brother Sirki 

1 just don't like him 

Simon grarz 

Pantie Coffee H 

Window Cups 

Open bar = Open gar 

Yeah, I'li be back 


Chicken bricken 



Food dude 



■IMil tiKitliiM 

Plii iKa^pa allirta 



19 ^Smi BZ 

ICrhiyh llntm'rjittij 

Liuing BBE] 

Phi Si^ina Kappa 

Nu CViaipt^er 

Senie)rs...well. all but one. 


Dedicated to the memory of Squid Boy, The Oriental Express, Squid boy and the Rain blow Rally, The 3p.m. Rub, Is th 
mud on your leg?. Mad Dog cleanups, Kruse says, "I have a small mouth," Where's my daughter?! Everywhere!, Phil, pi 
your pants up and go to class. Next one who chugs talks, Kruse's loft wedge, J Bops/Jess Bops = PDA, Dirt = Convict, Phi 
hog farm, Devlin the Locksmith, The second floor crack house, Phil's walk down 1-78, Loft blowing, Dee-juh, BS is gor 
Finally!, Psycho-Steve-enough said, Bruce call John, Juan Johnny in the Fox hole. What 17 cases of beer? Smokin' hot 
party, LT = Little Taylor, Justis can't drive vans, Mr. Sensitive, Silko the pimp, C^ampbell-25 years to life, Smoked salmon i 
shiongers? Special events, $250 chairs: We'll take 20, snowball ding, Scam, Peg Leg, "HeyAre you missing an arm?" Gre( 
Beirut = green sh*t, PBR, Evil Strait N.J.L, CDC&T, CBKQ, Barney + a bath = a new box of crayons. Bar rally!!. Phi Sig 
Dance party?, Chuck the American, RIP Taylor and Famine, Welcome Bob, Chris and Joe. Kruse and Thorn bum 199 
Good luck Justis and Joel. 



.iLian Jonny Cruz 

Who let him 

cross the 




10 ."^^* gr 

ICrluiUi lluiurriiitii 



Tom and 
Elaine. ..finally! 

Liuing QQg] 

PsI Upsilon 

Eta Chapt^er 

Dave, put down the rubber chicken. 

Oh my God what am I saying? 

He's been here for 20 years, and he still doesn't understand the language! 

Dave is the chicken king! 

Put him in the alumni storage facility. 


Jack sleeps with a hammer! 

Hey Karl, it's Thursday, what do you want to do tonight? 

The great 8, on the table again. 

mmmm Bachelor Party. 

Hey Karl, what time is it? 

Porch beers! 

What kind of toppings do you want on the pizza? 


Hey Leroy, I think it's time for a break. 

Team bundy. 

The little critters like the dolos. 

Don't laugh. ain't funny! 

Liuing EMSM 

Si^ma Alpha Mu 

Sigma Kappa Chsipt'er 

Which way do we go Chcv)'... Which way do we go 

Typo = D Weiss 

Ackerman gave Kantor what he deserved 

Take out those boxes 

Ruby, shot of Oj? 

Sunrise Beirut 

Run Forest Run! 


Too much alcohol will give you Herpes 

DNA in effect 

The Salad Crew 

Nude Trashcan Thrower 

Chevy hurry up! Stop playing with xour Barbies 

"I'!! own you someday you power tripping a-holes" 

Recycle Please 

JCnErm - at least for the sake of the dog 

Ed, the children need you 

A toast to the esteem - take em' down a notch 

Famous last words, "Bababa" 

Hey Rob Goutd! 



The General 

How do I bake a cake? Deino?! '%$ 

PM-S.L.A.R.B.U.J.M.J.F.? - check the upstairs bath 

Window should not have broken 

Stanley Cup- RIP 

R.G. slips out-Jack Tripper breaking the golden rule - CT. 

Two Face Tavcras 

Dream Waits 

Waste brothers, not food 

Chick Magnet 

Tequila Fridays 


Fridays at the Bell 

Friendly neighbors 

Frick n' Frack 

"He blew smoke in my lace" 

BC before & after n' Dflesh 

DHash-"That was Rutgers, this is I^ehigh" 

Bingers on the rool 

Time to retire the boot 

At least we have a rock-damn birds 

Rene, arc vou trving to get me drunk? 

Charlie, just chill 

Shaun turn-; the big one nine 


The Greek tossing furniture tor distance 

Galperins need to relieve 

Goyka goes to camp 


FreeTA'. One Gorgeous Blonde and a hot tub 

Dorf n* Bracky n Gump 

To those we leave behind - "Don't f"#S it up!" - CO.. 

TT. D.R., A.A., D.W.. D.C., S.W.. M.D.. E.S., L.G., 

Q.T.,J.R..R.G., B.C. 

Liuing MM 

Si^ma Chi 

Alpha Rho Chapter 

Welcome to Sigma Chi, where a buffalo herd is only as fast as the slowest buffalo. We seem to keep killing off the slow ones... 
Ray the angry ape, The DWI bike, tailgates & the broken Uhaul window. Picking up the truck & driving it back in 2nd gear with t 
e-brake on, Boyd+Jess+broken furniture = X rated, taking bets on how many of our 'sturdy' chairs will be leh at the end ot the ye 
Derridas interpenetration ofopposites and violent hierarchies, Joey D eating his Guinness, Paintball, lootkill, Letterman, Phantasmagoi 
Capootie and the BlowalloverReid'sbed-fish, Dino + 2 1 st = new bike, The many, many uses for Goldschlager, avoiding Mr. B, Hercul 
Tony's impossible equation. The Magical Sculpture Garden, The Phantom logger, Late night on the balcony, thursday night tournamen 
St. Patty's Day, ski trips, munch fest '97, Blickens fricken grilly grally oh. ..BILLY!, Smells like...french fries?. No smut on the hoi 
computer, Wallace & Gromit, Beach Parry '96, is there a spoon in your room, where is that pesky Quay cup?, WHAT would James 
for an A!?!, Next time I smell that stuff I'm calling the cops, Being BEAT, Wally's house parties (retinal scan, the Terrordome t 
BOMB), Tony and the magic bass tube. Waiting for springtime, killing the buffalo until there are only two retarded ones left, a 
they're riding Dino's roller coaster. And remember.. .Live life sketchy, or don't live at all. 








5P ip ip 

1^ ^' ^^ 


^iiUiui (lU'i 

.LpMi RMO C-iAr 








iCrlnnli Huiufrsitu 




iJ lul 



ill iki 


ill mm 


Liuing MM 

Siamst Nu 

I Chap-ter 

3 legal, 5 illegal, Skidmore, Lake Ontario, UVA, Dr. Giggles, Mr. Push-ups, Smiley, Goose (in the eye?), Death, Holio, Gha-Cl 
Rodriquez, Little Guy, Smitty, 4:20, Monday Afternoon Caps, Hillside, Trail of Donuts, Brunch Every Weekend!!, Black bag, RU, 
NIGHT, "Ho yourself" "They're all special!" Mckeon's Schiltz, Lawlor's psycho women. Blacked out-passed out-puked-on-lying 
the stairwell. On the pool table-over the piano-in the coat room at the formal. Keg of O'Douls. Drink Beam for Sigma Nu. Outdo 
Lybia. Fire alarms/fire crackers (a deadly combination). Dirt Road. Shocker. Party like a Rock Star. Check-out time 1 1 :00 ai 
Lady's Paradise. Chocolate Thunder. Psycho Jen. A guy with an ax. Getting beat-up by his own shoe, jedi Mind Trick. Drinkn 
Olympics. Keg Kill. Scavenger Hunt. Smitty 's wet noodle dance. Porn Star. Z finally graduated. Fork in the head. Fire in the ho 
St. Luke's. Pop tart. Brother Megan. Long live the Grateful Dead. Parr's 13 year old girlfriend. Braveheart night. Freedom! Gi 
yourself Defiant trespassing, Allentown Hospital. Bike ride. $300 junk hippo. '80s Party. Sigma Nu Year. Oktoberfest. Do 
remember Greek Week. Grain Party. Brasso. Homer. Tipsy McStagger. Clink!! Naked Hill SHdes. Rah Rah Room. Riad's hou; 
Team mad Dog. Team Africa. Raise the roof Fungus, lightsabers, X, hookers and hummers. Muffi 

Liuing mXa 

S>\aYY\S( Phi 

Lehigh Chapter 

Mike takes a dive. 

SPOON.. .Back in the day!!...SHUT UP KULHOWVICK...troiuman is dances with epilepsy.. .Who wrote on me, Again?.. .Th 
beer will get you drunk.. .Oh, you're living here too?... I cant walk!...DO WE HAVE A PARTY TONIGHT?...LIGHTS AR 
COOL.. .fashion show.. .BLUE SUEDE GROOVE.. .SOULPATCH-.The Specialist.. .Stop building walls...Pay your social dues 
THORN.. .nigraduate...SP-ER..BSL...GBT 

Mike, Ron, Jay and 
Bob in Vermont. 

LJuing MM 

S>'\QYY\3i Phi Epsilon 

Pennsylvania Epsllon Chap-ter 

Sig Epls Back In Style! 

Roamer=Chugger; Doug. . Just like Snapple, made from the Best Stuff on Earth; Eat the P**ing grasshopper, and shi 
the hell up!; I hate you, I'm sober, I'm leaving; I'd like you to rent Platoon and James & the Giant Peach; Hurt me!; I ecu 
operate heavy machinery; I don't think that was such a good idea; Eckroth, I can't believe you gotta talk to Jeff Mack tonigh 
Ratdesnake Party; What are you, WASTED?; I came up here just to get something and now it's two hours later, what did 
do?; 'Vic, would you give up a testicle to. . .? Krasik: Hell, I'd give up an arm!; We ruined Pete; Is your face peeling off?; Bi: 
Little Demolition Team: Harlow/Slaven; Come here, Chair!; Phil, I think I'm gonna die!; Crazy Straws; I can't believe I ju 
fell asleep for 20 minutes; Don't worry, we have a 60' Winnebago; The one headlight doesn't give it away; Look, it's Fo 
Annex!; BW^Mad Bomber; Oh, we're just playing TV; Into the Mind's Eye; Dave, don't we have a Calc. final tomorro\\ 
HOPR; Stop pushing me!; Relax, drink a beer; So, should I go get tested tomorrow?; I didn't think it would come off tl 
wall; The "P" Award; Luckily the cops were down with our jive; Doug, all natural, baby!; What did you do?; You're out 
control!; And he paid in $2 bills; This is the best four hours of my life!; Chuckey's Dead!!!; BIGHEAD; Here comes lunc 
baby; Bring it; Go get Paul!; Erik, learn to control your bodily functions!; We're bringing out Damage tonight! 

. -J^J 



Sig Ep brothers 
Idoking spiffy for a 
formal ! 

Brotherly love! 

§'iiima yiji iEpiitlnu 







iC r In ij li 11 n t u r r ii i t ii 

!. ^ 

^ J 


Jason and Pete 
relaxing on the 

What a great night 
at cocktails! 

Theta Chi 

3eta Sigma Chapter 

"All right Fred, one more hot dog, but seven is the iiniitl" 

Noah Kroll shows Jason Braun 
and Nader Sohman his Donkey 
Kong impersonation. 

Liuing Rinia 

The"ta Pelta Chi 

Nu Peuteron Chap-ter 

^ ^'"r'^nA'^^- " 



HEAT- Back on the "HILL!" We did it! 

Pig roasts, getting up early for tailgates, Furniture Olympics, Cliff, shiftin' to 4WD, 
being kidnapped, AC, Food Olympics, Bahama Mamas, the club, my stories, Christmas 
Date Party (Sorry Dan), "Apple Turnover Man", lack of food, seven hour drive, to VCU, 
Off-Roading, JOB-SEARCH, Red Roof Inn, bondage party, Mary Jane, Harley (Chick 
Magnet), 1800 acres, DEATH & dead bodies on Friday night, Torps, earrings, Broken 
collarbone, $25,000 tray, Diner at 2 a.m., driving into the supermarket, Anna Mia's, thank 
you. . ., air hockey. . .,— Sex, girls in red convertibles. Size 2, wet-boxer competition, Ten- 
nessee, cheese fries at Phil's, Marx's B-day party. Magic, the Scout and the SCREAMER. 

Ollii^ta Drlta (lllit 

ifmtuiJiuij JFathrra 


19 JL 9r 




Crlitijh Ihtiitrriiitii 



Chillin" at tailgates. 

Roastin" the PIG. 

Liuing MM 

Theta Xi 

Eta Chapter 

Havinc fun at Theta Xi Formal! 

There are many tilings that Theta Xi had to be thankful for this year: Lesbians and kiss your friend, Beirut, tailgates, brunches, stackings, Mardi Gras, South Padre, getting 
weird at Polk Street, Barnabv Cloud, lack of Gay Cliff, C'Mon Eta. Kaiser, Bayou Hill, P.S. We are thankful that Brother Burglar and his $1 5,000 bond made it home from Mardi 
Gras. We are thankful for our senior, under whose leadership and guidance we achieved the level of excellence to which Theta Xi is now accustomed to~Dominic: the king ot 
mediocrity, can we still give Tony a bid, Burton #2, sweet off campus house, 2 coaches, 2 T.A.'s, and a 1 II Portuguese loser— Donnelly: Don Dons, Spud Face, Nancy, "Why dont 
girls like me?", the last living Lehigh virgin-Condela: Lurp, pencil penetration, get Jen's hands out of our pants, diarrhea in the hall, I heard Phi Kaps are better—Psaki: abnormally 
large, optional, red wings, D. Phi or die— Nayor: psvchopathic stalker, 24 hour Colby, 24 hour Hohmann— Glogoza: hot pockets, contagious, still got his box ot cimdoms trom 
sophomore year— Avi: smoke dog, January's pinning parry. South Padre, cut-throat, addict. Knuckle Deep A. S. -Fletcher: sweet lou, pissing on HARVFA', wish I was a Zete, cant 
close deal A.C. & L.K., oil can-Crawford: Fish, The Sir, CRAWDADDY, sameer's "good" friend, 2nd best goalie-Keller: CANDY, POWDFR, sulfcr ass, "very small, sharp teeth", 
pencil package, practically family with Hinton & Quirk— Flood: "she was nice, we had a good time '. Ron's sweet heart, hairy nipples, honorary ACW~Dyner: Lurch, Burglar, 
Squirrel, $1 5,000 bail, "where's mv package"-confi,scated, "That's mv worst."-Vroman: Harke and g.ty love, Connecticut hillbilly, cock-block, Nicole pinned you!. Tufts' loss is our 

And to the rest of the house, to whom the torch is pa.ssed— Lco:"I have a gardnei snake, and 1 need a predator in my pants— Purdy:"You drank a cup of piss for 30 dollars.- 
-R.J.:Bert, girl phone whore, grab ass supreme, electricians, sloppy seconds— Carter:huh?-what?—Dawkins:what can you say- all-state liar, "Aw God Al, they ptii a shirt in my bed , 
sex in public pools, Dawkins & Dabbs=S5,000 betting— Dabbs: 1st ever cut from IX l.M. Football, the hospital is a refuge for cut lacrosse players, Vroman, Flarke, Barber & 
Dawkins— CBASS:get the ferretts out of your ass, Caffrey is either going to boom, go to Atlantic City, or Castle Hill with Zetes, Batcha is the hobbit, "This is my pet dollar. - 
Lafiura:we will never stop the grab ass-Special Esh: "keep beiUj: defmatelv cool-FOR REAL", Fat Scon is an a-sexual man— Dimig:what did you do to Tuohey? "P" on me! 
Congratulations Seniors-Good luck next year — 'FX-DUDE, WE'RE STILL STOMPIN NECK— P.S.-DON'T DRINK THE MILK 

iLUvtix Xt 

Irt P^^' 07 
iCrliiyh Itnttirriiilii 

Liuing mM 


Tau \De\X^3i Chapter 

The Brothers of Zeta Psi. Halloween 1996 

Class of '97 (wishful thinking for sonic):FW:schpl.iu; pcnguuib suck; aiiti-l T device; danugc bill, how's your bud ice. doobie-doobic do; BILL; hey. how you doin"; Bailey die alcoholic; discover)' channel; Road tS: Iracl 
living off your cousin; I would, but COPS is on; good use of hockey equipment; sweet summer internship as a bell boy; do an impression of yourself for once; i would but my knee hiirts... LlTTLE GORILLA ;egt;; Parlina 
surfboard; Parking committee+campus tour guidc=tool; never become a public speakcr-semi-annually; the milkman; Costa nza( can't stand ya); Radar(Mash); The "1 promise a pallet a week" Ireisiircr camp.iign; ') Dogs and tli 
Warrior Rule; Start studying for finals in March; Cohen speaking; Casing Year; Krumpkin; Pad & Beekman got you a bid; George; Haley "been around the" Block; almost lOp.m., better get to bed: get out!... ISSY :oh great!; or in 
better bring up the tp; alls I'm saying : the towel; Re.dly; pass the mayo; Sisian Alley; hilarious, fuimy guy; Major Dad and Perfect Strangers rule; Dean. I'll lay you out on 9^th; Lcnn-it: the late-night kitchen show: blast the pledge 
so excited; slammed the Probe; oh. sorr)' guys; just wanna do the bottle thing?; oh great. Twee, Bakes, and I^ne-O arc sleeping OC again; the eating machine; IT; creative chug legend; should have gone pro if my knees didnt bii 
it; going home for your guys' holiday?; I'm spent.. ..TWEE:twee-bits; youVe batd(ing); simpleton; motorcycle accidents; no finger-nails; Mel-idiot: Sgt. joe Cotrair; hands-feet; CEO at Going Greek; Andi-lem.ile version of vou: nw 
that you're gone, they can cut saltines out of the budgct!.. LANE-0 whatever; I w,int to; so why don't you; uh what; Becker; shut up. shady; my brother, who went (o Colgate, told mc; Blane: shouldn't have slept through Ireshtna 
year; Squatting in '08; Waldo: vacationing w/Jody; Death bed; s-weet dancing moves. Lanc-O; finally a second semester sophomore; the X-man; Lane's father's son; the real Jamaican wet willy;.. . BAKEO iRipper's son; Supei-/cii 
Maryland rules; rooming w/Lane In '98; I work at the Goose; Where's Lauri?(pronounced as only you can); rip down the fridge; sweet toes, buy some socks; Discovery Channel: Learn how to say keg; Cohen's favorite student; Lu 
stud; cool; uh. what?; Blue-chucks; Sir Stink-eo; after 3 years of trying, Wendy finally bought it; oh sorr\', sensitive guy; Jenkins- wanna be; Bakes/Koch-Pong Champs '93; The Real Captain!.. PlNES rSwcet voice; pick-up your fee 
turkey w/letttice. onion, and a peach snapple; shotgun; do vou have mustard?; I can fit your car in my pocket: 3 year loser, senior-year stud; check-it-ofl'; Is that fat free?; coolest dork I know; Ira; new bag. must be a hat night; ni 
I think I'm gonna go to the gym; done with school-work afier freshman year; traded in goalie gloves for the devil; chat streak can't hide the baldness; You like American music: Do you have any healthy alternatives?; Irips i 
Issyland... P£AR-BU'IT :Mr. l^high didn't work out as planned; Vinny LX'Ipino; Jersey Cheese and the Zcies librar\ : who mixed up my shirts?; "Zete of the Year"; the ladies: better-off dead, the alien, and the red scare: yon gonr 
work for your dad; let me anabrK: what is going on in here; weekly trip to Texaco and the hospital; girl's basketball r.ulio announcer: "This house meeting will be shon. I only have a few things to say"; Face-it. Shari & Jill dumpc 
you; I did play l^zhigh hoops for 2 days!; I can rap: 42 Interviews and still no job; broke your nail on a 5 ib. weight: Do \ou knuu .ibcuit .uiything besides sports?; "Steve. I'm not sleeping yet": The Mayor; Karaoke parties: you re n( 
the president anymore; I don't care. .. DEAN! BELLINI : aren't you like 26; L.D.; toothic; hey gu\s; the red taurus; what's with the lisp?; whatever dude, you're in Zetes; at least Mittendorf hooked up in your bed last year; Phil. Dylai 
and Ilya lover; Hello, Wcincr; hey, nn; Ripper s nephew; old school pong; red shirt: you spctii S 10.000 and York still got T.B... GL'PPI :Mar>'land lax; the gov't knows all; Man,' who?; this never would have happened ifl was treasure 
you will lose; 5 th year lax tool: rip the dog: are you still with Dawn?; Geppi.get out-Crow. . HODADDY : loey Lawrence; 1 knm\ I '.ids; LisaGlazer, a litde over-aggressive with the ladies: the Lion King; good use of the niouiii.iin biki 
Tan Kappa Phi. T. Burke; swcot formal dates: king of trends; tanning salon and a smooth chest: Presidem nl the losers club: Bmssels; Buz7 impressions: from leather to J. Crew, but always chee.sey... I HE THIEF :sure you re yd 
driving JK home?: shadiest guy in Zetes histor)'; Mr. Intramurals: food fight starter; fix it, order it, then steal ii!: Levine and the formal fiasco; HUNT: Your parents; baggage; .^hby Line is still your claim to tame; 3- Point; Whydyo 
pledge an>'way?; We called your parents and Koski; StaJr-divingon Halloween '93; this is your loving boyfriend; I did your laundr)' just because; mustard sandwiches; put it in the pocket; fat Kathy; NASCAR and Ricky Rudd: \'nui 
a redneck, hick. Some final thoughts: thanks tor the Rip-offs, Rjpper; Lane's dad(who no one ever got the last word in on); Glo; Bill; Gabby; Sunny; Paulfs hair; Drew Bauer; AJ and his many services; gripes: Tmt Ktfppii Phi. f YO 
tiin't it great to be a Zete — later! 

Class of 97 at the 
Zetes Formal 

Hrta Pat 


19 ^ 


ICrhtyh Itniiu'riiilii 




afajftEW UiTTE"\DOWF 

>;'jH£ft tEKEMYv 

Seniors enjoying 
their days at Zetes. 

Brothers hanging 
out in the house. 

Living HOlOl 

A student walks through the quad between the 
ZoeUner Arts Center and the Raueh Business Center. 


Top to 


Lindsa> Vaughan. Heather Hoag. 



Sara Lindgren, Courtney Albert and 

Courtney Wrig 

ht celebrate their first weekend back at 



^1 ^^^^1 

1^^^^^^^ The Easter Bunny 
^mH^H^ entertains some local 

B^ JHII children at ThetaChi's 
K^-^^^ annual Easter Egg Hunt 


'^ .^^ 


Tim Shotmeyer prepares some bread at "Luigi Fiji." 

lese students are finally putting the skills they learned in wood shop to good use. 

Clockwise From Top: Sue 
Straub. Traci Douma, Eleni 
Andriolatos. Kelly Stelsing, 
Kristin Schubert and Megan 
Stout celebrate Lehigh/ 

Liuing SEUI 

Chris Stuzynski helps some children decorate 
eggs al the Theta Chi Easter Eszu Hunt. 

Jen Posze tries to get Mike Hallowell's attention, but he is 
hypnotized by the camera. 

Carrie Gallaway and 
Tony Maglia relax 
after a long week. 

Vlo Lee relaxes during a warm spring night. 

Irina Gaiinsi^y and Emily Busch at the Alpha Phi date party. 

Mike D'Ambrosio and Dan Zaixilli are cauaht from above. 

John Jasaitis 
and Tom 
Sennett take a 
minute to pose 
for the camera 
at "Luigi Fiji." 

Liumg MM 





ittp: //www. lehigh. edu/ epitome /seniors .html 

Uhat's Neiii ? lUhat's Cool ? Destinations Net Search 



Top: Lehigh natives feeling right at hi)me. 
Bottom: Emily Busch and Peter Sorkin at the 

Alpha Phi date party. 




Rfter four years of hearing 
our elders lecture on houj quickly 
college goes by, me are nouj leau- 
ing. Rs we go, me find ourselues 
telling those youngerthan us horn 
quickly our omn time at Lehigh 
passed, and mondering mhere the 
time ment. 

It seems like only a short 
time ago me mere graduating 
from high school and imagining 
mhat Lehigh had in store for us. 
Nom me haue experienced it. Our 
time as undergraduates has come 
to an end. 

ILJe are off to nem Hues, 
chasing our dreams and finding 
our may in the morld. Though our 
paths nom separate and oureyes 
seem to look only to the future, 
in the years ahead me mill look 
back upon our shared time at Le- 
high; feeling a gentle tug on our 
hearts that drams us back to the 
days mhen me discouered all the 
morld had to offer us, and all me 
had to offer the morld. 

For nom, though, the morld 
is ours. The future lies inuitingly 
before us, beckoning us euer on- 
mard. ILJe haue a fresh start to 
make, one mhich me can embrace 
mith hope and confidence, hauing 
faith in our ability to make the 
morld a little better than mhen it 
mas giuen to us. Just as me made 
Lehigh a little better than it mas 
mhen giuen to us. 

Seniors a0g| 


-■^ — 

fi V ^H 



^|> --.- 

H^ ^^B 

^^^^^ ^^^ 




Jenn Gianni and James Condela: all dressed up and lunvheie to go! 

Matching: (30 points) 

Match the Phone Numbers Most Often 

Found on Lehigh Students' Speed Dials 

to Their Corresponding Institutions. 

A) 758-6397 

B) 861-0440 

C) 867-0507 

D) 758-6666 

E) *5 

F) 867-5309 

1 ) Lehigh Valley Ski Report (al<a 758-NEWS) 

2) Sun Studio Tanning Salon 

3) JENNY ('805 pop hit) 

4) In-house voice mail 

5) Domino's Pizza 

6) Off-campus voice mail (aka 758-EVIL) 

Stephanie Lauren Abrams 

Adam Jay Ackerman 

Courtney A. Albert 

Vincent T. Alfieri 

H. BroLkmaii Anderson Rob\ n Michelle Anderson 

A\ slia Aslani 

Cann Elaine Aulenbach 


Michael K. Ade 

William Raymond Adelheim 

Levent Akgerman 

^' iii-". '^iIm ^T^ 

Kristin Ambrosio 

Nicole Marie Amico 

Kirsten Amorina Anderer 

Marlene Motoko Ando 

Eleni Andriolatos 

Jason S. Andruchowitz 

Zristina De Michele Avolese 

Robert Badenoch 

Seth Baerson 

Stephanie Lauren Abrams Port Washington, NY. INychology. 

Adam Jay Ackerman Jackson, Nj. Molecular Biolog^'. Signu Alpha Mu, 
C'andidate Educator and Recorder; Jazz Band; jazz Ensemble. 

Michael K. Ade Collcgeville. PA. Materials Science and Engineering, Rotaract; 
huramurals: Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Sigma Mu; Presidential Schokir; 
Hean's Lisi. 

Wiiham Raymond Adelhctm CliKton Heighcs, PA. Materials Science and 
Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsiion; Student Materials Society; Eugene Mero,', Jr, 

I cvcni Akgerman Furke)-. hidustrial Engineering. Student Senate. Assignment 
Recognition Committee, Publicit)' Committee; International Lyceum; Alpha Pi 
Mu: Dean's List. 

Courtney A. Albert Newton, NJ. Finance. Kappa Alpha Theta, House 
Manager, Archivist; Panhellenic Council. Rush C^ounselor; Eiterac)- Corps, 

Vincent T, Al fieri East Sctauket. NY. English. "Tyrone Laces" Rock Group. 

Kristin Ambrosio Sayreville, NJ, Psychology. 

Nicole Marie Amico Saddle River. Nj. History. Journalism Minor. 

Kirsten Amorina Anderer Frederick. MD. Civil Engineering diMi Environmen- 
tal Engineering. Varsity Cross-Co untrj': Running C^luh; American Society of 
C_"ivil Engineers. Secretary; University Committee on L^iscipline: Late Night at 
1 ehigh; (!)micron Delta Kappa; Chi Epsiion. 

H. Brockman Anderson Dayton. OH. History. Totrr Guide; Beta Theta Pi, 
Ireasurer; Student Ambassador; Interfratcrnity Council, Rush Advisor; 
R.iccjuelhall Club. 

Robyn Michelle Anderson Brooklyn, NY. Psychology. Alpha Gamma Delta. 
Photography Chairperson, Philajithropy Committee. Social Committee; Psi Chi; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Who's Who Among American College and University 
Students; Dean's List. 

Marlene Motoko Ando Ridgewood. NJ. Asian Studies. International Relations 
Mmut- Asian Cultural Society; Mustard Seeds Christian Fellov^-ship. 

Eleni Andriolatos Watertown, MA. Biology. Biology Club, President; Varsity 
Indtiur and Outdoor Track and Field: Freshman Orientation StafF. 

Jason S. Andruchowitz Old Bridge, NJ. Materials Science and Engineering. 
SiLident Materials Society; Sigma Phi Epsiion. 

Aysha Aslam Cressona. PA. Finance. Marketing Club; Asian Cultural Society; 
Investment Club, 

Caryn Elaine Aulenbach Medvvay, MA. Mechanical Engineering, Varsity 
Vnllc\ball: Rugby Club; COACH; Society of Women Engineers. 

Crisiina De Michele Avolese Plandome, NY. Psychology. Biology Minor. 
Choral Union; Varsity Cross-Counrry; Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track and 
Field; Varsit)' Cheerleader; Freshman Orientation Staff; Student Ambassador; 
Who's Wh<:) Among American College and Lhiiversin' Students. 

Robert Badenoch Morristown, NJ. English. Architecture Minor. L^niversity 
ProduLtiuns; Lehigh L'nivcrsit)' Stiund, Co-founder; 'Lheatrc. Sound and Lighting 
Design and Production. 

Seth Baerson Framingham. MA. Finance. Delta Tau Delta. 

Seniors g|g]f| 

Tann Baff 

Ashford Cameron Bahrenburg Benjamin Daniel Baker 

David J. Baker 

Denise Frances Barone 

Beth Barrett 

Jennifer Anne Basciano 

Michael A. Bearmore 

James Bradley Baker 

Kerri Dawn Beck 

Amy Mikitka can't believe the questions she gets behind the U.C. Front Desk. 

Sherri Beth Binstock Heather Arlene Blackburn 


Lani Balch 

Pablo 1. Balzola 

Lara Becker 

Anne Ross Beckwith 

Heather Sheryl Berhoff 

SarniKsilui Blioumik 

Anne M. Banas 

Laura Elizabeth Beine 

Vaughn Bigelow 

Michael John Black^ell 

Craig Blizard 

Nora Ellen Bown 

Taryn Baff New York, NY. Psychology, Communicdnon and French Minor. 
'Tutor; Alpha Phi, Steward; Senior Class Gift: Cimpiiign: Prcsidentiii Scholar; Phi 
Fxi.i K.ifipj; Psi Chi; Dean's List. 

Ashford Cameron Bahrenburg Rve> NY. Journalism. Communication Minor. 
V''arsiiv Swimming and [)iviiig, Captain: Student-Athlete Council; (jamma Phi 
Beta; The Brt.)wii and White; Senior Class Gift Campaign: Whos ^X'l1o Among 
American CA>llege and Universit)' Students. 

Benjamin Daniel Baker North Catasauqua. PA, Mechanical Engineering. 
AmtriLaii Sncien ofMechanical Engineers. 

David J. Baker North Bergen. Nj. Electrical Engineering. Ski Team; Mountain 
Hiking Cluh; The Brown and NX'^itc, Photo Editor; Sherman Fairchild Scholar; 
Zcta Psi C.iood Scholar Candidate. 

James Bradley Baker Fallston, MD. Internarional Careers. 

L,iuii Balch (,)ak P.irk, II,. Electrical Engineering. Tae Kwon Do Club; Institute 
of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta 

Pablo I. Balzola Madrid, Spain. Electrical Engineering. 

Anne M. Banas West Seneca, NY. English. Writing and Philosophy Minors. 
Orchestra: Wind Ensemble; Amaranth; Sigma Tau Delta; Baker Scholar; English 
Departmental Honors: Published Poetry; Dean's List, 

Denise Frances Barone Hopatcong, NJ. Biology 

Beth Barrett Roonton Township, NJ. Science Writing. 

Jennifer Anne Basciano Earmington, CT. Political Science. International 
Relations .Minor. yVipha Gamma Delta; Universit)' Committee on Discipline; 
Ercshnien Orientation Staff: World Affairs Club: Phi Eta Sigma. 

Michael A. Bearmore Seaside Park, NJ. Civil Engineering. Economics Minor. 

Chi Phi, President, Vice President. Rush Chairperson; Interfratcrniry Council, 
IVotirammine Chairperson; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon: Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Kerri Dawn Beck Bowmanstown. PA. Industrial Engineering. Institute of 
Industrial Engineers, Vice President; Incramurals. 

l^ra Becker Howell, NJ. English. Spanish and Communication Minors. 
Kappa Alpha Thcta, Vice President of Development, Panhel Delegate; 
Panhellenic Councd, Rush Couiiselor: Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta 
Delta; Order of Omega; Who's \XTio Among American College and Universit>' 
Students; Martindale Center Student As,sociace. 

Anne Ross Beckwith Wilmette, IL. Psychology. y\lpha Phi; Study Abroad. 
Australia; L^ean's List. 

Laura Elizabeth Beine Medford, NJ. Psychology. Cjamma Phi Beta, 
Corresponding Secretary; Psi Chi. 

Kelly Ann Benham Stratford, CT, Chemical Engineering. 

John £. Bennett. Jr. Asbury Park, NJ. Sociology'. Education Minor. Black 
Students Union, Treasurer; Sociery for Togetherness of Ebony Men; STAR Tutor; 
Roys and Girls Club. Tutor; Debra K. Brown Award; Wlio's Who Among 
American College and University Students; Zeta Psi Good Scholar Candidate; 
Dean's List. 

Heather Sheryl Berhoff Highland Park, IL. Marketing. Alpha Phi, Treasurer; 
Study Abroad, Australia; International Partners: Dean's List. 

Sarmistha Bhoumik Forest Hills, NY. Molecular Biolog)'-. Gr)'phon Sociery: 
Indian Students .Association. Secretary: Asian Cultural Sociec)'; International 
Partners; Phi Beta Kappa; College Scholar; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Omicron Delta 

Vaughn Bigelow Longniont, CO. Civil Engineering and Social Relations. 
VjrsiE\' Swimming and Diving. 

Sherri Beth Binstock D\x Hills, NY. Behavioral Neuroscience. Jewish Studies 
Minor. Alpha Chi Omega. Assistant Fundraiser, Standards Representative, 
Assistant Steward; Greek Peer Educator, 

Heather Arlene Blackburn Harleysville. PA. Political Science. Economics and 
Education Minors. Varsity Cross-Country; Varsit)' Indoor and Ourdoor Track 
and Field, Captain; Discipllnar)' Appeals Committee; Patriot League Scholar; 
Academic Ail-American, Cross-Countr\'; Dean's List. 

Michael John Blackwell Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Materials Science and 
Engineering. Student Materials Socien,', President: Delta Tau Delta. Vice 
President; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Craig Biiiard New Hope, PA. Industrial Engineering. Economics Minor. 
Gryphon Socierv", President. 

Nora Ellen Bown Cheshire, CT. Psychology. Psi Chi. Secretary: Deans List. 

Seniors S£]g| 

Say not. "I have found the path of the sou!."' Say rather. ""I have met the soul wi 
upon my path." -- Kahlil Gibran 

Pamela E. Bruen 

Heather L. Bnce 

Liza Queyrel Bundesen 

Joshua Burwick 

Emily Dora Biisch 

Alexander Butler 

Michael Frank Buttino 


Andrew Brannon 

Jason Charles Bross 

Jeremy David Buck 

David Bradley Bux 

Marc David Breidenbach 

Christopher R. Brown 

Jonathan Buckner 

Natahe Ann Bresier 


HI i-> « 

Jennifer Tracy Brown 

Sharon Stacy Bucko 

Stephen James Byatt 

James P. Byrnes 

Gregon' Andrew Boye Mfdturd Lakes, N]. Chemical F.n[;inccrJn<!;. Phi 
Gamma Delt.i, Ireasurer, Chairperson; Varsir)' Baseball; InicrFraterniiy 
Council. Rush Advisor; Siudent Ambassador; COACH. 

Daniel P. Braddick LcvJrtown, NY. Accounting. Accouniint^ Club: Best 
Buddies; Rugby Club. 

Andrew Brannon Savannah, GA. Mechanical Engineering. 

Marc David Breidenbach Bethlehem, PA. Civil Engineering. 

Natalie Ann Bresier Reading, PA. Industrial Engineering. Science Writing 
Mmor. STAR Tutor; Society ot Industrial Engineers; lacocca Scholar; Tau Beta 
Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

Christopher J. Brezski Collegeville, PA. Accounting. Phi Gamma Delta; Rugby 

Club, President, 

Michael Dwan Brickley Edison, NJ. Finance. Theta Chi, Vice President, Rush 
Chairperson; Investment Club. 

Jason Charles Bross Mamaroneck, NY. Finance and Marketing. Greek Peer 
Educator, Chairperson; Phi Kappa Theta, Treasurer, Scholarship Chairperson, 
PRIDE Chairperson; Order oS Omega; Deans List. 

Christopher R. Brown Lebanon, PA. Civil Engineering. American Society of 
Civil Engineers: National Society of Professional Engineers; American Water 
Resources Association. 

Jennifer Tracy Brown Aurora, CO. Behavioral Neuroscience. American 
Literature Minor. Alpha Gamma Delta, Panhel Delegate, Personal Development 
Coordinator; Epitome SiafT, Features Editor, Managing Editor; Panhellenic 
Council, Communir\' Relations Chair, Rush Counselor; Omicron Delta Kappa; 
Alpha Epsilon Delta; Who's XXlio Among American College and University 
Students; Dean's List. 

Pamela E. Bruen Bangot, PA. Chemical Engineering. American Institute of 
Chemical Engineers, Vice President; Literacy Corps; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Heather L. Bryce Frammgham, MA. Accounting. Spanish Minor. Freshman 
Orientation Staff: Accounting Club; Dean's List. 

Jeremy David Buck Chatham, MA. Science, Technology and Sociec)'. 

Jonathan Buckner Cheshire, CT. Accounting. Sigma Nu, Treasurer. 

Sharon Stacy Bucko Wall, NJ. Finance. Gamma Phi Beta. 

Liza QuejTel Bundesen Wilmington. DE. Molecular Biolog)'. Psychology 
Minor. STAR Tutor; Wme Club; The Lehigh Review; Dean's List. 

Joshua Burwick Worcester, MA. Finance. East Asian Studies Minor. Lambda 
Chi Alpha: Beta Gamma Sigma. 

Emily Dora Busch BrJdgewater. NJ. Journalism and English. The Brown and 

White; Alpha Phi. 

Alexander Butler L'nion, NJ. Computer Science. Theatre Minor. Association 
lor C](.)mputing Machinen.'; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; 
Philosophy Club, Vice President; Mustard and Cheese Drama Society; Chess 

Michael Frank Buttino Paramus. NJ. Mechanical Engineering. Law and Legal 
Institutions Minor, Beta Theta Pi, President, Intratnurals Manager. 

David Bradley Bux lenkintown, PA. LVban Studies. Kappa Sigma. 

Stephen James Byatt Amherst, NH. Geolog)'. Ski Te;mi; Rugby Club. 

James P. Byrnes Manhassct, NY. Civil Engineering. Student Investment Club. 
Secretary; American Socier,' of Civil Engineers. 

Seniors ^0111 

Lehigh Administrative Offices 
That Make Us Sleep Better... 

(simply because we know they are there.) 

1 ) Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat 

(758-4522, fax) 

2) Lehigh Phobia Program- conveniently located 
on the first floor of 440 Brodhead Ave. for those 
with a fear of heights. 

3) Ben Franklin Technology Center- for the 
serious kite flyer looWng for the ultimate thrill. 

4) Bored of Trustees? (758-3178) 

5) Center for Advanced Technology for Large 
Structural Systems (758 5553, fax) 

6) Distance Education- providing equal 
opportunities for the near-sighted. (758-6210) 

7) Microwave Device Laboratory- aka kitchen. 

8) College of Education- the school of 
redundency school. (758-3225) 

9) Youth Apprenticeship Program- for anyone 
desiring to sell themselves to a bladcsmith, printer 
or tailor. (758-5222) 

1 0) Mustard and Cheese Drama Society- for the 
many hungry thespians at Lehigh. (758-3640) 

Joseph Michael Cackowski 

Erin Marie Call.ihan 

Angela Cangiano 

Shan Elizabeth Cantrell 



Jennifer K. Callahan 

Patrick E. Carey 

Huddling together at the Lehigh/Lal'ayette game. 

Allan Charles 

Kathleen N. Chase 


William David Camp 

Patrick M. Campbell, Jr. 

Todd Carlson 

Michael Dennis Casciano 

Mona Chadha 

Edward Hsiu-Fan Chang 

Alison Checkoff 

Yen-Chieh Chen 

Danielle Campisi 

Richard A. Cavalla 

Alix Charles, Jr. 

Steven G. Cherep 

Joseph Michatl Cackowski Orcxcl Hill, PA, GovcrnniL'nt. African American 
Studies and History Minors. Progrtssivc Student Alliance, 

Erin Marie Callahan New Hartford. NY. English. Science Wriring Minor. 
V-irsit)' Soccer; The Brown and White; l-^pirome Staff. 

Jennifer K. Callahan West Yorkshire, England. Marketing. Riissi:in Minut 
Ice Hockey Club; Gamma Phi Beta, Philanthropy Chairperson, t.)fi-Cain}Kii 
Relations Chairperson. 

William David Camp Dallas, PA, Electrical Engineering. 

Patrick M. Campbell, Jr. IVnnsauken, Nl. Mathematics and I'licatre. 
Education Minor. Gryphon St)ciei\'; Mustard and (Cheese Drama Society, 
Secretary, President; Alpha Phi Omega; STAR Tutor; Tour Guide; Math Club, 
Co-Pre.sident; Omicron Delta Kappa: William's Prize, Theatre; Who's Who 
Atnong American College and LlEiiversity Students; National Dean's List. 

Danielle Campisi White Plains, NY. Accounting, Japanese Minor. 
Accounting Club; Student Ambassadot; Beta Alpha Psi. 

Angela Cangiano H.urison, NY. Bio!og>', Alpha Phi. 

Shan Elizabeth Cancrell Walpole, MA. Psycholog)'. Education Minor. Study 
Abroad. Australia; Alpha Oniicron Pi, Chapter Relations Chairperson; 
Panhellcnic Council, Rush Counselor; Greek Peer Educator; Psi Chi; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Patrick E. Carey Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, Materials Science and Engincermg. 
Manufacturing Systems Engineering Minor. Chi Phi, Vice President, House 
Manager, Steward. lnrr,Hiiurals; Wl.VR. 

Todd Carlson Lake View, NY. Industrial Engineering. Rugby Club; Delta 
L'psilon; Institute of Industrial Engineers; Alpha Pi Mu. 

Michael Dennis Casciano Hellertown, PA. Molecular Biolog)'. Varsit)' 
Baseball; Kappa Sigma, Rush Chairperson. Social Chairperson. Pledge 
Educator; Greek Peer Educator. 

Richard A. Cavalla Edison. NJ. Computer Engineering. Phiio.sophy Club. 
President; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Vice Chairperson; 
Tau Beta Pi; Eca Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Louis Matthew Centolella III Fayetteville. NY. Finance. Delta Phi. 

Monica Cercone Conway, PA. Government. Religion Minor. Alpha Phi 
Omega; College Republicans; Lehigh for Liie. Treasurer; Semester in 
Washington; Dean's List. 

Mona Chadha Framingham, MA. Chemical Engineering. Asian Cultiuai 
Society, Vice President; Indian Students Association; Society of Women 
Engineers; American Institute ot Chemical Engineers. 

Edward Hsiu-Fan Chang Taiwan, Republic ol China. Architecture and Civil 
Fjigineering. I ehigh F.ngineering Center; Asian Cultural Society; Tau Beta Pi; 
Phi Beta Delta; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Ali,\ Charles, Jr. Wake Forest, NC. Mechanical Engineering. Science, 
Technology and Societ)' Minor. Varsity Soccer; Black Students Union; 
Academic Achievement Award. 

Allan Charles Wake Forest, NC. Mechanical Engineering. Science, lechnology 
and Society Minor. Varsity Soccer; Black Students L'nion; Most Valuable Pla)-cr, 
Sfjccer; Unsung Hero Award, Soccer; Academic All American, Soccer. 

Kathleen N. Chase Fairfield, CT. Industrial Engineering. Industrial 
Engineering Council; Institute of Industrial Engineers, President; Engineering 
Solutions, President; Phi Eta Sigm.!; Tau Beta Pi: L>c.m"s list. 

Alison Checkoff Huntingdon Vallev, PA. Journalism. Communication Minor, 
Alpha Phi; Public Relations Student Society of American; The Brown dmi 

Yen-Chieh Chen Taiwan. Industrial Engineering. Chinese Culture Club, 
PubiiLation Chairperson, Communication Chairperson; Turor; Asian Cultural 
Societv; Dean's List. 

Steven G. Cherep L^ppcr Montclair. NJ. Journalism. Science Writing Minor. 
Pi Kappa Alpha; Ski Team; Soccer Club; Student Ambassador; The Brown ;ind 

Seniors 001^ 

Matthew Adam Chervin 


David John Chiaverini 

Courtney Therese Chipman Brian D. Chiskowski 

Adam Cina 

Charles Peter Ciolino 1 

Heather Marie Ciuryla 


■ B ' ^."'-^^ 



- -^J 



-- ^ 

• -— ^i 













■r: ^.^^^ 


Andrew Clark 

Lysa J. Chizmadia 

Jeremy David Coleiio 

Kim Haas, busy editing an article lor The Brown and White, spares a seconil to iiave her 
picture taken--but only a second as she is hard at work. 

Jason Cook 

John Philip Coblentz 

James Roherl Condela 

Joy Cooper 


Gregory T. Chludzinski 

Toby Aaron Church 

Michelle Mary Cochran 

Brett Allen Cohen 

Justin Bonnefond Connell 

Melissa Ann Conti 

Jerome D. Cossel, Jr. 

Bret Warren Coupland 

Amy Ciesielka 

Victor Todd Cohen 

Mara L. Conzo 

Brian Patrick Coyle 

Matthew Adam Chervin Roslyn.NY. Psychology, Phi Kappa Theta, RLXording 

Secretary, Sergeaiii at Arms. 

David John Chiaverini Warwick. Rl. Finance. Sigma Alpha Mu; Investment 

( liib; LfnivciMty Productions. 

Courtney Ther^se Chipman Riegelsville, PA. Iniernationai ReKitions. Political 
Science Minor. World Affairs Club; College Republicans: Transfer Student 

Brian D. Chiskowski Lake Ariel, PA, Computer Engineering. Institute of 
McLtiicjl and Electronic Engineers, Vice Chairperson, Publicic)' Chairperson; 
I'Li Kappa Nu, Secretar\'; Honor Graduate. 

I-ysa J. Chizmadia ,San Diego, CA. Materials Science and Engineering and 
(ieoiogical Science. American Society for Metals; Minerals, Metals and Materials 
SocIlH'; Socict\' of Automotive Engineers. Vice President, Secrctar\'; Society of 
N^'nnien Engineers, Secretaiy; Freshman Orientation Staff; IdLOLca SLhoLir; 
Kodak SchitLir. 

Gregory T. Chludzinski East Brunswick, Nj. Finance. Philosophy Minor. 
Wind Enseniblc: laz/. Ensemble. 

Toby Aaron Church Northport, Ml, Earth and Environmental Science. 

Amy Ciesielka North Wales- PA, Environmental Science. Guitar Ensemble; 
Earth and Environmental Science Club. 

Adam Cina Weston, CT. Finance. Alpha Sigma Phi; Gryphon Societ}'; 
F!ntreprencurship Award, 

Charles Peter Ciolino II Ramsey, NJ. Behavioral Neuroscience. Philosophy 
and Psycholog)' Minor. Student Ambassador; Tour Guide: Alpha Epsilon Delta; 

Omicron Delta Kappa; Dean's List. 

Heather Marie Ciuryla West Kingston, RL Geology. Crew Club: Rugby Club; 
Earth and Environmental Science C{\ih. 

Andrew Clark North Stratford, NH. Civil Engineering. American Society of 
Civ']] Engineers; Aikido Club; Roller Hockev Club, 

John Philip Coblentz III Upper Saddle River. NJ. Industrial Engineering. Chi 
Phi, Social Chairperson. Rush Chairperson, Steward: Rugby Club; Interfrater- 
nity Council, Judicial Committee; Lehigh Engineering Center, Board Member; 
Amnest}- International: Institute of Industrial Engineers; Philosoph)- Club; Phi 
F^ta Sigma. 

Michelle Mary Cochran Levittown. PA, Psychology. Biology Minor. Rugby 
Club. President, Captain; Psi Chi; Dean's List. 

Brett Allen Cohen Melville, NN'. Finance. Sigma Alpha Mu. Steward, 
(~ommunit)' Service Chairperson: Intramurals; Investment Club, Secretary; 
(_ireenlinc Investment Challenge; Volunteer; Habitat for Humanit)'; Literacy 
Corps; Pediatric Aids, Fund Raiser; L")ean's List, 

Victor Todd Cohen Paramus. NJ. Finance, International Relations Minor. 
Accounting Club; International Relations Club; Investment Club. 

Jeremy David Colello Muldlciown, DF_. Civil Engineering. Gryphon Socier\'; 
WTVR, Sports Director; C^hi Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa; Martindale Center 
Student Associate. 

James Robert Condela Levittown, NY. Mechanical Engineering, Economics 
Minor. Theta Xi; American Society oi Mechanical Engineers; Tau Beta Pi. 

Justin Bonnefond Connell East Windsor, NJ. Environmental Science. Sigma 
C_hi: WLVR; Earth and Environmental Science Club. 

Melissa Ann Conti Allendale. NJ. Accounting. Accounting Club; Executive 
Tour Guide: Oxfam; Literacy Corps; Freshman Orientation Staff; Student 

Mara L. Conzo Middletown, NJ. Finance and Marketing. Psycholog)' Minor. 
Delta Gamma, Vice President of Pledge Education, Honor Board Member: 
Panhellenic Council, Judicial Board; Deans List. 

Jason Cook Carbondale, PA. Computer Science. Ski Team; Racquetball CJub; 
Dean's List. 

Joy Cooper Secane, PA. Social Relations. Public Relations Minor, Gamm;i Phi 
Beta, President; Panhellenic Council. Vice President; Public Relations Student 
S()cier\ o{ America; Student Ambassador; Sophomore Class Officer; Student Lile 
C ontiihution Award. 

Jerome D. Cossel. Jr. King of Prussia, PA. Histor)'. Classics and Government 
Minors. Psi Upsilon; Phi Alpha Ehcta. 

Bret Warren Coupland Wayne, PA. Finance. Biology Minor. Rugby Club; Pi 
Lambda Phi; Investment Club. 

Brian Patrick Coyle Yardley, PA. Computer Science. Science, Technologv and 
Socierv Minor Theta Chi, President. 

Seniors gfTI^ 

Tainara M. Cozzi 

Brian C'ullcn ( rawtord 



Mandana Mohebbi. Carrie Hubbell and Jodi Mandarino making tailgates memories 

Corie Leigh Cutler 

Jennifer Daily 

Alicia Derna D'Angelo 

Diane Arlene Daniels 

Craig Benjamin Darling 

Gerard David Dar\ille 

Eric Palmer Davis 

Huston M. Dawson 

Holly Lynn Deak 

Moira Elizabeth Deakin 

Cheryl Dede 

Jeffrey DeFazio 


David Crawford 

Henry D'Alberto 

John Foster Davis 

Michael Cruz 

Andrew Banta Dalzell 

Laura Davis 

Karen M. DeKeukelaere 

Matthew Jon DeMarco 

Virginia Lee Cutaio 

Tetsushi Dan 

Matthew R. Davis 

Michelle Kathleen DeMooy 

Tamara M. Cozzi Cjlcnoldcn, PA. Marketing. 

Brian Ciillen Crawford Ruck\'ille, MD. Government and Histon'. V'jrsity 
L.icrossf. C";ipt.Tin: Theia Xi, Rush t^hairperson. Secretary. 

David Crawford Red Bank, Nj. I'inancc. AJplia Chi RliiO, Sergeant-at-Arms; 
Adopi-a-School; Senior Class Gift C.impaign. 

Michael Cruz Pcnnsauken, NJ. Industrial Engineering. Delta Tau Delta; 

Soc!ct\ of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Treasurer; SALSA; Big Brother/Big 
SiMer Program; Deans List. 

Virginia Lee Cutaio Brick, N]. Biolog)- and Psycholog)'. Sailing Club; Crew 


Corie Leigh Curler Fort Washington, PA. Government. Alpha Phi; Epitome 

Sraft"; Public Rclacions Student Socicn,' ot America; Senior Class Gift Campaign: 
Dean <<\ ^tiuLius Award; Government Departmental Honors; Who's Who 
Among AmcrKan College and University Studencs; Dean's List, 

Jennifer Daily Pittsburgh, PA. Accounting. French Minor. Tour Guide; Alplia 
t_^hi (Jmega; Student Ambassador; Panhellcnic Council, Rush Counselor; Fauck 
Scholar; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Beta Delta. 

Henr)' D'Alberto Easton, PA. Finance. Varslt)' Golf, Captain; Kappa Alpha 

Andrew Banta Dalzell Wheeling, 'WX-'. Architecture. Phi Kappa Theta: Ice 
Hockey Club; Crew Club. 

Tetsushi Dan R)'e, NY. Finance. French Minor. Psi Upsilon. Treasurer, 
Academic Chairperson; Anime Club, Treasurer; Asian Cultural Socier\'; STAR 

Alicia Derna D'Angelo Ridgcvvood, N|. Government and History. Delta 
(iamma. Vice President Pledge Education, Honor Board, Senior Programming 
l,^hairperson; Dean's List. 

Diane Arlene Daniels Bethlehem. PA. Biology. University Choir; Delta Zera. 

Craig Benjamin Darling Burlingame, CA. International Business. Zeta Psi, 
Academic Chairperson, treasurer. Public Relations Chairperson, 2^ta Psi Good 
Scholar Chairperson: Fracernit)- Management Association; Tour Guide. 

Gerard David Darvilte Deadman's Cay, Long Island. Bahamas. Electrical 
Engineering. Varsin,' Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field; Universit}' 
Productions; Peer Tutor; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta 
Delta: ijcocca Scholar: Elisha Wilbur Prize; Harold J. Horn Prize; Patriot League 
Honor RliII; Deans List. 

Eric Palmer Davis Bcachwood, NJ. Industrial Engineering. Sigma Chi: Lehigh 
Christian Fellnwship. 

John Foster Davis North Wales, PA. Molecular Biolog)'. aLERT; Honors 
Research Program. 

Laura Davis Valley Forge, PA. Psycholog)- and Science Writing. Biolog)" Minor. 
Rugby Club; Delta Gamma, Social Chairperson; The Brown and White, Science 
Ltnd Sports Writer; Student Ambassador; Greek Peer Educator. 

Matthew R. Davis Newtown, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Varsit}' Swimming 
and Diving; Ameriom Society ot Mechanical Engineers. 

Huston M. Dawson Philadelphia, PA. Civil Engineering. Lehigh Engineering 

HoUy Lynn Deak Toms River, NL Biochemistry; French Minor; Chess Club, 
Co-President; Gryphon Societ)-; American Chemical Society. 

Moira Elizabeth Dealdn Danbury. CT. Psychology. Religion Minor. Varsit)' 
Basketball, Captain; Student- Athlete Council; Patriot League Honor Roll; Dean's 

Cher^'l Dede West Chester, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Varsity Swimming 
and Diving. Co-Captain: Varsicv Field Hockey: Delta Gamma; Student-Athlete 
Council; All Patriot League Team, Swimming; All Patriot League First Team, 
Field Huckey; All Patriot League Second Team, Field Hockey; Scholar-Athlete 
.Award; (."oaches Award. Field Hockey. 

Jeffrey DeFazio Ocean, NI. Phvsics. Astronomy Minor Pi Lambda Phi, House 
Manager: Dean's List. 

Karen M. DeKeukelaere Bethlehem, PA. Finance. Political Science Minor. 
Alpha Phi, Scholarship Chairperson. 

Matthew Jon DeMarco Manchester, CT. Civil Engineering. Soccer Club; Chi 
Lpsilon: Tau Beta Pi. 

Michelle Kathleen DeMooy Camp Hill, PA. Government. The Btown and 
White. Managing Editor; .\lpha Omicron Pi; WTVR. 

Seniors HlTlfl 

Questions Often Asked at Lehigh 

I ) Parking Services- Why should I pay $55 for a parl<ing permit, 
simply so I can pay to park at meters and 
then get ticketed anyway? 

2-4) Dining Services- Why are they never open when I want to eat? 

Why can"t I get two lunches if I miss breakfast? 
Why don't I get change when lunch costs 
$6.50 and a Pete's Arena Pizza costs $2.50? 

5) Where does deleted e-mail go? 

6) Did you do the Calc. / Accounting / Fortran / Chem. homework? 

7) Can I 'borrow' it? 

8) Do you have any Ping- Pong balls we can borrow? 

Lisa C. DiDario 

Robert W. Oietrlcli 

Brian G. Donahue 

Matthew M. Donnelly 


Derek Charles DeReiter 

Thomas C. DeRosa 

Monica Erin Devine 

Jason B. Dinges 

Sean C], Dooley 

David J. DeWitt 

Derek DiPerna 


Matthew Daniel Dorf 

Cheryl Ann DeScipio 

Matthew Dickson 

Thomas C. Dixon 

1 raci L. Doiima 

Juiie S. DeMoyer Arnold. MD. Mcch.iniL.i! Engineering, lae Kwon Do Ciub: 

Marcindalc Center Student Associate; Tau Beu Pi. 

Joseph Charles DeNoia Colonia, NJ. Accounting. Sigma Clii; Crew Club; 
Ivacquetball Club, IVeasurer; lutor. 

Derek Charles DeReiier Trumbaucrsville. PA. Materials Science and 
Engineering. AJplia Chi Rho; Student Materials Society. 

Thomas C. DcRosa Phibdclphia, PA. Chemical Engineering and Chemisiry. 
Ameiican In.stitute of Chemical Engineers: American Chemical Societ)-; Dean's 

Cheryl Ann DeScipio Moscow, PA. Molecular Biology. Spanish Minor. 
Epitome Staff; Kappa Alpha Theta; Tae Kwon Do Club; Deans List. 

Michael Allan Deseno M.irlboro, NJ. Accoimting. Writing Minor. Gryphon 
Society; Deltd Chi, Community Service Chairperson, Rush Chairperson, Facultj- 
and Community Relations t^,hairperson; Order of Omega; Beta Alpha Psi; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; New Jerse)' Certified Public Accountants Scholar; Dean's 

Julie Christine Deutsch Berhlehem, PA. Psychology. Epitome Staff; Reunion 
Weekend Staff'. 

Monica Erin Devine Massapequa, NY. Accounting. Rugby Club; STAR Tutor; 
Beta Alpha Psi. 

David J. DeWitt Jan'cr, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Matthew Dickson Pennington, NJ. Marketing. Philosoph)' Minor. Sigma Nu, 
1 t. Commander; lntertrjternir\' Council. Rush Chairperson; Crew Club. 

Lisa C. DiDario Wa\'nc, PA. Psvcholog\''. Education Minor. Alpha Chi 
Omega, Social Chairpetson: Panhellenic Council. Rush Counselor; Psi Chi; 
Dean's List. 

Robert W. Dietrich Scotch Plains. NJ. Electrical Engineering. Institute of 
IJectriail and Electronics Engineers; Lehigh Engineering Center: Association tor 
(.Computing Machinery; American Legion. 

Jason B. Dinges Hutchinson, KS. Finaticc. international Relations Minor. 
Student Senate. Treasurer; Sigma Phi; College Republicans, Treasurer; STAR 
Tutor: fauck Scholar. 

Derek DiPerna Sherborn, MA, Electrical Engineering. 

Thomas C. Dixon Patchogue. NY. Civil Engineering, Ametican Society of 
Civil Engineers; American Water Resources Association, Treasurer; Mountain 
Biking Club. 

Brian G. Donahue Philadelphia, PA. Chemical Engineering. Economics 
Minor. Pi Lambda Phi. Treasurer; STAR Tutor; Lacrosse Club; Ajiierican 
Institute of Chemical Engineers; American Chemical Society. 

Matthew M. Donnelly Philadelphia, PA. Journalism, The Brown and White; 
V'atsiry Lacrosse. 

Sean C. Dooley North Beach, NJ. Architecture and Civil Engineering. Rifle 
C^lub, President; Balance, Secretan,'; American Society of Civil Engineers; Ice 
Hockey Club; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Matthew Daniel Dorf New City, NY. Psychology. Sigma Alpha Mu; Habitat 
lor Humanit)'; Intramurals; Israeli Culture Club. 

Traci L. Douma Ridgewood. NJ. English and Psycholog)-. Wind Ensemble; 
aLERT; Amaranth; Orchesrra; Phi Eta Sigma; Psi Chi; SigmaTau Delta; College 

Seniors gjafl 

Jeffrey S. Dow 

Christina Joy Dreger 

Heather Drone 

Megan Lynn Dubbs 

Craig E. Dyner 

Timothy Scott Eck 

Lance K. Eci<enrocie 

Carolyn I'. Egan 

April Joan Duff)' 

Matthew S. Emenheiser 

Paul "PJ" Forti. Stephanie Waite and Anne Wiederhol/ stand pRuidlx in giadualii)n garb. 

Rona Faust 

Matthew Favreau 



Mark Stephen Duncan 

Jonathan Dunn 

Jason Endress 

Erich Michael Ealke 

Julie Featherman 

John Michael Erdody 

Rebecca John Faller 

Adam Scott Fell 

Daniel Andres Duque 

Jessica Erdos 

Thomas Scott Farr 

Todd M. Feinman 

JcrtVcy S, Dow Rranlord. < - 1- Industrial Engineering. Signu Nu; Oew C^lub. 

Christina Joy Dreger Miiltown, NJ. English. Communicaeion Minor. Sexual 
Health Peer Educator. C-oordinator; Dean's List. 

^^eather Drone New Providence, NJ. Marketing. 

iMegan L\-nn Dubbs Allentown. PA. Marketing. Gamma Phi Beta. 

April Joan Duffy Staien Island. NY. Psychology. Health and Human 
Resources Minor. Varsin.' Indoor ^nd OutdoorTrack and Pield; Dean's List. 

Mark Stephen Duncan Jupiter, PL. Fjiglish. Varsir\' Lacrosse. 

Jonathan Dunn Boston, MA, Internarional Relations and Asian Studies. 
International Relations Club, Treasurer: University Choir, Stage Manager; 
Model United Nations, Runnet Up Best Delegate. 

Daniel Andres Duque Pine Beach, NJ. Computer Engineering. Classical 
Studies Minor. Marching 97. Drum Captain; Wind Ensemble; Concert Band; 
Percussion Ensemble. 

Craig E. Dyner Maplewood, NJ. Mechanical Engineering. Economics Minor. 

Timothy Scott Eck Humniclstown, PA. Computer Engineering, 

Lance K. Eckenrode Ebensburg. PA. Civil Engineering. Delta Lfpsilon; 
Varsitv Football. Captain; Student-Athlete Council; Most Valuable Player, 
Football; James P. McConologue Award. 

Carolyn P. Egan Short Hills, Nl. Psychology. Histor)' Minor. Gamma Phi 
Beta, Corresponding Secretary. 

Matthew S. Emenheiser Lancastet, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Tau Beta Pi; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Pied Physics Award; Dean's List. 

)ason Endress Pearl River, NY. Mechanical Engineering. Alpha Chi Rho; 
l.")ean's List. 

John Michael Erdody Bcrnards\'ille, NJ. Anthropology and Economics. The 

Lehigh Review; Anthropolog)' Club; Dean's List. 

Jessica Erdos Columbus, OH. Psychology. 

Judith Erkmann Nesconset, NY. Biochemistry, 

Daniel J. Evans Matawan. NJ. English and Economics. Journalism Minor. 
Sigma Chi, Magister, House Manager; Lehigh Christian Fellowship; \XTVR; 
Varsit}' Cross- Countp,'; Running Club; The Brown and White; Epitome StafI; 
William's Prize. English; English Departmental Honors; Dean's List. 

Erich Michael Ealke York, PA. Electrical Engineering. Chi Phi; Soccer Club; 

Rugby Club. 

Rebecca John Faller DuBois, PA. Chemistry. Anthropology Minor. Alpha 

Phi Omega, Secretaiy, Sergeant-at-Arms; American Chemical Society, President; 
L.!te Night it Lehigh; Chemistr\- of Materials Program; Student Ambassador; 
College Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Thoinas Scott Farr Chicago. IL. Histor)'. Government Minor. Sigma Nu, 
Scholarship Chairperson. Assistant Pledge Educator; Crew Club. Captain, 
President; Student ot the Month. 

Rona Faust Danville, PA. Accounting. Psycholog\' Minor. Varsit)' Basketball; 
Rugby Club; Accounting Club, Treasurer; Beta Alpha Psi; Zeta Psi Good 
Scholar Candidate; Dean's List. 

Matthew Favreau Rivcrdale, NY. Finance. 

Julie Featherman Elmira, NY. Marketing. Public Relations, Communication, 
and Ps\'chology Minors. Gryphon Societ)'; Kappa Alpha Theta; Public 
Relations Student Society of America, President; Tour Guide: Student 

Adam Scott Fell Melville. NY. Finance. Soccer Club; Investment Club; Beta 
Gamma Sigma; Martindale Center Student Associate. 

Todd M. Feinman New Cit)', NY'. Accounting. Computer Science Minor. 
Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma Beta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi. 

Seniors gOfg 

Absolut Friendship. 

David James Figura 

Heath Thomas Finney 

Michael Fiumano 

Tanea C. Flanders 

Jennifer Esther Fleischer 

Randi Fleishman 

JeHrey Edward Fletcher, Jr. 

Carly A. Forgham 

Paul Forti 

Fleather Marie Foster 

Kelly Jo Fox 

John J. Franchini 


Dean J. Ferrera 

Erin A. Fiato 

Amina Finucane 

Louis Todd Fletcher 

Katina Frangakis 

Keith David Fisher 

Brian David Flood 

Jamie Freed 

LeVonne Anne Fickess 

Michelle Fisher 

Andrew Footer 

Sarah Elizabeth Freeman 

Brian L. Fenicle Cjmp Hill. PA. Computer Science, Signu Chi. 

Jennifer A. Ferrticola Belleville, NJ. Accounting. Alpha Clii Omega; 

Panhcllcnic Council, Rush Counselor. 

Dean J. Ferrera Monivillc, NJ. Mechanical Engineering. American Society of 
Mechanicai Engineers; Societ)' of Automotive Engineers; Computing Center 
Student Consultant; Intramurals. 

Erin A. Fiato Mohawk, NY, Economics and journalism. The Brown and 
White; Tutor; Economics Society; journalism Departmeni:d Honors; L.^ean's 


LeVonne Anne Fickess Pittsburgh, PA. Mechanical Engineering, 

David James Figura jim Thorpe, PA. Electrical Engineering. Varsitj' Golf; 
Golf Club. 

Heath Thomas Finney Horshjm, PA. Biology. Classical Studies Minor. Alpha 
Phi Omega; Soccer Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Delta; Deans List. 

Amina Finucane Chambersburg, PA. Industrial Engineering. National Society 
of Black Engineers, Treasurer: Big Brother/Big Sister Program; Tutor. 

Keith David Fisher Mcrchann-'ille, Nj. Materials Science and Engineering. 
Kappa Alpha, Pledge Educator; Intertraterniry Council, Rush Assistant; Student 
Materials Society'. 

Michelle Fisher Camden, Nj. Biology/Pre Med. Black Student Union; IStS; 
Big Brother/Big Sister Program; National Society of Black Engineers, Secretarv; 
Academic Achievement Award; Class of 1 983 Scholar; University Scholar; 
National Institute of Health Award; Deans List, 

Michael Fiumano Woodmere. NY. Electrical Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon; 
Racquctball Club. 

Tanea C. Flanders Brooklyn, NY. Psycholog)'. ISIS; Delta Sigma Theta; Black 
Student Union; Psi Chi; College Scholar; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Jennifer Esther Fleischer Woodcliff Lake, Nj. Social Psychology. Communica- 
tion Minor. Epitome Staff; Student Senate; Public Relations Student Societv of 
America; Israeli Cidture Club. 

Rajidi Fleishman Cherry Hill, NJ. Marketing, journalism Minor. Alpha Phi, 
Philanthropy Chairperson; The Brown and White. 

Jeffrey Edward Fletcher, Jr. Catasauqua, PA. Chemical Engineering. 
Intramurals; American Chemical Society; American Institute of C^hemical 

Louis Todd Fletcher Mitlersville, MD. InternationaJ Business. Theta Xi; 
Varsity lacrosse; International Careers Club. 

Brian David Flood Staten Island, NY. Finance. Theta Xi; Investment Club; 
Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Andrew Footer New York, NY. Marketing. Law Minor. Marketing Club. 
President; Investment Club; Dean's List. 

Carly A. Forgham Ellicott Ciiy, MD. International Relations. Economics and 
Writing Minors. Alpha Chi Omega; lacocca Scholar; College Scholar, 

Paul Forti East Hanover, NJ. Mechanical Engineering. Ultimate Fnsbee Club; 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Tau Beta Pi. 

Heather Marie Foster Cooperstown, NY. Psycholog)'. Edtication Minor. 
Alpha Chi Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Order of Omega; Psi Chi; Omicron Delta 

Kelly Jo Fox Duncannon, PA. Statistics. Kappa Alpha Theta, President. Vice 
President of AdntJnistration; Paiihellctiic Council, Rush Counselor; Order of 
Omega; Omicron Delta Kappa; Who's Who Among American College and 
University Students; Phi Eta Sigma. 

John J. Franchini WilUamstown, NJ. Political Science. Senior Class President; 
Delta Tau Delta, Recording Secretary; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Katina Frangakis Vineland, NJ. Molecular Biology. 

Jamie Freed Boyertown, PA. Computer Engineering. Science, Technology and 
Society Minor. 

Sarah Elizabeth Freeman Bethlehem, PA, Molecular Biology. Religion Minor, 
Molecular Biology Departmental Honors; C!!ollege Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Seniors SQgj 

More Questions Often Asked at Lehigh 

1 ) Why is the marching band called the Marching 97? Do 
they have limited enrollment? 

2) Wouldn't a ski lift going up the hill be more useful than a 
water fountain in front of Packard? 

3) Why does Beta call their Greek Week hot dog eating 
contest 'Beta Greekers' instead of 'Beta's Greek Week Hot 
Dog Eating Contest? 

4) Does President Likins really live in the President's House? 
If he does, does he get his mail delivered to his house, or 
does he have to go to U I rich for it? 

5) If Likins doesn't live in the President's House, could the 
University rent out the house instead of raising tuition? 

6) Has anyone ever seen Bernie Stabinski not smiling? 

Robert Frenkel 

Justin Frost 

Suzanne Nicola Gibb 

Brian Thomas Gibbons 

■'If you want my body and you think I'm sexy, come on baby dance with me. 


Dawn Christine Fuchs 

Cristen Furtav 

Lee Steven Galperin 

Scott Edward Geiger 

lizabeth Anne Giedlinski 

Karen Y. Garay 

Bruce Gene Gershenhorn 

Megan Eileen Gillette 

Dominick George Galimi 

Chad Gardner 

Jennifer Dawn Gianni 

Kenneth J. Glazer 

Robert Frenkcl West Caldwcl!, NJ. Finance. Varsity Tennis; l-uK^ricc Club; 
Invest mcnr Cliih. 

Justin Frost Huntingdon Valley, PA. Computer Science. Alpha Chi Rlio, 

Dawn Christine Fuchs Downingtown, PA. Finance. Ciovernmcni Minor, Tour 
Guide; Rugby Club; Freshman Orientation Staft; Student Senate; Omicron 
Delta Kappa; Thompson International Portfolio; WJio's Who Aiiiong American 
(_ollege and University Students. 

Cristen Furtaw Berwyn, PA. Marketing. Commimication Minor. 

Dominick George Galimi Cre^twood, NY. industrial Engineering. Varsity 
.Svy-imming and Diving; Alpha Chi Rho, Social Chairperson. Pledge Master. 

Irinj GaJinsk)' Stamford, CrC Accounting. Communication Minor. 

Adrienne Galio Clarence CX-nier. NY. Architecture. Music Minot. Gamma Phi 
Beta; Dean's list, 

Lee Steven Galperin /Vrmonk. NY. Accounting. Sigma Alpha Mu, Social 
C'hairpetson, Historian; Ski "Feam; Student Ambassador. 

Karen Y. Garay Bethlehem, PA. Civil Engineering, American Societ)' of Civil 

Chad Gardner (^uakcrtown, PA, Accounting. 

David Andrew Garris (jreat Neck. NY. Finance. Investment Club; Varsity 
l.acrosse; Kappa Sigma; Phi F.ta Sigma; Financial Management Associatictn 
National Honor Society; Dean's List. 

John P. Gashinski Nazareth, PA. Materials Science and Engineering. Psi 
Upsilon, Rush Chairperson, President, Treasurer, Parliamentarian; Student 
MaieiiaU Societ}'. 

Scott Edward Geiger West Deptford, N|. Finance. Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi 
Eta Sigma. 

Bruce Gene Gershenhorn Randolph, NJ. Biolog\'. Delta Phi, Treasurer; Alpha 
Epsilon Delta; L^ean's List. 

Jennifer Dawn Gianni Levittown. NY. Psvchologv. French and Education 
Minor. Alpha Phi. Chapter Promotions Chairperson; Psi Chi; Dean's List. 

Suzanne Nicola Gibb Cortlandt Manor, NY. Industtiai Enginecting. 
Psychology Minor. Crew Club; Industrial Engineering Council, Secretary. 
Senior Class Representative; Freshman Orientation ScaU: Institute of Industrial 
Engineers; Society ot Women Engineers. 

Brian Thomas Gibbons Westwood, NJ, Mechanical Engineering. Inti'amurals; 
Society ofAutomotive Engineers: American Societ)' of Mechanical Engineers. 

Elizabeth Anne Giedlinski Florhajn Park, NJ. Civil Engineering. American 
Society ot Civil Engineers; Society of Women Engineers; STAR Tutor; Tau Beta 
Pi; Chi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Deans List. 

Megan Eileen Gillette Latisdale, PA. Accounting. Alpha Omicron Pi, Rush 
Assistant. Pledge Educator Assiscuu, Punhellenic Delegate; Senior Class Gift 
C!!anipaign, Publicity Chairperson. 

Kenneth J. Glazer Pirtsford. NY. Architecture. Phi Delta Theta. 

Seniors gy]^ 

Sarah L. Goode 

John Robert Goodwin 

Scott William Gordon 

Robert Lawrence Gould 

•w ■ m 


Kelly Anne Grim 

Catherine Elaine Gray 

Thomas John Grimm 

Seniors do manage to fit in some work amidst the /aniness. 

Jason Ciucst 

Scott Edwin Gunshore 


heic Bcrton Golombuski 

Alo\ (loliiliLhik 

Danna M. Gombocz 

Michael John Greeley 

Sloane Greenbaum 

Craig S. Grella 

Justin Gross 

Mark Gruber 

Linda Ann Guerreri 

Sammi Gureasko 

Joseph Guteri 

Andrew J. Gutshall 

James V. Glogoza CLircnce Center, NY. Civi! Engineering. 

Andrew Goldberg New York, NY. Marketing. Chi Phi. 

Mason Goldberg Bronx, NY. Internation.d Business, Religion Minor. Varsity 
Basebali. Captain; Phi Gamma Delta; Schokir-Athlete Award; Deans Use. 

Daniel C. Goldstone Greenwich, C T Marketing. 

Seth Craig GollJn Sc;ir;.dale, NY. Marketing. Phi Gamma Delta: Rugby Club. 

Michele Berton Golombuski Syo.sset. N^'. Religion. Varsity Switnming and 

Alex Golubchtk Harrisbtirg, PA. Computer Engineering. Institute of 
Electrical & Electronics Engineers; Internationa! Relations Club; Eta Kappa Nu; 
Dejn's List. 

Dajtrna M. Gombocz Bethlehem, PA. SociaJ Relations, Communication 
Minor. Varsity Volleyball; ,Srudent-Athlete Council. 

Sarah L. Goode McConnelsville. OH. Architecture. Science, Technology and 
Sucieiy Minor. Marching 97; Concert Band; Wind Ensemble; Phi Beta Kapp,!. 

John Robert Goodwin Media, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Phi Upsiion. 

Scott William Gordon Tomv River. Nj. Mechanical Engineering. GolfC^lub; 
Atnerican Society ot Mechanical Engineers; Mechanical Engineering and 
Mechanics Student-Faculr)' Council; Pi Tan Sigma; Dean's List. 

Robert Lawrence Gould Rockvillc Centre, NY. Accounting. Sigma Alpha Mii, 

Catherine Elaine Gray Edina, MN. Accounting. Delta Zeta; Panhellenic 

Michael John Greeley Ambler, PA. Finance. Investment Club; Socict)' of 
Automotive Engineers. 

Sloane Greenbaum Woodbury, NY, Psycholog>- and Spanish. Alpha I'hi, 
Administrative Assistant; STAR Tutor; Epitome Staff, 

Craig S. Grella Port Jefferson Station, NY. Civil Engineering. Lambda Chi 

Kelly Anne Grim Bethlehem. PA. Biochemistry and English. 

Thomas John Grimm Mineola, NY. Internaoonal Relations. Spanish and 
Economics Minors. STAR Tutor: Sigma Chi; Phi Beta Delta. 

Justin Gross Palm Harbor, FL. Accounting. Alpha Chi Rho; Mustard and 
Cheese Drama Societ)'; Varsit}' Cheerleader, Captain. 

Mark Gruber Bensalem, PA, Mechanical Engineering. American Society' of 
Mcchanic.d Engineers; Pi Tau Sigma, Vice President; Tau Beta Pi; Dean's List. 

Linda Ann Guerreri Manassas, VA. Electrical Engineering. 

Jason Guest Pottstown, PA. Finance. 

Scott Edwin Gunshore Hazleton, PA. Materials Science and Engineering- 
Student Materials Society, Vice President; Alpha Sigma Mu; Dean's List. 

Sammi Gureasko Succasunna, NJ. Psychology. Social Relations Minor. Tutor; 
Psi Chi: Psychology Departmental Honors; Dean's List- 
Joseph Guter! Bridgewater, N|. Mechanical Engineering. Philosophy Minor. 
Varsity Golf; Kappa Alpha, Chorister, Recreation Chairperson. Literary 
Chairperson; Patriot League Championship Team. Golf 

Andrew J. Gutshall Btishkill, PA. Fundamental Sciences in Engineering; Ice 
Hockey Club. 

Seniors g[|E| 



A Hare Krishna converting a pirate? Where else but at Halloween Tails. 

Kevin Hailahan 

William Joel Hanousek 

if; f 

Sharon Mary Hayden Eric Scott Heiistrom 

Asha Hemgay 

Mario James Hendricks 

Robert W. Hengstebcck 

Michael Hewitt 

Timothy Michael High 

Emily J. Hillehraiid 

John A. Hilliar 

Michael Hirawady 


Susan M. Haas 

4ark Stephen Hanrahan 

Michelle Hagenbuch 

Christian Black Hagerty 

Sadami Harada 

John B. Harlow, Jr. 

Chad Freeman Henry 

Frederick William Hertrich IV 

Kari Elizabeth Herzog 

Hiathan Hittiiigcr 

Heather A. Hoag 

Tom T. Hoang 

Sharon Haag HLinringdod X'allcv, PA. Accounting- Alpha Oniicron Pi. 

Kimberly Kathleen Haas Bethlehem, PA. JouriulisiTi and English. The Brown 
and White: Tour Guide; Freshman Orientation Staft; Student Ambassador; 
College Scholar; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Susan M. Haas Brookliaven, PA. Marketing. 

Michelle Hagenbuch East Greenville, PA, Biochcniiscry and Chemical 
Engineering. Tnur Guide; Concert Band; American Chemical Society; 
M.irrindale Center Student A^-sociate; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Beta 

Christian Black Hagert)' Chadds Ford, PA. Mathematics. Education Minor. 
STAR Tutor; Grvphon Society; Volunteer; Phi Eta Sigma; Presidential Scholar. 

Kevin Hallahan Necdham. MA. Mechanical Engineering. Kappa Alpha. 

WiUiani Joel Hanousek New York. NY. Computer Engineering. Association 
tor Compucmg Machiner\'; histitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 

Mark Stephen Hanrahan New Fairfield. CT. Environmental Science. Kappa 

Sadami Harada Chiha, [apan. International Relations. Spanish and Economics 
Minors. International Club, Director ai Events; Asian Cultural Societv. 

John B. Harlow, Jr. Middletown, NJ. Biotog}'. Sigma Phi Epsilon, President; 
tntcrfraternity Council, Judicial Board; Health Professions Socict)', Program 
Chairperson; Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi 
Kta Sigma; Deans List. 

Sharon Mar)' Hayden Statcn Island, NY. English and Spanish. International 
Partners; International Club; Study Abroad, Spain; Modern Foreign Language 

Eric Scott Hellstrom Wa\'land, MA. History. Religion Minor. 

Asha Hemgay South Bound Brook, NJ. Chemical Engineering. Asian Cultural 
Societ}', Cultural Secretary'; Indian Students Association; Concert Band; 
Aiiicrican institute of Chemical Engineers. 

Mario James Hendricks Greenbelt. MD. Computer Science. Science, 
Technologv and Society Minor. Marching 97, Senior Representative; Kappa 
Kappa Psi, Historian; Wind Ensemble, Publicit)' Manager, Dean's List. 

Robert W. Hengstebeck Feasterville, PA. Materials Science and Engineering, 
Alpha Chi Rho, Founding Farher; Student Materials Societ)'; American Society 
for Metals; Adopt-a-School. 

Chad Freeman Henry Wayland, MA. Internationa! Business. History Minor. 
Zeta Psi; International Business Club. 

Frederick William Hertrich IV Scaford, DE. Marketing. Phi Gamma Delta. 

Presideru. Alumni Chairperson; Marketing Club; Interfraternity Council, 

Kari Elizabeth Herzog Syracuse, NY. English. Varsirv Basketball, Co-Captain; 
Varsity Soccer; COACH; Student-Athlete Council; Omicron Delta Kappa. Vice 
President; Dean's List. 

Michael Hewitt Barcelona, Spain. International Relations. Tae Kwon Do Club; 
International Relations Club: Harvard Model L'nitcd Nations Club; SALSA; 
Soccer C'lub; Hille! Societ)'; Almost Dean's List. 

Timothy Michael High Collegeville, PA. Finance. Phi Gamma Delta; Rugby 
Club, Treasurer; Investment Club, 

Emily J. Hiliebrand St. Man's. PA. Industrial Engineering. Alpha Chi Omega. 
House Manager; Industrial Engineering Council; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Pi Mu; 
Dean's List. 

John A, Hilliar Red Lion, PA. Computer Engineering. Sigma Chi; Tae Kwon 

Do Club; Gryphon Society; Late Night at Lehigh. 

Michael Hirawadv Jakarta, Indonesia, Computer Science. Phi Beta Delta. 

lonathan Hiitinger Sewickley, PA, International Careers. Army ROTC. 

Heather A. Hoag Tamaqua, PA. Chemical Engineering. Kappa Alpha Theta, 
Vice President of Public Relations, Recommendations Chairperson; American 
Institute of Chemical Engineers; Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers; 
American Chemical Society; Volimteer; Habitat tor Humanity. 

Tom T. Hoang Downingtown, PA. Mechanical Engineering. American Society 
ot Mechanical Engineers, Treasurer; Pi Tau Beta. 

Seniors g|lE| 

Lehich students outside the new Arts Center? 

Do You Remember? 

1 ) 2 a.m. runs to Wawa. 

2) When going out to eat meant Pete's Arena. 

3) Travelling with your freshman hall onto the Hill (or anywhere for 
that matter). 

4) Not knowing what Pacing Breaks were, and then finding you 
couldn't survive the semesters with out them. 

5) When you didn't know how to pronounce "Epitome " correctly. 

Matthew Horvath 

Philip John Hoiini 

Jon Thomas Hunt 

Samantha Helena Hunt 


Heather Gail Hohmann Lawrence A. Hohmann III 

Deborah Dawn Hopely 

Christian J. Horrocks 

Mark David Horst 

Benedetta Horvath 

Cara Hourican 

Carrie Elizabeth Hubbell 

Bryan Scott Hughes 

Kerry Anne Hymans 

Denise Icklan 

Katharine M. Imbro 

Sarah Britton Hoge Anchorage. K\. Biochemistr)' and Philosophy. 

jay Hohenberger Bohemia, NY. History. Governmi^nr Minor. Zeu Psi. 

Heather Gail Hohmann Cherry Hill. NJ. English, journalism and 
Communication Minors. Varsit)' Field Hockey. Captain; Varsit)' Lacrosse; Delta 
Gamma; The Brown and White: Academic AH-Amcrican; All-Patriot League 
Icam, Field Hockey; Division I All-Star, Field Hockey; Scholar-Athlete Award; 
Dean's List. 

Lawrence A. Hohmann III Chatham. Nj. Computer Engineering. Association 
h")r Computing Machinery, Pubhcit)' Chairpersonj Institute of Electrical and 
Electronic Engineers. 

Deborah Dawn Hopely Philadelphia. PA. Molecular Biology. Varsit)' hidoor 
and Outdoor Track and Field. 

Avi Daniel Horev Scotch Plains, NJ. Finance. Theta Xi; Soccer Club; Finance 
DepartmentaJ Honors; Dean's List. 

Brian A. Horigan Massapequa Park, NY. Civil Engineering. Gryphon Societ)'; 
Aikido Club; Dean's List. 

Christian j. Horrocks Beach Haven Crest, NJ. Accounting. French Minor. 
Sigma Phi Fpsikm, Treasurer, Social Chairperson; Accounting Club. 

Mark David Horst Palmyra. PA. International Business. Beta Theta Pi, Rush 
Chairperson, Vice President; Literacy Corps; Soccer Club. 

Benedetta Horvath Bethlehem. PA. Behavioral Neuroscience. Alpha Epsilon 
Delta; Dean's List. 

Matthew Horvath Bethlehem. PA. Civil Engineering. Chi Phi; American 

Society oi Civil Engineers; Lehigh Engineering Center. 

Philip John Houm Famaqua. PA. Chemical Engineering. Economics Minor. 
Delta Tau Delta; William H. Chandler Prize; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Cara Hourican Swarthniore, PA. Finance. 

Carrie Elizabeth Hubbell Thousand Oaks, CA. hiternationai Business. French 
Minor. Gamma Phi Beta. Steward; Golf Club; French Club; International 
Careers Club, 

Br)'an Scott Hughes Fairfield. CT. International Business. Music Minor. 
Investment Club. 

Jon Thomas Hunt Bloomsburg, PA. Finance. Varsitj' Soccer. 

Samantha Helena Hunt Goshen, CT. International Business. International 
Relations Minor. Epiton\e Stalk Living Co-Editor; International Club; Study 
Abroad, Australia. 

Kerr)- Anne Hymans Florham Park, NJ. Computer Science. 

Denise Icklan Brick, NJ. Finance. Gamma Phi Beta, Vice President ofFinance; 
Panhellenic Council, Rush Counselor; Study Abroad, London; Deans List, 

Katharine M. Imbro Branchburg, NJ. Behavioral Neuroscience. Molecular 
Biolog)' Minor. Kappa Alpha Theta, Steward, Membership Chairperson; 
Volunteer; Hughes Scholar. 

Seniors SBQ 

Eric Paul Johnson 

Jeffrey G. Johnson 

lennifer Patrice Johnson 

Kahhl Jones 

Shawn Alan Justice 

Jamie McCready catching up on her reading. 

Kristina K. Keener 

Beth E. Keiper 


Robert E. Jauss 

Meredith Anne Jelleme 

David T. John 

John E. Kadubec 

Jason Kantola 

Jordan Bradley Karp 

'aul Joseph Kasztejna, Jr. 

Michelle Dana Katz 

Reed S. Kean 

Page Elizabeth Keith 

Elizabeth S. Keller 

Mark A. Keller 

Dennis Irons C_;apc Choral, 1-1.. I'oliilcal Science. 

Stephanie Isaacs Kingston, NH. F.n^lisii. Comiminication Minor. Alpha 
Omicron Pi. Vice Ptesidenc of Administration; Epitome Staff; Sigma Tan DeUa. 

Teruo Isshiki Tokyo, japan. Finance. 

Heather Alison Jacene Fair Lawn, NJ. Molecular Biolog)-. He.ilth and Htuiian 
Development Minor. Tour Guide; Health Professions Society; College Scholar; 
Phi Beta Kapp.i: Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Katherine E. Jakielski Lancaster, PA. Anthropology and Materials Science and 
Engineering. Wl.VR; Mustard and Cheese Drama Society; PROFT, Secretary. 

Robert E. Jauss Doylcstown, PA. Finance. Government Minor. Economics 
Societ)-, President; Pi Lambda Phi; Financial Management Association National 
Fionor Society; Dean's List. 

Meredith Anne Jelleme Pequannock. NJ. Psychologi'. Sociolog)' Minor. 
Kappa Alpha Theta. 

David T.John Avon, CT. ChcmLstry. American Chemical Society, Vice 
President; Sherman Fairchild Scholar. 

Eric Paul Johnson Sugarcreek, OH. Psychology. Sociology Minor Varsit)- 
Football; Chi Psi; AILPatriot League Academic Team, Football; Dean's List. 

Jeffrey G. Johnson Washington, PA. Finance. Alpha Chi Rlio, Social 

Jennifer Patrice Johnson Wappingets Falls, NY. Biology, Equestrian Team; 
Alph.i Omicton Pi, 

Kahlil Jones Cheltenham, PA. Science, Varsity Football; STEM; 
Black Student Union; COACH. 

Shawn AJan Justice Bellefonte. PA. Computer Science. Economics Minor. 
Investment Club, Treasurer: Dean's List. 

John E. Kadubec Mercerville, NJ. Accounting. Accounting Club; STAR 

Jason Kantola Catasaiiqua, PA. Accounting. Investment Club; STAR Tutor; 
Intranuirals; Brodhead House, Treasurer. 

Jordan Bradley Karp Port Washington, NY. American Studies. Psychologj' 
Minor. Phi Kappa Theta, Vice President; Interfrarernit)' Council, Judicial 
Board Vice President; Varsity Basketball; Class of 1 904 Scholar; Order of 

Eugene J, Kaschak H.tzleton, PA. Mechanical Engineering. American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers, Ptesident; Society of Automotive Engineers; 
Mechanical Engineering Student-Faculty Council; National Society of 
Professional Engineers; Pi Tau Sigma. 

JawadN. Kassem Roseland, NJ. Molecular Biology. Religion Studies Minor. 
University Coalition for Active Restoration of the Environment. Ptesident. 
Founder; Student Activities Council; Chi Phi; Peer Educator. 

Paul Joseph Kasztejna, Jr. Saylorsburg, PA. Chemical Engineering. Varsity 

Michelle Dana Katz Wcstfield, NJ. journalrsm. Alpha Chi Omega, 
Panhellcnic Delegate; Panhellenic Council, Publicitj' Chairperson; 
Communiversity Day, Co-Facilitator; Hitlcl Society 

Reed S, Kean Far Hills, NJ. Marketing. Phi Sigma Kappa. Secret.iry Vice 
President; Marketing Club; Dean's List. 

Kristina K. Keener Lancaster. PA. Electrical Engineering and Engineering 
Physics. University Choir. Concert Manager; Student Activities Council. Vice 
President of Membership; Theatre Production of "Scenes From Opera and 
Musical Theatre"; Tutor; Sherman Fairchild Scholar; Dean's List. 

Beth £. Keiper Allentown, PA. Civil Engineering. Economics Minor. 
Epitome StafT; Ametican Society of Civil Engineers. 

Page Elizabeth Keith Kenilworth, IL Economics. German and Writing 
Minors. Delta Gamma, Philanthropy Chairperson, Honor Board Member; 
Panhellenic Council, Rush Counselor. 

Elizabeth S. Keller Amherst, NY. Finance. Investment Club; Alpha Chi 

Mark A. Keller Amherst, NY. Finance. Varsity WrestUng. 

Seniors SQ^ 

Michael Keller 

Adreanne A. Kelly 

Jeff Kelly 

Oh so cute. 

Abbasia Khan 




i^^^^iiF^^^S^^^^^ v^^l 


^ 1^ li^ - T^ 


k V^5#^ 


B 1 > 

^^J^ -^^gl^^^^^B 


te^ 1 ^^ 



Just another day at Lehigh. 

Kurtis M. Kellv 

i ^M^^M 

Michael L. Kimble 

lamnn 1 . Ke 

Edward Philip Kiernan Jeff Kilgour 

Erik Andrejs Kin 

hiissa A. Klingebiel 

Michelle Susan Klump 


Sarah Shea Kennedy 

Kathleen Anne Kerrigan 

Su Kim 

Tae-gyoon Kir 

Michael Kirk 

Lauri Elizabeth Kjar 

hannon Joy Knickelbein 

Christopher P. Koelle 

Bradly T. Ketcher 

Tae Hyung Kim 

Megan E. Kline 

Mary Elizabeth Koines 

Michael Keller Hazleton. PA. Molecular Bictlog)-. Deira Sigma Phi, Rush 

Chairperson. Member Educator: Hughes Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma, 

Adreanne A. Kelly Philadelphia, PA. Mechanical Engineering. National Societ)' 
of Black Engineers, President; American Sociery ot Mechanical Engineers; Society 
of Automotive Engineers; Black Student Union; ISIS. 

Jeff Kelly Carbondale, PA. Civil Engineering. Political Science Minor. Lehigh 
Engineering Center; American Societ)' of Civil Engineers. 

Kurtis M. Kelly Sinking Spring, PA. Finance. Varsit)' Football. Alpha Tau 

Tammy L. Kelly Plantation, FL. Mechanical Engineering. Campus Ministry; 

Society of Women Engineers: American Socier)- of Mechanical Engineers. 

Sarah Shea Kennedy Rye, NY. International Relations. French Minor. Lehigh 
for Life; GoU Club; Young Republicans; International Relations Club: Gamma 
Phi Beta, Parliamentarian. Steward. 

Kathleen Anne Kerrigan Philadelphia. PA, Accounting. Psychology Minor. 
Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice President of Finance; lacocca Scholar; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Order of Omega; Beta Alpha Psi, President; Who's Who Among 
American College and Universit)- Students; Dean's List. 

Bradly T. Ketcher Fairfield, CT. Finance, History Minor. Kappa Sigma, 
Steward, Philanthropy Chairperson, Pledge Captain; Interfraternit)' Council, 
Treasurer, Philanthropy Chairperson; Fraternit)' Management Association; Rugb\' 
Club; Crew Club. 

Abbasia Khan Nutley, NJ. Chemical Engineering. 

Edward PhUip Kieman Buckingham. PA. Industrial Engineering. Soccer Club; 
STARTuror; Gryphon Socier)'; WLVR. 

Jefif Kilgour Monmouth Beach, NL Finance. Chi Phi. 

Su Kim North Andover. MA. Political Science and journalism. The Brown and 
White. Editor; Deans List. 

Tae-gyoon Kim LJpper Darby, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Korean Student 
Association, President: Korean Scientists and Engineering Association, Secretary; 
Phi Theta Kappa. 

Tae Hyung Kim Seoul, Korea. Architecture. Korean Students Association; 
Asian Cultural Societ)'; Dean's List. 

Michael L. Kimble Downingtown, PA. Civil Engineering. Delta Tau Delta; 
American Society- ol Civil Engineers; Literao' Corps. 

Erik Andrejs Kins Evanston, IL. International Careers. Theatre Minor. The 
Brown and WTiite; "The Minnow Buckets" rock group; Volleyball Club; 
Williams Prize. Theatre Design. 

Michael Kirk Severna Park, MD. Civil Engineering. Sigma Phi, Treasurer. 

Lauri Elizabeth Kjar Haddonfield, NJ. Psychology. Sociology Minor. Gamma 
Phi Beta, Pledge Educator; Psi Chi. 

Megan E. Kline Ponstown, PA. Civil Engineering and -Yrchiteccure. Alpha 
Gamma Delta, Vice President: ^American Society of Civil Engineers; Equestrian 

Elissa A. Klingebiel Colchester, VT. Behavioral Neuroscience. Health 
Professions Society-; Alpha Omicron Pi, Philanthropy Chairperson; Phi Eta 
Sigma; vMpha Epsilon Delta. 

Michelle Susan Klump Easton, PA. Architecture and Psychology. 

Shannon Joy Knickelbein Branford, CT. Materials Science and Engineering. 
Student Materials Societ)-; Sociery of Women Engineers. 

Christopher P. Koelle Clinton. CT. Environmental Science. Biolog)' Minor. 

Mat)' Elizabeth Koines Chester, Nj. Psychology. Alpha Gamma Delta, Risk 
Management Coordinator; Junior Panhellenic Council; Society for Human 

Seniors SS^ 


Svetlana Kondratiouk Kyle Thomas Kononowitz 

Ted Koslnski 

Joel Kevin Kostelac 

Oregon Donald Kremer Michael I,. Kuenne, Jr. 

James F. Kulenguskey Kathleen Anne Kullman 

Aris Kouyoumdjian 

Daniel Steven Kulp 

Tom Grimm. "97. studvins with friends outside Maainnes Hall. 

Greg l.aPlant 

Danielle LaSala 


Vera Kovtun 

Chad Stephen Kusko 

hristopher Brian Landrieu 

Tina Kozak 

Adam Kramer 

Stephen Alexander Kuss 

Amanda Kutnow 

Christina Langone 

Jennifer M. LaPadula 

Nervin Milad Lawendy 

Peter Lazorchak 

Amy A. Lebeda 

Svedana Kondratiouk Moscow, Russia. Biolog)-. International Club; Pre-Med 
Socief)'; Pre-Med Society Award; Deans List. 

Kyle Thomas Kononowitz Wall, NJ. International Business. Finance Minor. 
Delta L'psilon; Investment Club; International Careers Club. 

Ted Kosinski Marlboro, N]. Finance. Kappa Alpha; Dean's List. 

Joel Kevin Kostelac Marysvillc. PA, Civil Engineering. Phi Sigma Kappa, 
Sentinel, Inductor; Armv RO FC, Ranger Commander. Ranger Challenge: 
Distinguished Military Graduate. 

Aris Kouyoumdjian Lawrenceville, NJ. Mechanical Engineering. 

Vera Kovtun St. Petersburg, Russia. Statistics and Cognitive Science. 
Computer Science Minor. International Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

Tina Kozak Ewing, NJ. Economics. Economics Society, Secretary; Students 
Against Violence; Delta Zeta, Assistant Treasitrer; Dean's List. 

Adam Kramer Wynnewood. PA. Biology. Hillel Societ>'. Treasurer. Vice 
President ol Membership; Intramurals, Manager; Science and Technology 
House, Founding Member; Residence Halls Association; Omicron Delta Kappa; 
Phi Fta Sigma; Jewish Student Center Award; Dean's List. 

Gregory Donald Kremer Flemington, NJ. Materials Science and Engineering. 
Roller Hockey Club, Secretary, Treasurer; Student Materials Societ)'. 

Michael L. Kuenne, Jr. Holmdcl. NJ. Government and International Business. 
Student Senate; Fraternity Management Association, President; Interfraternic)' 
Council; Sigma Chi. Treasurer. 

James F. Kulenguskey Ashland. PA. Mechanical Engineering. Soccer Club; 
Residence Halls Association; Intramurals Maiiager; American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers; Mechanical Engineering Student-Faculty Council; Pi Tau 
Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Dean's List. 

Kathleen Anne Kiillman Siaten island, NY. Behavioral Neuroscience. 
Anthropolog)' Minor. Alpha Omicron Pi, Public Relations Chairperson, 
Leaders' Council; Varsity Soccer, Manager. 

Daniel Steven Kutp Schuylkill Haven, PA. Civil Engineering. Varsity Baseball; 
COACH; Delta Tau Delta, Ditcccor of Academic Affeirs, Executive Board: Phi 
Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon, Vice Ptesident; Patriot League Honor Roll; 
Scholar-Athlete Aw.ird. 

Chad Stephen Kusko "Whitehall, PA. Materials Science and Engineering. 
Varsity Baseball; Delta Upsilon. Vice President; COACH; Student-Athlete 
Council; Greek Peer Educator; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

Stephen Alexander Kuss Bexley, OH. Behavioral Neuroscience, Health and 
Human Relations Minor. Varsity Footb.di; Choral Union; COACH; Chi Psi. 
Treasurer; Dean's List. 

Amanda Kutnow Springtleid, PA. Architecture. Classical Civilizations Minor. 
Grv'phon Society; College Scholar. 

Hrad Alexander Kiizyk Hamilton Square. NJ. Engineering Mechanics. Army 
RO'FC, Scabbard and Blade; Rifle Club. 

Charles j. LaBarbera Pearl River, NY. Civil Engineering. Sigma Phi, Pledge 
Czar, Centurion, PRIDE Chairperson; American .Society of Civil Engineers; Fritz 
Engineering Research Societ)'; Bedilehem Fabricator's Award; Dean's List. 

Christopher Brian Landrieu Bcrnardsville. NJ. Music and Computer 

F!.ngineering. Universit}' Choir, Manager, Student Conductor; Deer Ridge 
Singers, Assistant Conductor. 

Christina Langone Larchmont, NY. English. Chinese Minor, Crew Club, 
Secretary; Delta Gamma; Senior Class Gift Campaign, Executive Committee. 

Jennifer M. LaPadula Hillsborough, NJ. Accounting. Psychology Minor. 
Kappa Kappa Psi, Treasurer; Marching 97; Concert Band; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Martindale Center Student Associate; Dean's List. 

GregLaPlant Fountain Hill, PA, journalism. Public Relations Minor. The 
Brown and White, Assistant Sports Editor. 

Danielle LaSala Armonk, NY. Enghsh. Psychology Minor. Varsity Soccer; 

Nervin Milad Lawendy Wescport, CT. Molecular Biology. Student 
Ambassador. Coordinator; Tour Guide; Dance Club; Molecular Biology 
Departmental Honors; Dean's List. 

Peter Lazorchak Schenectady, NY. Civil Engineering. Economics Minor. 
Mountain Biking Club. President; American Society of Civil Engineers; Lehigh 
Engineering Center. 

Amy A. Lebeda Munhall, PA. Civil Engineering. AJpha Gamma Delta, 
Philanthropy Chairperson; Varsity Swimming and Diving; Lehigh Engineering 
Centet; Rugby Club. 

Seniors RHH 

The glamorous ladies of Alpha Chi Omega 

Kenton Michael Lerch 

David l.eun 

Josluia M. Lew 

Darren Thomas Lewis 

Nicole Lewy 

Leah Lidsla' 

Barr\' Lieberman 

Joseph John Lipski, Jr. 

Jason Lizzack 

\ incenl Loccisant: 

Matthew Justin [oHieilo Man. 1 tantis Loinbardy 




Frank LeMonte 

Keri Ann Leo 

V' 1 

Jrian Thomas Leaner 

Jeffrey E. LeVeen, Jr 

Mathew Ryan Lepis 

Robert Arnold Levinson 

DarleneJ. Liebman 

Bartolo Jose Liguori 

Ryan Carrwright Linthicum 

Maria Begona Lopez 

Robert Lorino 

Christina Ann Lotito 

Eul Joo Lee Seoul, Korea. Molecular Biology. East Asian Studies Minor. Asian 
C'ukural Society, Korean Students Association: Phi Beta Delta; Dean's List. 

David E. Leeds Mainaroneck, NV. Mechanical Engineering. Alpha Phi 
Omega. Vice President of Service; Late Night at Lehigh, Programming 
Chairperson; American Society oi Mechanical Engineers; Student of the Month. 

Frank LeMonte Cleveland, OH. Materials Science and Engineering. Volleyball 
Club, Vice President; Intramurals. 

Keri Ann Leo Colts Neck, Nj. Finance. Investment Club; Alpha Chi Omega; 
Tour Guide; Student Ambassador; Thompson International Portfolio; Dean's 

Mathew Ryan Lepis Glen Rock. NJ. Psychology. Anthropology Minor. Pi 
Lambcia Phi, Social Chairperson; Intramurals. 

Kenton Michael Letch Bangor, PA. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 
Delta Sigma Phi, President; Interfraternity Council; American Chemical Society: 
Philadelphia Organic Chemists' Club. 

David Leun Bethlehem, PA. Civil and Environmental Engineering. American 
Society' of Civil Engineers. 

Brian Thomas Leuner Bridgevvater, NJ. Environmental Science. 

Jeffrey E. LeVeen. Jr, Manhasset. NY. English. Kappa Alpha, House Manager. 
Social Chairperson, Steward, Recording Secretar)'. 

Robert Arnold Le\'inson Concord. MA. Finance and Economics. Ice Hockey 
Club. Captain. Treasurer; Economics Society. Treasurer; Sigma Nu, Sentinel; 
Golt Club; Dean's List. 

Joshua M. Lew New Rochelle, NY. Industrial Engineering. Institute of 
Industrial Engineers, Secretary; Gryphon Society. 

Darren Thomas Lewis Delran, Nj. Materials Science and Engineering. 
Student Materials Societ)'; Lehigh Engineering Center, 

Nicole Lewy Upper Saddle River. NJ. Accoimtlng. Psychology Minor. 
Student Ambassador; Accounting Club. 

Leah Lidsky Belmont, VIA. Molecular Biolog)^ Gryphon Society; STAR Tutor. 

Barry Lieberman Mountain Lakes. NJ. Finance. Spanish Minor. Chi Phi; 
Sophomore Class President; Student Ambassador. 

Darlene J. Liebman New York, NY. Urban Studies. 

Bartoio Jos^ Liguori Brooklyn, NY. Molecular Biolog)'. Alpha Phi Omega; 
Residence Halls Association. Programming Director. 

Ryan Carrwright Linthicum Warren, Nj. Civil Engineering. Lambda Chi 
Alpha, President; Interfraternity Coimcil. 

Joseph John Lipski. Jr. Larlcsville, PA. Computer Engineering. Late Night at 
Lehigh; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. 

Jason Lizzack Fairlawn, NJ. Biology. Hillel Societ)'; Israeli Culture Club. 
President; Kappa Alpha; Student of the Month; Molecular Biology Research; 
Dean's List. 

Vincent Loccisano Roslyn, NY. Mechanical Engineering. Tour Guide; Society 
of Automotive Engineers, President; Delta Tau Delta. 

Matthew Justin LofFredo Westwood, Nj. Accounting. Beta Alpha Psi. 

Marc Francis Lombardy Short Hills, NJ. Psychology. Alpha Tau Omega; 

Varsity Wrestling. 

Maria Begona Lopez La Paz. Bolivia. Economics. French Club, Vice President, 

Robert Lorino Franklin Lakes, Nj. Biology. Delta Phi, Vice President; Alpha 
Epsilon Delta. 

Christina Ann Lotito Paramus, Nj. Finance. Education Minor. Alpha Chi 
C^mega, Assistant Vice President of Education; Panhellenic Council. Rush 
Counselor; Investment Club; Student Ambassador; Epitome Staff 

Seniors 000 

Casey Bahrenburg after spending too much time in the Lehigh pool 

Ed Soyi^a. Brett Cohen and Matthew Dorf enjoying Caiicu 



Jennifer Luongo 

Carter M. Lyons 

Shane Daniel Madigan 

Susan Alison Mahoney 

Veronica R. Lupo 

^aul Lusardi 

Christine M. Mabry 

Anna L. Macchia 

Anthony Joseph Maglia 

Rajat Mahajan 

Ben Malekzadeh 

Carol Elizabeth Malin 

Dawn Marie Lotito Par^imus, NJ. Accounting. Education Minor, Alpha Chi 
Omtga, Treasurer; Student Ainba-isador; Junior Panhcllcnic Cuuticih Panhcllenic 
Council, Rush Counselor: Accounting (._MLib. 

Keri Elizabeth Louis Cincinnati. OH. Chemical Engineering. American 
Institute of Chemical Engineers; Varsity' Softball. 

Karen A. Lovell Brooklyn. NY. Finance. STAR Tutor; ISiS, 

Seth David Lovern Manassas, VA. Physics. Lehigh Christian Fellowship; Jell 
Richer Scholar; Presidential Scholar. 

Beth Ann Lowell Swifrvvater, PA. Behavioral Neuroscience. Envuonmeral 
SLLcnce Minor. Alpha Omicron Pi, Recording Secrecar)-; Panhcilcnic Council. 
Rush Counselor. 

Jennifer Luongo Philadelphia, PA. Psychology. 

Veronica R. Lupo Franklin Lakes, NJ. Finance. Music Minor. Varsity Tennis. 

Paul Lusardi 1-orcst Hills, NY, Finance. BetaThcia Pi; Investment Club. 

Yaroslav Lvovich Stamford, CT Industrial Engineering. Soccer Club; 
[ntranuirals; lacocca Institute Research. 

Athena Edana Lynch Jacksonville. FL. Biochemistry. Alpha Phi Omega, 
Alumni Secretary; Fencing Club. 

Carter M. Lyons Atherton, CA. Finance. Chi Psi, President, Executive 
Council; Interfraternity Council. 

Christine M. Mabry Garden Cit)'. NY. Finance. Alpha Omicron Pi. Treasurer. 
New Member Educator; Senior Class Treasurer; Junior Class Treasurer. 

Anna L. Macchia Easton, PA. Psychology and Religion. Alpha Phi; Phi Beta 

Kappa; Psi Chi; Phi Beta Delta; Presidential Scholar; Zeta Good Scholar. 

Andrew T. Mackey (^uakcrtown, PA. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 
Health and Human Development Minor. American Chemical Society; 

Barbara Arlene MacNetll Laurel Springs, NJ. Chemistry and Theatre- 
Mustard and Cheese Drama Society; American Chemical Society, President, 
Treasurer; Student Ambassador; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; College 

Scholar; Presidential Scholar. 

Shane Daniel Madigan Willingboro, NJ. Mechanical Engineering. Delta Tau 
Delta. Guide, Pledge Educator; Volleyball Club. 

Anthony Joseph Maglia Old Bridge. NJ. Mechanical Engineering. Alpha Chi 
Rho; American Societ)' ofMechanicid Engineeers. 

Rajat Mahajan New Llelhi. India. Engineering. Varsit)' Tennis; 
Soccer Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Presidential Scholar: Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; 
Phi Beta Delta; Wilbur Prize; Horn Prize. 

Susan Alison Mahoney Metuchen. NJ. Finance. Communication Minor, '1 he 
Brown and White. 

Ben Malekzadeh Naperviile, IL. Marketing. P.sycholog>' Minor. InterFrater- 
nit)' Council. President, Greek Week Chairperson, Programming Chairperson, 
Judicial Board; Chi Phi, Rush Chairperson, Greek Alumni Coimcil Delegate, 
Executive Board; Council of Student Presidents; Varsit)' Football; Leonard Pool 
Scholar; Collegiate F!,ntrepreneurship Award; John K. Conneen Award; Greek 
Man of the Year Award; Student of the Month; Award. 

Carol Elizabeth MaJin Camp Hill, PA. Psvcholog)^ Marketing Minor. Alpha 
Gamma Delta, Social Chairperson; Big Brother/Big Sister Program; Gymnastics 


Seniors QSQj 

Mark S. Malseed 

Jodi Mandarino 

Beth Kara Mann 

Michelle Alexis Manos 

Daniel Raymond March 

SamanthaJ. Mason 

Christine A. Matarese 

Michael C. Mathews 

Jamie Melissa Maxon 

Curtis Adrian May 

Timothy P. McAniilty Christopher Joseph McC'afFern 

Erik Kins, Rona Faust and Geoff Piper enjoying a Christmas game of throwing a sma! 
ball into a pyramid of cups. 

Matthew E. MtGoev 

Amy Regina McKeevcr 


Brian Marks 

Shane E. Marquess 

Nicole Martusciello 

David Scott Maynard 

Melissa E. McAloose 

Brendan McAndrew 

imothy J. McCann, Jr. Lauren Ruth McCaughrin 

Timothy McDermott 

John B. McLelland II 

Erin Samantha McQuade 

Shaun J. McWcenc 

Mark S. Maiseed Drcxcl Hill, PA. Aahiti.uuiL- ,iiui Urban Siudics. Varsity 
Track and RdJ; riiL' Brown ant] White; intcrnaiiona! Club; Phi Bera Delia; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Presidential SehoLu, 

Jodi Mandarino Staten Island, NY, Philcxsophy. Religion Minor, Alpha Chi 

Beth Kara Mann Sharon, MA. Journalism. Public Relatiosis Minor. Alpha 
Phi; Panhcllenic Coiincii; Public Relations Student Socict)' of America. 

Michelle Alexis Manos Col r.s Neck, Nj. Markctuig, Communication Minor. 
Delta Gamma; Panhcllenic Council, Rush Counselor; Marketing Club; Lambda 
Mu Sigma; Dean's List. 

Daniel Raymond March York, PA. International Relations. French Minor. 
Soccer Club; French Ciub; Progressive Saidencs Alliance; World Affairs Club; 
N'lodcl United Nations; Model European Union. 

Brian Marks Framingham. MA. Accounting. Government Minor. DeltaTau 
Delta. Treasurer; Beta Alpha Psi. 

Shane E. Marquess Baltimore, MD. Journalism. Public Relations Minor, l"he 
Brown and While; Public Relations Student Society of America. 

Nicole Martusciello Plcasanr\Mllc. NY. Psychok^g)'. Education and Health and 
Human Development Minor. Alpha Phi, Vice President. Chaplain; Dean\ List. 

Samantha J. Mason West Chester, PA. Sociology. Varsity Tennis, Co-Captain; 
Alpha Gamma Delta, Rush Chairperson; Panhcllenic Council, Rush Counselor; 
Deans List. 

Christine A. Matarese North Providence, RI. Biolog)' and Psychology. Green 
Club, Treasurer; Heakh Professions Society; Late Night at Lehigh; Crew Club; 
Alpha Bpsiion Delta; Psi Chi; Deans List. 

Michael C. Mathews Burr Ridge. IL. Accounting. Psycholog)' Minor. Delta 
Tail Delta; Freshman Orientation Staff. 

Jamie Melissa Maxon Stamford, CT. Marketing. Alpha Phi; Epitome StafT. 

Curtis Adrian May Marlton, NJ. International Business. Varsin-' Football; 
Student- Athlete Council; COACH; All-Patriot League 2nd Team. 

DaN-id Scotc Ma)iiard Manchester, NH. Mechanical Engineering. Philosophy 
Minor. Philosophy Club, Officer; (irvphon Society. 

Melissa E. McAloose Pottsville, PA. Indusrrial Engineering. Alpha Gamma 
Delta. Treasurer; Student Senate; Rugby Club; Martindiile Center Student 
Associate; Tau Beta Pi, Treasurer; Alpha Pi Mu, Treasurer; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's 

Brendan McAndrew Fitchburg, MA. Mechanical Engineering. Wind 
E,nsemble; Jazz Band; Ultimate Frisbee Club; Society of Automotive Engineers; 
Tau Beta Pi. 

Titnothy P. McAnultj' Oberlin, PA. Mechanical Engineering. American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers; Pi Tau Sigma, President; Tau Beta Pi, 

Christopher Joseph McCaftcrt)- Ba\ville, N], Natural Science. 

Timothy J. McCann, Jr. Haddam, CT". Finance and Marketing, International 
Relations and Communication Minor. University' Productions, President; 
Investment Club, Treasurer; Dean's List. 

Lauren Ruth McCaughrin Lexington, VA. Social Psychology. 

Timothy McDermott Ridgewood, NJ. Politic^il Science. 

Matthew E. McGoey Hawthorne, NJ. Political Science. Public Reladons and 
hiistory Minor. Public Relations Student Socict)' ot America, Newsletter Etiitor; 
WLVR; Deans List. 

Amy Regina McKeever Philadelphia. PA. Chemical Engineering. Alpha 
(jainma Delta, President, Intramunds; Senior Class Gift Campaign; American 
Institue of Chemical Engineers; Tau Beta Pi. Vice President; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Omicron Delta Kappa; Order of Omega. 

John B. McLelland 11 Philadelphia, PA, Marenals Science and Engineering. 
Student Materials Socrcty; Society of Automotive Engineers. 

Erin Samantha McQuade Norrhport. NY. Sociology and Social Psycholog}'. 

Shaun J. McWeeney East Brunswick, NJ. Chemical Engineering. Music 
Minor. Sigma Alpha Mu. Treasurer; University Philharmonic. President. 

Seniors Sg0 

Dawn Fuchs and Jon Verdi at tailgates. 

Hammond Robert Meuer David Gerard Meurer 

Mandana Maria Moliebbi Quinn Michael Mommsen 

Derek Bom Moore 

Jason Moore 

Corey Morano 



Douglas Ross Mento 

Amy Lynne Meraglia 

Chris-Marie Messina 

hristopher Scott Meyer 

Amy Ann Mikitka 

Evan Miller 

Tara Michele Miller 

Alexis Minervino 

Heath Mitchell 

Jennifer Morelli 

Victoria Morelli 

Fernando Moreyra 

Michael P. McWilliams Danville. PA. Civil Engineering;. American Society of 
Civil Engineers. 

Erin L. Melxell Berhlelieni. PA. Markecing. Psychology Minor. r>ean's Lisi. 

Douglas Ross Mento Springfield. PA. Civil Engineering. Ljcroise Ciub; 
huramural-s; Senior CUiss Gil-t Campaign, Exeeutivt- Board; Racquetball Club; 
Philosophy Ciub; American Societ\' ot Civil Engineers; Chi Epsilon, President; 

Amy Lynne Meraglia Shirley, N^'. Behavioral Ncuroscience. Kappa Alpha 
Theta, Scholarship (.'hairper.son; Epitome St;illf; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Phi Eta 
Sigma: Dean's List. 

Chris-Marie Messina Kinnelon, NJ. Theatre and Government. University 
Productions, Arts Chairperson, Excursions Chairperson; Theatre, Costume 
Designer. Choreographer, Performer; Adopt-a-GrandparenE; Mustard and 
Cheese Drama Society; College Scholar; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Hammond Robert Meuer Winnetka, IL, Ecojiomics. Communication Minor. 
CJr\'plion Societ)'; Delta Tau Delta, Corresponding Secretary. 

David Gerard MeurerTampa, FL. Ci:imputer Engineering. Varsiry Football; 
Alpha Tau Omega. Secretary, President; AlLAmerican. Football; Barthold 

Christopher Scott Meyer Franklin l^kes, NJ. International Business, 
Philosophy Minor, international Careers Club, President; Kappa Sigma. 

Amy Ann Mikitka Bethlehem, PA. Fiitance. Kappa Alpha Theta, Rush 
Chairperson, Pledge Class President, Intramurals; Panhellenic Council, Rush 
Chairperson; University Committee on Discipline; Freshman Orientation Stafh 
Order of Omega: Kappa Alpha Theta New Member of the Year Award; Who's 
Who Among Ajiierican College and Universit}' Students. 

Evan Miller Downingtovvn. PA. Computer Engineering. Marching 97; 
Institute ot Electrical and Electronic Engineers. 

Kevin Ryan Miller Levirtown, PA. Computer Engineering. Soccer Club; Eta 
Kappa Nu. 

Kurt Adam Miller Catasauqua, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Tau Beta Pi; Pi 
Tati Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Mark Robert Miller Erie, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Varsity Football. 
Captain; Chi Psi, Pledge Educator, Lodge Manager; Dean's List. 

Scott A. Miller Woodbridge, VA. Civil Engineering, Gryphon Societ)'^ 

American Water Resources Association, President; American Society of Civil 
Engineers; Dean's List. 

Susan Elizabeth Miller Westford, MA. Biolog)' and Psychology, Peer Health 
Educator; Outing Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa; Psi Chi; College 
Scholar: Dean's List. 

Tara Michele Miller North Haven, CT. Finance. Late Night at Lehigh; 
Investment Club; Best Buddies; Delta Zeta. 

Alexis Minervino Roseland, Nj. Civil Engineering. Architecture Minor. L:ue 
Night at Lehigh, President, Publicit)' Chairperson; American Society ol Civil 
Engineers, President. 

Heath Mitchell Greenfield, NH. Civil Engineering. Sigma Nu, House 

Manager; STAR Tutor: American Society of Civil Engineers; Deans List. 

Mandana Maria Mohebbi New York, NY. Religion. Biology Minor. Alpha 
Chi Omega. 

Quinn Michael Monimsen Winnetka, IL. Finance. Histoiy Minor, Beta 
Theta Pi; Investment Club; Ice Hocke)' Cltib. 

Derek Boru Moore New York, NY. Psycholog)'. Theatre Minor. Alpha Sigma 
Phi; Varsit)' Swimming and Diving; Mustard and Cheese Drama Society; Psi 
C^hi; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

lason Moore Miami, FL. International Relations. Beta Theta Pi. 

Corey Morano Paramus, NJ. Psycholog)'. Art History Minor. Sigma Phi. 
President, Rush Chairperson; Inter fraternity Coimcil. 

Jennifer Morelli Swoyersville, PA. Biology. Alpha Phi Omega. Secretary; Tour 
Guide; Phi Beta Kappa; Who's Who Among American College and Universit)' 
Students; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Victoria Morelli Hewlett. NY. Architecture. American Institute of 
Architectural Students; Balance; Gamma Phi Beta, Public Relations 

Fernando Moreyra Piscacaway, NJ. Finance. L>lta Tau Delt.a, House Manager, 
Brotherhood Relations Chairperson; Freshman Orientation Stafl. 

Seniors BBS 

Remember When. • • 

1) We only had one U.C. 

2) Brownies were something you ate or joined. 

3) People 'dated' for more than Friday or Saturday night 
and knew each other's names. 

4) We got the deluxe parking attendants with Robo-cop 
computer attachments and everybody felt safe. 

5) Student loans gave you money instead of demanding it. 

i J ilk 

William G. Morgan 

Students who take part in Mardi Gras festivities are sure to have smiles on their faces. 

Sarah P. Nevin 

Michelle Chiu-Fung Ng 


^ i-X'#*i<i>^ 

Jason Morio 

oseph Michael Nemeth 

Thoanh Nguyen 

Ryan W. Morris 

Scott Ian Morris 

Lisa Kristine Netcher 

James M. Neupauer 

Tu Tran Nguyen 

Kristen Norkiewicz 

Matthew S. Morgan Naeick, KIA. Biochemisrry. Delta Tau Delta, 

Philanthropy Ch;iirper.son; Study Abroad. Australia; Phi Beta Delta. 

William G, Morgan Mount Sinai. NY. Electrical Engineering. Institute of 
Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Tau Beta Pi; Deans List. 

Jason Morio Hershcy, PA. Computer Eni;inc-cnni?,, I L-high Engineering 
Center, Computer Engineering, Co-Chairpersmi; LIcau's Eist. 

Ryan W. Morris Weston. CT. Accounting. Chi Phi/lreasurer; Varsity Golf; 
Patriot Eeague Honor Roil. 

Scott Ian Morris Woodbury, NY. Civil Engineering. Lehigh Engineering 
Center, Vice President: Chi Phi. 

Michael Esper Moses Plantation. FL. Finance, Chi Phi; Greek Peer Educator; 
ln\estment Club; Freshman Orientation Staff. 

Tara Murphy Rockaway, NJ. Government and Psychology. Delta Gamma. 

Rockey Robert Myall, Jr. Mason, Ml. International Careers and lndustri<il 
Engineering. German Minor. University Bible Fellowship, President; Debate 
Club, Treasurer; Presidential Scholar; Phi Beta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi. 

Kevin Roy Nardi Chester, NJ. Marketing- Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsit)- 

Roberta Nargi Roseland, NJ. Materials Science and Engineering. Kappa Alpha 
Theta, Rush Chairperson; Student Materials Society. 

David A. Nayor Westport, CT. Finance. 

Travis Mitchell Nelson Lodi, NJ. Materials Science and Engineering. Religion 
Studies Minor. Lehigh Christian Fellowship, Worship Leader; Student Materials 
Society; Navigators. 

Joseph Michael Nemeth Mastic, NY. Finance. 

Lisa Kristine Netcher New York, NY. Finance. Conmuinication Minor. 
Gamma Phi Beta; The Brown and Wliite, Business Manager; Senior Ckiss Gih 

James M. Neupauer Lancaster, PA. Mechaniciil Engineering. Economics 
Minor. Ultimate Frisbee Club. Captain; Tau Beia Pi. 

Sarah P. Nevin Murrvsville. PA. Sociolog}' and Social Psychology. Writing 
Minor. Delta Gamma, Vice President; Panhellenic Council, President; Dean's 

Michelle Chiu-Fung Ng Hong Kong. Finance. East Asian Studies Minor. 
University' Choir; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Beta Delta; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Thoanh Nguyen Allencown, PA. Computer Science. 

Tu Tran Nguyen Easton. PA. Mechanical Engineering. yVmerican Socictj' ol 
Mechanical Engineers. 

Kristen Norkiewicz Enola, PA. Biolog)'. Alpha Gamma L')elta; Gryphon 
Society; Epitome Staff. 

Seniors BBQj 

William Orben 

Brett Oster 

Jesiis A. Osuna P. 

Jessica S. Ottinger 

Alexis Otto 

Amy Wynne. Carrie Zegarski. Vicki Morelli and Nicole Roman(i--Lcliigh in Paris '96. 

Mark 1'arri.lla 

1 loo 

man I'arsia 


[aureen Elizabeth O'Kcefe 

Abigail OIken 

Daniel Harold Olsen 

Serdar Ozkan 

Yasin A. Ozkan 

David Scott Pace 

Jonathan A. Panik 

Leonard Pankey 

Aria L. Paolercio 

Joyce Pastore 

Lopa N. Patel 

Robert John Patterson 

C. Mariela Obregon Clifton, NJ. Accounting. Anrhropology Minor. Aiphj 
Chi Omega; Accounring Club. 

Charles J. Ochman Easton, CF. Accounting. Univert-ity Choir; Sigma Alpha 
Mu, Soci-il Chairperson; Soccer Club. 

Suzanne W. O'Conoeil Franklin Lakes, N|. Finance. Kappa Alpha Theta, 

Steward: Rugby Club. 

Javier Oesterheld Middletovvn, Nj. Behavioral Neuroscience. Lambda Chi 

Alexis Dougherty Ohis Wayne. PA. International Business. French Minor. 
Gamma Phi Beta. Corresponding Secretar)'; Golf C^lub; French Club; 
international Careers Club. 

Maureen Elizabeth O'Keefe (.)radcll, N]. Accounting. Delta Gamma, 
Recording Secretarv; Accounting Club, President; Beta Alpha Psi; Dean's List. 

Abigail Olken Sharon. MA. Industrial Engineering. Tae Kwon L^o Club; 
Freshman Orientation Staff; Peer Tutor; Dean's List. 

Daniel Harold Olsen Denville, NJ. Mechanical Engineering. 

William Orben Columbus, IN. Civil Engineeting. American Literature 
Minor. Varsit>' Soccer, Captain; Lehigh Engineering Center; COACH; 
American Societj' of Civil Engineers, 

Brett Oster Gainesville. FL. Materials Science and Engineering. 

Jesus A. Osuna P. Valera, Venezuela. Electrical Engineering. 

Jessica S. Ottinger Livingston. NJ. International Business. History Minor. 
Gamma Phi Beta; Senior Class Gift Campaign; Panhellenic Council. RtLsh 

Alexis Otto Chatham, NJ. International Careers. 

Serdar Ozkan Turkey. Marketing and Finance. Psychology Minor. Investment 
Club; Soccer Club; Dean's List. 

Yasin A. Ozkan Port Jefferson Station, NY. Biochemistry. Internationa! 
Relations Mipior. American Chemical Society. 

David Scott Pace Perth Amboy. NJ. Computer Engineering. Tau Beta Pi; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu. 

Michael R. Pagano Cedar Grove, NJ. Engineering. Economics 
Minor. Sigma Chi, Social Chairperson; Tour Guide; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Tau 
Sigma; Dean's List. 

David Pakula Buckingham, PA. Molecular Biology. Rugby Club. 

Jonathan A. Panik Bethlehem, PA. Marketing. 

Leonard Pankey Bronx, NY. International Business. Sociolog)' Minor. Varsity 
Football; Spanish Literary Council; STAR Tutor; Black Students Union; Debra 
K. Brown Award. 

Aria L. Paolercio Pelham, NY Finance. Tutor. 

Mark Parrella Middletown, NY. Biolog)'. Delta Phi, Rush Chairperson, 
President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta, 

Hooman Parsia Broomall, PA. Electrical Engineering. Lehigh Engineering 
Center, Co-Founder, Treasurer; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 

loyce Pastore Wayne, NJ. Behavioral Neuroscience. History Minor. Adopt-a- 
Grandparent; ^utor; Dean's List. 

Lopa N. Patel Madison, NJ. Political Science. French and Writing Minor. 
Varsit>' Tennis; Senior Class Secretary; Junior Class SecretatT; Alpha Omicron Pi. 
Vice President of Education; WLVR; Student Ambassador; Who's Who Among 
American College and Universit>' Students; All-Patriot League Team, 

Robert John Patterson Milmont Park, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Tau Beta 
Pi; Dean's List. 

Seniors ggfl^ 

Jennifer Daily, Jessica Young and Amy Stracensky at Alpha Chi Omega. 

Lynn R. Perry 

Brian D.n nl 

Christopher George Ply 

Mcgann V. Polal 


Megan Victoria Perr)' 

C^hristina Jane Ponce 


iton Michael Penkauskas Cynthia Veronica Penyak Thomas Lawrence Perez 

Aaron Peterson 

Anna Martha Pezik 

Jennifer Lynn Pfeiffer 

Christina M. Pioppi 

AlHson Marie Pirie 

Robert Christopher Pisano 

Kristie L. Prantil 

Sharon Esther Pravkewitz 

Arthur Prejs 

Jason Matthew Pacton Danville. PA. Civil Knyinccring. Amtncafi Society ot 
Civil Engineers; Chi Epsilon; Phi Eui .Sigma, 

Edward N. Pearce III t.anip Hill. PA. l^ivil Engineering. Cir)phon Society. 
Treasurer; American Socier)' ol Civil Engineers; .American Water Resources 

C'limon Michael Penkauskas Alburtis. PA, Mechanical Engineering, Pi Idu 

Cynthia Veronica Penyak Canadensis. PA. Psychoiogv- Amt'ricaii Psychological 
Association; PhilliLta Kappa, 

Thomas Lawrence Perez New York, NY. Economics. Internarional Relations 
Minor. Varsity Foocbali: Chi Psi, .Social C'hairpcrson. Alpha Relations: 
Economics Society. 

Lynn R. Perry Pittsfield, MA. Chemical Engineering. International Club; 
Anierican Instiruie of Chemical Engineers; Society of Women Engineers; 
hiLL'tiiational Partners. 

Megan Victoria Perry Hamburg, PA. Molecular Biology. STAR Tutor; 
Pre-siiman Orientation Staft, Planning Committee; Student Ajnbassador; Alpha 
Epsilon Delta; Dean's List. 

Aaron Peterson Columbus, OH. Chemical Engineering. Delta Tau Delta. 

Anna Martha Pezik Pittstown, Nj, journalism and French. Writing Minor. 
The Brown and White, Editorial Board; Epitome Staff, pAlitor-in-Chieh Society 
of Professional Journalists; Inrernational Partners; Study Abroad, hVance; Wind 
Symphony; Phi Beta Kappa; College Scholar; Phi Beta Delta; Modern Foreign 
Language Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma; Deans List. 

Jennifer Lynn Pfeiffer San Francisco, CA. International Relations, Covernment, 
and Fretich. Siudv Abroad, France; Student Ambassador; SCUSA Conference; 
Model European Union; World Affairs Club; French Club; Residence Halls 
As.sociarion; Phi Beta Delta; Merit Scholar; Dean's List. 

Jame;. M. Phillips Berkeley Heights. NJ. Mechanical Engineering. Varsity 
Baseball; Sigma Chi; Student-Athlete Council; American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers; Society ot Professional Engineers. 

William Pietragallo Pittsburgh, PA. Government. Theatre Minor. Phi Gamma 
r.lelca; Mustard and C^heese Drama Societ)'; Squash Club. Vice President. 

Daniel Pietrzak Del ran. NJ. Accounting. Government Minor. DehaTau 
Llclta, President. Pledge Eciucator; Varsity Colt; Freshman Orientation Statl: Beta 
Alpha Psi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Order of Omega; Who's Who Among 
Ainencan College and Universit)' Students. 

Elizabeth Marie Pinault East Sandwich. MA. Economics and Internationa! 
Relations. Economics Society'; Investment Club; Tae Kwon Do Club; World 
Affairs Club. 

Thomas James Pinto Norwalk, CT. Architecture. Ice Hockey Club; Fyelevel; 

Christina M. Pioppi New Milford, NJ. Chemistry. Anierican Chemical 
Societ)', Treasurer; Mustard and Cheese Drama Society; Peer Educator. 

Allison Marie Pirie Framingham, fvlA. Environmental Science. Government 
Minor. Students Active in Volunteerism, President, Co-Founder; Alpha Phi 
Omega, Historian; Newman Council, Vice President of Activities. Vice President 
of Service; Box Office Manger, Theatre; Service Scholar; Communit)' Service 
Award; Who's Who Among American College and University' Students. 

Robert Christopher Pisano Cranbury, NJ. Civil Engineering. Sigma Phi. 

Brian David Plumer Dalton, MA. Electrical Engineering and History 

Christopher George Ply Boonton, NJ. Civil Engineering. American Sociery of 
Civil Engineers; Chi Epsilon. Treasurer. 

Megann V. Polaha Media. PA. Civil Engineering. STAR Tutor; Alpha Chi 
C>mega; Senior Class Gift Campaign; Crew Club; American Society of Civil 
Engineers; Societ)' of Women Engineers; lacocca Scholar; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Merit Scholar; Dean's List. 

Stephen Politziner North Brunswick, NJ. Finance. Communication Minot. 
Zera Psi, President, Rush Chairperson; Golf Club; Inrertraternit)' Council 
President of the Year Award. 

Christina Jane Ponce San Diego, CA. Civil Engineering. Dance Club, 
President; American Water Resources Association, Vice President; Chi Epsilon; 
Tau Beta Pi. 

Kristie L. Prantil Oakinont. PA. History. Public Relations and Math Minor. 
Aipha Gamma Delta, Public Relations Coordinator; Public Relations Student 
Society of America, Secretaiy; Panhellenic Council, Rush Counselor; Tutor; 
Transfer Student Mentor; Wio's Who Among American College and University 
Students; Phi Alpha Theta; Class of 1^86 Scholar; Deans List. 

Sharon Esther Pravkewitz Kinnelon, NJ. Theatre. Jewish Studies and East 
Asian Studies Minor. L'niversity Theatre; Tae Kwon Do Club; College Scholar; 
Phi Beta Delta; Omicron Delta Kappa; Dean's List. 

Arthur Prejs Annandale, NJ. Mechanical Engineering. 

Seniors gJEMl 

The crew at tailgates. 

John Rago 

10 More Lehigh 
Administrative Offices 
We All Know and Love 

I 1 ) Polymers Interface Center- where single 
polymers go to meet other single polymers. 

12) Agility Forum- for those Interested in 
gymnastics and yoga. (758-5510) 

1 3) Dept. of Ancient Greek- Lehigh's Modern 
Foreign Language Department. (758-3309) 

14) Student Affairs- for students who want to 
know how to be naughty. (758-3890) 

1 5) Cultural Affairs- for students who want to 
know how to be naughty and sophisticated. 

16) Alcohol and Other Drug Education- seek and 
ye shall find. 

17) Tri-Valley Literacy- or else. (758-6347) 

1 8) International Center for Democracy and 
Social Change- formerly known as the Li.S. 
Marines. (758-4745) 

19) Jazz and Winds- for the musically inclined 
kite flyer. (758-5192) 

20) Copying- not that any of us do this or anything. 

Moniiiue Desiree Renta 

Virginia Repetto 

Erin Reardon 



1 1 






Christopher George Reutlinger 

Jennifer Louise Rinalducci 

Pilar E. Rivera 

Tahir Shomari Rivers 


Jeffre\ D.n id Quick 

Hong Shik Ra 

Rafael Raban 

Keira D. Reich 

Christopher J. Reilly 

Matthew Michael Reiss 

Sarah Richards 

Gregor)' David Ricks 

Kristen Riehman 

Kristin Ann Roberts 

Victoria Ann Pretti Clearfield, PA. Geological Sciences. Earth and Environ- 
mental Science Club: American Water Resources Association; Williams Hail 
Planning Committee. 

Justin Frederick Psaki Cardcri Cin,'. NY. Marketing. 

Jeffrey David Quick "IrL-nion, N], Materials Science and Fjigine;.rin^, Varsit)' 
Ba-seball; Alpha Chi Rlio, Rush C'hairperson, 

Hong Shik Ra Pcnnsville. Nj, Philosophy. Religion and Biologv Minor. 
Korean Students Association, President, Vice Presidcni. Sccretar)'; Philosophy 
Club; Asian Cultural Society: Health Professions Society; Korean- American 
Scientists and Engineers Association; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha 
Epsilon Delta; Phi Beta Delta; Dean's List. 

Rafael Raban Bethlehem, PA, Materials Science and Engineering. Cycling 
Team. Treasurer; Student Materials Society- Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi: Alpha Sigma 

John Rago Seldoii, NY. Earth and Environmental Science. Delta Phi. 

Erin Reardon Concord, NH. Civil Engineering. \'irsicv Indoor and Outdoor 
Track ynd Field; Alpha Oniicron Pi; Tau Beta Pi; (..'hi I'ljisilun; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Pa(rii>t League Honor Roll; Dean's List. 

Keira D. Reich Cold Spring Harbor, NY. Finance. Social Psycholog)' Minor. 
Thompson International Portfolio, General Manager; Investment Club; 
International Relations Club: Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean's List, 

Christopher J. Reilly Horsham, PA. Materials Science and Engineering. Roller 
Hockey Chib, President; Ice Hockey Club; IntranunaK; Student Materials 
Sociery; Alpha Sigma Mu; Dean's List. 

Matthew Michael Reiss Coopersburg, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Student- 
k,iLu!t\ ( nuiKil, Nhxh.inical Engineering Department; American Society of 
Nkxlunicil Engineers; Societ)' of Professional Engineers; Intramurals; Tau Beta 
Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Deans List. 

Monique Desirei^ Renta Commack, NY. Finance. 

Virginia Repetto Margate. NJ, Molecular Biolog)'. 

Christopher George Reutlinger Philadelphia, I'A. Civil Engineering. Lambda 
Chi Alpha; Tau Beia Pi; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Fra Sigma. 

Sarah Richards Reedsvilic, PA. Civil Engineering, Religion Minor. 

Gregory David Ricks Garwood, NJ. Civil Engineering. Tau Beta Pi; Chi 

Kristen Riehman Somerville. NJ. Molecular Biology, Dean's List. 

Jennifer Louise Rinalducci Orlando. FL. Art and Histon,'. L'niversit)- 
Productions; Habitat for Humanity: Delta Gamma; Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi 
Beta Delta. 

Pilar E. Rivera Bronx. NY. Social Psychology. Spanish Minor. Gryphon 
Socier\'; Tour Guide; Student Ambassador; Leadership Award. 

Tahir Shomari Rivers Tallahassee, FL. Mathematics. Varsity Football; Gospel 
Choir: All-Patriot League 2nd Team. Football. 

Krisrin Ann Roberts Rumson. NJ. Finance. Asian Studies Minor. Gamma Phi 
Beta; Panhellenic Council. Rush Counselor: Dean's List. 

Matthew Scott Roberts Manahawkin, NJ. Architecture. Volieyball Club: 
Architecture Club, Vice President; Freshman Hall President: Best Buddies. 

Robert Christian Robinson Scranton, PA. Finance. 

Seniors J^SM 

Jason Michael Rocco 

Daniel C. Rodenhaver 

Pauline A. Rodney 

Kira Roitburg 

Jessica Rokoff 

Elibed Sanchez 

Drumming up the spirits of Lehigh's basketball team 



Nicole Romano 

Mieh.ifl George Roseman 

Sara Bh'tlie Rosenblatt 

Eve Jacqueline Rubel 

Mark Ian Rubins 

David Charles Rubinstein 

Dana Marie Russo 

James Michael Ryan 

Alexandra Salas 

Icott Anthony Sanderson 

Bryan Satchell 

Megan Saunders 

Jason Michael Rocco Conland, NY. Civil Engineering. Sigma Nu; Soccer 

Daniel C. Rodenhjver St. Petersburg, FL. Industrial Engineering. Alpha 
Sigmj Phi. Vice President, House Marshall, House Manager; Varsity Swimming 
and Diving, C^aptain; All Patriot League Team, Swimming. 

Puihne A. Rodney Brooklyn, NY. Finance. Womens Studies Minor. ISIS. 
S(.i,r(.riry; Association oi Minorit)' Ruiincss Students; Academic Achievement 

Kira Roitburg East iianovcr, NJ. Psychology. Education and Jewish Studies 
Mmor Alpha Chi Omega, Steward, Assistant Rush Chairperson, Assistant 
Alumni Relations Chairperson; Panhellenic Council. Rush Counselor; Tour 
Guide; Student Ambassador; Dance Club, President. Vice President; Best 
Buddies; Freshman Orientation Staff; Dean's List. 

Jessica Rokoff Roslyn, N^^. Psycholog)'. Dean's List. 

Nicole Romano East Meadow. NY. Architecture. Literacy Corps; WLVR; 
Student Ambassador. 

Michael George Roseman Hellercown, PA. Religion and Cognitive Science. 
Anthropology Minor. Marching 07; Concert Band; Kappa Kappa Psi, 
Historian, Alumni Chairperson, Founder. 

Sara Blythe Rosenblatt Wescfield. NJ. International Careers. Spanish Minor. 
Alpha Phi, Social Chairperson; Internationa! Careers Club. 

James Rosenbloom New Orleans, LA. Archirecture and Civil Engineering. 
Sigma Alpha Mu; American Water Resources Association. 

Jordan Rosenfeld East Meadow, NY Accounting. 

Matthew Rosetti Scranton, PA. International Careers. Economics Minor. 
Varsir>' Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, Captain; Varsii:}' Cross-Country, 
C-aptain; Internationa! Careers Club; Student-Atlilcte Council. 

Zorian Rotenberg Bensalem. PA. Finance. Computer Science and Applied 
Mathematics Minor. Investment Club, President; Beta Gamma Sigma, 
President; Zcta Psi Good Scholar Candidate. 

Btent Rotherme! Shoemakersville, PA. Computer Engineering. Insrituteof 
Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Chairperson, Trea.surer; Tau Beta Pi; Eta 
Kappa Nu; Gabzuda Award. 

Eve Jacqueline Rubel Newton, MA. Psycholog}' and English. Gamma Phi 

Mark Ian Rubins Scarsdale, NY. Management. Psychology Minor. aLERT, 
Emergency Medical Services Captain; The Brown and White, Photo Editor. 

David Charles Rubinstein Orangeburg. NY. Finance, Mathematics Minor. 
Sigma Alpha Mu, Conumuiity Service Chairperson, Candidate Educator: 
Student Amha.ssador; Tutor; Beta Gamma Sigma; Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Michael Damian Ruccio Essex; Fells. NJ. Civil Engineering. Laaiibda Chi 
Alpha; American Societ)- of Civil Engineers. 

Stephanie Leigh Ruhle Park Ridge, NJ. International Business. Student 
Ambassador; Four Guide; Dean's List. 

Dana Marie Russo Syosset, NY. Biolog)'. Health and Human Development 
Minor. Gamma Phi Beta, President, Vice President of Administration. 

James Michael Ryan Rock\'ille, MD. Chemical Engineering. Americ;m 
Institute of Chemical Engineers; American Chemical Society; Bowling Club; 
Roller Hockev Club. 

Alexandra Salas Long Branch, NJ. International Business and Spanish. Latin 
American Studies Minor. Alpha Phi, Assistant Social Chairperson. 

Eric James Salerno Lake Ronkonkoma, NY Mechanical Engineering. Art 
Minor. Gryphon Societ)'; American SocietA' of Mechnical Engineers; Outing 
Club; Srudents Active in Volunteerism, 

Elibed Sanchez Camden, NJ. Enghsh. Psycholog}' and Writing Minor. Black 
Students Union; Gospel Choir; Departmental Honors, English. 

Scott AniJiony Sanderson Mt. Laurel, NJ. Environmental Science. Kappa 
Alpha; Outing Club: American Water Resources Association; Earth and 
Environmental Science Club; Volleyball Club; Kappa Alpha Memorial Scholar; 
Surdna Foundation Scholar. 

Bryan Satchell Brooklyn, NY. Sociology and Social Psychology. African 
American Studies and English Minors. Black Students L'nion; STAR Tutor; 

Megan Saunders Cape May Court House, NJ. Accounting. Gamma Phi 
Beta, Scholarship Chairperson; Tutor. 

Seniors SSM 

A crisp, fall day at Goodman. 

John Jacob Scherzer 

Jeremy J. Schmalzle 

Lesley Audra Schopp 

Katherine Mary Schragger 

Karl W. Schreiter 

Kristin Beth Schubert 

R. Dean Schulhol 

Brenda Moniqiie Schwarz 


Steven J. Schwarz 

Corey Adam Seckiilar Ardis Ann Scmptimphelter 

David J. Scpucha 


Karen Grace Schaefer 

Michael John Schatz 

Mary Clancy Scheid 

Allan Schneider 

Gabriela B. Schneider 

Kerri Jean Schoene 

Kyra Assail Schur 

Kenneth L. Schwartz 

Marni Beth Schwartz 

Frank R. Ser\'as 

Charles Frederick Seybold 

Athena Dawn Shapiro 

Jason T. Savenelli Orange, CT. Psychology. Religion Studies Minor. WLV'R; 
l,chigh Christiiin Fellowship; Concert Band: Marching 97; Psi Chi, 

Jamie Ann Scanlon Linwood. Nj. Industrial Engineering. Crew Ckib; Best 


Karen Grace Schaefer Perkasie, PA. Chemical Engineering, Varsity Softball; 
American Institute of Chemical Engineers. 

Michael John Schat? New Hope, PA, Mechanicy) Engineering. Society of 
Auiomotive Engineers; American Society oi Mechanical Engineers, Vice 

Mary Clancy Scheid Newrown, CT. Behavioral Neuroscience. Wind Ensemble; 
Philharmonic Orchestra; Departmental Honors, Biological Sciences; Dean's List. 

John Jacob Scherzer New Vernon, Nj. Materials Science and Engineering. 
Student M.ueriab Society. 

Jeremy J. Schmalzle Hawley, PA. Chcinistn' and Intetnational Business. Varsity 
BasebaJl; Delta Tau Delta; COAOJ. 

Allan Schneider State Falls Church, VA. FJecrrical Engineering. Phi Eta Sigma; 
Tau Beta Pi; Pi Mu Epsilon. 

Gabriela B. Schneider Shelton, CT. Journalism. WLVR, Genera! Manager; The 
Brown .md \X4iite, Assistant News Manager; Students Against Violence, Founding 

Kerri Jean Schoene West Milford, Nj. Pinance, Alpha Gamma Delta. 

Lesley Audra Schopp Lake Forest. IE. Journalism. Art History and Political 
Science Minor. Delta Gamma; Crew Club. 

Kathcrine Mary Schragger Trenton, NJ, Government, Rugby Club. 

Karl W. Schreiter Downingtown. PA. Civil Engineering. Psi Upsilon; WLVR. 

Kristin Beth Schubert LInion, NJ. Molecular Biologj-. aLERT; STAR Tutor. Pre- 
Med Society; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eta Sigma; College Scholar. 

R. Dean Schuthof New York. N^'. Journalism, d'he Brown and White; Zcta Psk 
Student oi the Month. 

K)Ta Assail Schur Greenwich, CT. Journalism. Psychology Minor. The Brown 
and White; AJpha Chi Omega. 

Kenneth L. Schwartz Farmingville, NY. Accounting. Theta Delta Chi; Hiltel 
Society. Vice President; Accounting Club, Vice President; Deans List. 

Marni Beth Schwartz Holmdel, NJ. Psycholog)-. Jewish Studies Minot. Alpha 
Chi Omega, 

Brenda Monique Schwarz Scotch Plains, NJ. Sociology and German. Literacy 
Corps; Tae Kwon Do Ckib; Phi Beta Delta; Deatfs List. 

Steven J. Schwarz Warrington, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Biology Minor. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon; Society of Automotive Engineers; Mountain Biking Club. 

Corey Adam Seckular East Brunswick. NJ. Molecular Biology Kappa Sigma, 
(jtand Master, Grand Scribe; Inter fraternity Council. 

Ardis Ami Semptimphelter Florence. NJ. Internationa! Business. Gamma Phi 
Beta, Panhcllenic Delegate; International Business Club, Treasurer; Panhellenic 
Council. Rush Counselor. 

David J. Sepucha Vienna, VA. Computer Science. Guitar Ensemble; Alpha 
Sigma Phi, Rush Chairperson. 

Frank R. Servas Floral Park, NY. Computer Engineering. Institute of Electrical 
and Electronic Engineers; Volunteer. 

Charles Frederick Seybold Long Valley, NJ. Finance. Kappa Sigma. 

Athena Dawn Shapiro New York, NY, Religion and Industrial Engineering. 
Hillel Society Religious Chairperson, Member at Large; Zeta Psi Good Scholar 

Seniors SE|f| 

love you. man." --Melissa Villani. George Kevgas and Janey Yoo at 430 E. 5th Street. 

Joon Ho Shin 

Megan Kimberly Siemsen Peter Matthew Sikorvak 

Ana-Lucia Silveira 

Alex.indra C.liase ,Sil\crniaii 

James R. Shoblock 

Scott SiKcrnian 

David Scott Sirkin 

|a.son Joseph Sisian 

Alyssa Prout Small 

Stephanie Marie Smith 

Bryan Snyder 


Ain.iiuia Slieridan 

Christopher Michael Sherwood 

Regan R. Shields 

Aswani K. Shukla 

Michail Si do rev 

Stephen Sloan Siegel 

William J. Simmler, Jr. 

Paschall Simpson 

Angela N. Sims 

Amy Jill Soboikin 

Ml i 

Nader Soliman 

Michael S. Sonon 

Randy William Sharrer Pirtsburgh, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Alpha Chi 
Rho, President, Vice President; Tour Guide; Student Ambassador; Jazz, 

Dawn Lyn Sharvin Westburj', NY. Biolog>'. Varsir, Field Hockc)-; \'ar,sit\' 
Lacrosse; Kappa Alpha Thcta, Social Chairperson, 

Amanda Sheridan Lakewood, NJ. journalism and Science Writing, 
Environmental Science and E[ivironment and Societ)' Minors. The Brown and 
White; Tour Guide; Srudent Ambassador; Volunteer; Williams Prize, Science 
Wriiing; Deans List, 

Christopher Michael Sherwood Manhassct, NY. Religion Studies. Philosoph)- 

Regan R. Shields Sudbur\-. MA. Architecture. Delta Gamma; Dean's List, 

Joon Ho Shin Llattlield PA, Mechanical Engineering. 

James R. Shoblock East Brunswick, NJ. Bi(ii,hemiscr\'. Philosi>phv Minor, 
Fencing Club, President: Tae Kwon Do C'lub; C-^uting Club, 

Aswani K. Shulda Bethlehem, PA, Industrial Engineering. Societ)' of 
ManutacEiiring Engineers, Vice President. 

Michail Sidorov Kiev, Ukraine. International Business. Varsit)' Basketball. 

Stephen Sloan Siegel Yardley, PA. Behavioral Neuroscience. Communications 

Minor. Alpha Sigma Phi, President; Tour Guide; Student Ambassador; 
Interfraternit)' Council. Social Chairperson; Who's Who Among American 
College and University Students; Order of Omega. 

Megan Kimberly Siemsen Ramsey. NJ. Sociology and Social Psychology. 
Suidy Abroad. Australia, Belgium; /Mpha Omicion Pi. Assistant Treausrer. 

Peter Matthew Sikopi-ak Dix Hills, NY. Accounting. Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta 
Alpha Psi, Editor; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Ana-Lucia Silveira Flushing, NY. Psychology. Varsit)- Volleyball; COACH. 

Alexandra Chase Silverman Little Compton, RL Environmental Science and 
Economics. Ski Team; Delta Gamma, Corresponding Secretar\'; Earth and 
Environmental Science Club. 

Scott Silverman Brook\'ille, NY. History and Psychology. Interfraternit)' 
Council. Community Relations Chaiperson; Phi Kappa Theta, Rush 

William J. Simmler. Jr. Doylestown, PA. Chemical Engineering. 

Paschall Simpson New York, NY. International Relations. Histor)' and African 
American Studies Minors. World Affairs Club. President; Society of 
Tiigetherness for Ebony Men, Co-Coordiinaior. 

Angela N. Sims ^horndale, PA. Chemical Engineering, American Institute of 
Chemical Engineers. Secretary; Societ)' of Women Engineers; Black Students 
Union; Presidential Scholar; Dean's List. 

David Scott Sirkin Freehold, N|. Finance. Phi Kappa Theta, Vice President, 
House Manager; Investment Club. 

Jason Joseph SlsJan Hatfield. PA. Accounting. Zeta Psi, House Manager; 
Accounting Club, 

Aly,ssa Prout Small Pemiington. NJ, Marketing. Alpha Omicron Pi, Social 
Chairperson. Liason; Panhelienic Council. Rush Counselor; English 

Stephanie Marie Smith Derwood. MD. Behavioral Neuroscience. Health and 
Human Development Minor. Senior Class Vice President; Alpha Omicron Pi, 
Scholarship Chairperson, Ritual Chairperson; Student Ambassador; Health 
Professions Society. Executive Member; Volunteer; Who's Who Among American 
College and University Students; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Deans 
List. ^ 

Bryan Snyder Bethlehem, PA, Finance. 

Amy Jill Soborkin New Fairfield, CT. Political Science and Philosoph)-. 
Communiversit)' Day Coordinator; Forward, President, Cofounder; Alpha Chi 
(.")mega. Vice President of Membership Development; Mustard and Cheese 
Drama Society; Tour Guide; Omicron Delta Kappa; Treen Prc-Law Schohir; 
Dean's List. 

Nader Soliman Seiurun, PA. FMectrical Engineering. Theta Chi, Ste\vard; 

Lehigh F'nginecrJng Cc^nter, Co-Foundcr, Vice President, 

Michael S. Sonon Reading, PA. Industrial Engineering. Economics Minor. 
Institute of Industrial Engineers; Alpha Pi Mu; Dean's List, 

Seniors g£|g| 

A special moment shared between friends. 

Alicia M. Stanfill 

Matthew Stannard 

Nothing like good friends taking a trip to Atlantic City. NJ. 

Sarah Victoria Stewart 

(..liiton Daniel Stirling Elizabeth Blackwell Stoebi 


Javier E. Sotoniayor 

Leonardo N. Sotomayor 

Gregory Soule 

Edward L. Soyka 

Catherine Emily Spencer 

Bernard J. Stabinski 

Robert Christopher Steele 

Megan J. Stefens 

Kelly Ann Stelsing 

Tania Stoker 

Jason Bennett Stokes 

Matthew David Stone 

Adam P. Soplop Easion, PA. Civil Engineering. W1.VR; Psi Upsiion. 

Peter Sorkin Roslyn. Nj, journalism and English, Religion Studies Minor. 

Javier E. Sotoniayor Ciiayaquil, Ecuador, Industrial Engineering. SALSA. 

Leonardo N. Sotomayor Newark. DE. Industrial Engineering. SALSA; Alpha 
Pi Mu. 

Gregor)' Soule Sykesvilie. MD. Finance. Militan' Science Minor. Army 
ROTC, Bataliion Commander; Lacrosse Club. President. Coach; Champion:ih!p 
Ranger Challenge Team; General Marshal! Award; Distinguished Military 

John J. Sousa, HI Belmont, MA. Finance. 

Dominic J. Souza Annapolis, MD. Marketing, Varsity Lacrosse, Captain; Thcta 
.\i; Simpson Foundation Scholar. 

Edward L. Soyka River Vale. NJ, Political Science, Economics and Religion 
Studiu.s Minor, Sigma Alpha Mu, House Manager. 

Cadierine Emily Spencer Parkton, MD. Psychology'. Alpha C^micron Pi, House 
\lanagcr; Study Abroad. Australia. 

Bernard J. Stabinski Potcsville. PA. Chemical Engineering. Army ROTC; 
Student Senate, Secretary; Gryphon Societ\', Vice President; Sigma Chi; American 
Institute of Chemical Engineers, President; Omicron Delta Kappa, President; Tau 

Beta Pi; Presidential Scholar. 

Alicia M. Stanfill South San Francisco, CA. Geology. Gn,'phon Societ)': Varsit\' 
Cross-Country, Captain; Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field; Coach's 
Award, Cross-Country, 

Matthew Stannard Orange, CT. Molecular Biology. C'hemistry Minor. Ice 
Hockey Club. 

Robert Christopher Steele Weston, CT. History. Political Science Minor. 

Megan J. Stefens Emmaus, PA. Civil Engineering. Societ)' of Women 
i-.nginecrs; STAR Tutor; Tau Beta Pi, Recording Secretary; Phi Eta Sigma; Chi 


Kelly Ann Stelsing Grccniawn, NY. Management. Biolog)' Minor. Intrasnurals. 

Sarah Victoria Stewart Moniville, NJ. International Relations, Spanish Minor, 
Gamma Phi Beta. Rush Chairperson, Assistant Pledge Educator; Panhellenic 
Council, Rush Counselor; Student Senate. 

Clifton Daniel Stirling Old Lyme, CT. Finance. Spanish Minor. Delta 
Lfpsilon; Investment CUub; Greek Peer Educator; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Elizabeth Blackweil Stoeber Sumter, S.C. Political Science, Studio Art Minor. 
\XaVR; Student Senate. 

Tania Stoker L^unmore. PA. Mathematics. Psychology Minor. Math Club. 
President; American Mathematical Association; Nordieastern Pennsylvania 
Coimcil of Teachers ot Mathematics. 

Jason Bennett Stokes Oxon Hill. MD. Marketing. Varsiry Football. 

Matthew David Stone Etters, PA. Psychology and Marketing. Pi Kappa Alpha. 
Sccretar)', Comniunit)' Services Chairperson, Fund Raising Chairperson, Alumni 
Relations Chairperson; Goll Club. 

Seniors QSQ 

Aniv L. Stracenslcv' 

Melissa B. Strassberg 

Kevin Jay Straub 

Suzanne Britranv Straub 

Brian J. Swartwood 

Benjamin Matthew TaJbott 

Andrew Telford 

Anthony B. Temeles 

Jason Charles Streeter 

Janice M. Tessier 

Christina Lotito. Sherri Binstock. Dawn Lotito. Melissa Conli and Sue Mahoney 
vacationing in St. Martin. 

C^arolyn I ooihakcr 

Ronald George loothman. 


Amy L. Stracenskj' South Plaiiifield, NJ. Psychology. Educacion Minor. Alpha 
C'.hi Omega. Vice President Development; Psi Chi; Departmental 
I It>nors. P.sychoiogy. 

Melissa B. Strassberg Shartm. MA. Neiiroscicnce. American 
LitetatLite Mint)r. 

Kevin Jay Straub Meadvillc. PA. Mechiinical Engineering. Itc Hockey Club. 

Suzanne Brittany Straub Norwood. NJ. Ps)-chology Social Relatit)ns Minor. 
Sexual Hcrlth Peer Educator; Dean's List. 

Jason Charles Slreeler Gettysburg, PA. Psychology Chi Psi; Varsity Football. 

Richard Angelo SuUo, Jr. Nortllford. CT. Finance. International Relations 
Minor. Sigma ('hi. President, Vice President; Investment Club; LEAD; \X'LVR: 
Financial Management Association's National Honor Society; Dean's List. 

David Sunderland Catonsville, MD. Finance. Varsity Football; Chi Psi, Rush 
Chairperson; COACH; Student Ambassador; Mascot Committee; All-Patriot 
League 2nd Team. Football; Eastern College Athleric Association 2nd Team, 
Foolb.ill; Most Valuble C)fl'cnsive Lineman Award. Hootb.ill; Halahis Award. 

Elizabeth Indra Swanke Princeton, NJ. English and Poliiicd Science. Llelta 
Camma. Vice President oi" Scholarship; Dean's Lisr. 

Brian J. Swartwood Randolph. NJ. Industrial Engineering. 

Benjamin Matthew Talbott Haddam, CT. Operations .Management. Varsity 
Football; V.rrsit)' Baseball; Chi Psi, Scholarship Chairperson, Philanrhropy 
Chairperson. Social Chairperson; COACH; Parrior League All-Amcrican, 
Foorbali; All-Parrior League Team, Baseball. 

Andrew Telford Bogora, NJ. Finance. 

Anthony B. Temeles Scorch Plains, NJ. Civil Engineering. Lambda Chi 
Alpha; Tau Bcra Pi; Chi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

Janice M. Tessier Somers, CT. Sociology and Social Psychology and 
Mechanical Engineering. Gryphon Society; Amaranth; Late Night at Lehigh; 
American Sociery of Mcch;inical Engineers; Socieri' of Women Engineers; 
Higgler's Club; International Partners. 

B.J. Testa Potrstown, PA. Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. 
American Society of Civil Engineers; Lehigh Engineering Center; Mounrain 
Biking Club. 

Jeffrey Thorn Cranford, NJ. Compurer Engineering. Sigma Phi, Social 
Chairperson; Insrirute of Elecrrical and Electronic Engineers. 

Kristine E. Thorndike H.iddonficid, NJ. Accounting. Accounting Club; 
Gryphon Socier)'; Beta Alpha Psi; Seduski Scholar. 

Aaron Elijah Pieman Pennington. NJ. Biology. 

Brian Timmons Chalfont, PA. Accounting. Accounting Club; Kappa Alpha; 
STAR Tutor; Bera Alpha Psi, Treasurer; Dean's List. 

Dane Thomas Tobin Pennsburg. PA. Finance. Political Science Minor. 
Inrramurals; Residence Halls Association. 

Glenn Michael Tolchin Purchase, NY. Marketing. 

Anne Toolan Saddle River, NJ. Accounting. Psychology Minor. Accounting 
Club, Secretary; Students Active in Voluntecrism. 

Carolyn Toothaker Bedford, NH. Psychology. Hcalrh and Human 
Development Minor. Epirome Sralf; De.m's List. 

Ronald George Toothman, Jr. Hagerstown, MD. Biolog;'. Sigma Phi, 

Barry Marc Toren Longport, NJ. Accounting. Alpha Sigma Phi. 

Sean Robert Torpey Philadelphia, PA. Civil Engineering. Economics Minor. 
Gryphon Sociery; Delta Tau Delta; Soccer Club, President. 

Leopoldo Torres Caracas, Venezuela. Electiical Engineering. Running Club, 
Treasurer; SALSA, Treasurer; Insritutc of Electrical and Elecrronic Engineers. 

Barry Marc Toren 

Seniors gQgf 

Heather Berhoffand her two escorts, ready for a niaht out on the town. 

Bridgette Triola 

Matthew J, Troup 

David Tul! 

Anthony C. Tummincllo 

Mehssa Turner 

Jcuniler I /cses 

Christopher E. Uhcki 

Megan Theresa Valentine 

Nicole Valletto 

Lori Ann Valters 

Scott M. Vanderau 

Andrew Frank Van Horn 


Todd E. Treat 

Paul Alexander Trepte 

( .inri I ri"o 

Michael A. Trupin 

Theodoros Tsahourides 

Evan Tsung 

Bradley C. Unger 

EnairoJ. Urdaneta-Ponte 

Rebecca Vagen 

Joshua Van Naarden 

John Joseph Vas II 

Dimitri Alexander Vassiliou 

Cuong Tran Bcthlthem, PA. Chemical Engineering. Amcriain Institute of 
Chemical Engineers; American Chemical Society; Lehigh Engineering Center 
Center;CL'Ht)ninieLlieu Scholar. 

SeanB. Treacy Pellvam, NY. Electrical Engineering. Music Minor. Ultimate 
Frisbee Club; Jazz Band; Marching 97; Choral I'nion; Concert Band: Kappa 
Kjppa Psi. 

Todd E. Treat Dalton, PA. Mechanical Engineering. American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers; Lehigh Christian Eellowship; Mountain Biking Club; 
Aikido Club; Theodore B. Wood Award. 

Paul Alexander Trepte UJolla, CA. Finance. Crew Club; Alpha Chi Rho; 
Tour Guide; Student Ambas.s;idor. 

Capri Trigo Chicago, IE. Inrernational Relations. Latin American Studies 
Minor. Alpha Phi, Presidenr; Studenr Ambassador. 

Bridgettc Triola Hazlet, NJ. Political Science. Alpha Gamma Delta; STAR 
Itnor: Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

Matthew J. Troup Pittsburgh, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Ultimate Frisbee 
(."hib, Co'C'aprain; Tau Beta Pi. 

Michael A. Trupin Cranbury. NI. Earth ;md Environmental Science. Kappa 

Theodoros Tsahourides Woodlyn, PA. International Business. Russian Minor. 
Sigma Alpha Mu, Rush Chairperson; Roller Hockey Club, Vice President; Soccer 

Evan Tsung Upper Saddle River, NJ. Materials Science and Engineering. 

David TuU Voorhees, NL Management of Information Systems. Theatre 
Minor Musrard and Cheese Drama Society, Historian, Vice President; Theatre 
Production of "The Wild Duck". "Measure For Measure", "Servant of Two 
Mastets", "The Rivals", and "Black Comedy", 

Anthony C. Tumminello W.iyne, PA. Architecture. Lambda Chi Alpha, 
Secrerarv; Rugb)' Club; Dean's List. 

Mehssa Turner North Andover, MA. Behavioral Neuroscience. Spanish Minor 
Rugby Club, Captain; STAR Tutor; He.dth Professions Society; Alpha Epsilon 

Jennifer Tzeses Wyndmoot, PA. English. Journalism Minor. The Brown and 
White, Assistant Lifestyles Editor; Alpha Chi Omega, Vice President of Public 
Relations; Best Buddies; English Committee; Martindalc Center Srudent 
As.sociate; Dean's List. 

Christopher E. LUicki Upper Saddle River. NJ. Industrial Engineering. Music 
Minor "The Billy Rliythm Band" tock group. 

Bradley C. Unger Bronx, NY. Finance. Sigma Alpha Mu, President, House 
Manager, Pledge Educator; Student Senate; Board ofTrustees Student 
Reptesentative; Investment Club; Order of Omega. 

EnairoJ. Urdaneta-Ponte Merida, Venezuela. Indtrstrial Engineering. Publicity 
Institute of Industrial Engineers, Vice President; IMSE Webmaster; Soccer Club; 
lau Beta Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; Honors Convocarion. 

Rebecca Vagen St. Louis, MO. Classics. Architecture and Architectural History 
Minor. Tour Guide; Balance, Treasurer; Dean's List. 

Megan Theresa Valentine Tamaqua. PA. Physics. Science Writing Minor The 
Brown and Wliite; Lehigh for Lifi;; Newman Council; Sigma Xi; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Omicron Delta Kappa. 

Nicole Valletto Doylestown. PA. English and Psychology. Epitome Staff, Scniot 
Section Editor; Club; Sigma Tau Delta 

Lori Ann Valters Lake Forest, IL. M.iikcting. Alpha Phi; Ice Hockey Club; 
Dean's List. 

Scott M. Vanderau Fairfield. PA. Chemical Engineering. Economics Minor. 
American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Delta Sigtna Phi; Marching 97. 

Andrew Frank Van Horn Delaware, NJ. Civil Engineering and Anthropolog)'. 
Alpha Sigma Phi. 

Jo.shua Van Naarden Huntingdon Valley, PA. Government. Phi Kappa Thcta; 
The Brown and White; Dean's List. 

John Joseph Vas II Mahw.ih, NJ, Behavioral Neuroscience. Education Minor. 
Ice Hockey Club. 

Dimitri Alexander Vassiliou (;;oucestei, MA. International Careers. 

Seniors gg^ 

Damon James Vigiolto Jennifer Catherine Viglietta 

Randi Fleishman and Seth Baerson, tracing the footsteps of tlie Medieis in Florence, Italy. 

Top 10 Reasons You Chose Lehigh 

1 0) Cool school colors. 
9) Original, yet popular, school nickname- Engineers/ 

Mountain hawks/those drunks on the Hill who used 

to have a bell as a mascot. 
8) WLVR- "Your Rick Springfield connection." 
7) Wanted a pair of the "Lehigh Legs" promised by 

your tour guide. 
6) The creative and vibrant dating scene. 
5) The friendly, outgoing people. 
4) The stained glass sunroof in Linderman. 
3) The intellectual stimulation. 
2) The safe, activity-packed, college town of South 

1 ) Wanted an Epitome of your very own. 

Sonia Vona 

William W. Voss 

Jayson John Walker 

Scott Wallerstein 


David Patrick Vroman 

Erin Marie Wade 

Stephanie Lauren Waite 

Tricia Marie Wandrie 

Helen C. Wang 

Kevin S. Wang 

Lindsay Vaughan F.j'icon, MA, Marketing. Psychology Minor. Kappa Alpha 
TKcta, Recording Secretary; Rugby Club; Dean's List. 

Andres AJberto Velasquez Palisades Park, NJ. C'hcmical Engineering. Science, 
iechnologv and Sociery and Economics Minors. Sigma Phi tpsilon. Founding 
Father. Vice President oi" Programming, Vice President ol Recruitment; Socicr\' of 
Fiispanic Prolessional Engineers; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; 
r>ubach Scroll. 

Joseph Venezia Patcrson, N|. Materials Science and Engineering. Social 

Psychology Miniir. Volunteer; Student Matcrkils Society; Iron fic Steel Society; 
Dean's List, 

Sarah R. Verbosk)' Hamilton, Nj. Materials Science and Engineering. French 
Minor. Student Materials Societ)-; Society oi Women Engineers; French Club; 
Alpha Sigma Mu. 

Jonathan Lyie Verdi Little Ferry, NJ. Accounting. Sigma Chi, Rush 
(."hairperson; Hillel Officer; Student Government. Senator; Inrramural, 
Chairman: WLVR. 

Damon James Vigiolto .Allentown, PA. Computer Engineering. Economics 

Jennifer Catherine Viglietta West Nyack. NY. Accounting. Varsity Softball, 
Captain; COACH; Student-Athlete Council; Beta Alpha Psi; Scholar-Athlete 
Award; L")eans List. 

Melissa Villani Bethlehent. PA. Chemical Engineering. 

Adam Paul Vitelli L">ix Hills, NY. Biology. Delta Tau Delta. House Manager, 

Ronen Voloshin Bethlehem, PA. English and Environmental Science. WLVR; 
Dean's List. 

Sonia Vona Wilton, CT. Marketing. Marketing Club; Lehigh for Life; Literacy 

William W. Voss Gib.sonia, PA. Chemical Engineering. Marching 97. 

David Patrick Vroman Westport. CT. Civil Engineering. Varsity Lacrosse; 
Theta Xi; American Society oi Civil Engineers; Scholar-Athlete Award; Chi 
Epsilon; Dean's List. 

Erin Marie Wade Washington Township, NJ, Chemical Engineering. Spanish 
Minor. Kappa Alpha Theta, New Member Educator, Intramurals Chairperson; 
Epitome Staff; Tutor; Study Abroad, Spain; Society of Women Engineers; 
(Joncert Band. 

Stephanie Lauren Waite North Merrick, NY. Industrial Engineering. 
Intramurals, Manager; Marching 97. Rank Leader; Pep Band, Treasurer; Concert 
Band; Union; Raquetball Club; Student Activities Council; Student Host; 
Institute of Industtial Engineets; Societ)' of Women Engineers; Students Active in 
Volunteerisni: Who's 'VC'ho Among American College and Uni\'ersir\' Students. 

Jayson John Walker Huntingdon, PA. Engineering Physics. Sigma Phi, Social 
Chairperson; Phi Eta Sigma; Deans List. 

Scott Wallerstein Carlisle, MA. Environmental Science. Economics Minor. 

Sigma Chi. President, Social Chairperson, Public Relations Chairperson. 

Tricia Marie Wandrie Kings Park. NY. Industrial Engineering, Alpha Gamma 
Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Sisterhood Coordinator. 

Helen C. Wang Bloomfield Hills, MI. Biology. University Choir; Choral 
Union; International Partners; SkJ Team; Asian Cultural Society; Lehigh 
Christian Fellowship; Phi Beta Kappa; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Sigma Epsilon Delta; Dean's List. 

Kevin S. Wang Chath:un, NJ. Chemical Engineering. Psi L^psilon. Intramurals; 
Asian Cultural Society; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; American 
Institute of Mimng, Metalitirgical, and Petroleum Engineers Scholar. 

Seniors SBQ 

Natalie Y. Wang Flisa Want Chrlste Elizabeth Warakomski Pornrat Wattanakasiwich Jennifer Marie Wawrzonel 

Alexander Martin Weimer 

Randy Jae Weinstein 

Jeremy A. Weiss 

Kent Guy Weiss 

David Weissman 

Casey Bahrcnburg and Alexis Ohls, on their own and on their way to the top. 
(Alexis later succeeded to the lofty position of assistant fty manager, while Casey, a failure 
at the fty game, was forced onto another career path entirely. She Is currentlx awaiting the 
release of her latest film, "Claws II, The Revenge of Casey.") 


James I lioiiias Wilson IV 

Joseph Arthur Weaver 

Andrew Scott Webber 

Sarah Elizabeth Weidmann 

Matthew E. Weko 

Stephanie C. Wendt 

Amanda Anne Wessner 

Carey Williams 

Ann Margaret Wilson 

Danielle Wilson 

Shannon Lee Winn 

Daniel J. Woititz 

Frank Jude Thomas Wojcik 

Natalie Y. Wang New Canaan, CT. Intcrnauonal Business and Asian Studies. 
Delca Gamma; International Careers Club. 

ElisaWant Hdison, NJ. Mathemadcs. Acmaria! Science Minor. Alpha Phi. 
Member Educator; Literaq' Corps. 

Christe Elizabeth Warakoniski Mountaintop. PA. Chemistry. Mustard Seed 

Pomrat Wattanakasiwich Thailand. Physics. Mathematics Minor. Dean's List, 

Jennifer Marie Wawrzonek Mohnron, PA. Mechanical Engineering. Varsity 
indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, Captain; Student- Athlete Council; 
American Society ot Mechanical Engineers; Pi Tau Sigma, Secretary; Patriot 
League Honor Roil, Track. 

Joseph Arthur Weaver Srroudsburg, PA. Computer Engineering; Dean's List. 

Andrew Scott Webber Bethlehem, PA. Chemical Engineering. 

Sarah Elizabeth Weidmann Macedon, NY. Environmenc.d Science. Rugby 
C^lub; Student Senate; Earth and En\'ironmentaI Science Club. 

Alexander Martin Weimer Norwalk, CT. Journalism and Music. VarsityTrack 

and Field, Outstanding Athlete; Taylor College; Gryphon; WLVR. 

Randy JaeWeinstein Wantagh, NY. Biology. Computer Science Minor. 
Student Senate; STAR Tutor; Forum; Hillel Society; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

Jeremy A. Weiss East Brunswick, NJ. Government. Economics Minor. Kappa 
Sigma. Social Chairperson; Senior Class Gift Campaign. 

Kent Guy Weiss Beachwood, NJ. Materials Science and Engineering. Kappa 
Sigma, Grand Master of Ceremonies. 

David Weissman Philadelphia, PA. International Sigma Alpha Mu. 

Matthew E. Weko Alexandria, PA- Architecture. Studio Art Minor. Marching 
07; Balance. 

Stephanie C. Wendt Dumont. NJ. Psychology. Sociology Minor. Sexual 
Health Peer Educator. 

Amanda Anne Wessner Allentown, PA. Social Psychology. Education Minor. 
Varsity Softball; COACH; Deans List. 

JeffWhetstone Tamaqua, PA. Electrical Engineering. Bowling Club. President; 
Rifle Club. 

Anne Wiederholz Norwood, NJ. Marketing. Public Relations and German 
Minor. Freshman Orientation Srafil; Public Relations Student Society of 
America; Residence Halls Association; Williams Prize, Public Relations; Dean's 

Carey Williams Sturbridge, MA. Chemistry. American Chemical Society; 

STAR Tutor; Best Buddies. 

Ann Margaret WTlson Allentown, PA. Chemical Engineering. Rugby Club; 
Freshman Orientation Staff; Societ>- ot Hispanic Professional Engineers; 
American histitute of Chemical Engineers; Literacy Corps; Epitome Staff; 
INROADS Scholar; Tau Beta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa; Air Products Scholar; 
National Starch Scholar; Dean's List. 

Danielle Wilson Great Meadows, NJ History. 

James Thomas Wilson IV Darien. CT. Earth and Environmental Science. Ice 
Hockey Club, President; Delta Tau Delta. 

Ryan William Wilson Moscow, PA. Accounting. Phi Gamma Delta, House 
Manager; Interfratcrnity Council, Rush Advisor; Study Abroad, London; Dean's 
List. ^ 

Shannon Lee Winn North Artleboro, MA. Materials Science and Engineering. 
Alpha Gamma Delta. 

Daniel J. Woititz Montclair, NJ. Psychology. Rugby Club. 

Frank Jude Thomas Wojcik Exeter, PA. Computer Engineering. Institute of 
Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Association for Computing Machinery, 
Secretary; University Productions; Dean's List. 

seniors gggl 

A touch of beauty amidst the gray skies of graduation. 

James A. Wright 


Marshall John Yellin 

Albert Yodakis 

Bryoii Cliristopher Voder 

Janey S. Voo 

Karen Denise Wright 

Jessica Leslie Young 

Wendy L. Yuengling 

Sarah Zabrenski 

Deborah E. Zajac 

Daniel A. Zarrilli 

Christine Anne Zingone 


Barbara Anne Worchick 

Leigh Erica Wormitk 

Courtney Ann Wright 

Amy Elizabeth Wynne 

Douglas Yates 

Yuka Yazaki 

Jonathan Young 

Trish Young 

Glenna Leigh Yount 

Andrea Zinna 

Alexander Demetrius Zodiatis 

Jeffrey Paul Zoleta 

Sarah Miles Wolfe Frankiin, N^A. Social Relations. Health and Human 
Development Minor. University Pioductions; Volunteer; Lehigh Universit)' 
Sound; Dean's List. 

Lindsay Elizabeth Wood Winnetka. IL. MarLeting. Crew Club, Vice President. 
Secretar)-; Choral Union; Gospel Choir; Marketing Club; Dean's List. 

Barbara Anne Worchick Minersville, PA. Biology Mustard and Cliecsc Drama 
Society; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi F.ta Sigma; Williams Prize, Acting. 

Leigh Erica Wormick Woodstown, NJ. Behavioral Neuroscience. .'\Ipha 
Omicron Pi, President. Panhellenic Delegate. Alumni Relations Chairpetson; 
Equesttian Team, Captain; Sexual Health Peer Education Coordinator. 

Courtney Ann Wright West Chester, PA. Marketing. Psycholog)' Minot. 
Kappa Alpha Theta, New .Member Educator, Ritualist; Rugby Club; Tour Guide; 
Student Ambassador; Panhellenic Council, Rush Counselor; Order ol Omega. 

James A. Wright Newington, CT. Materials Science and Engineering. Kappa 
Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Dean's List. 

Karen Denise Wright Catasauqua, PA. Biology, Mathematics and Religion. 
STAR Tutor; Biology Club; Phi Eta Sigma. 

Amy Elizabeth Wynne Cleveland Heights, OH. Architecture and Civil 
Engineering. Rugby Club, President; Balance, President. 

Douglas Yates Hanover, NH. English. Classical Studies Minor. Varsit}- 
Football; Chi Psi; Student-Athlete Council; Omicron Delra Kappa. 

Yuka Yazaki Manalapan, Nj. International Business. Biology Minor. Tae Kwon 
Do Club; Asian Cultural Society Vice Presidenr; STAR Tutor; International 
Club: Phi Beta Delta, Vice President; Zeta Psi Good Scholar. 

Marshall John Yellin Greenwich, CT. Accounting. Ice Hockey Club, Captain; 
Phi Gamma Delta, Corresponding Secretary. 

Albert Y'odakis Colts Neck, NJ. Civil Engineering. Varsiry Indoor and Outdoor 
Track and Field, Captain; Beta Theta Pi. 

Bri'on Christopher Yoder Wincsburg. OH. Architecture. Alpha Phi Omega. 
Vice President of Membetship; University Choir, Stage Manager; Lehigh 
Christian Fellowship; Balance; Student .Activities Council, Vice Chairperson oi 

Janey S. Yoo Green Lane, PA. Marerials Science and Engineering. Histor)- 
Minor. Societ)' of Women Engineers; Srudent Materials Society; STAR Tutor; 
Soccer Club; Rugby Club. 

Jessica Leslie Young Lancaster, PA. Architecture. Alpha Chi Omega, Rush 
Chairperson; Balance; Phi Eta Sigma; Dean's List. 

Jonathan Young Bethesda, MD. Accounting. 

"Frish Young White Plains, NY. Computer Science. Asian Cultural Society, Vice 

Glenna Leigh Yount Hockessin, DE. Industrial Engineering. Institute of 
Industrial Engineers, Vice President of Programming; Alpha Pi Mu, President; 
Fan Bera Pi; Dean's List. 

Wendy L. Yuengling Fottsville, PA. Marketing. Alpha Omicron Pi, Rush 
Chairperson; Panhellenic Council, Treasurer; Marketing Club; Omicron Delta 

Sarah Zabrenski Bellevue, WA. journalism and Political Science. The Btown 
.ind White, Editor-in-Chief; College Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma; Omicron Delta 
Kappa; Dean's List. 

Deborah E. Zajac MerccrviUe. NJ. Finance and Asian Srudies. Universit)' 
Choir. Publiciry Manager, Concert Manager, Section Leader; Gryphon Society; 
International Club; Student Ambassador; Trustee Scholar; lacocca Scholar; 
Dean's List. 

Daniel A. ZarriUi Hamilton, NJ. Civil Engineering. Music Minor. Psi 
Upsilon; Jazz Ensemble; Wind Ensemble; lacocca Scholar; Tau Bera Pi; Chi 
Epsilon; Dean's List. 

Christine Anne Zingone Hcllcrtown, PA. Poliricd Science. Psycholog)' Minor. 

Andrea Zinna Mr. Sinai, NY. Architecture. Kappa Alpha Theta. 

Alexander Demetrius Zodiatis Stonybrook, NY. Biolog)'. Hughes Scholar: 
Deans List. 

Jeffrey Paul Zoleta Kearny. NJ. Mechanical Engineering. American Society of 
.Mechanical Engineers; Societ)' of Manufacturing Engineers, Secrerary; WLVR; 
Intramurals. Manager; Students Active in Volunteerism; Freshman Orientation 

Seniors gQQj 

Camera Shy 

Abdul Rahman, Aisyah 
Agarwal, Anurayg 
Ballard, Lorena 
Barnes, Aaron Paul 
Barth, Brandi Lynn 
Bauer, Christopher John 
Belyea, Bryan K. 
Bhatt, John Sanjay 
Bogle, William Richard 
Booth, Colin Ryan 
Braun, Jason Barry 
Bruecken, Cory William 
Bruno, Cynthia T. 
Campbell, Jason Lane 
Carter, Anson Daniel 
Cartledge, Daniel John 
Cassidy, James Roger 
Chandra, Dipa 
Chang, Cheng-Yu Sunny 
Chiura, Munyaradzi Michael 
Cigna, Christopher 
Clapper. Joshua Eric 
Clark, John Francis 
Coles, Terrance G, Jr. 
Cordes, Patrick John 
Czerny, Andria 
Dai, Stephen 
Dello Russo, James Eric 
Depetris, Richard E, Jr. 
Dinunzio, Gianluca 
Driscoll, Peter Joseph, Jr. 
Duffy, Kenneth Gerard 
Edelson, David Barry 
Edmund, Ronald Leonard 
Evola, Anthony Michael 
Fabregas, Peter Michael 
Filippova, Nadezhda 
Fischer, Patrick Anthony 
Frable, Thad Ryan 
Fudzil, Saiful Azrin 
Fuller, Jacqueline Grace 
Genkin, Alexander Samuel 
Geppi, Vincent Michael 
Gill, Craig Kenneth 
Gittins, Amy Elizabeth 
Goldman, Scott Joseph 

Hain, Jeffrey Michael 
Haiko, John J. 
Hawryluk, Steve Alan 
Hazzard, Kevin Robert 
Hendrix, Robert Arthur 
Hilbert, Joshua Peter 
Himawan, Ronald 
Hoops, Patrick R. 
Hultin, Eric Carl 
Isleib, Cheryl Ann 
Jayne, John Wesley 
Johnson, Ingrid Donna 
Kazanjian, Sinikka Evelyn 
Kelby, Todd Lee 
Kelly, James T. 
Ketty, Ajay V. 
Khedkar, Meera 
Klein, John Matthew 
Korman, Kevin Michael 
Krepps, Jonathan Albert 
Labbadia, David Kevin 
Lawlor, John Joseph 
Lee, Meng-G Martin 
Lennon, Timothy John 
Leveen, Jeffrey Earle 
Liebman, Darlene Jill 
Lifton. Ilyse Danielle 
Likhyani, Oona Kapur 
Lin, Bin-Hong Paul 
Lombardi, Candace 
Lott, Brian Gregory 
Lynch, Brent Thomas 
Mac, Andrew Roman 
MacKenzie, Rob Stewart 
Madden, Kelly Ann 
Mambrino, David Anthony 
Margiotta, Phillip James, Jr. 
Mawn, Kevin Earl 
McAllister, Easton Card 
McCready, Jamie Anne 
Milne, Christopher George 
Mohutsky, Joy Ann 
Mueller, Elizabeth Ruth 
Mushrush, Martin Bernard 
Neal, Rachel Germain 
O'Connor, Brian Charles 

Oldt, R. Avery 

Oliveira, Daniel Agostinho 

Oliver, Natasha 

Omar. Shaidun 

Othman, Umminasrah 

Passwaters, Mark Brian 

Paul, Jessica Lynn 

Perazza, Carlos Manuel 

Phillips, Brice Stephen, III 

Quidgley, Peter Anthony 

Rapport, Bret Joshua 

Raz, liana 

Remy, Tendi Frantz 

Repash, Phillip 

Ridgel. Bret Alan 

Rosner, Robert D. 

Santoro. Andrew Louis 

Sarkaria, Vijaypal Singh 

Schray. Thomas E. 

Schuster. Sally Ann 

Schwartz. Jennifer 

Shaffer. Kali 

Siemer, David Allen 

Snyder. Margaret B. 

Stubbs. Pamela Lea 

Syal, Renu 

Tracy. Elaine Marie 

Tran. Quang Dinh 

Trecarten. Nowelle A. 

Tritle, Shanelle Lynn 

Tsang. Julie 

Valentine, Michael Thomas 

Valerian, Daniel Alexander 

Valovic, Michael James 

Wannemacher, Kate Elizabeth 

West. Peter J. 

Windfelder, Daniel John 

Wisniewski, Krista Lynn 

Yasui, Motoo 


Left: Not everyone went to Avalon— 
A Senior Week Day Trip to Bushkill Falls. PA. 
Below: Glenna Yount and friend, Kermit, 
showing off the latest Avalon apparel. 

Senior Week! 
Avalon* NJ. 

Enjoying the fresh air and sunshine in Avalon. 

Seniors SQ[B| 





Su Kim. Denise Icklan. Alexis Ohls and Casey Bahrenburg; drawn to llie water at Avalon 


l|dH|^HHH|ta||^^ ; 


Jen Callahan, Casey 

: tM 



Bahrenburg. Cristen 




Furtaw and Kristen 




Roberts on the beach 

^^K^ ^ 

wtt ^^IRLvvh 

at Avalon. Proof that 

^^Bi. ^ 

Hk IJUH^ rB 

you can never have 

j^^Hp>^ ■<■ u>. 

r 11 

too many Kristens (or 
Cristens as the case 
may be). 





The indoor sights to be seen at Avalon. 

le indoor activities in which to participate in Avalon. 

seniors 000 

Right: Three ladies enjoying 

the varied, yet always tasty. 

selections from Boone's Farms. 

Middle Right: A-Chi-O at the 

Ho, did you really want your 
mothers to see this? 

Friends enjoying the sun and suds at Lehigl 


Left: Smile pretty for the 


Below: Pay no attention 

to tiie man in tiie strange 

hat on the platform. 

Senior Weekl 
M Lehigh 

Even Parking Services 
joined in on the spirit of 
levity and refrained 
from perpetuating their 
reign of terror in the 
Lehigh parking lots. 
Yeah, right. 

Seniors HEfBl 

Mandy Kutnow 

and the beautiful 

ladies in her 

bridal party. 

Id en ion Seniors ^ 


Mandy Kutnow 

looking picture 

perfect on her 

weddinsi dav. 

(LtoR)RichSullo, ■97; 
John Hilliar, "97; Greg McNeal, 
•99: Mike Kuenne, '97: Eric 
Davis, "97 (the man of the hour); 
John Meyer, "96; Dan Evans, "97; 
Chris Burgess, "96; Mike Allen, 
■98; Jay Faberman. ■98. 


1r. and Mrs. Eric P. Davis, formerly Eric Davis and Kimberly Mallin. June 7, 1997. Congratulations and God Bless. 



Celebrating in 
Rauch Fieldhouse. 


Patli T. Ota. Commencement speaker, addresses the graduates and their parents 


Left: Jennifer Brown and Kristen 
Norkiewicz at January graduation. 
Below: The president's party, all decked 
out in the latest academic apparel. 


Jan. 1 2. 1 997 

A row of graduates at the January Commencement exercises in Stabler. 

Seniors SOQ 

Sharon Winn, a graduate with everything. 


Left: Peter Sorkin still talkin" 
Below: "At long last!" 


June I . ] 997 

he excited face of America's future engineers. 

Seniors gQg 

President Likins jokes 

about the rain while 

staying dry under the 

cover of the faculty tent. 

1 1 


O omm en cem eni 

The UniverMlv Mace Bearer. James R. Mcintosh. icIK a jokt 



• / 

Commencement speaker; former New 
Jersey governor, Thomas H. Kean. 


Peter J. Paris, recipiant of the honorary doctorate of divinity 
tiegree, gave the principal address at the Baccalaureate service. 

'arey B. Joynt, honorary doctorate of humane letters 
egree recipiant, checks out his bio in the program. 

seniors ^SM 

Taryn Baff 

and Dean Joan 


sharing secret 

handshakes at 


Matt Donnelly- "Madge. I soaked in it 


randma Joyce and Dan Evans after graduation. 

Seniors gf|£| 

And you thought tlie hue lor the bathroom was long 


Right: A proud graduate is 

congratulated by Dean Yoshida. 

Below: Graduation: (n) an 

organized event celebrating 

individual accomplishment. 

hree seniors who graduated summa eum-bi-ya. 

Seniors g£2E] 

The graduate and his pauid latiiilv 


e smile of accomplishment. 

Seniors g[[]{| 

Dean Joan Stiaumanis congratulates William's Prize wuiner Anne Banas at graduatioi 


Right: Smile, or Til 

wring your neciv. 

Below: Erin Fialo, 

not enjoying every 

minute of the 2+ hour 

lone ceremony. 

Seniors g£[]0 

Below: This graduale lias t)lher 

tilings on his mind. 

Right: Professor James Roberts 

enjoys the festivities. 

'Hold on a second AHson." Steve Siege! savs. "\ ihini^ someone is trying lo take my picture 


Lots of proud parents and relatives watching the graduates. 

inding relatives after the ceremony. Not always an easy task. 

Seniors gOlBi 

Right: Some people 

will do anything to get 

their picture taken. 

Below: President Likins 

and Barb MacNeill see 

eve to eye. 



f 1 

. H 


"•^^^m^ ^^^^^^H ^^^^1 


Tina Pioppi and triend taking the tlrst steps toward the rest of their lives 

Mantl\ Kutnou looks lorwartl to a brieht tutnre 


'Hi Mom! 

Seniors g|l||| 

"See. 1 told you so. It is my 
name on the diploma." 




1 didn't sa\ "Simon Says.' 


Right: Casey Bahrenburg, Derek 

Moore and Cheryl Dede share a 

Kodak moment. 

Below: "I've got my eye on you.'" 

W j| 

• J -*-' ^ 

■ y 




Seniors HHEK 

Right: Brian Slocum-- 

what more do we need 

to say. He's a cool guy. 

Below: "This is the 

happiest moment of my 
whole life..." 


'What? 1 look heaiitilul in this old ihmg? You're too kind. It's just an 

oLilfit 1 threw together for the occasion." 

Lara Becker knows something's up. 

Seniors 0011 

"Look. ..up in ihe sky..." 


5ur years of college and they still want us to line up and hold hands to cross the street. 

Seniors gg|a 

Below: Two Lehigh 

gratis pose as Napolean 

and "The Thinker." 

Right: Lehigh"s 

youngest graduate. 


Lehigh's very own Barbershop Quintet maizes an appearance at graduation. 


h how cute. 

Seniors EE|g| 

CacK itoriuardi Home 

ittp: //www. lehiqh. edu /epi tome / c los inq . html 

hat's Hew ? What's Cool ? Destinations Net Search 



The End yet 

only the 


Top: Agnes Przeslowska seems to have 

had just about enough 

Bottom: "No more homework, no more 

books, no more teaehers' dirty looks." 

Some things never chance. 


t f I •>. t • • 




LULUU* seruer 



fit the close of the 1996-97 
school year, Lue reflect on the good 
times lue'ue had at Lehigh. This is 
a book filled uiith four years of 
memories for the class of 1997. 
The friends we haue made and the 
experiences lue haue shared Luill 
neuer be forgotten. Though the 
road ahead is uncertain, we haue 
learned that me can count on our 
friends and ourselues. Still, as we 
leaue behind the serenity of 
Lehigh's campus, we realize me 
mill almays cherish our college 

Our freshman year nom 
seems so far amay. LUe haue 
changed so much since then. That 
year mas filled mith many "firsts"- 
-leauing home, liuing mith a room- 
mate, making nem friends, expe- 
riencing the Hill, Greek LLIeek and 
Lehigh/Lafayette. Memories from 
that first year haue gromn 
smeetermith time. LUe mill almays 
cherish these experiences, for our 
college years ment by so fast. 

In times to come me mill 
smile mhen thinking of all-night 
cram sessions, coffee runs to 
LUama and 2 a.m. conuersations 
mith brothers, sisters, roommates 
and friends. Some things me re- 
member mill make us smile, some 
mill make us cry. But one thiny me 
knom is that the meb me'ue mo- 
uen at Lehigh is filled mith memo- 
ries that mill last a lifetime! 


Closing MlBl 

Victory! Alpha 
Omicron Pi 

pledges express 

their Jen at 

crdssing the 

finish line first! 

Steve Berger, 

Steve Freneh 

and Jenny 

Brown enjoy 

"evil gin 

drinks" at 

the Ho. 

A curious squirrel checks out the cars parked in front of Drown 


Laura Scanlon shows off her evening wear while 
competing for the title of Pike Dream Girl. 

Megan Karpac shows her spirit while cheering for the 
football team. 

Closing MElEi 

Michelle Katz and Keri Leo with 
"Catwoman" (Dawn Lotito) 
outside Leon '.v. 

A bar is a bar no matter where you 

are. Mike Bricklcy. Matt Favreau. 

Michelle Manos, R.J. Ippoldo and 

Chris Mabry share a Lehigh 

moment in Baissels, Belsium. 







■Ik ^ 




II ^ 1 


kt ^ 



^^^1 -•►y 

















/ ' /i 



' .. i 









This guy 
gives a new 
meaning to 
the phrase 
"catching a 

Closing ElMI 

The sisters of 

Kappa Alpha 

Theta go looking 

for a few good 

men at Opening 


Bill Coyle, 



and Audrey 

Aloi living 

it up at 




The sign on this car 

reads. "Please do not 

ticket, car wouldn't 

start." demonstrating 

that Lehigh's parking 

services are always 

hard at work. 

How many hot dogs can you eat' These girls compete in 
Greekers to see who can down the inost. 


. m 



Housemates Kate Cannon, Wendy Yuengling and 
Steph Smith argue over who gets to do the dishes. 

Chrisitne GaOi brought her sister Lizzie to experience 
the excitement of tailgates. 

Closing ODl^ 


As the seniors 
prepare to 
depart, tour 
guides welcome 

new era of 
students to 

William Van 
Pat Carey, 
Steve Berger 
and Martha 
Hoerst know 
that tailgates 
are one of the 
best autumn 

Closing OIOEl 




dances at the 



Eat that pie! 

Beta's pie 

eating contest 

is always a 

time for 

getting down 

and dirty. 

Friends Mandana 

Monebbi, Megan 

Polaha, Chip 

Hubbell and Kate 

Cannon enjoy being 

21 and finally of age 

to go to Leon 's. 

Smoke fills the air from the barbecues at Lehigh/Lafayette's tailgates 


Imagine the dismay of these girls when they saw each 
other at an off-campus party, all wearing the same outfit! 

Colleen Griggs plays Jenny McCarthy during 
Alpha Gamma Delta's Singled Out. 

Closing IIOIEI 

The rugby team really knows 
how to wind down after a tough 
game ! 

Has anyone seen "my 

Shane?" Shane Madigan 

basks in the attention of 

four beautiful women 

and.. .Fernando Morevra? 

Lopa Patel, 

Busch, Libby 
Keller, Jodi 
Hubbell and 

Spencer get 
ready to hit 
the town in 

Closing O0]£] 

A student walks 

back up the 

infamous stairs 

after a long day 

of classes. 



becomes the 

setting for an 



Linda Christian, 

Jennifer Brown. 

Carrie Zegarski and 

Kristin Norkiewicz 

celebrate at the 

January graduation. 

Mark Rubins, Kristin Schubert, Traci Douma, Andy Gutshall, Megan Stout. Kelly 
Stelsing and Sue Straub invaded Lafayette to enjoy their last undergrad tailgates. 


Members of Challenge For Success gather for a 
group photo: Tom, Karen, Bryan, Tamaia. Pauline, 
Jerry. Amina, Will, Melissa and Tahir. 

Closing EUIEI 


Heather Jacene celebrates 
her 2 1 st with best friends, 
Margaret Wilson and 
Michelle Cochran. 

Oh, what a 
night! These 
Chi Phi 
brothers get 
into the 
groove while 
on polyester 
outfits for a 
'70s party. 

Closing QflS 

cai-f %-> 4- V 


Thomas and Alison Armao 

Brian and Patricia Aulenbach 

George W. Bailer 

Nancy A. Breidenbach 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Brown 

Janet A. Cahill 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Cahill 

The Casciano Family 

Louis and Emilia Centolella 

Al and Sandi Collins 

Bob and Kathy Condela 

William and Kathleen Cormier 

Zita and Dennis Cunningham 

Diane anci John Dawson 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott DeReiter 

Herman and Linda Douma 

Marcia and Rich Falke 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Fleishman 

Charlie and Barb Frinzi 

Mike Gallagher 

Collin Family 

The Griffith's 

J. Hall 

Barbara and Fred Havenick 

Mr. and Mrs. Otto A. Hillebrand 

Betty and Larry Janosky 

Donna M. Jensen 

Marilee A. Keller 

Michael A. Keller 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Koelle, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Mark KroU 

Mr. and Mrs. George "Chip" Kulp 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lebeda 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Levins 

M / M Edward F Lynch, Jr. 

Sylvia J. Martinelli 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mc Shane 

Richard and Judy Mento 

The Family of Tara Miller '97 

Jim and Josephine O'Brien 

George and Jan O'Connell 

Dr. Stephen and Lynn Paul 

Anne and Jeff Riskin 

Mr. and Mrs. William Robertson 

Donna and Michael Ruccio 

Dick and Barbara Sanderson 

Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Schwartz 

Mr. and Mrs. Merle E. Sharrer 
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Sherman 
In Memory of Robert Shoblock 
Freci and Winnie Stubbs 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Varela 
Helen M. Wallace 
Bruce and Linda Whetstone 


Dr. Maria-Therese Aiello 

Charles Whitemore Allen 

Mr and Mrs. Wm. David Andrews 

The Bahrenburg Family 

Dede and Jim Bartlett 

Lloyd and Susan Berhoff 

Bruce and Gale Bott 

Abby Brawer 

Mr. and Mrs. John Briody 

Tory and Marilyn Brown 

General and Mrs. Larry Budge 

Gordon and Elinor Cackowski 

Family of Kathleen Cannon '97 

"Salon Visage" 

Laurence and Frances Chiagouris 

Mr. amd Mrs. John P. Coblentz, Jr. 

Maddy and Jerry Cohen 

Doug and Kathy Collins 

Dana and Sunny Comfort 

Mr. and Mrs. Al Cooke 

Kathleen and James Curley 

Ron and Linda Datesman 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Detwiler, Jr. 

Mr. amd Mrs. Anthony A. DiStasio 

Gary and Connie Doverspike 

Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Eck and Family 

Peter and Rachel Ferrara 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Ferrera 

Alan and Jill Caddis 

Helena and Julian Galperin 

The Glomb Family 

Mr. and Mrs. Manny Goldberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Goldman 

Mr. and Mrs. John Gudites 

Carl and Betty Guerreri 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gureasko 

Steven and Judy Guttman 

Frank and Ann Hagerty 


.^atti Haggerty 

Vir. and Mrs. Michael Hegarty 

anice and Ken Isaacs 

loanne and Joe Jasaitis 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Karamatsoukas 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ketcher 

Kolasa Family 

Alexander and Christopher Kooluris '00 

Roman and Natalia Kuzyk 

Nfick and Penny Langone 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lloyd 

Sandra MacArthur 

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Maher 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Mahn 

Deborah and Jeffrey Mann 

George and Shirley Mason 

Timothy and Ann McCann 

Edward, Josephine and James McGoey 

Dolores and Ron Meixell 

Ann and Jay Mommsen 

lim and Martha Moran 

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Moses 

The Nugent Family 

Arthur and Barbara O'Keefe 

Frank and Sheila Otto 

Stephen B. Palmer 

William and Barbara Pedersen 

Mr. and Mrs. George P. Perry 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Perry 

Dr. and Mrs. John T. Pinto 

Dr. and Mrs. Barry Pomerantz 

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Rappoport 

Mr. and Mrs. Maged F. Riad 

Carole and Gerald Rokoff 

June and David Rokoff 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Rusciano 

Gordon A. and Corina Rush 

Paul and Judith Schur 

Al and Arline Schwarz 

Robert C. and Mary I. Sepucha 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Shabaker 

Pauline J. Stanley 

Leona and Joel Stein 

The Stewart Family 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Swanke, Jr. 

Hyun Ho Tang 

Rosa Tarantino 

Mr. and Mrs. Barry C. Toothaker 

Alexander and Rebecca Trepte 

Ned and Alice Troup 

Al and Diane Vermeil 

Eugene R. Wiener 

The John Williamson, Jr. Family 

Pamela A. Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Young 

Carol and Joseph Zinna 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Zook 

Sherwin and Sheri Zuckerman 

Messages & Rds Qf||^ 


Alison Checkoff 
& the Class of '97 

We're very proud 

of you! 


Nonnie & David Checkoff, 

Dr. Jaime, 

Heidi & Todd 



We're proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, 

Jeff, Stacy, Gary, 

Spanky & Cosmo 




The Class of '97! 

We are very proud 
of you. 


Mom, Dad, 




Lisa P.W.T.M.E. 

We're proud of you! 

Moni and Daci 


Matt Favreau 

{Ze\a Psi) 

& the Class of '97! 

Mom, Larry & Josh 




We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad 





You light up our lives. 


Mom & Dad 

%fe (Vie o^en^ p^ioucC o^ 


Erin Marie Wade 

You've always made us proud! 


Mom, Dad, 


& Steven 

Messages & Rds £]f]f| 


Craig Blizard, 

We're Proud of you! 

Mom & 


CRAiq BlizARd, 

To A RoIe MOcIeI foR A linlE bROlhER 
TO AlwAyS look up TO. 

Best of luck, 


OonsFatiiiiJlciii 1 ons 

Tim Shotmeyer 

W te re proiici ol you! 
Mom & DaJ 


We're proud of you 

Mom, Dad 

& Jodi 


Keri Louis 

We love you! 


Mom, Dad, 

Matt, Michelle, Kurt, 

Nick, Lara, Kate 




We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, 

Dennis, Deborah 

&? Jaime 


Beth Mann 

and the Class of '97 

Mom, Dad, 
& Andy (Class of 2000) 


to The Class of '97 

The Carlino Family 


We're proud of 

Love Always, 
Grandma Beth 

Grandpa Milton 


David Mambrino 

We're proud of you! 


Your Family 

Lift B-eckitf 

Laughter and Learning 

Friendships in France 

Sorority Sisters 

Lehigh Scholar 

Our Pride and Joy 

Mom, Dad 

& Alecia 


We're proud of you! 
Nana & Nonno 



You have been an 

Dad would have been so 




Tracy & Prank 

Messages & Rds OHE] 

Congratulations Alicia! 

for all the positive changes 
For the beautiful person 

you've become 

And for all you will be. 

Were very proud 


Mom. Dad. Jason & Stephen 

^<M & "DeSSc^ "TCte^Ptet 

Thumbs Up 
















Joe Cackowski 

We're proud of you! 

Mom 8c Dad 





and the 

Class of ^ 



Dad, & Rob 


Dan Kulp 

We're proud of you! 
Love, Mom, & Dad 


and the Class of '97 

We love you, 

& wish you ongoing 

happiness & SUCCESS- 

Your proud family: 

D, M, L, T, U P, 



Lee Galperin 

We are so proud of you! 

Our Love, 

Mom, Dad, Stephanie, 

Grandma Sc Grandpa 



We're proud of you! 
Mom, Dad, 



Messages & fids gafl 


;v-« MICHELLE „>. 
•..? KLUMP! 


*^ Class of '97 

Best Wiskes in the future 



"You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To" 








Congratulations, Lindsay 
Some succeed from destiny; 

Most succeed from 

Mom & Dad 










OF 1997! 




Messages & Rds ElFlEl 


Stephen Politziner 

We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, 

Aimee, Brian, Loree, 

Wayne 8e 




Best of Luck! 

Mom & Dad 







'here has never been a day 



When yoci didn't make as smile. 

'jVc Ii'A'e LjGd. r^'iH, Mr-n;. Ericin. Henry, and Carolyn Tbobn 



and the Class of '97 

Mom, Dad 

& Maddie 





We're proud of you! 
Mom & Jim 


Carol E, Malin 

Thank you for the 

Spirit, Happiness and 

Joy that you give us. 

We're very proud of you. 
Mom & Dad 



We're proud of you! 
Mom, Dad & Phil 







Messages & Rds OS9 

We're so proud of you 


Here's to 
''Champagne Wishes" 


"Caviar Dreams" 

Go for it! 

We love you always. 
Mom & Dad 




J oiiatiiain 


proud oi you! 

Mom & Rotert 


Jason Pizzillo 

I am so proud of you. 

You have worked so very hard. 




We are very proud of you! 
You are The Best! 

Mom, Jim & Harla 


We're really proud of you and 

all your accomplishments. 


Mom, Dad, Rich 

& Greg 


May life's trails bring as much happiness 

as Lehigh's did while riding them 

on your Mountain Bike. 

Great job Steve, 

we're proud of you. 

Mom, Dad & John 


R. Avery Oldt 

We're proud of you! 

Mom Sc Brian 


AND THE Class of 





& MEG 

Messages & Hds £]Q|] 



We're Proud of you! 

Mom, Dad 
& Melissa 

and good luck 

Todd M. Feinman 

We are proud of you! 


Mom & Dad 


•Qj ^ i ri 

We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad, Deb, Mark, 

Jess, Adam 

& Shayne 



^ A 

5 HAN 



We re u 

_o JProuici oi YoM 



i, Uaciy C^iJki, 

. Jouig 



We Are Proud of Your 


But Prouder Still of What You Are. 

Mom, Dad & Glory 



We are so proud of you. 


all your dreams and aspirations 

come true. 

All our love, 

Dad, Mom, Dani & Eric 



and the Class of '97! 
Ann & Jav Mommsen 


We're pROud of you! 

Mom, Mom-Mom 
& Gram Jane 

Congratulations to Kyra Schur 

You will knock them dead. 

Watch out world. 

Here she comes. 


The Schulhofs 

Messages & Rds glSE] 






You are the best, Mark. 

We are so proud of you. 
All our love. 

Mom, Dad and Paul 



We're proud of you! 


Dad & Maria 


Thank you for all the love, energy of life 

your great spirit. 

We adore you 


know you will be a success. 

we are so proud of you. 

Your Family 

Congratulations Lauri, 

We're so proud of yon! 

We wish you success in all 
you do. 

Dad, Mom, Robvn 



We're proud of you! 
Dad, Mom & Jeff 


To Alex Zodiatis 

We're proud of you! 

Your Parents 


Jessica Kim Rokoff 

We're Proud Of You! 

Mom & Dad 
& Lorin 




i" Schoene 

We ' re p 

roud of you! 




Kim & Grandma 



I Am Proud of You! 

Love, MOM 

Messages & fids 3011 

We wish you all the 

joy and happiness 

that life can bring. 


Mom, Dad, Elissa, 
Cheryl & Jason 



We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad 





On this Sweet Success! 
















We are joyful & proud 

to be celebrating your 


Congratulations, Graduate! 


Mom, Dad & Allison 




We're so proud of you! 
Love, You Family 


"Now you are in 

our shoes!" 

You're The Best, 



Mom, Dad, Selma, 

Andy & Mitch 

(P.M. Amos) 




Mom, Dad, Jeanie, Bill, 

Marvann & Kevin 



We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad & Toughy 


Dtrisiin Jvooeris 

and the Class of '97! 


The Curley Family 


Happy Trails LA! 


Mom, Pop, RII, Eggy, 
Chelsea & Holly 


CT'^ — 

Lal^^*y "hloKnAarvrv 

WeVe proud a^ you! 
Moin Si Dad 

Congratulations, BJ 

We Love You And 

We Are Proud Of You! 

Mom, Dad, Donny and Jeff 

■U o 11 g r ,a 1 u 1 a 1 1 o ii s 


e re all VEJK. i promtl of you! 
.^ioMTL, Oatl, olieryl, Jcli, JOavkl, 
IK^ate, JK.TSin W .'l./aurein 



Keep Following Your Star! 


Amy, Sean & Dad 


Dearest Michael 

We're Proud of 

Mom, Dad 




We're proud of you! 


Mom, Ali, Chrissy, Katey 


7<i^ "Ti^tMta^t '7f»u'(Ae ^ec<Mi£,. 
'THtMt, "Dad <^^ f^^^ACK 




the Class of '97! 


We're proud of you! 
Love, Mom & Dad 


Alex Rappoport 


the Class of 


Mom & Dad 


Michael Mnnyaradzi Chiura 

We're proud of you! 

Mum and Dad 





Messages & flds a0@| 


David Chiaverini- you're the Greatest! 

We're proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Laurie and Leanne 



We're proud of you! 


Dad, Mom, Olivia 

& Charlie 


Michael Casciano 

and the Class of '97! 

The Casciano Family 

Dear Dean, 

It seems like yesterday you were just a small, 
carefree boy 

Now, you're an accomplished young man. 
And it's time to show the world your stuff. 
Go get 'em! 

Congratulations! We are proud of you. 

Judy and Paul Schur 



We are, and always will be, 

proud of you. 

May your life be full of 

success and happiness. 

Love, Your Family 


Clinton, You did it! 

We're proud of you! 

Mom, Dad & Kristine 










We're proud of you! 
Mom, 't)ad and JCynne 



jIU, Chrissy, Xatey, i)ad 






Bradly, your excellence in educa- 
tion has been achieved with intel- 
lectual and moral integrity, coupled 
by hard work and commitment. 
This is just the beginning. You've 
made us all very proud. 

Congratulations to you 
and the Class of '97, 

Dad, Mom, Lisa, Tracy, 
Adam, Leland, 
Grandma and Rudy 



Jeff Zoleta 

The Class of 
/ 97 

We're Proud Of 

The Masilang 


We're proud of you! 

Dad, Mom, Lisa, Tara 
& Beth 

v^ o 11 grat Ilia i ions 


Ji am proiiJ ol yi( 


Ritli love, Ikest m^uslies ant 
continiieicl siiccesso . » 

Congratulations Stephanie Abrams 

There Is No Star Beyond Your 

With Love & Pride, 

Mominee, Jen, Muffin, 

Daisy & Angel 










Messages & flds 30^ 









Momn & C^Lristopner 



I'm so proud of you! 

Love, your sister, 

Dear Kyra, 

You have always been your own person. 

You sing your own songs, - 

You live your own story with a beautiful, spirited spark, 

And you do it all so well! 

You have all the answers tucked right there in your 


So let it be your guide and anchor. 

Just know that we will always be there, 

To love you, to celebrate your successes, - 

And, if you need us, to catch you when you stumble. 

We are so proud of you! 

Love you. 

Mom, Dad & Skylar 

To our son Brian Flood, 

Congratulations! We finally made it! Your 
Lehigh years have given us the greatest pride two 
parents could ever have. You're a very special 
person. Remember always in your heart- Dad 
will be guiding you through life always. 

Mom and Dad 

Dear Brian, 

My pride in you is 

very evident. 

I know you will be 

a success- 

you have so many 



I Love You, 

Grandma Rose 






Mom, Dad, Eileen & Family, 

Emil & Family 

Congratulations to 

Victor Cohen 

May all your dreams, 

aspirations & 

achievements be as 

endless as the love and 

good wishes w^e have for 


Proudly and with Love, 

Mom, Dad & Scott 


Edward P. Kiernan 

We're proud of youl 

Morn* Dad, Kelly 
& Phillip J. 





Ooiigrat Illations 


We are so proud ol 'vvlio you are 


wliat yoii nave accomplislied 


Mom, Da J & Marisa 


We're proud of you! 
Mom and Dad 



and the Class of '97 

Mom, Dad, 

Scott, Marc 




We're proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Steve & Oz 


An Ode to Linda G 

When Linda was a litde gid 

Her long brown hair would always curl 

She would run and romp and play in the grass 

She could sometimes be a pain in the 

At home she had a cat named Billy 

Who always acted very silly 

She worked very hard while in school 

And thought that college would be really cool 

She developed a plan in which it was clear 
She would go to Lehigh to be an engineer 
She packed her bags and to Lehigh she went 
And many of her parents' dollars she spent 

During four years of long, hard study 
Even when the weather was cruddy 
She went to class and seldom was tardy 
And sometimes took time out to party 

The hard work has paid off and it's time to cheer 

Everyone on the plantation in Virginia 

Messages & Rds OQ0 

Dana, Scooby-Doo, 
Squane and 
Bundy Head, 

Congratulations! We're 
so proud of you. Good 
luck to the case of 24! 

Mom, Dad, Brother 

Jamie Watt 

Mom, Dad, John, Nick 


Congratulations Jeff Zoleta 


The Class of ^97 


The Wongs and the Cats 


Tom Farr, 

We couldn't be prouder of 

ALL you've accomplished 

in the classroom and on 

the rivers. 


Mom and Dad 


Jessica, Jessica, Kristen, Darlene 

& Aria 

Precious IVlemories, 
Unforgettable Friends 

Love, The Paolercios 


You've made us proud (again)! 
God Bless You Always. 


Mom, Dad, Renata 

& Anthony 


P^^ lOIlTA 



Messages & fids HOg 

Milton J. Chercass Jack Ratarsky 

P.I.T.A. Management 

801 Hamilton Mail 
Allentown, PA 18101 



rhe Blue AncliDr Restaurant 
9 East 4th Street Tel. 868-0366 



I lit- Blue 



Order 9 "red dot" 

breakfasts and get your 

Ulth "red dot" breakfast free! 

Blue Anchor Breakfast Club 

12 3 4 5 

:' 7 ? - 11 - 



Planned Parenthood 

of Northeast Pennsylvania 

Affordable for Students and Grads 
Just call 1-800-230-PLAN 

Contraceptives • Pregnancy Tests 
Treatment of Infections • STD & HIV Testing 


We are proud of your 



especially proud of who you are! 


Mom, Dad & Russell 


DAVE #69 


MOM, OA 3, & AN. J: 1 rV\' 



the Epitomes 

Senior Staff 










to the 
Class of 1997 


The Office of Residential Services 

''We Keep Lehigh Housed" 

Lehigh University 






- Other styles and wood finishes available 

- Matting meets Library of Congress standards 

- Easy insertion and removal of diploma 

- Gold leaf embossing of Lehigh Seal 

- Handmade in USA 

Dipioiiw iiiiii Lithii^mpli Fmiiic pictured m Clank Moulding 

Call TOLL FREE 1-888-LEHlGHl 

Maginnes Hall 
9 West Packer Avenue 
Bethlehem, PA 18015-3073 

(610) 758-3375 

Regular Hours: 

8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Mon.-Fri. 

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Sat. 

Messages & Rds jQElfl 

■tome 1997 

Liijoy this yearbook. It is not oiih/ a uiciuoir of our iolio will be rctuniii!>^ to help with the puiblieatio)! of 

past year to^^ether at Lehigh as colleagues and as a next year's book. Ami lastly, a special thanks to our 

staff, but a reini)ider of all our dedication and hard josten's Rep., Phil Klein and of course, Linda Lipko 

-work -which made the completion of this book pos- whose support and guidance as advisor )uade my year as 

sible. You all did a great job. Good luck to thoseofyou editor-in-chief a memorable ami enjoyable experience. 


Hnna Pezik 

Jennifer Brouin 
Managing Editor 

Eric Kolasa 
Managing Editor 

Linda Lipko 

Diane Dgmek 
Office Hssistant 

Dan Euans 
Copg/Design Editor 

Candace Lombardi 

Jennifer Gillespie 
Hcademics Co-Editor 

flmg Karpf 
Rcademics Co-Editor 

Rndreiu Hartmann 
Features Editor 

Trduis Beebe 
Liuing Co Editor 

Maureen Johnson 
Photo Editor 


Samantha Hunt 
LIuIng Co-Editor 


Robert Griffith 
Rctluitles Co-Editor 

Lusia Vi 
Rctiulties Co-Editor 

Jamie Long 
Sales/Business Manager 

Jeffrey Mass 
Photo Editor 

Elizabeth lUorthington 
Photo Editor 

Melissa D'Rgostino 
Sports Editor 

Jeff Stoll 
Copy Editor 




' r • • ,.1"'.. •' ■^ v A ?/■!'• I. iJAs ■ ^« 

fC' .A,